Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Lost Tales: Why Mages Shouldn't Meditate

Key: MC, MD, M/F

    It was the middle of the afternoon, and Xander was finally crawling out of bed. The advantages of running a nightclub included being able to sleep as late as you want, something he took full advantage of. Celest was busy with some project for something that might have involved shopping, but he wasn’t really sure. All he knew was that he was crawling out of bed alone, which wasn’t unusual since Celest got up much earlier then he did. 

    He stretched out and worked all the kinks out of his back and neck. The one thing he hadn’t been able to get used to about being a mage was that in this form his body healed quickly but not instantly. So he had to contend with things like stiff muscles in the morning. The other thing he missed was his connection to energy. On a normal morning Xander could close his eyes and feel the energy in the room...the electricity, the heat, and life energy flowing around him. He could even look at Celest's side of the bed and see her residual energy. He could touch it, mold it, form it and absorb it. It was a little thing, but it helped him to feel closer to her while she was out, and he missed that.

    He finally made his way into the living room, it was a gray day with storm clouds blotting out the sun as he looked out at the thawing city. It was days like this, when he was an incubus, that he would sit down and meditate. He used the state of meditation to feel the energy around him, follow it into the city and examine the people in it; where they were going and what they were doing. In that state he could manipulate their energy and their thoughts. Not as powerfully or directly as he could if he were with them, but remote influence was better than nothing. He could even influence a person to come to him or feel attracted to him. 

    As he thought about it, he decided “what the hell” and sat down to meditate anyway. It was a simple task, but it often helped him to feel just a bit better. He folded his legs as best he could, he never could get the full lotus pose but he was far more flexible than most, and leaned back against the couch. With a deep breath he closed his eyes and started to concentrate.

    He couldn’t feel the energy around him, or the energy in the world, so he decided to do something a little more...mundane. Instead, he imagined Celest. Tried to see her in his mind, to picture her clothing and her hair. After a few moments he decided that a black pair of pants and a low cut, almost halter top style sweater seemed to fit her best today. He watched as the image of her walked in his mind. God how he loved to just watch her move, so graceful, so elegant and powerful. He couldn’t help but smile as he imagined what it would be like to see her walking through a crowded mall. People on all sides of her and all around her.

    After a while he decided to have a little harmless fun, and imaged himself reaching out to touch her shoulders. Massaging them gently and easily. He imaged Celest in the middle of the mall, feeling her shoulders relaxing a bit and not knowing why, or maybe not even noticing. But feeling just a bit more relaxed because of it. His thoughts became more devious as he imaged the massage becoming more playful as he caressed up her neck and back. And then he imagined it becoming more intimate, as he slid his hands along all the places he knew would get to her. He imaged her blushing, feeling flush as her heart raced, but still not knowing why or not even really caring. Just knowing that, for some reason, she was thinking of Xander in a very intimate way.

    In his mind he imagined wrapping his arms around her and whispering into her ear how much he missed her, how much he wished that he could wake up next to her more often. The hug turned into a playful kiss on the neck, and then the ear, and slowly moved on from there. He imagined her becoming warmer and warmer as she moved through the mall, feeling his influence unknowingly from a far. In his mind he maneuvered her into a bedding store, as she pretended to look at everything while walking to the back of the store and finding a secluded bed. A bed that she just couldn’t help but lay down on.

    As he imagined her laying on the bed, he started to massage her body, in all the intimate ways that he knew how. He kissed her frame and imagined her energy building, rising in pleasure. He kept up the image for several minutes, before imagining him, in an almost ghostly way, becoming one with her. Sliding into her body completely and exciting her energy, her power. Bringing her to her ultimate pleasure. Keeping that pleasure rolling deeper and deeper in her body, but trying to keep himself focused and controlled. He imagined Celest having one of the most pleasurable experiences she could muster...and then imagined all the things in her body that would have to happen in sequence for her to fall asleep in that bed. In the back of a mall outlet store. Sound asleep, dreaming of Xander.

    Xander took a deep breath and opened his eyes. He was surprised that not really being able to feel the energy or manipulate it at all, that just imagining what it would be like to do it, was surprisingly relaxing. He stretched out, having enjoyed his little fantasy, and set out about his daily tasks of studying magic and the mysteries of the mage realm.

    Across town, Celest jumped awake with a start and quickly looked around. As far as she could tell, she was in an outlet store in the mall...Bed Bath and Beyond or something similar, she thought. Her body was warm and flushed, and she could have sworn that Xander had been there with her. Walking with her and being his seductive self, even managing to seduce her into doing something they really shouldn’t do in a public place. She quickly fixed her hair and composed herself as she stood up, fixing her black pants and sweater as she did. Clearing her throat and acting as if nothing had happened. “I guess I really do miss him more than I thought.” she said with a smile, imagining how happy she would be when she finally got home and was able to just curl up in bed with him.

The End

Featuring: Xander

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