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Tag! I'm Frozen - SHR - Part 2

 Key: Md, M/F, MC, Freeze

Description: A real life hypnotized woman recounts a dream she had about a group of men playing freeze tag with the unsuspecting patrons of a mall. 

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE!

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 4-23-20XX
Subject: Tag! I’m Frozen! Again!

Remember a while back (I have no idea how long ago, to be honest) when I had a dream about a group of guys playing a game of freeze tag that involved me and my friends? Well this little dream seemed like it might have been a continuation of that, just in a different place. I was in this two story mall, standing on the second floor, both floors were circular and there was an opening on the second that allowed me to see down to the first floor and people watch. I could see a decent amount of the second floor from where I was standing, and most of the first floor too. Among all of the people down on the first floor I could see Nikki and Kimmy walking around near the front of a clothing store, but at that point they were the only two I recognized in the crowds. As I watched the two of them shop, I felt a hand on me, which was more than a little surprising given that I was standing alone. Before I could even react, though, I felt the hand grab my butt and squeeze it. Now, I'm sure part of me wanted to turn around to see who had decided to do that, but as soon as the hand touched me I felt my body freeze and my mind pause, leaving me completely helpless to do anything but stand there. A man moved around next to me, and once I was able to see his face I vaguely recognized him from the last dream. As he slipped next to me he leaned in and whispered "hello darling" in my ear. Which, as a side note...really pushed my buttons, I think it was just the context of the situation, plus being helpless and frozen already...but I'm not entirely sure why just yet. 

While I stood there, his hand slid up and quickly caressed one of my breasts as he began to talk. At first I thought it was to me, but then as he moved I saw he was speaking into a bluetooth headset in his ear. I didn't hear much of what he was saying but I caught something about having a 'perch', although the context didn't make sense to me at the time. Then he mentioned something about spotting another target as he gave whoever was on the other end the location. As I looked out at the rest of the mall, I saw Laura walking the halls and come to a stop in front of a store. Several stores away a man spotted her and smiled to himself as he made his way over. He casually stopped next to her and the two of them began to talk, and in the middle of their conversation I saw him point to a jewelry store just across from where they were standing. The two of them walked over and stopped just inside of it, where the man pointed out a crystal bauble to Laura. They stepped over to a nearby mirror and the man lowered the crystal down in front of her while Laura pulled her hair up and off of her neck. He gently clasped it around her neck, taking extra care in making sure he didn't brush her neck with his hands. Laura adjusted and admired it in the mirror and smiled back at the man, noticing that he was blatantly looking at her chest from behind. With a flirty smile, she arched her back and pushed her chest out ever so slightly as her hands fixed her hair...and before she could make another move, the man reached up and touched her shoulders. As soon as he did, her expression, along with the rest of her body, froze as her hair fell from her hands, flowing along her shoulders and down her back. The man reached around her frozen form to caress her chest and kiss her neck. As he did he opened her shirt and pulled her bra down to expose her breasts. Giving them one last squeeze, he smiled and walked away. 

Meanwhile, the man standing next to me with the earpiece looked like he'd found another victim...and as I watched, another man down on the lower level walked over to Nikki and Kimmy. He'd started to talk with the two of them, occasionally gesturing toward some of the clothes they'd been looking at, and then took out his cell phone and motioned to the two of them, looking like he was asking to take their picture. They looked at each other in confusion for a moment (because who wouldn't be?), but Nikki put her arm around Kimmy anyway and the man took a few steps toward them. He reached out like he was trying to get them in the frame, but as he did he touched Nikki on the shoulder - which would have seemed innocent if I hadn't had an idea of what that meant. As he did, Nikki froze momentarily - her arm still around Kimmy's shoulders, but no sooner had she frozen, she unfroze just as quickly and instead Kimmy seemed to be frozen instead. The two of them kept switching back and forth between one another, one freezing and then unfreezing in seconds as the other froze instead. Kimmy was finally the first to move away, leaving Nikki fully frozen as she did. Confused, she waved her hand in front of Nikki and looked at the man questioningly. He smiled at her and started to talk to her, and in the middle of doing so reached out and simply touched her shoulder. Just barely, as he'd done with Nikki...and since it was so unexpected, she was frozen instantly. 

As he posed the two of them again, I heard the man next to me speaking into his earpiece again, this time about something happening on the second floor. Not far from where we were standing I saw Abigail holding up a pocket watch in front of Jessy. I don't know how long they'd been there, but Jessy was already looking limp and relaxed, her face slack as Abigail let the watch sway gently in front of her eyes. Abigail was too focused on the scene in front of her to notice the man quietly moving up behind her. Jessy, of course, was too far gone to notice as well, and as Abigail held the watch steadily he reached out and tapped the base of her neck with a finger. He did it so quickly that it was hard to tell if she was even frozen at first, but as he stepped back it was easier to see that not only had the watch begun to slow its arc, but she was staring ahead, unblinking and unmoving, just as helpless as Jessy. The man stepped around her and waved his hand in front of Jessy's face. When she didn’t respond, he leaned in and gently pressed his lips to hers. There wasn't much clear change when she was frozen either, given that she was already hypnotized. But as the man stepped away from her she remained just as still and unmoving as Abigail. Between them, the pocket watch was gently swaying and spinning, even though the two frozen statues between it were far too helpless to notice. 

Next to me, the man with the earpiece was commenting on another girl he'd spotted. He had his sights on the lower level again, where he'd spotted Klaire coming out of a store with bags of chocolate. Another man wearing an earpiece started towards her, not making an attempt to get her attention, just acting as though he was another shopper. But just as he was about to pass her, he stepped to his side, planting himself in front of her and grabbing both of her breasts and caressing them. The instant he grabbed her she froze with a look of shock on her face, her mouth wide open as she stared ahead at the man. As he felt her up for another moment, another man nearby walked past them, headed toward Victoria's Secret where Eve happened to just be leaving. As the man got closer to her he slid on a pair of gloves, and just as she was about to pass him he quickly slid his arms around her waist. The gloves on his hands kept her from freezing until he leaned in and kissed her deeply, and as soon as his lips touched hers she went completely still, her eyes wide with confusion. He deepened the kiss as he continued to hold her upright, sliding his tongue into her mouth while his hands opened her shirt to reveal her bright green bra. 

While the man next to me surveyed the scene and the rest of the mall for more targets, a hand touched my shoulder and I was able to move again. I looked around, confused about why there was a man next to me, not remembering any of what I’d just witnessed downstairs. As I turned around, though, I saw Jill behind me with her arm outstretched. Her body was completely still, having been frozen solid when she touched me, which explained her outstretched arm. I waved my hand in front of her face in confusion, and as I examined her, the man next to me continued to talk into his earpiece, unaware that I was now awake. I listened in as he talked about a girl standing near an ice cream stand, and as I looked down I saw Cheyenne step out from behind the stand he was talking about. Meanwhile, another man was walking toward her as she stopped near a bench and bent down to tie her shoe. The man walked by her as she did, reaching out and caressing her butt quickly, but just enough to leave her frozen with her hands hanging just above her shoes, completely unaware of what had just happened to her. 

As I looked back at Jill I saw some of the others that had been frozen while I was incapacitated, myself. While I tried to figure out what exactly was happening, the man next to us was directing another member of their group. I turned around to find Carly walking on the lower level, she seemed to be headed towards something and as I got a closer look I saw that she'd seen Laura, who was still frozen and exposed. She seemed surprised at the pose Laura was in, and the fact that her breasts were exposed, and leaned in to touch her shoulder - trying to get her attention - only to freeze herself in the process. With Carly frozen, Laura was able to move again and looked around in confusion, at seeing a frozen Carly next to her and even more so as to why her breasts were exposed. As she fixed her shirt and bra she looked Carly over, trying to figure out why she hadn't moved or acknowledged her in any way. She hesitated for a moment, then tapped Carly’s shoulder to get her attention...only to be frozen again and unfreeze Carly in the process. The two of them were stuck in that loop for several minutes, continuously freezing and unfreezing one another without even being aware of it. The man who froze Laura earlier stepped up to the two of them, seeming to come from nowhere, and interrupted the two of them to once again freeze Laura, leaving Carly free again. He started talking to Carly, who still looked confused by the whole thing, and ended up touching Laura again only to freeze herself. As Laura unfroze she looked at the man, seeming to recognize that point I could start to see the wheels turning in her head as she realized what was happening. She confronted him about it and he began to explain to her with a smile, but before she could react to what he was saying he reached out and grabbed her breasts. Her face froze in shock as he pulled her top back down, followed by her bra as he exposed her breasts once again. 

The man next to Laura walked away after he finished posing her again, as the man next to me said something about four more targets being straight ahead. Down one of the halls were Trisha, Sara, Jackie, and Serena...another man took the message from the man next to me and began to jog quickly down the hall toward them. Once he got close enough to them he raised his hands and shouted at the girls to high five him, giving them all a charming smile as he did. The four of them looked at each other and laughed, but raised their hands and, one by one, began to give the man a high five. Serena was first, followed by Jackie, then Sara, and finally Trisha, who thought she was being clever and shouted “Too slow!” at the man before she pulled it away. Unfortunately for her he wasn’t even remotely phased by that and instead reached down and grabbed her butt in one swift motion, surprising her even more. With the four of them frozen solid, he smiled to himself and moved to each of them, feeling them up and posing them as he admired his work. Next to me, the man with the earpiece took a final look over the mall and remarked that it seemed like everyone had their prizes now...and that he had his as well. With that he casually touched my hand, not even realizing I'd been unfrozen as my body went completely still again. He looked over to me with a grin and began to move towards me, leaning in to kiss my neck and caress one of my breasts as he did so.

And that's pretty much what I can remember from it! I'm assuming they had fun with their 'prizes' after that but I don't remember the details, if there were any. :oP In any case, hopefully you enjoyed it, and at least I didn't make you wait any longer for it. Now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Laura, Abigail, Jessy, Klaire, Eve, Cheyenne, Carly, Trisha, Jackie and Sleepygirl

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