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Hypnocock - Part 3

Hypnocock - Part 3

Key: MD, MC, MF, Hu

Description:  Yeah…it’s pretty much exactly what you're thinking. Enjoy!

Cover Image made by HeroineArtAi

Training to be a spy sucks! In the movies you get a nice montage of a person wearing all black, running through an obstacle course or zip lining between buildings while a catchy theme song plays. You know what I’m talking about, “dun dun dun dundun dun dun dun dundun dunnundunna, dunna daaaa!” And they look great, right? Well, maybe other spies get better training, but mine sucked. Allow me to explain. 

First I found out that although I would be trained in an NSA facility that was under the city near my college, I was actually going to be an independent contractor. After a very long legal brief I learned that basically meant if I died, they wouldn’t have to bury me. Awesome.

Second, I was escorted into a large very white room. And when I say white, I mean everything was white. The walls, the floors, the ceiling and furniture, which was really just a coat rack. All white. The only thing that wasn’t white was the mirror, which I now knew was two-way, but was still reflecting the white from the rest of the room. “Hello?” I asked as I walked in, having no idea if anyone was really there. 

“Good Morning, Mr. Sterling.” Came a voice that was clearly being modified by a computer. I’m sure it was supposed to be intimidating, but it really just sounded like a Decepticon.  

“Umm, I’m sorry I think you have the wrong person. My name is Jeremy Prichard, I was told to show up here for training?” 

“Mr Sterling, you are here to train as a spy. Do you really want to put your friends, family, and private life at risk by using your civilian name on the job?” I had to admit the creepy voice had a point. 

“I didn’t think of that.” Honestly I hadn’t. Wait, does that mean James Bond is really just a cover name? 

“Your cover name is Maximillian Sterling.” The voice said, almost proud of itself. 

“That…sounds like James Bond’s porn name.” I mean, they say honesty is the best policy. I figured I might as well be honest. 

“Listen here you little shit!” The voice said angrily, mixed with some commotion coming from the background before the microphone abruptly shut off. When it came back on I could tell it was another person. The creepy voice was still there, but it was somehow softer and almost shy. “Mr Sterling,” the new voice started, “we understand you may be prone to thinking of this as a joke, but we assure you it’s not. We have done detailed research to come up with the best names so that they will have the most psychological impact and allow you to complete your job effectively - I worked hard on that name you fucking asshoo…” The microphone cut out again as the first person in charge of the microphone clearly tried to get the last word in. 

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Alright, you can call me Sterling. Maximilian Sterling, at your service.” I said, trying my best to smooth things over. 

“Thank you, Mr. Sterling.” The second voice came from the microphone. “To begin your testing we need to find out just how your hypnotic abilities work. Please remove your clothes.” 

“I’m sorry what?” I really didn’t want to get naked…like this. 

“It is the only way we can properly measure your abilities.” The voice said, seemingly holding back a snicker. 

“Fine. But there better not be any of those damn NSA geeks in there watching this!” I already potentially had two of them on my conscience. I didn't want anyone else. 

To my surprise there was a long pause before the microphone clicked back on. “But we were gonna record…” and then I heard a door slam. Have you ever heard a door slam through a voice modulator? It’s actually really funny. It sounded like a Decepticon farting in an air vent.  “I assure you, Mr Sterling, there are no NSA Geeks in the office, only very professional members of the science team.” 

With a sigh, I stripped naked. I was assuming they would give me some kind of lab coat or something to cover up with, but nope, nothing. Just me in an all but empty white room with a giant two way mirror on the wall, completely buck ass naked! If this were a spy movie this is where the training montage would cut in with some upbeat music or a sexy theme with images of the aforementioned zip lines and explosions. Instead, my montage involved me being led down a hallway with glass cells on both sides and people inside of them, while everyone “studied” how the image of my manhood affected each of them. We did this…for three…damn…weeks! And then we moved on to the next round where I would have to touch someone with my manly bits to see how they react. Does that sound sexy? Yeah you try it for three weeks with various captured enemy spies, it was loads of fun! I was nearly killed four times! And that was by security, who thought I was an escaped mental patient when they saw me running around the base naked!

On the last day I walked in and stripped without even waiting to be prompted. Truth be told I didn’t even really look around the room. It was 5am and I was barely awake. So when I turned around to see that there were people in the room I was…surprised. In the room with me was the well groomed man I had met before, along with three scientists, two male and one female. “Good morning, Mr Sterling.” The man said in the same humorless, bored voice. 

“Son of a bitch!” seemed like the best reply at the time, but in retrospect probably not. “Why are you in the room? And why didn’t you warn me before I stripped naked!” 

“You did it so quickly!” The woman said, blushing. “It was really quite impressive!” 

Realizing that this poor woman was probably about to end up as blank as my resume, I quickly covered my groin and turned away. “I’m so sorry miss…” 

“Tease!” She said with a giggle.

“I’m not a tease! I just don’t want you to end up hypnotized!” I was trying to be nice! 

“No silly!” she said with a warm smile. “That’s my name. Doctor Kit Tease, I’m the head researcher for this department which clearly does not exist and will never be on any paperwork ever.” All four of them looked at one another and nodded in agreement. 

“Your name is literally Tease? Who the hell keeps coming up with these names?!”

“That’s it you asshole I’ve had enough!” One of the male scientists said, throwing his lab coat down and moving toward me. Fortunately for me the other male lab tech grabbed him and pulled him out of the room while he screamed at me the whole time. Now it was just me, Dr. Tease, and the unnamed man that was clearly in charge.

“I keep saying that in front of that guy, will you tell him I’m sorry?” I asked genuinely. 

The man at the table cleared his throat. “Mr Sterling, we have business to attend to. Can you please focus!” 

“Sorry sir.” I said, feeling embarrassed. 

“Please take a seat, Mr. Sterling.” The man motioned to a seat in front of me that was just sitting in the middle of the room. 

“Can I get dressed first?” I had to ask. 

“No.” The man replied, showing for the first time just the tiniest hint of amusement at my situation.

“But if I don’t, Dr. Tease will end up hypnotized?” Seriously, don't these people read their own reports. 

"I appreciate the concern.” Dr. Tease said, smiling as she tapped her glasses. Until now I hadn’t noticed they were like sunglasses, dark and reflective. “These are special glasses that negate the effects of visual exposure to your hypnotic genitalia.”

“Oh… thats… thats. Good, I guess.” Three weeks and they had already found a way to block my abilities. Great. 

“Mr. Sterling, we have a bit of a situation that we believe you may be able to help us with.” The man leaned back and nodded at the mirror on the wall as the lights dimmed. A projector appeared on the far wall with an image of an absolutely beautiful woman, about mid thirties and very professional looking. Really hot in all the right ways. 

“Damn…she fine!” I really need to work on my inner monologue.

“This, Mr. Sterling, is Miss Ivana Seduceya, She is the CFO of the Dastardly Devices Ltd. corporation located in the city. She is also an enemy spy.” The man said in a flat tone. 

“I could tell she was a spy by the name. Are we sure the guy that got dragged out earlier isn’t a double agent? Also, that’s probably not good. D.D. Limited is a weapons manufacturer, isn’t it?” Hey I actually pay attention to some things. 

“Yes.” Dr. Tease chimed in. “They also make plus size bras for well endowed women.” She finished, blushing. 

“We believe that Miss Seduceya is going to steal the plans for D.D.’s newest weapon, the Disco Ball Bomb.” The man said with a straight face. 

“The what now?” I said, not as seriously

“The Disco Ball Bomb is a weapon of mass destruction.” Dr. Tease added, changing the slide on the wall to what looked like an intercontinental ballistics missile…with a disco ball where the warhead should be. “Fired from anywhere in the world, the Disco Ball Bomb will travel at three times the speed of sound to the target. Upon detonation the bomb unleashes a dazzling pattern of lights that renders anyone who sees it completely mindless and open to suggestion.” 

“From there,” he continued, “they need only broadcast a suggestion and we instantly have a city wide riot on our hands.” 

“So…what do you want me to do?” Given that my training had nothing to do with espionage or disarming a bomb or anything even remotely helpful. 

“We want you to break into D.D.L. and flip Miss Seduceya.” The man said, trying his best to sound confident. 

“Flip her?” I couldn’t figure out how flipping her would help. 

“Yes Mr. Sterling. With your hypnotic powers you should be able to…persuade her to join our side. Or at the very least to turn herself in.” 

“Oh, that kind of flip. I was thinking something more along the lines of…you know what, nevermind. This sounds serious, and…well, stealing a WMD is probably bad. I’ll do it!”

“Excellent. The plan is simple.” The man then turned to the screen as it displayed a very detailed plan that was anything but simple. It involved skydiving onto the tower, repelling down to the first floor for reasons, sneaking into the sewers, using scuba gear to get to the waste recycling area, climbing in, rolling spy style…which is ironic now that i think about it, under an incinerator, reaching the air vents and climbing 85 floors to the CFO’s office. Then I would use my abilities on her and move to the roof where I would view the access gangways in the elevator shafts, deploy a balloon strapped to my back while she is strapped to my chest and we’re picked up by a passing airplane. We flutter in the breeze for roughly five minutes till they cut the cord and we fall into the lake, change to scuba gear again and swim underwater until we reach the safe house, roughly 200 miles north of the city. 

“You are all fucking mental.” Was the only answer I had.  

“You have a better idea, Mr Sterling?” The man seemed almost amused. 

“Yes, actually, I do. How about I simply call the company and make an appointment, walk in through the damn front door, take the elevator up to her office, do my thing, and then walk out the fucking front door with her, telling the staff that we are going to continue out talk over lunch.” I came up with this entire plan off the top of my head. Seriously. 

The man simply stared at me for several minutes. No change in expression at all. “Very well, you may proceed with your plan.” The man flipped his folder closed, stood up, and walked out. Just like that. Leaving me buck ass nude in a room with a scientist whose cover name was “Tease.”

“So…now what?” I said, looking around expectantly. 

“Now, Mr Sterling,” Dr. Tease said, looking excited, or aroused, or both. “Now we have to outfit you with your gear.”

Normally, in the movies,the spy would come out wearing a tuxedo, full of gadgets and armor. And when you put those tuxedos on someone like Henry Cavill, Pierce Brosnan, or Sean Connery, they make them look damn good! Well, I’m a 150 pound nerd. I look insanely stupid in a tux. But that didn’t stop them. 

As the doors opened from the changing room, a fog seemed to flow out and around them. I was told later it was for dramatic effect. It loses a little of its effect when scrawny, nerdy me stepped out wearing  said tuxedo. “I look stupid.”  

“You look amazing!” Dr. Tease said, a clearly smitten look on her face. I don’t get it but I'm not complaining, she’s cute. I did, however, notice that she wasn’t wearing the glasses anymore. 

“Thanks, I’ll take your word for it.” I said, trying not to look too uncomfortable. 

“I’m kind of jealous.” she said, almost embarrassed as she slowly moved closer to me. 

“Of…me?” I asked, adjusting the tie and moving it slightly to the left. 

“What?” She asked in confusion. “No, not of you. You’re probably going to die. I’m jealous…of her. Ivana Seducya. All the glamor, the power, the seductive charm…and now…now she’s going to be on the receiving end of your hypnotic powers.” 

“I’m sorry could we back up to the “probably going to die” part?” I feel like that part was never properly addressed, even now. 

“To feel that, pull…to just have your mind be completely empty, completely focused on one thing. One desire. Nothing else would matter.” I couldn’t help but notice that she was moving closer to me as she was saying this, and looking at me not so much as a person, but as an experiment?

“So about that die thing?” I had to ask.

“The freedom…the release, the simple…” she let out a gasp as she touched my groin, and her eyes shifted. Although she was clearly very open and flirty, she was almost more trying to seduce an experiment. “Oh yes…I feel it. The thrill, the attraction. I want to be near you, I…I need to be near you!” She leaned against me and pushed me back against the wall behind us.

“Umm, Dr. Tease? Are you ok?” I was hopelessly confused at that point. 

“Kit, call me Kit.” She said with a smile and then shook her head. “No, don’t speak. Just…just be.” At that point she kissed me, and I felt her start to open my pants. Honestly I’ve never been so happy to get out of pants since I hate dress slacks. But then I heard my pants hit the floor and she stopped the kiss and stared right down at, well, me.

“I see…” she said, trailing off as her face went slack. “Empty…open…a void. I’d do anything. I’d do…everything. Need to know…need to feel…need…need!”        

I heard what I thought was her skirt hit the floor and looked down because I wasn’t expecting it to actually make a sound. The next thing I know she’s grabbing my knee and yanking me off my feet! I hit the floor with a thud and watched her turn around and lower herself right on top of me. 

I felt her body jerk as she did and heard a different kind of moan as she started rocking onto me. It was…I mean honestly it was really nice, but I also had quite the bump on my head so I just let her enjoy herself.  Have you ever heard a scientist orgasm? It’'s like they are so repressed that they don’t actually make a noise, they just kind of…squeak? It’s kinda cute. And I can’t deny that it was quite the experience watching her rock up and down onto me while she let out that little squeak. 

Not long after that I emerged from the lab. Dr…um…Kit was asleep on the floor. She more or less just passed out when I…err…she was done. I didn’t really do much there. So I redressed and walked out of the lab and started to walk down the hallway when I heard a familiar voice behind me say “Hypnocock.” 

“The fuck?” I turned around to see Ima leaning against the wall with her arms folded, smiling and wearing a pair of the same sunglasses I’d seen Kit in earlier. 

“Your code name. Hypnocock. You like it?” She asked with a knowing smile. 

“No! I hate it! Why does every code name around here sound like a porn version of James Bond? What, was Goldmember taken or something?” I asked, annoyed. 

“Actually, yes, yes it is.” She said, pushing herself off the wall and moving towards me slowly. “I hear you have a mission. I just wanted to wish you luck, and remind you that the fate of the world is in your pants…I mean your hand. Good luck.” she said with a slightly embarrassed smile. 

I chuckled at just how ridiculous the whole situation was.  “Thanks, I’ll try to keep my fly up. I mean my head up, shit that sounded worse than the first one.”

Ima stopped and spun around with a smile, then leaned in and kissed me! To be honest this was the first kiss I'd gotten from a girl that wasn’t somehow enamored with my manhood. Wait, that came out wrong too. Anyway, it  was kind of nice.

She pulled back and whispered into my ear. “Keep your head up, Agent Hypnocock, and maybe I’ll have a use for it during your…debriefing” She winked and walked away. 

And there I stood, alone in a dark hallway, the fate of the free world on my shoulders… and an embarrassing boner visible through my pants. 

To be continued… 

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