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The Merger - Spirals - Part 2

Description: A young woman shows up to seal a deal to purchase the Spirals Nightclub. By any means necessary.

Key: FD, F/F, M/F, MC

    A faint, tiny tapping sound could be heard filling the Spirals Nightclub…Celene moved to the main entrance of the club, curious as to where the sound was coming from. When she arrived, she found a petite young woman who looked like she was ready to melt in the sunlight gently knocking on the door. She opened the door and asked as politely as she could, “May I help you?”

    The young woman smile, even though she was starting to visibly sweat in the sunlight. “Hi! I’m Kelli, from Card Enterprises, I have an appointment with a Mr. Hank Anderson.”

    Celene gave the young woman a confused look. “Hank didn’t mention anything to me about a meeting today, are you sure you have the right day?”

    Kelli was starting to become more and more pale the longer she stood in the sunlight. “Oh yes. I don’t mean to be a bother…but could I come in please? I’m feeling terribly faint all of a sudden.”

    Celene looked the young woman up and down quickly, she was in her early 20’s in a rather sexy skirted business suit. And despite Celene’s reservations, the young woman did, in fact, look like she was probably about to faint. “Alright, come on in.” she said reluctantly as she opened the door.

    “Oh thank you so much!” said Kelli as she quickly pushed past Celene and into the darkened foyer of the nightclub. She had started to feel better almost instantly, but played it off as if she was still about to faint.

    Celene looked annoyed, but took a moment to go get a bottle of water for Kelli. “Feeling better?” she asked with annoyed concern.

    Kelli smiled and gave her a slightly energetic nod. “I’m getting there, yes. Thank you so much, it’s so hot outside and the sun…and all the reflections, I just kind of felt like I was being cooked alive.”

    Celene nodded and gave the young woman a smile. “Yeah, building skyscrapers out of reflective glass wasn’t the best idea.” she commented as she watched the young woman closely, always the skeptical security guard.

    Kelli took a long sip of water and smiled at Celene. “Indeed. Now, as I was saying before, I have an appointment with a Mr. Hank Anderson…I believe he’s the owner of the nightclub?”

    Instantly Celene’s mental defenses went up and she fell right into guard mode. “Yes, Mr. Anderson is the owner, but as I said he didn’t mention having any kind of meeting today. I’ll have to clear it with him before I can let you into the club. I’m sure you understand.” Celene’s comment was given with a very distinct and sharp tone to let Kelli know exactly who was in charge of the situation.

    Fortunately for Kelli, she knew exactly who was in charge of the situation…and it wasn’t Celene. “That’s fine.” she said softly as she gave Celene a meek smile. “I’d be happy to wait here while you go discuss the situation with him.”

    Celene sighed softly and shook her head as she begrudgingly went to talk to her boss. She had hoped to get around having to do this and just convince the young woman to come back later, but it didn’t seem like things were going to work out that way. She reached the main door to the club and took a breath to relax herself before opening it, only to come face to face with…Kelli. “What the hell?!” Celene shouted in shock as she quickly looked over her shoulder to the seat that Kelli had been sitting in a moment ago. An empty water bottle was now the only sign that she had ever been there.

    As Celene came face to face with Kelli, she couldn’t help but notice how strikingly different the young woman looked. Her hair, which had been in a tight bun, was now flowing down her back. Her neatly kept business suit was open, and her shirt was missing a few buttons to show off her petite chest. But the most noticable difference was in her face, namely that her eyes were now a deep shade of yellow and her teeth were extended like vampire fangs. Which was convenient since they were, in fact, vampire fangs.

    Celene let out a startled gasp as her brain shifted into full combat mode… but unfortunately for Celene, that shift was cut off before it could really start as Kelli grabbed the much larger and more powerful woman with a single hand to her throat. She didn’t need to grab her hard, a simple touch was enough to impede Celene’s thoughts. But to Kelli’s surprise the young woman didn’t completely blank out like most people would. Her eyes glazed over as her body slumped, but she still managed to grab Kelli’s arm with one hand and gently strike the arm with her other hand.

    “Very impressive…” Kelli said through a devious smile. “It’s rare to find someone who can resist even a little bit of vampiric powers, and yet here you are…putting up a fight. Very impressive indeed. But I have work to do, and I don’t have time to…play…with you right now.” Kelli said with a smile.

    Before Celene could respond, which let’s face it probably would have taken a while in her current state, Kelli shifted the young woman’s body to the side and pushed her against the wall with a nice hard ‘thud!’ The impact made Celene’s body shake as her head hit the wall, not enough to knock her out, but more than enough to daze her the rest of the way. Celene’s arms fell limp at her sides as her expression went completely slack. Her eyes sank closed and then opened partially a few seconds later with the last resistance the young woman could muster.

    Kelli leaned in with a devious smile. “I’d love to finish you off…” she said, sliding her lips along Celene’s cheek. “Taste you…drain you…enthrall you…” she gently licked the older woman’s neck. “But I was given strict instructions not to turn you. So you’ll wake up in a few hours…and you will remember nothing. Understand my dear?”

    Celene struggled, her eyes fluttering with everything she had left. But what she had wasn’t enough to give more than a token resistance. “Yyy...Ye….Yes….” she said softly, struggling to fight every single word.

    “Good girl.” Kelli said with a soft smile as she leaned in and gently kissed Celene’s lips. The kiss flooded the young woman with enough vampiric energy to put her mind completely to sleep. “Night night…” Kelli said in a tiny voice, like a mother putting her child to sleep, before sinking her teeth into Celene’s neck.

    Celene gasped as her eyes fluttered closed completely. Kelli was the only thing physically supporting her body at that point and kept it from sliding down the wall as she drank from the young woman’s neck.  A moment later Kelli removed her teeth and licked the bite wounds, making them seal up like they were never there. “Only allowed a taste…for now.” she said reluctantly, then allowed the unconscious security guard to slide down the wall into a pile on the floor.


    There was a tiny knock as a gruff “Come!” shouted through the closed door a second later. Kelli opened the door, looking meek and mousy, and completely recomposed and professional. The man in the office, Hank Anderson she assumed, was in his late 50’s, maybe early 60’s. He was also out of shape, balding and greying but with a neatly kept goatee. Like most single business men his age, who owned nightclubs, he was all business…except when he was flirting with the girls.

    “Who are you?” Hank asked, setting a file folder down on his desk.

    “Hello Mr. Anderson” Kelli said with a warm smile. “I’m Kelli, from Card Enterprises. I was sent over here to negotiate a deal with you.”

    Hank gave her a sideways smile and looked over Kelli less as a business contact and more as an afternoon snack. “And what kind of deal…are you here to negotiate, honey?”

    Without skipping a beat Kelli smiled, placed a file folder on the table and flipped it open. “We want you to sign ownership of this facility over to Card Enterprises.”

    Hank let out an almost boisterous laugh. “Honey, there is nothing that anyone could offer me to make me sell this business.” He paused to look slowly over every inch of Kelli’s frame. “Although I will say, if anyone could tempt me...it would be you. What do you say I buy you a drink and help you loosen up a bit, hmm?”

    Kelli blushed and gave him an innocent smile. She skillfully diverted her eyes down to the floor as she moved towards Hank slowly, only making eye contact when she was a few inches in front of him. “Do I tempt you…Mr. Anderson?”

    The older man gave Kelli a gritty smile. “You do, indeed. Can I…tempt you…with a drink?”

    Kelli looked up into the older man’s eyes and slid a hand along his leg, gently cupping around his groin before her hand crept higher up his body. “I don’t need a drink…” she said, pushing him into his desk chair with more force than he expected.

    “Hey you’re pretty strong for such a frail young thing.” Hank said, surprised. But Kelli only replied with a girly giggle as she leaned in and started to kiss him while her hand slid back down his body and massaged his groin through his jeans.

    “Maybe I’m not as frail as you might think…” she said in a husky voice as she started to kiss down his neck, pulling the bun out of her hair and letting her dark red locks flow down her back. The sound of Hank’s zipper opening echoed through the small office.

    The owner of the club gave her a shitty grin. He loved his job, women just threw themselves at him. He couldn’t believe that a club with a hypnosis theme actually had a draw to anyone, but it seemed to get enough people. Even though he threw away all of those ridiculous hypnotic devices.

    Kelli had Hank’s ear between her teeth and was giving it a harder nibble than he thought she would. He grunted in pain, which only made her giggle as she began to teasingly suck on the ear instead. She slid herself on top of the man to straddle him, teasing him with just how close she was. “Are you sure there is...nothing...I can do?” she said, lowering herself a bit more onto his lap. “Nothing at all...I could do to make you sell.” Her tongue slid along the older man’s ear playfully.

    Hank’s blood was pumping and his breathing was increasing. “If anyone could…it would be you.”  he repeated as his hands slid over Kelli’s leg and tried to push her down onto him. He was surprised by just how strong the girl’s legs were. They didn’t feel muscular, but no matter how hard he pushed she didn’t budge!

    “Well, I have been authorized to use…special incentives…in this negotiation, Mr. Anderson. Can I tempt you with, say, an all expenses paid retirement. Someplace dark, up north, where the sun disappears for months on end?“ Kelly asked as she kissed his neck.”

    Hank laughed, trying to raise his pelvis to meet Kelli’s, but she was just out of reach. “Why would I want that?” he asked.

    Kelli only smiled and turned to look Hank in the eyes…her own eyes were now a deep, hypnotic yellow. “Because when we’re done here…you’ll enjoy, shall we say, the night life.”

    Hank gasped in surprise as his pupils slowly expanded. His body went limp as the expression was frozen on his face. He couldn’t help but stare into Kelli’s eyes…no matter what he did, he couldn’t look away. “That’s a good boy, Mr. Anderson.” Kelli said as she lowered herself down onto him. “Be an even better boy for me now and pick up that pen…” She motioned to a pen on the desk with her free hand.

    Hank’s hand reached out slowly and grabbed the pen, never really thinking about what he was doing or the pleasure his body was feeling as Kelli bobbed up and down on top of him. “That’s a good boy. Now sign that paper Mr. Anderson…sign it for me now…” Kelli was getting more and more into her role, panting and moaning softly as she bounced up and down faster and faster on the older man. All while his hand slowly moved the pen to the paper and began to sign it.

    Kelli smiled and kissed the older man as a soft moan escaped his lips. Kelli, on the other hand, reared her head back and let out a very high pitched squeal of pleasure before extending her fangs and sinking them into Hank’s neck. The older man gasped and shuddered as he slowly slumped further down into his chair. Soon he was completely spent.

    Kelli smiled as she licked the wound closed…not that it mattered. “I’ve been through this myself.” she said soothingly to the older man.  “You’ll wake a new man, with a new life waiting for you…in Anchorage.” For the first time the disgust she felt towards him surfaced as she curled her nose. “Far, far away from me.”

To Be Continued...

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