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Hypnocock - Part 4

 Description:  Yeah…it’s pretty much exactly what you're thinking. Enjoy!

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In this job timing, preparation, and planning determine the difference between success and failure, between life and death. Or so the spy movies have taught me. I, on the other hand, had a different idea. On the way to D.D. Limited I got lost, stopped for a snack, read a comic book that caught my eye, and then finally took an Uber to get to the building because I really do hate driving in the city. 

The building didn’t really stand out from any other corporate city building. It was tall and square, and the inside was mostly just empty space with all the offices around the outside of the building. I walked into the building as casually as possible, wearing a tuxedo that was mostly straight, and sweating bullets given that this was my first mission. Which reminds me, they sent me into the building, on my first spy mission, alone, without a weapon. Just me and my manhood to save the world. Isn’t that reassuring?

I walked up to the front desk and leaned over it to look at the receptionist. She was a very attractive woman, dressed in a business suit with long blonde hair pulled up in a nice tight bun. “Ex…excuse umm. Miss?” Yeah I’m smooth as silk. 

The woman turned around and her expression shifted as soon as she saw me. And not in a good way. It was like she went from being professional and collected to being cold and almost skeptical. “Can I help you?” she asked coldly.

I knew I had to make this work, I had to be cool. “Yes, I have an appointment, top floor, hot lady, red hair, shit, what was her name… um… “ Clearly I was nailing this. 

“Seduceya. Your appointment is with Miss Seduceya?” It was worded like a question but she made it seem more like an interrogation. 

“Yes.” I said, smiling awkwardly. “Yes, exactly, Miss Seduceya. I’m here for my appointment with her.” I tried to look cool by leaning on the counter. The only problem being I am not cool, so I nearly slid off the counter. I caught myself but just barely. Why did they wax the counter?

“And you are?” the woman asked rather unprofessionally. 

“Sterling. Mr. Maxwell Sterling…Esquire…The third.” The more things you have after your name the more important you are, right?

“Maxwell Sterling.” she said, looking at me strangely. “Of course, Mr Sterling, how silly of me. Right this way.” She walked out from behind the desk and started to move down the hallway.

I have to admit I was feeling pretty good at this point. My plan was going perfectly, I had the receptionist completely fooled, and I was on my way to complete my mission. This was going swimmingly. “Hey umm…Miss?  Why did we pass the elevators?” 

“Don’t worry Mr. Sterling, I am taking you on a private route. It is the quickest way for you to reach your final destination.” The grin on her face didn’t fill me with confidence. Something just didn’t quite feel right, ya know? 

She opened a door for me and I walked through, giving her a warm, but fake, smile. Then I noticed that this was not a secret route. This was a supply closet. Before I could ask why, I felt a rather sharp point stick me in my back. That’ll get your attention in no time. “Ummm…hi?” 

“Quiet!” That was rude, honestly. She pushed me into the room and closed the door behind her. “Who do you work for!” she demanded, threatening me with…was that a letter opener?

“I…I don’t work for anybody. I mean I do work for someone, I work for, ummm… Acme Weapons Emporium! Yeah, that’s it!”  She’ll never see through my clever ruse. 

“Bullshit!” Damn she’s good. “You're a spy. Who do you work for or I’ll cut out your eyes one by one until you talk.” That escalated quickly. 

“Technically you can only cut out two. It’s not like I have…okay okay okay!” She cut me off by sticking the knife next to my eye. ”I’m not a spy, I swear, why would anyone send me in as a spy? I mean seriously, that’s just begging for problems!”

“And now you lose an eye!” She threw back the hand holding the knife…or letter opener, whatever it was, and prepared to stab. I needed to act quickly. So I did the first thing that came to mind. I screamed like a girl. The scream was loud and ear piercing, and echoed so well in the closed acoustics of the supply room that it threw her off guard and she covered her ears in surprise. Now was my chance!

I quickly used one of the combat moves I learned in the third grade and pushed her as hard as I could backwards. Which wasn't very hard, seriously this woman was more or less my size, maybe even a little bigger. She was built! Hitting her with my shoulder hurt!

The push wasn’t exactly enough though, and she only stumbled back against one of the supply shelves then steadied herself. “That will be your last mistake!” The look in her eyes was downright terrifying. Fortunately, I mean, according to my amazing planning, when she hit the shelf she had knocked one of the toner cartridges on the top free. She didn’t notice and it just sat up there wobbling back and forth for a minute before it fell off and landed right on her head. 

The sound of a human skull being impacted with a toner cartridge is a dull thump followed by the sound of a toner cartridge shattering on the floor. In case you were wondering. At first I wasn’t sure if it had any impact since she just kept staring at me with this angry look frozen on her face. It felt like forever. Then, all at once, her arm went limp, her face went limp, she let out the most adorable little moan and her eyes rolled up into her head. And then she hit the ground. In case you're wondering, the sound of a human skull impacting a tile floor is also a dull thump. 

I didn’t think she wasn’t going to be knocked out for long so I tied her up with an extension cord and figured it was time for drastic measures. Then I unzipped my pants and waited for her to wake up. 

Damn that girl was out! After about ten minutes I decided to look around the supply closet and found a few dry erase markers. I opened one and waved it under her nose as a makeshift smelling salt kind of way, but it did the trick. And boy was she pissed off! 

“What did you…oh you are so dead!” she shouted. 

“I’m really sorry, miss, but I’m going to need you to be a bit more cooperative.” And in as flashy a way as I could manage, I dropped my pants. 

“Umm, I’m not giving you a blow job.” she said, staring at me in confusion. “Me trying to kill you was NOT foreplay.” 

“Huh?” I looked down to realize that my dress shirt was long enough to cover up my nether region, which was annoying. So I yanked up my shirt in frustration. “Just…shut up and look at this.”

To my surprise it didn’t have the effect it usually did. Don’t get me wrong she was transfixed, but she was also…resisting? Her face was clearly distorting to try and keep from relaxing, it was like she had training in how to resist hypnosis. “Are…are you ok?” I figured asking wasn’t a bad idea at this point. 

“Must…not…submit.” she said between gritted teeth, which was kinda sexy. 

“Submit to what?” Was I being clever here, or oblivious. The world may never know. 

“Trance…must…not…submit. I can resist…can resist…resist…” Her face would scrunch up one minute then relax the next. It was a genuine struggle. 

“How did you know this was going to entrance you?” I said, completely forgetting I was standing with my pants around my ankles in a supply room. 

“Been…hypnotized…before…can resist…must resist…” Her body was tensing and relaxing, which made me concerned that those expert level knots I tied in the extension cord might not hold as well as I'd like. 

“Who hypnotized you before? Why did they do it?” I figured the more information I had the better I could get around this. Seems logical right?

“Carl…hypnotized me…to make me submit.” I swear she let out a soft moan after that. 

“Carl? Who is Carl and why did he want to make you submit?” Was this her boss? Was she programmed to obey as well? Was this part of some corporate scheme?

“Ex-boyfriend…did it for me…kink of mine…love to resist… ove to struggle…only to… fail!” That was definitely a moan! 

“Being hypnotized is a kink of yours?” I would like to know more!

“Yes…turns me on…the feeling, the sensation, the tingling in my…my….can’t resist… the tingle in my brain.” Her nipples were starting to poke through the fabric of her shirt. 

“You're turned on by hypnosis? Girl you got some weird kinks.” Seriously, who would get aroused by being hypnotized or hypnotizing someone else? It’s just strange. 

“Yes, resist, or sink, the longer I resist,  the deeper I sink. Sink to the kink, sink to the kink…” She was licking her lips and staring at my manhood! I felt more like a piece of meat than an interrogator. So degrading. 

Of course at this point I had a plan. I did need her to be hypnotized after all, so I started to slowly just sway my hips from side to side, letting my umm…member swing back and forth in front of her. I figured you always see hypnotists using pocket watches, I'll just use a pocket cock. Wait, it’s not that small. I’m average, remember? Average!

To my surprise she instantly started to follow it as it swung back and forth in front. Her resistance seemed to just drift away the more that she watched. First her face went slack and then her mouth opened, but it wasn’t the usual slack jaw relaxed opening, she was…she was leaning towards me with her mouth open? 

“Need…cock…need cum…only then…I can sink…I can sleep.” I’m not kidding you, that's what she said!

“But you said you weren’t going to give me a blow job?” I swear I meant that in the purely innocent informational way and not the gloating over my power kind of way. I would never do that. 

“Lied…you’re…cute…in a nerdy dork kind of way. You're a spy…that is also…sexy…need to sink…let me sink… “ She was leaning closer and closer to me. 

“Wait, how did you know I was a spy?” This was clearly the most important thing at the moment. 

She honestly let out a moan before she answered. “Tuxedo for a business meeting. Maximilian Sterling…sounds like a James Bond porn name…” she finished and let out another moan!

“I told them that but they…hey!” Ok, so let me describe what happened here. See, I tied her up but I didn’t tie her down. So as I was sitting there and agreeing with her comment, she lunged at me. And, more or less, impaled herself on my manhood, and started going to town. Admittedly, it was more than a little awkward! 

Don’t get me wrong, she knew what she was doing. And her tongue…wow! She could really get that around me, and could almost massage it while she was sucking on it. It was quite the experience, but in a guilty pleasure kind of way. I mean she wasn’t in her right mind, and given how strong the effects of this are, she won’t remember any of this. And then it dawned on me, I had no idea what me climaxing in her mouth would do to her. To be fair, I had no idea what it would do to any girl. But this one seemed almost programmed for this. 

Before I could really worry about it too much I kinda…lost control and climaxed. Don’t judge me. She was really good at what she was doing. Really good. And then as quickly as she had started she leaned back and let my weapon of choice slide out of her mouth while she just stared at it. Kneeling on the ground. It was really a sight to see. 

“Are you ok?” I asked, confused. 

“Tell me there is cum in my brain….” That was a new one. 

“What?” I asked, still confused. 

“Tell me!” she almost demanded despite being clearly transfixed. 

“There is cum in your brain…” Always give an angry woman what she wants. 

“More… tell me everything…” 

I sighed and spoke as calmly as I could manage. “There is cum in your brain, sticky and thick, coating your mind, coating your brain, coating your thoughts. Every drop is sticky and thick, making you unable to resist, making you unable to think, you can’t help but just obey now. This is what you wanted, to resist, but to lose, and to feel the cum in your brain and just become deep and obedient now.”  I did a lot of research on this and saw a lot of porn, so this wasn’t that hard to do. 

“Yes master, I am yours.” Somehow I had a second erection in under two minutes. 

“Listen closely, I have orders for you to follow….” 

A few minutes later we emerged from the supply closet. The receptionist was still in a deep hypnotic state and I wasn’t sure she would wake up any time soon to be honest. And I kind of got the impression that was exactly what she wanted. She eagerly led me to the elevator and turned the key, pushing the button for the top floor. She stared ahead and said in a rather strange tone, almost like another moan even though she was very clearly still hypnotized.. “I have obeyed, there is cum in my brain…” and then the elevator doors closed. As the elevator went up I was able to see through the glass that she returned to her desk like she was supposed to. Hopefully the suggestions to do her job and forget would hold, but I couldn’t worry about that now. 

A few minutes later the elevator dinged and the doors opened. I made my way to the CFO’s office and walked inside. Despite it being the middle of the day the office seemed dark, cold, and creepy. It felt more like a villain’s lair than an executive suite. Although now that i think about it I’m sure there isn’t much difference between the two.

“Mr Sterling, I presume.” Came a feminine voice with a thick accent. “How good of you to join me.”

"My pleasure, Miss Seduceya. I am sorry, but I don’t  see where you are?” The room was dark, after all. 

“Oh, but I see you Mr. Sterling. In fact I have been watching you closely. From the moment you set foot in my building.” This was probably a problem. 

“Really now? It’s not nice to spy on people, you know.” Well that was an ironically dumb pun. 

“This is more true than you know, Mr. Sterling. And although I don’t know what you did to poor Lucy at the desk…” So that was her name, good to know. “you will find me to be a bit more difficult”. 

“Honestly Miss Seduceya, I’m just here to…holy shit!” Out of the corner of my eye I caught the glint of what appeared to be the blade of a knife being thrust at me. I again panicked and screeched like a girl. Unfortunately Seduceya wasn’t nearly as affected by my harsh singing voice as Lucy had been, and swung at me with the knife again. I pushed back quickly but felt my back hit a wall. 

I saw the glint of the blade again and moved to the right as quickly as I could, only to see the knife hit the wall behind me and flick in my direction. For the first time my attacker stepped out of the shadows. It was her alright. Ivana Seduceya. She had short red hair, a stern look to match her accent, and an amazing leather business suit. She was definitely attractive, easily a ten. Sadly, wielding a knife in a malicious way with intent to kill is an automatic deduction of six points, making her solidly a four at best. 

I backed myself up against the wall. I was as far from her as I could get and it still didn’t feel far enough. The look of malicious control in her eye told me she knew she had the upper hand, and she was enjoying the precarious situation she had put me in. As I leaned back against the wall, she placed a hand next to my head and leaned in. I could feel the tip of her knife pressing into the side of my neck. 

“So, Mr Sterling…” She began in a thick, Eastern Bloc accent. “Did the evening go as you planned?” She smiled sadistically as she slowly slid the knife down my neck and along the buttons of my shirt, popping several of them off on the way down. Another man might find this situation exciting…but I’ve never really been one for excitement. Or the sight of blood. Least of all my own. 

I did my best to keep my composure and avoid eye contact, but it’s hard to avoid looking at someone who is less than six inches from your face and sliding a combat grade, stainless steel blade down your stomach. “I have to admit…” I started, failing to hide the tremor in my voice, “some things seem to have gone slightly off course.” 

“Funny.” she said, leaning back as the tip of the knife scraped along my belt buckle, leaving a scratch in the finish and creating a rather unpleasant sound. “This evening has gone exactly how I planned. Right…down…” she paused as she hooked the tip of her blade into the hole of my zipper, “to the tiniest…”  Pausing again, she expertly used the blade to unzip my pants. “of details.” She gazed into my eyes with an icy stare and a satisfied smile as I felt the cold steel slide into my pants, skillfully twist around, and remove my manhood from my pants. “Even this…tiny detail.” she said smugly as she looked down. She assumed this would be her moment of leverage, her trump card. Instead she discovered that I had my own form of…leverage.  

To be concluded…

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