Abigal stands about five feet six inches tall and has very light brown, almost blondish hair that she keeps about shoulder length. She tends to wear her hair in pony tails and buns a lot and loves to wear summer dresses and skirts.

When we first see her it is as a young student of 19 trying to learn to be a hypnotist. Her encounter with the stage hypnotist Nadia, and her subsequent run in with a succubus and an incubus did not persuade her from pursuing her desire to become a hypnotist.  Then years later as she nears the age of 30 she is an amateur hypnotist and a professional hypnotherapist in New Chicago.

Although a skilled hypnotists with a slightly devious streak she is also super suggestible and extremely easy to hypnotize. She has even managed to accidentally hypnotize herself from time to time, although her subconscious blocks that memory to help save her own ego.

She does one secret, that she herself does not even know, a dark mysterious secret... can you tell what it is?


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