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The Spirals Nightclub - Part 2

Key: MD, MC, M/F, Hypno, Sleepy

    The Spirals nightclub was buzzing with excitement as the patrons inside were reveling in the music blasting through the speakers. Little did they know the music they were enjoying so much was filled with subliminal messages, hidden commands designed to affect their behavior that only their subconscious minds’ could hear. But the subconscious mind is not very picky about what it does…and so every hidden command was quietly being accepted into the depths of the patron’s minds…without their knowledge…

    In the middle of this soon to be even more risque gathering was the angel Veo and the head security guard of the establishment, Celene. The two women were catching up with one another after years of having been apart. But the subliminals were starting to make their presence known to the patrons of the club…especially in the overly susceptible Veo.

    As the two sat and sipped their drinks, Veo’s eyes began to take on a more glazed, far away look, and her responses became less and less articulate with every answer she gave. “Are you ok?” asked Celene, who was becoming a bit worried about Veo’s behavior. 

    The angel looked over to her friend with the same dazed expression still present on her face. “Huh?” she asked before shaking her head, although it barely cleared her expression. “Oh, yeah…I’m ok.  I’m just…this music is so engrossing.” The angel was starting to sway gently in her chair, matching the rhythm of the music perfectly.

    Celene gave her a dreamy smile in return. “It is nice, isn’t it?” In the meantime, her own body had started to sway to the music as well.  As she sat in her chair, moving to the music, she looked out at the rest of the club. The patrons all seemed happy. More and more of them were dancing, some even as they sat at their tables and booths. She continued to scan the crowd, noticing that everyone seemed almost…engrossed in the music. Their expressions were neutral and their gazes were fixed far away from what was in front of them. And the dancing seemed to be getting more provocative with every beat of the music.

    Whether it had been years of working in hypnosis themed nightclubs, the training she was doing to increase her focus, or just the number of times she herself had been hypnotized…something in the back of her mind took all of the pieces and put them together in record time. “Wait a minute, this is one of the subliminal playlists…” she said, more to herself than Veo. She shook her head rapidly to try and clear it…the effort was, more or less, effective enough to help her think clearly. “This is a subliminal track that’s playing!” she said, this time looking over at Veo.

    It was then that she realized the angel was already deeply affected by the music. She hadn’t bothered to get up to dance yet, but was sitting with her legs spread out on either side of her chair and her arms straight above her head as she bounced to the music. Her rapid motions were making her long hair fly back and forth as she bounced her head in time to it, while her large blackened wings extended above her and swayed along with the rest of her body. It would have been quite a sight to see…had it not confirmed Celene’s worst fears about the situation.

    “What the hell is going on?” she asked rhetorically. “Why are subliminal messages being played? What is Tammy doing up in that booth? And where the hell is Xander?” And then a look of realization washed across her face as she gently slapped her hand to her forehead. “And why do I have a feeling that those questions are all related?!” she asked no one in exasperation.

    Feeling the effects of the subliminals bombarding her mind again, Celene stood up and gave her head a few gentle knocks with her fist in another attempt to clear it. “Xander!” she growled up at the sound booth angrily as she began to run up the stairs.

    As she left, Veo rose to her feet and started to spin sensually to the music while she slowly made her way to the dance floor...

    Celene ran up the stairs to the top level of the club, taking a moment to look around as she headed toward the sound booth. All around her were patrons affected by the subliminals. Both of the bartenders had a far away look in their eyes as they gently swayed to the music, however they never skipped a beat on their duties and still managed to give the patrons their drinks without issue. “Good to see the ingrained programing for that is still working.” she thought to herself as she moved past a young man sitting at the bar. His gaze was completely blank as his equally enthralled date gently climbed onto his lap to give him a lapdance.

    Deep in the back of her mind, the subliminal suggestions were gnawing at her resistance. The image before her was so enticing…the music so seductive….she wanted nothing more than to watch the show and get lost in the music. And because of that, she pushed the thoughts back in her mind. She knew it was the subliminals at work. “Excuse me…” she said as she moved past a young man who was kissing the neck of his date, vacant stares on both of their faces as they danced to the music. Neither one realized what was happening at that point.

    She finally made her way to the sound booth, giving up on courtesy as she pulled the door open and quickly slammed it shut behind her. For the first time her mind finally felt peace, provided by the soundproof booth. 

    Of course the slamming of the door scared the living shit out of Xander, who was in the process of draining the energy from his original victim, Tammy. Just before they had been so rudely interrupted, he had the young DJ deep in a passionate kiss. Celene didn’t notice, and Tammy was too far gone to realize it, but Tammy’s skin had been glowing a faint blue as her life energy became luminescent. As the kiss deepened, the glow moved rapidly from the young woman into the incubus. The door slam, aside from causing Xander to nearly soil himself, abruptly ended the kiss and the energy drain. Unfortunately for Tammy he had already drained more than enough energy to knock her out, and as the kiss ended she simply sighed and fell down into the DJ chair. She landed in a cockeyed fashion, with her head and arm hanging limply off of one side. The impact caused the chair to slowly spin, but her feet didn't move so a few seconds later her body stretched out and fell from the chair to the floor with a soft, muffled thud. She was out cold and would be for hours. It had been some time since she was drained by Xander, so whether she remembered anything of the evening at all would have to wait to be discovered.

    Upon dropping his old friend and victim, Xander spun around rapidly to determine what kind of crazed animal had just broken down the door. Only to discover, instead, a very frustrated looking Celene standing with her back to the door, taking several slow, deep breaths. “Celene?” he asked, confused “What the hell are you doing here?”

    Celene’s head slowly raised as a smile crossed her lips. Her eyes opened as she looked at Xander with something that strangely resembled… malice, despite the smile. “What am I doing here?” she asked in a tone that was both polite and threatening. “What am I doing here? What the hell are you doing here?! I told you to behave! Is that behaving?!” She said, pointing to the unconscious Tammy on the sound booth floor.

    Xander glanced down at Tammy and then back up to Celene, but before he could say anything she continued her rant. “Is that behaving?” she asked, pointing to the sound control station that was clearly playing a subliminal filled playlist. “I told you I wanted this evening to go smoothly…does THAT look smooth to you?” She said pointing down at the club through the booth’s window.

    Xander leaned over and looked down at the club. Veo could clearly be seen dancing with two other young women that looked they had been hypnotized, although not by the subliminals, but by the angel herself. The rest of the club was in a bit of a dazed state…bumping and grinding against one another in ways you usually only see in sexually charged music videos. “Actually…” he started “It looks pretty smooth to meeeee….” He was cut off by Celene grabbing him by the ear and yanking him towards the control booth. “Ow ow ow ow ow!”

    Celene pulled him to the station and pushed him into the chair. “Now turn it off!” she demanded.

    Xander looked at the computer and attempted to stop the music, only to be asked for a password. “It requires your password.” He said nervously to Celene.

    “I don’t have a password!” she said, leaning over to look at the screen. “It must need Tammy’s!  Shit, we gotta wake her up…now!”

    Xander looked down at the peacefully sleeping brunette at his feet. “How would you like me to do that? I can’t exactly put the energy back into her, she has to rebuild it on her own.”

    “No, no no no no no no NOOOOOOPE!” Came Celene’s reply. “You can manipulate energy, create one of those blasted orbs of yours and stick it in that girl’s head so we can get the password.” Celene was only mildly annoyed at this point.

    Xander tried to explain to Celene that his orbs didn’t work that way, that all it would do is put hypnotic energy into an already passed out subject. She wouldn’t have the energy to move or react, she’d simply be hypnotized…and unconscious. Which was kind of pointless. Of course her shouted reply of “NOW!” ended the discussion pretty quickly.

    “Alright, alright, alright…geez” Xander said with a finger in his ear to try and clear it, since Celene had shouted directly into his face. He rotated his chair and formed a hypnotic orb in his hand. He could have simply showed it to Celene and ended the argument, but he kept it hidden from her line of sight by keeping the back of his hand facing her. After all, she was already pissed enough at him. He leaned down to place his hand on Tammy’s butt, only to get smacked in the back of the head before he got there. He glanced at Celene, but the angry look on her face made him realize he should probably have picked a less…personal area.  He moved his hand to the center of her back and gently moved the orb into her.  A wave of blue hypnotic energy washed over her skin in less than a second before it faded. But there was no movement. No reaction.

    “What’s going on?” Celene asked impatiently. “Why isn’t it working?”

    Xander leaned back in the chair, removing his hand, and the orb, from Tammy’s body. “I told you…it doesn’t work that way.”

    “No! It has to, we need that password now! Try again!” She was so adamant about this working that she reached down and grabbed Xander’s hand. The intention was to move it back into Tammy to try again, but the reality was something she didn’t intend. The moment she touched Xander’s hand, a wave of faint blue energy washed over her. It took less then a second before it covered her body, making her irises flash a brighter blue than the wave that moved over the rest of her, and then faded to nothing. As it washed over her she let out a gasp, but her jaw never closed. Instead she just sat there with her hand in Xander’s as she stared blankly at him. She had managed to hypnotize herself.

    Xander just stared back at Celene in confusion… not so much by what had happened, but by how she could so consistently end up helpless. No matter what it was that she was trying to do. She was a very capable woman, in his opinion. Strong and smart, but she just had the worst luck. He watched as she slowly sank to her knees in front of him. A far more comfortable position than leaning over the chair. “How do you feel, Celene?” he asked with a knowing smile.        

    A single word, “Good”, slid out of her mouth as more of a moan than a reply.

    Xander smiled “Well no sense letting this go to waste… “ he said as he leaned in and kissed Celene. In her deeply enthralled state she responded with passion, just as Tammy had, but with her fitter, stronger body, came more of a veracity to the encounter.  He deepened the kiss as his tail gently coiled along her right thigh, sliding directly between her legs and starting to massage her through her uniform. 

    Celene’s screams of pleasure would not be heard outside the soundproof booth. But had someone, anyone, in the club been awake enough to look up at the window, they would have noticed a faint blue glow rise and then fade as the incubus drained her energy.

    Fifteen minutes after Celene had barged through the sound booth door, the door opened again. This time a rather pleased incubus exited the booth with a smile. Visible behind him on the floor was the DJ, Tammy, laying on the floor, face down and completely unconscious. Laying on her right side with her head using Tammy’s butt as a pillow, was an equally unconscious Celene. Neither would be awake for the foreseeable future.

    As he made his way down the stairs to the dance floor he checked to make sure the earplugs he had swiped from the DJ booth were firmly in place. After all, there was no sense in exposing himself to the subliminals.

    The song that was playing came to an end, and the next one that started in its place was a nice, romantic slow song. He walked up behind Veo on the dance floor and tapped her on the shoulder. The very deeply hypnotized angel turned to face him and managed a soft smile, despite her all-but-blanked state. The incubus smiled at his helpless friend and offered her his hand as he said in as regal a voice as he could manage… “May I have this dance?”

To be Concluded....

Featuring: Xander, Veo, Celene, Tammy

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