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The Spirals Nightclub - Part 1

This story has always been coming... to this point...

Description: While finding just how peaceful life can be in New Chicago, Xander is in for quite a surprise when Veo takes him to the newly opened Spirals Nightclub. Exact in every way to the original, complete with some old friends he hasn’t seen in years.

Key: MC, MD, M/F, Hu,

    The sun was setting over the skyline of New Chicago as Xander walked barefoot along the shore of Lake Michigan. There was something about the Great Lakes that he had always enjoyed. They seemed almost like an ocean, massive and powerful, but yet were still nothing more than a group of lakes…massive, enormous lakes. It had been a while since he took the time to walk barefoot along any beach, and as the waves crashed upon the shore he couldn’t help but smile at just how relaxing and how beautiful the whole scene really was to him.

    A moment later he heard the sound of large powerful wings flapping as a slight puff of sand flew past his feet. He didn’t bother to turn around, instead he simply smiled and said “Hello angel…”

    “Hey Hunnybun!” Came the excitable response as his angelic friend, Veo, joined him on his walk down the beach. “How are you doing?”

    Xander looked at his friend, half of her face bathed in the orange glow of sunset, and took a slow deep breath. He briefly looked away to take in the rest of the scenery and slowly exhaled before finally answering “I’m…peaceful.”

    Veo couldn’t help but smile. “I’m so glad to hear it!” she said honestly. “I thought you might be enjoying the views out here on the beach, but I didn’t think it would have this profound of an effect on you. It’s a pleasant surprise.”

    Xander gave her a soft smile, wrapped his arm around his old friend’s shoulder and gave her a half hug. “What about you, what have you been up to the last few days?”

    Veo shrugged as they continued to walk. “Well you know...a little shopping, a little art viewing, a little finding of a surprise for you…” she let her voice trail off without so much as a hint that she was going to continue the sentence. It was nothing more than bait for Xander’s attention. She did this to him quite often…and she was an expert at it.

    Xander smirked as he waited…and waited…and waited some more, all for Veo to finish her sentence. Although he knew she never would. Finally he spoke up in as exasperated a voice as he could muster. “You’re not going to tell me what it is unless I ask…are you?”

    “Nope.” Was the only reply that came out of the angel. She didn't’ so much crack even the tiniest hint of a smile.

    The incubus shook his head and laughed as he finally broke down. “Ok, what is the surprise you found for meeeee…..!” His sentence was cut off by the angel grabbing his arm and rapidly pulling him toward the city.

    “I’ll show you! You’re gonna love this!” she said, giddy as a schoolgirl.

    “Wait, my shoes!” Was the last thing Xander got out before he started screaming like a little girl as Veo dragged him across all six lanes of Lake Shore Drive. She didn’t slow her pace in the slightest and never came close to being hit by a car even once.  Xander hated when she did that.


Five minutes later...

    “You’ve got to be kidding me…” Xander said, mouth open as he stared at the building across the street. “How in the actual hell is this here?!”

    Veo just smiled as she hugged him from behind and whispered “Surprise!” into his ear.

    Xander was in shock. Standing in front of him, nestled gently between a spa and an apartment building, was an exact replica of a place he knew all too well. A place filled with both good memories and bad. A place that had helped to shape who he was years ago, and a place that was closed down more than five years ago. The Spirals Nightclub.

    “Is this real? I mean obviously it’s real. But, I mean, it can’t be the same thing…can it?!” he asked, clearly confused.

    “Only one way to find out!” Veo said as she once again grabbed his arm and dragged him across the street to the club. Xander was in too much shock to really put up much of a fight.


    The inside of the nightclub was laid out exactly as Xander remembered the original. The club had three levels and was laid out much like a giant bowl. All three levels shared the same ceiling and the club was completely open once you were inside. The entrance was on street level and formed a horseshoe like shape around the rest of the club, which was beneath street level. On the top floor was the coat check room, a large bar, and the DJ’s sound booth. The kitchen also occupied the same floor and was through a set of doors behind the bar. The next level down was a half circle lined with booths and seating along the edges, and numerous tables in the middle, all of which were aimed toward the back of the club. A few small, private rooms were under the main floor and along the wall closest to the doors. The final level was the other half of the circle, and contained a large stage along the back wall and a dance floor. Access to the backstage area and the loading dock was on either side of the stage. And of course, bathrooms could be found on every level…you know, in case you really have to go.

    Xander blinked repeatedly. “Is this a dream?” He asked no one in particular.

    “Xander?!” came a voice from off of his left. Xander turned around, visibly overwhelmed by everything, and came face to face with Celene, the Security guard from the original Spirals. “What are you doing here?!” She more demanded than asked.

    Xander was dumbstruck as he turned to look at the young woman he had known so many years ago. Back when he last knew her she was twenty five, now ten years later Celene looked better than ever. She had always been fit, but ten years of whatever workout routine she had been doing had managed to sculpt her body into perfection. Her hair was different…but that was Celene, Xander wasn’t sure if he had ever seen her with the same hairstyle or color twice. Today’s style was shorter than the last time he had seen her, just below her shoulders with a slight wave. He had no idea if her hair was naturally wavy, or straight, or curly, or anything. She simply changed it way too often. Today’s color was a mix of platinum blonde hair marbled together with long streaks of dark brown to create a dirty blonde. The one thing that didn’t really change was the security uniforms at Spirals, a black jumpsuit that was tight enough to be closer to a catsuit, with a pair of spirals conveniently placed over each breast. The sight of his old…friend might be too strong of a word, but we’ll go with it… combined with the strange feeling of deja vu left him with very few words. “Celene…what the hell is going on?!” he asked, confused, while Veo simply laughed behind him.

    Celene was…shall we say…less confused and more annoyed. “Xander…” she started, before taking a deep breath to calm herself down. “What…are you doing here?” she asked, somehow even more annoyed.

    “We’re…exploring. What are YOU doing here?!” The incubus asked, thinking he was having a mental breakdown. Can you really have a breakdown on a mind that doesn’t work right normally?

    “I work here, Xander.” Came the rather frustrated response from Celene.

    “No, I know that. What are you doing in New Chicago? What is Spirals doing in New Chicago? I thought it closed down a few years ago. Why is it here? How is it here?!” The mental dump made him feel a little better, the whole situation was one massive shock to him.

    Celene shook her head as she finally realized what he was talking about. “We got bought out by a new company after the original closed. The owner built this placeand offered me, Tammy, and a few others a job here. Even offered to move us to the city for free. It was actually a pretty sweet deal and came with a nice raise.”

    At this point Xander was more than a little moved by seeing Celene again, he moved towards her to give her a hug and started to say “It’s so good to see you again!” Only to have her back up and hold up her hand.

    “Hey, hey, hey!” she said “I’m working! And besides, the last time I saw you I was waking up in a warehouse surrounded by hypnotized and frozen women while you were being escorted out by the police! This is a new job for me, I don’t need you doing something stupid here, not now. Behave!” She scolded harshly.

    Xander stopped and shrank back a bit. “In my defense, I wasn’t the one that hypnotized and drained you. Midnight did…”

    Veo, who had been standing off to the side the whole time, chimed in with a smile. “He’s right, she did, and I made sure no one would be hurt.”

    Celene sighed and seemed to calm down. “I know, and honestly Xan, it is good to see you again. You too, Veo. I’m just a little stressed tonight, ok?  So please…please behave. And we’ll catch up later…okay?”

    Xander smiled and nodded. “Deal!” Then out of the corner of his eye he spotted Tammy moving into the sound booth. “Do you mind if I go say hi to Tammy? I haven't seen her since…”

    “You hypnotized her and left her in a warehouse full of other hypnotized girls? Like me?” Celene chimed in again, a bit annoyed.

    "Dawn did that…not me.” Xander replied honestly.

    Celene just shook her head and threw up her hands in frustration.  “Whatever! Fine, go say hello. But please behave!” She sighed softly and looked over at Veo. “While he’s doing that, can I get you two a table?”

    Veo smiled. “Sure. Catch up when you’re done, ok?” She said to Xander as she winked at him and followed Celene down to the seating level.


    Xander knocked gently on the sound booth door. Of course, Tammy didn’t hear the knock since she had on a set of headphones and was happily bouncing away to the music at her DJ station. Xander quietly slid into the room and closed the door, leaning against it to take in the sight of her. It had been nearly ten years since he had seen her and she had blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Her hair was still ridiculously long, all the way down to her butt, although it currently didn’t make it down that far as it was in a ponytail. Her fashion sense hadn’t changed one bit either, she still wore a plain old pair of jeans and a boring t-shirt. However, Xander did notice that part of the blossoming process involved that shirt being a bit more curvy then he remembered. It was a lovely sight for more than one reason.

    He was happy to lean against the door and simply admire the view until she noticed him, but after several minutes he remembered that this was Tammy he was talking about. She could be on fire and not notice. She was completely absorbed into the music, it was an adorable trait…and annoying as hell. So after several minutes he casually walked up to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. She jumped with a start and turned to look at him, the moment she did her eyes nearly popped out of her head as her face morphed into a huge smile. “Xander!” she shouted as she tore her headphones off and jumped up to give him a big hug. 

    Xander held his old friend tightly and lifted her off the ground in the hug, with her being only five feet tall it was pretty easy to do. When he set her back down he couldn’t help but smile. “It’s so good to see you again!” he said genuinely.

    The two spent some time catching up, explaining what had happened to Xander after the warehouse incident and how Spirals moved to New Chicago. Everything was like old times, and then Tammy flipped open her music collection as Xander spied a folder labeled ‘subliminals’. “What’s that?” he asked, hoping he already knew the answer.

    Tammy glanced at the folder, “Oh, those are the old subliminal tracks from the original Spirals. We haven’t tried using them here just yet, we’re trying to be…subtle with the hypnosis, given that we just opened.”

    Xander smiled as he leaned in to Tammy. “Can you remember, all those times you and I used to flood the club with subliminals…” His tone made it more of a command then a question.

    Tammy smiled and rolled her eyes. “I remember being hypnotized into doing it…several times, actually.”

    She was planning to continue that sentence, but before she could Xander reached out and placed one finger on each of her temples and started to gently massage them. “Of course you do…it wasn’t all that long ago…not in your mind. It’s so easy to just remember how fun, how exciting it was for you. How you could simply relax into my words…and feel that tingle move through your body. Move through your mind. Just letting the serious…upstanding parts of you…sink down… deeper and deeper into sleep. All the while letting the more devious parts of you…come to the surface… little by little. You can feel that now, can’t you Tammy?”

    The brunette’s eyes had rolled up into her head during the massage. She was struggling to keep her wits about her…but that struggle was slowing fading away. She gave a quick shake of her head to try and clear it, but Xander kept his fingers firmly on her temples, slowly working away her tension and her resistance. It wasn’t long before her eyes fluttered closed.

    “That’s a girl…” Xander whispered with a grin. “Now why don’t you pick a nice…relaxing little playlist…something to help everyone in the club relax, unwind, and release their inhibitions. You can do that, can’t you?”

    Tammy opened her eyes with a very glazed look and a goofy smile “Mmhmmm” was her only audible reply. She moved to the computer that controlled the sound and clicked through folder after folder until she finally found the right one. With another click, the playlist was uploaded and started to play through the speakers of the club.

    Xander stood behind Tammy the whole time, gently rubbing her shoulders. “Good girl…” he mused into her ear. “Now there is just one thing more I’d like to do Tammy, something I haven't done in a long time…”

    Tammy turned around in her chair to face Xander, her expression still had a loopy smile on her lips as she mumbled out the word “What?”

    Xander smiled broadly and leaned in, kissing his old friend for the first time in over a decade while letting his hand gently explore her body. The years had indeed been as good to her as he had thought. And the new bra size felt awesome! Tammy didn’t so much as bat an eye, she simply returned the kiss lazily in her hypnotic daze.


    In the club, Veo and Celene were sitting at one of the booths enjoying a drink and catching up on things. The two hadn’t really been friends before, but they got along alright. Neither one of them noticed the music pumping through the club change to a more…relaxing melody.

To be continued….

Featuring: Xander, Veo, Celene, Tammy

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