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Hypnocock - Part 5

Hypnocock - Part 5

Key: MD, MC, MF, Hu

Description:  Yeah…it’s pretty much exactly what you're thinking. Enjoy!

Cover Image made by HeroineArtAi

There was a strange mixture of relief and enjoyment that came from watching a highly trained espionage agent, and someone who was not only capable of killing me but probably would have enjoyed it, suddenly become blank and compliant. Granted, the fact that my member was sitting on the cold hard edge of a tactical knife was way less enjoyable…but you should always take the good with the bad.

“Put the knife down Ivana.” I said, more nervously than I really want to admit. “Put it down and just stare, please?” 

Ivana slowly lowered the knife, but as she did the hypnotic focal point disappeared from her view. She shook her head and looked at me, confused. “What…what was I doing?” she asked as she tried to remember. Since what she was doing before involved stabbing me, I wasn’t going to readily tell her that. Instead I pushed the knife out of the way and leaned in so that my manly hypnotic bits touched her leg. 

In an instant her body seemed to relax as she leaned into me, and…actually smiled. I didn’t think someone like her could actually smile, it felt a little odd to be honest. “Mmm, you had an appointment, I believe, Mr Sterling.” She was very good at using her seductive charms, I have to give her that much. 

“I did, yeah…I mean…umm…Yes, yes I did Miss Seduceya. I was hoping to discuss a little business deal with you.” Smooth as sandpaper!

The look she gave me was quite unusual. She had clearly heard what I said and registered it on some level, but she didn’t care. She was here for one thing and one thing only at this point. And that was me, unfortunately. “Why don’t we discuss it someplace a bit more comfortably.” 

“I really don’t think that’s - aaahhhh!!” Before I could finish what I was trying to say she grabbed my bow tie and used it like a leash to drag me over to the couch in her office. “Miss, I really don’t think this is…OOFFFFFF!” Yeah that would be me being shoved onto the couch. “Really, this isn’t…YO!?” And that was her, I kid you not, jumping onto me and straddling my chest. The look on her face was similar to the one a lion gives a zebra. The kind that says “I’m going to eat you, but don’t worry I’m going to enjoy every second of it.” Sadly in this case, I was the zebra. 

“This should be much more comfortable, don’t you think Mr. Sterling?” It sounded like a question, but I knew better. As I was about to answer she bit my ear, and not in a playful way. Remember the lion example above? Yeah, I thought I was going to need surgery after this. 

Of course I handled it with grace and screamed like any good zebra would while they were clearly in the teeth of a predator. “I really need to…ask you a question, miss… “

“Mistress.” she said, staring down at me and squeezing her thighs together. I’m pretty sure I felt something pop in my rib cage. I’m pretty sure at least one rib attained two-ness. 

Gasping for air, I managed to whisper “What?!” because honestly I didn’t understand the comment. 

“Call me… Mistress Ivana.” I couldn’t help but wonder if this was another one of those weird internet quirks. 

“Mistress, ok, can we…uuuhhhh…” She squeezed harder and I felt something in my chest move in a way that I knew it wasn’t supposed to.

“Mistress Ivana!” she shouted in an accent that I’m sure someone out there would think was sexy. At the moment? Not so much. 

“Mistress Ivana! “ I said between gasps of air. 

“That’s better, my pet.” She finally released her legs a bit but then leaned down and whispered into my ear. “I want you to know… Mr. Sterling. I know you did something to me, I don't know what and I don’t know how…but I can feel it, in my head, in my body. I am going to enjoy you Mr. Sterling. Intimately, deeply, completely. And then I am going to kill you, Mr. Sterling. And if you are a very good boy for your Mistress…I will do so quickly.  Do we understand one another, Mr. Sterling?”

What exactly do you say to something like that? If you say yes then you’re kind of admitting that you’re going to die. If you say no…well, I’m pretty sure she’d just torture the shit out of me before I die. What do you say to something like that? Well, I can tell you that saying “ummm, can we talk about this?” was the wrong answer. 

She bit down on my shoulder…so…fucking…hard! I saw my life flash before my eyes. It was short and in black and white. But holy hell in a handbasket did that hurt! 

“Wrong answer, Mr. Sterling.” she whispered as she leaned back and raised her hands up, aiming her nails at me. I wasn’t sure exactly what she was doing, she looked like something from a 1950’s vampire film. And then I found out. Did you know that human fingernails are not sharp enough to puncture human skin, just dig into it really deeply. And that from that position if you, for example, pull with all of your weight, that you can make a secret agent on his first mission scream like a girl? 

The more you know. 

I’m pretty sure I blacked out for a second or two as the next thing I remember I was being slapped in the face by Ivana as she yelled “You will stay awake! And Erect!” Sure, that sounded easy in this situation. Fortunately for me my luck was about to change. 

Apparently she really wanted me to be stimulated for what she wanted. So she reached her hand back and started to, umm…massage my manhood. But as soon as she touched it, i’s hypnotic abilities started to affect her again. Don’t get me wrong she was still a crazy wack job. But she was at least more focused. Somewhat. 

I say somewhat because despite her face being slack and her eyes starting to dilate, between stroking and licking me she would say little things like “I’m going to kill you, Mr. Sterling” or “I’m going to stuff your cock and mount it on my wall as a trophy.” You know, normal foreplay. 

At this point I managed to try and slip a suggestion or two into the conversation. “You really don’t want to kill me, Ivana.” That was a mistake as she then bit me someplace REALLY tender and yelled at me for not calling her Mistress. Have you ever been yelled at by a psychopath who is in a relaxed hypnotic state? It was kind of like being yelled at by a baby tiger. It’s cute and adorable, yet you know if you're not careful it can still absolutely rip your head off. . 

“Mistress! Mistress! Ivana!” I shouted repeatedly to get her to stop. Only to be greeted, again, by one of those creepy sadistic laughs while she was still tranced. “Mistress Ivana, you really don’t want to kill me!” A line I didn’t plan on having to say in my life, ever. 

“I really don’t want to kill you, Mr Sterling…” she said, still slowly licking my shaft. 

“Oh thank god.” I whispered, stupidly thinking my day was finally turning around. 

“I have to kill you…it’s in the rules.” Missed it by that much. At this point I realized that I needed to pull out the big…errr…gun…so to speak. I had one last really effective trick that I swore I’d never use on a person unless I had too. I needed to be inside of her. Not that way…I mean yes that way but not…whatever, get your head out of the gutter. 

“Mistress Ivana.” I said as calmly as I could. “You want me inside of you, Mistress Ivana. Deep inside of you, someplace special, somewhere…very private.” This was either going to work or I was going to end up literally being digested. 

To my great relief she replied, clearly still hypnotized. “Yes Mr. Sterling…someplace very private…someplace special.” She leaned up on me and pulled her pencil skirt up, because of course she was the kind of woman to go commando in a skirt. “Somewhere deep…and then I kill you…Mr. Sterlliii…” 

To my great relief it worked. The moment she slid down on top of me, her mind went completely blank. It was something I’d realized way back with Ruby. My, umm, manhood had the ability to affect a person that touched it…but if it was inside of that person in a very intimate way, there were no barriers. It went right into her mind and shut her down. Her body was still working as she bounced up and down on top of me. But she just stared off into space. No more thinking, no more resisting. I was finally free to program her, to do my mission. 

“You don’t want to kill me, Ivana.” I said, trying not to sound nervous. 

“I don’t want to kill you, Mr. Sterling.” She was even more relaxed and monotone, yet still had that strange Eastern Bloc accent. 

“You don’t need to kill me, Ivana.” This was kind of the moment of truth. 

“I…I…I don’t….” Seriously, my heart was beating fast then she was bouncing up and down on me at that point. “I…don’t need to kill you Mr. Sterling.” And now I finally relaxed. 

“You need to obey me, Ivana''  This felt weird to say to someone that just threatened to kill me and was clearly the one on top. So to speak. 

“Yes…yes Master Sterling, I need to obey you.” A little over the top but I wasn’t going to argue too much. 

“You will remain deeply hypnotized…letting the pleasure take you…and blank you. And then you will be compliant, you will be…obedient…won’t you, Ivana?” I had picked up a few things in my porn searches. I never thought they would help save my life. 

“Yes… Master Sterling. Obedient…compliant…blaaaaa…blank!” I could feel her body tense and shiver. She was orgasming…and then, I realized, so was I. I had been so preoccupied that I somehow forgot what she was doing. It was…well, to say the least, the sweetest orgasm I’ve ever had. It not only meant that my mission was a success, but that I got to live! And in retrospect…and I will deny saying this…Ivana Seduceya was easily a 9 to 9.5. She lost points for being nuts, but damn…she really had it goin’ on!

With a woman as overpowered and overbearing as Ivana I kind of expected her to start screaming obscenities or something along those lines, but instead she just let out a tiny little gasp and then fainted onto my chest. And I don’t mean she fell over or she relaxed…she…passed…out…cold! To be honest it was kind of nice to just lay there with her on my chest breathing softly. Maybe there was something to these powers that I could learn to …wait, what the hell am I saying, I nearly died here!? 

After a few minutes I got her to stir, to a point. She was completely gone mentally. Like, that woman’s brain was off. Which made guiding her so much easier. A few quick suggestions and she was cleaned up and proper. I tried to get her to smile but with her face being slack it just looked wrong. My hope was that no one would notice. 

And for a change I was right. We made our way to the elevator and the lobby without issue. I even told the receptionist, who was still in a trance, to follow and she did. As we walked into the street a completely incognito black tinted SUV with government plates pulled up and the three of us got in and drove off like it was a scene out of a video game. I kind of expected the words “Mission Complete” to appear somewhere. 

Long story short, Ivana and the Receptionist helped the NSA to not only secure the Disco Ball Bomb, but also to feed fake information to their contacts which led to them being arrested as well. The free world was safe. Ivana was reprogrammed to be a good little corporate CFO, and everyone was better for it. 

Ima and Kit went back to their normal duties, although I still keep in touch with both. Kit keeps asking me for “dick pics” for some reason. 

As for me…well, I decided I was going to take a little bit of a vacation. I hadn’t been camping in a long time so I hopped a train and headed for the great northern wilderness of Wisconsin. I know it’s not what most people think of as a nice destination, but seriously the people are really nice and it’s so open and relaxing. 

That is of course until I got a text just before the train pulled into the station.  

“Agent Hypnocock.” the message began, “Your mission, should you choose to accept it.” Ummm no way in hell? “And you will or else we will hunt you down and erase your memory,” Fuck. “is to infiltrate the headquarters of Card Industries and discover what hypnotic technology they are implementing into the establishment known as the Spirals Nightclub, as well as its connection to the faculty of New Chicago University.” Well this sounds like hell. “Good luck, Agent Hypnocock. This message will self-destruct in five seconds.” So there you have it. No vacation, no relaxation, and another assignment. I was depressed and frustrated, and thought to myself, could this get any worse?

And then my cell phone self-destructed.

The End. For now. 

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