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The Merger - Spirals - Part 1

Description: The angel Veo comes to visit her friend, the succubus Midnight, with an offer that she cannot refuse.

Key: MC, FD, M/F, F/F

    “That’s it…you can do it.” Midnight cooed into the ear of a clearly hypnotized young man. He was sitting on a chair in the back office of Midnight’s shop, his girlfriend panting by his side while Midnight straddled him and bounced up and down, slowly and rhythmically on his lap. Her left hand was stretched down between the legs of the panting young woman.

    Both the man and the woman seemed blissfully unaware of anything but the pleasure they were feeling, only the beautiful succubus who had hypnotized them seemed to have any idea of what was going on. She leaned in and kissed the man as the girl next to him squealed and let out a high pitched moan. For a split second it looked like the young woman’s body flashed with a gentle yellow glow, before it faded into Midnight’s hand.

    The succubus inhaled sharply as she tipped her head back and let out a breathless moan. Beneath her the man panted as his body glowed yellow for a split second, just before he and his girlfriend slumped against one another, fast asleep. Both had been completely drained of their energy by the succubus.

    Midnight took a moment to settle down and catch her breath as she slowly stopped bobbing up and down on the man’s lap. She rose to her feet and moved to the mirror by the side of the wall. “To answer your question…” she said, fixing her hair “I can have your dreamcatchers delivered by Monday.”

    Her train of thought was interrupted by the sound of the front bell, indicating another customer had arrived. “I’ll be back in a bit.” she said, passing the completely passed out and disheveled couple. “Please, by all means…get some sleep.” she said with a devious grin as she popped out of the back room into the main storefront.

    In the main store stood Veo, looking over all of Midnight’s newest creations and inventions. “Well hello!” Midnight said with a smile “Haven’t seen you in a while…what’s up?” Midnight asked with a smile as she moved to the angel and gave her a big hug.

    The angel wrapped her large blackened wings around the succubus. “Hey you!  Sorry I’ve been away so long. I’ve been trying to help Xander sort his head out and decide how he wants to go forward with his life now that he’s free of the ‘Depressor’. How have things been here?”

    Midnight gave her a devious smile. “Oh you know how things go, up and down…up and down…up and down…yes yes yes yes!” She said in as bored of a tone as she could manage without cracking a smile. “The usual.”

    Veo, however, didn’t even bother to try and hide her grin and laughed. “At least you get your exercise.” she said with a smile.

    “That I do!” Midnight said with a grin “Care to see some of the new items I’ve been working on?”

    “Of course!” Veo replied as she followed her demonic friend around the shop. Midnight was Native American, but had moved overseas some time ago. She brought her culture with her by creating various pieces of art all centered around Native American themes. Of course, most of the pieces had a secondary purpose. Most would help hypnotize an unsuspecting victim, to make them helpless and compliant. A few others would aid her in draining the energy from the victims, leaving them in a deep, dream filled sleep for several hours until they could rebuild their energy. They would wake up with no memory of what really happened to them, only a very vivid and erotic dream. 

    Among her favorite pieces were her dreamcatchers. Intricate and hand made, they were designed to resemble a spiders web in a tree. Legend has it that dreams would pass through them; the good dreams would be allowed to flow into the mind of the owner, whereas the bad dreams would stay and be burned up in the morning light. Her dreamcatchers were all connected to a smaller version that she wore around her neck as a necklace. When an individual would fall asleep under the dreamcatcher, it would drain their energy and send it to the smaller version, where it would be absorbed by Midnight. With a small amount of orgasmic pleasure as a bonus.

    “What does this one do?” Veo asked, looking at what appeared to be a wolf sitting on its hind legs with its head raised high in mid howl. The piece was remarkably detailed and appeared to be carved from a single piece of wood.

    Midnight smiled proudly. “This is one of my best new pieces, I was so happy with how this turned out. It’s a…” before she could finish, the door chime rang as young woman in her mid twenties walked in and began browsing the pieces in the store. Midnight looked at Veo with a devious grin on her face. “Actually, why don’t I show you…” she said, winking at her angelic friend.

    Before Veo could determine how she felt about getting a demonstration, Midnight was already moving towards the young woman. The succubus smiled deviously and held the wolf carving up, gently pressing her lips to the tail, and started to blow. To Veo’s surprise, instead of a whistle…or a howl…she heard…nothing. Absolutely nothing at all.

    But the young woman browsing the store, however, she heard the intricate sounds of a wolf howling in the distance. The eerie echo that would follow it across the cold, dark of night, echoing softly as it rolls through the air. The woman instantly turned in the direction of Midnight and stared at her in awe. The sound coming from the whistle was magnificent, engrossing, and dare I say…hypnotic.

    Veo watched as Midnight’s lips curled into a smile while she kept blowing into the whistle that only the young woman it was aimed at could hear. Veo figured it was some kind of directional effect and turned her attention to the young woman. She was thin, wearing a halter top that showed off her midriff and cupped her chest nicely. Her hair was short, but seemed to be cut to be longer on one side to give it a waving effect.  But what was really interesting was the girl’s reaction. She slowly took step after step, moving closer to Midnight. But with each step she also seemed to sink, deeper and deeper under the whistle’s spell.

    After a few steps her face had gone completely slack as her mouth hung open. One arm was hanging limp along her side, slowly swinging back and forth with every step she took. The other was completely limp and laying against her purse, which Veo kept watching to see if it would slide off the girl’s shoulder…but it never did. Step after step, the young woman seemed to slip…deeper and deeper into trance. Until she was finally standing directly in front of Midnight. A glassy eyed vacant stare was the only expression she could manage. She was, for all intents and purposes, asleep on her feet.

    Midnight finally stopped blowing into the whistle and stood up, smiling deviously. “What do you think?” she said, holding the whistle up to Veo with one hand and aiming the other hand at the young woman she had just enthralled with its effects.

    Veo, deciding to be a shithead, picked up the whistle and examined it meticulously. “The detail you put into this is amazing…it looks almost real!” she said, not even trying to hide her smile.

    Midnight just rolled her eyes. “Took forever…good thing I’m immortal. And the effects are quite nice, don’t you think?” the succubus said as she slowly walked around her newest prize. Her hand slowly slid along the woman’s exposed midriff up to her breasts, as she squeezed them deeply. She placed her chin on the woman’s shoulder from behind, which was easy given that she was over six feet tall in her heels, and gazed playfully at Veo. “Do you want her?” she asked with a smile.

    Veo looked up from the sculpture with a side expression that seemed to say ‘really?!’ without her saying a word. Although she did say a word immediately following that… “Really?!”

    Midnight just laughed as she slid her finger along the entranced woman’s cheek and stared at Veo. “What? She’s young…full of life…full of energy.” she said with a wink.

    Veo shook her head playfully. “You know I’m strictly straight.” she said, setting the sculpture down gently.

    "I didn’t say you should sleep with her.” Midnight replied playfully. “But you could drain her…absorb all of that young, virile energy all for yourself.” Midnight almost seemed to be getting aroused by the idea, despite mostly teasing her friend. “After all, you’re an angel…you can drain energy just as easily as I can.”

    Veo folded her arms across her chest, giving her an annoyed but playful look. “You’re right, I can…” she paused to take a slow breath and center herself, “but you know that we can’t use it the way you do. So draining a person is more of a defensive measure than anything else.”

    Midnight gave her friend a dismissive hand wave. “It’s not about the use…it’s about the feeling…the power…the control. You sure you don't want her?” The succubus watched as her angelic friend raised an eyebrow and slowly shook her head.  Midnight sighed playfully. “Fine.” and in one smooth motion she spun the hypnotized woman around to face her and grabbed her face gently, pulling the helpless young woman into a deep, passionate kiss.

    The helpless young woman didn’t respond at all, she was merely putty in the hands of the much larger and more powerful succubus. Midnight held her close and deepened the kiss, sliding her tongue along the soft, gentle lips of the mortal before sliding it into her mouth to taste her prize.

    The whole scene made Veo a tad uncomfortable and she looked away to distract herself. She only returned her gaze to her friend when she saw the gentle yellow glow rise and fade on the helpless patron’s skin. The glow, as Veo knew, was the young woman’s energy syncing with Midnight’s. For a split second it would be visible, before being drained from the woman into the succubus. The young woman was far too deeply hypnotized to realize what had happened, but nevertheless managed to let out a rather sexy sigh as her eyes rolled up into her head and her eyelids fluttered closed. A second later she fell into the waiting arms of Midnight, completely limp and asleep. “Mmmmm, I do love an afternoon snack.”

    Veo blushed as Midnight carefully lifted the completely drained patron over her shoulder. “So where did Xander ever end up?” the succubus asked her friend as she carried the sleeping patron into the back with the rest of her…guests.

    “New Chicago.”  Veo replied with a smile. “He even found a version of the Spirals Nightclub there, so he seems happy at the moment.”

    “Still haven’t hooked up yet, have you.” Midnight said in a matter of fact way, knowing the answer before she said it as she laid the unconscious woman on one of the chairs in the back. “Well, who knows, maybe this will be a new chapter for you and him.”

    Midnight swore she heard Veo respond “And for you too.” But before she could question it, the world just seemed to fade away.

Some time later…

    Midnight woke up with a start. She looked around quickly and realized she was still in her shop. Her first instinct was the check the clock, which read a little after two in the afternoon. Not much time had passed, but something felt…wrong.  She slowly made her way out from behind the counter to the front of the store and looked out the window.

    The moment she did her eyes popped open as wide as they could and her mouth nearly hit the floor. She ran to the door at nearly cartoon speeds and flung it open, running out of the door and coming to a screeching stop just before she reached the street.

    The atmosphere of the city was different, colder, louder, but that wasn’t the strangest thing. The buildings were different…massively different, in that they were huge compared to what they had been just a few seconds ago. “What the hell is going on!?” Midnight asked to no one in particular. She spun around on her heels and looked around for anything she could use to help her figure out what was going on. And then she found it….a newspaper dispenser. She ran to the dispenser and ripped it open, because succubi are strong, and pulled out the day’s paper. Only it wasn’t today…it was tomorrow.  That is to say…it was the day after what Midnight had remembered it being. But that wasn’t the most telling sign. The major clue was the name on the paper: ‘The New Chicago Sun Times’.

    “That love struck little bitch…” Midnight said in exasperation. She handed the paper to the first person that passed her and headed back into her store. She wasn’t sure how the angel had managed it, but everything was exactly the way it was in her previous city, even the paneling was the same. And then she remembered her ‘guests’.

    She ran to the back room and flung the door open. Inside, where she expected to see three completely drained patrons, two women and one man, sat instead two sound asleep young women. College girls, based on the ‘N.C.U.’ jackets they were wearing. Sitting on the blonde was a note.

    “Hey Midnight,” The note started. “Sorry about knocking you out and randomly moving your store halfway across the world. You know how I feel about Xander, and you know I can’t just leave him here alone while he’s hurting. But also I can’t do this without my best friend. So I kinda…made a lifestyle change for you. It’s not bad, there is a nightclub dedicated to hypnosis AND a college full of happy, energetic horny coeds! Again, I’m sorry! I hope you can understand. Sincerely, Veo.”

    Midnight smiled softly as she looked over the the note. It was really kind of sweet. She noticed a postscript. “P.S. normally when one friend does something to another they will buy them dinner as an apology. Consider these two that apology. They are programmed to go back to their dorm rooms when they wake up…tomorrow.”

    Midnight lowered the note and eyed her friend’s ‘apology’. “Consider yourself forgiven.” she said with a smile.

To Be Continued…

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