Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Lost Tales: Random Acts of Magic

Key: Mc, MD, MF, Sleep

    It was early afternoon on a fairly cold spring day. Xander was busy doing what he did best, nothing. Well, that wasn’t exactly true. He was sitting in a bookstore reading one of Celest’s spell books in an attempt to get a spell to work.  Why was he in a bookstore, you may ask?  Easy, because there were no potential targets in his apartment and he needed subjects.

    As he looked through the book, reading the ins and outs of the spell, he finally decided that he was ready to try it. It was an easy spell, a control spell, one that would put the person into a trance-like state and allow him to control their actions by thinking about it. What could possibly go wrong?

    He picked his first target, the young man working the muffin counter at the coffee shop inside the bookstore. He chose him because he couldn’t figure out why in the hell you needed a coffee shop inside of a bookstore...or why, if you go up to the counter and order a “large coffee” they look at you like you’re from Mars. But if you go up and order an “venti iced mocha frappuccino” they know exactly what you mean.

    He focused on the young man and whispered “Frutex obtemperabat.” Unbeknownst to him, the girl behind him jerked to attention, he had aimed the spell not at the boy behind the counter, but at the reflection of the girl just to his side. Xander wasn’t sure exactly what he had done, but he figured a good test would be to have him take out a muffin and put it on the counter. He thought about it and the boy did nothing.

    Behind him, the girl who was now under his control picked up a book and set it on top of the book shelf, confused as to why she couldn't move.

    Xander groaned, looked at the boy again and again whispered “frutex obtemperabat.” Just as he did, the boy stepped out of the way and a second young man behind Xander snapped to attention. 

    He continued to focus on the boy behind the counter and thought that he should scratch his head. The boy did nothing but flirt with the girl ordering a coffee. While behind him his two victims scratched their heads..  

    At that point, Xander became frustrated enough to punch his knee...which caused the two people behind him to punch the people that were in front of them. Both of those people got up angrily. In frustration, Xander sat up and did some quick reverse punches to loosen up. The two people behind him decked the people that were yelling at them, and  knocked them both out.  

    He twisted in his chair and stretched his arms out, which made the two people behind him do the same and ultimately knock over two large bookshelves with a loud thud.

    Xander turned around to see what had happened but then turned back to his target, he was getting annoyed and had one last idea in mind.   He raise his hands out and shouted at the top of his lungs. “Frutex obtemperabat”

    The way his hands were pointed caused everyone in the bookstore to stand at attention all at once. He looked around with a grin, proud that he had managed to control an entire store at once.. that was pretty nicely done.

    He grinned and laughed, but to his surprise everyone in the room mimicked him by grinning and laughing as well. He stopped laughing and shouted “Stop that!” But since he had to think about it in order to say it, everyone else also shouted “Stop that!” 

    Xander growled and slapped his forehead...only to be greeted with a whole room of people growling and slapping their own foreheads so loudly that it was heard three doors down at the gym. Speaking of the gym...and say, the whole block...what Xander didn’t know was that the way he had cast the spell caused everyone within a thousand yard radius to fall under his spell. Including Celest, who had been walking walking down the street, Shadow, who was in the alley, and Ruby, who was in the gym.

    Xander quickly moved to the book and opened it to try and figure out what he was doing wrong. The sound of books opening was nearly deafening as everyone in the bookstore also opened a book and started to look at it. As he used his finger to try and find his place, mumbling what he was reading out loud, it was produced in surround sound by everyone around him. 

    He finally found a passage that described how to control the person, showing that in order to control them effectively you have to be calm of mind, at peace, and focused. There was a passage beneath that that read “You are none of those things, and you should read the whole inscription before you actually cast a spell, moron!”  Xander really hated Celest’s magic books...they always talked back.

    He sat down to try to relax and meditate, and began to calm himself as he focused his thoughts on the person standing on one foot. Everyone in the room instantly jumped up onto one foot. Ruby, who was on a treadmill, went up on one foot and then went flying off of it into a mat, laying there flat on her back with one foot in the air.

    Xander opened his eyes and laughed as he shouted “it works!”...only to have the rest of the store shout the same thing. With that, Xander closed his eyes again and focused on having everyone line up in a row. To his surprise, when he opened his eyes the row was a lot longer than he expected, and contained a lot more people...including Celest, Shadow, and Ruby. Oh, he was in trouble.

    As he stood there and looked at Celest, he realized there was something really arousing about seeing her like that, completely rigid and obedient. He imagined what it would be like to be able to kiss her in that pose. Then, to his surprise, all the hypnotized men moved to the women, including Celest, Shadow, and Ruby, and kissed each of them while slowly caressing their bodies.  

    Xander was horrified and immediately imagined wanting to punch the men, which instantly made all of the women haul off and deck the men. Half of them were hit hard enough to be knocked out, a state that seemed to break the spell. And it was then that Xander had an idea...

    He imagined the women draining the energy out of all of the men. To his delight, all of the woman grabbed the men and started to drain them...and since Celest was the only succubus in the group, all of the energy flowed into her. He smiled widely and looked around at his obedient harem...he knew what he wanted to do. He stood up and started to walk towards the door, but just as he was about to reach it he heard a cell phone ring.  As he turned to see what it was he tripped, sending himself flying face first into the door and banging his head against it. 

    His harem, still completely under his control, all flung themselves head first into the nearest solid objects. The resulting rapid fire clunking noises sounded more like something out of a caveman movie, and in less than thirty seconds the entire bookstore, was unconscious. 

    Xander looked around and shrugged as he walked over to Celest and picked her up. He laughed a bit to himself as he thought “That's enough magic for one day, I think.”  With that he sighed and carried his unconscious girlfriend home...I can’t imagine what he might do with her there.

The End

Features: Xander

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