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Five Nights At Spirals - Night 4

Key: FF, FD, MD, MF, MC, Horror, Humor

Description: With the week starting to take a visible toll on our young heroine, Lindsey shows up for her fourth night… 

Lindsey looked frazzled and exhausted as she entered the room the next evening. Despite how easy the previous night had been, her sleep had been fitful thanks to nightmares that she couldn’t shake. If she had to guess, she probably hadn’t slept at all the last two nights. She fell down into her chair and sighed. "I really do hate this job." she said as she slowly spun in her chair.

As she spun around, she gently poked the incubus doll on the desk and smiled at its squeak. "At least I have you, cutie." She said, looking down at the phone and groaning. "And you, in" She finished, pointing at the phone just as it started to ring. She pushed the button to put it on speaker and then blew on her finger like it was the smoking barrel of a pistol.

“Hello, hello! Hey! Hey wow, day four...I knew you could do it.” The voice on the phone seemed more off than usual today. Almost nervous, as if she was waiting for someone to catch her. Lindsey sighed again, not paying any attention to the shift in her voice. "Yeah, I'm sure you say that to all the girls."

“Uh, hey, listen...I may not be around to send you a message tomorrow." The caller seemed to be getting more concerned, but what really got Lindsey's attention was a familiar, almost melodic, knocking sound coming from what she assumed was the security door. Inside the call. "It’’s been a bad night for me. Umm...I-I’m kinda glad that I recorded my messages for you." The caller's voice faded out for a moment, like she had forgotten what she was doing, before mostly snapping back to reality. Although she seemed far more dazed when she returned. "Uh, when I did. Uh hey, do me a favor? Maybe sometime, uh, you could check the programming room?"

"Programming room?" Lindsey asked in confusion. 

"Uh, I've been trying to hold out..." The caller continued, seeming even more nervous. "Until someone...checks. Maybe it won’t be so bad. I-I-I always wondered what was in all those empty heads...back there"

The sound of a power outage echoed through the call as Lindsey sat up in her chair, alarmed. "Wait...did she just lose power? Does that mean that the doors..."

Her question was answered a moment later as another voice, that sounded eerily like Nadia, entered the background of the call. "It's alright's time for you to sleep."

"Oh no..." The woman on the other end whispered, the struggle already evident in her voice. Finally, all Lindsey was able to hear was a sigh and the sound of her falling over in the chair. Then the phone went dead, ending the recording. 

Lindsey felt herself shaking as she stared at the phone. "Did I just...witness her being..." She never finished the thought as she quickly pulled up the cameras and began to rapidly scroll through them. The first she pulled up was for the main stage. It was completely empty. "Oh shit.” She muttered as she flipped through them more quickly, glancing at each feed and hoping that someone would show up. 

The easiest person to spot was Midnight. Thanks to her height, with and without the heeled boots she was wearing, Lindsey could easily spot her dancing in between two women. She appeared to have what looked like glowing orbs coming out of her hands, and was spinning them around the heads of both young women that she was dancing with. Similar to the way a dancer might swing glow sticks around their body at a rave. Both girls were clearly struggling to keep up with her, and the more they danced the more sluggish their movements became. 

As much as Lindsey wanted to watch the display, she knew she couldn’t. Xander and Nadia were still out there and she needed to find them. She switched to another view and found Nadia, sitting in one of the booths and stroking the hair of a blonde woman. The woman was fit and strong, easily Nadia’s size, but what stood out the most was that she was clearly completely entranced. The next thing that stood out to Lindsey was that she was wearing a Spirals security uniform. 

Lindsey gasped. “Wait, is that her? Is that the other guard...what did Nadia call her...Celene?" She wondered as she watched the hypnotist slowly stroking the woman’s hair, giggling at just how blank and empty she looked. 

Lindsey switched to the side entrance camera and saw the door slowly creaking open as Trisha peeked her head in, only to see that the indicator for the camera was lit. "You stay there!" Lindsey scolded before flipping to another camera. It was one of the hallways, although at this point she wasn't sure which was which.  

In the hallway was a woman with her back to the camera, her movements were slow and she appeared to be almost wobbling as she moved forward with small, struggling steps. Her arms were limp at her sides and her purse was several feet behind her, forgotten on the hallway floor. Lindsey didn't quite understand what was happening at first and then she saw it...or rather, she saw him. Standing in the shadows at the end of the hallway, barely noticeable on camera, was Xander. The night vision setting of the camera made his eyes appear to be almost...glowing.  And he was staring directly at the young woman...the woman slowly making her way towards him, as if she couldn’t resist. 

Lindsey shook herself out of her daze, she didn't have time to fantasize. After what she had seen, she expected less kinky dreams tonight and more nightmares to keep her awake. As she scanned one of the cameras she swore she saw an image of a short, thin girl. But as soon as she blinked the image disappeared, as if it was an artifact on the lens.

She scrolled to the next screen and noticed that Trisha had moved completely into the club and was slowly moving further inside, not noticing that she was being watched. "I told you to stay put!" Lindsey scolded the image. 

She didn't have time to watch the grad student’s movements, the night was getting too hectic, too quickly. She skipped to one of the cameras backstage and saw Midnight, one hand on each head of the two girls she had been dancing with. The girls were in various states of undress and aggressively pleasuring themselves, and as Lindsey looked closer she saw that their eyes were glowing the same colors as the orbs she’d seen in Midnight’s hands earlier. 

With a frustrated sigh, she skipped back to the previous camera to check on Nadia...only to find that the hypnotist was gone. The girl that she thought might be Celene was still there and on her knees. Her mouth was moving slowly but she couldn't tell what she was saying, the resolution on the camera was too low to read her lips properly. 

Lindsey quickly began  flipping through the cameras again to try and find Nadia, only to see the ghostly image of a girl appear on the screen for a split second before it faded again. "What IS that?" Lindsey asked, more out of annoyance than curiosity.

"It's me..." Came the reply that echoed through the room.

"Holy Fuckballs!" Lindsey yelled as she quickly slammed both doors down and spun around to ensure that no one was in the room. As she sat there, trying to calm down, she noticed the power level for the security room was Much faster than it had the last several nights. "What?" She asked and banged on the console. "Stop that! That's not fair!" She argued with the gage, but of course it refused to comply. “Damn it!”

She realized that she was going to have to open the doors or she would run out of power long before the night ended. With no time to center herself, she quickly checked the right hallway, then the left, and opened the doors one at a time. Both rooms appeared to be clear...for now. 

As much as she wanted a moment to just relax, she knew she didn’t have time. She pushed the belly of the plush incubus and glanced through the cameras again, only to spot Trisha sprinting down the hallway. She spun to the left and hit the button just in time, as the door came down there was a loud thud followed by a very familiar melodic knocking at the door. "Ok that's getting creepy, stop it!" she shouted.

A moment later she noticed Trisha walking back to the side entrance and raised the door, turning her attention back to the cameras to check on Xander. She was greeted by the sight of the woman she’d seen earlier slumped in Xander’s arms. Her feet weren't even on the ground, they were behind her as if she had been dragged the last few feet. Her arms were limp at her sides and her head was tipped straight back, leaving her face aimed at the ceiling. Xander was leaning over her, and Lindsey couldn’t help but notice that his eyes seemed to be glowing even brighter than they had been earlier.     

Just as she was about to move to the next camera, she heard an approving “Mmmmm…” come from the door to her left. She spun around and hit the light to see Midnight standing there, a pair of panties in each hand, both soaked to the point of dripping. "Hi!" The succubus said with a cheery smile, just before the door slammed shut between her and Lindsey.

"Go away!" Lindsey said harshly before turning back to the camera. "I don't have the power for thii...oh shit!" Her eyes widened as she noticed that the girl Xander had been holding was now on the floor, completely asleep. Xander, however, was nowhere to be seen. 

She quickly checked the room to her right and all of the cameras along the right hand side. Nothing. She flipped back to the cameras on the dance floor, only to see that Celene was completely unconscious in the booth. Just like the girl in the hallway. Her top was unzipped, and her left breast exposed, but she was completely alone. 

"What the fuck is going on..." She trailed off as she spun to her left to check on Midnight. "Are you gone yet?" She cautiously hit the light and didn't see any kind of silhouette in the window. When she opened the door, the succubus was gone. “Finally, someone listened to me." She said, relieved. As she began to go through the cameras again, the image of a young, thin woman appeared on the camera again. It faded just as quickly as it had before. "Ok, that?" she asked, equal parts confused and frustrated.

"It's me." Came a voice directly behind her...inside the security office.

That was when Lindsey lost her shit.

She spun in her chair and swung the back of her fist out in the direction she thought the voice had come from. She may have been frazzled, she may have been scared...but if that blow were to connect she was confident in her ability to break whoever or whatever was behind her. But sadly there was nothing behind her. Only air. 

As Lindsey’s fist connected with the air, an eerie laugh began to echo through the room next. It started down the hallway to her left, slowly moving through each of the rooms and into the security office before drifting down the hallway to her right. Meanwhile, Lindsey was feeling frantic as she spun around, trying to find the source of the noise. "Who are you!" She shouted, panicked. “What are you?!” 

A moment later she felt a breeze to her left, like someone had appeared next to her and caused just the slightest bit of air movement. The same female voice echoed next to her ear. “Boo!” 

Lindsey screamed again and threw another punch toward the source of the sound, but again she hit nothing but air. As she spun around her chair she noticed Trisha, on the camera, running down the hallway towards the office. Without a second thought, Linsey spun to her left and closed the door while Trisha’s melodic knocking echoed through the room. Lindsey scanned the room. "What the fuck is happening?" she asked, panicked, shutting the door to her right for extra protection. 

"It's me!" She heard the voice say again, almost laughing as the noise bounced off of the walls.

Lindsey spun towards the desk to see a very thin, pale young woman with deep red hair sitting cross legged on her desk. She wore a bright smile on her face that betrayed a rather...important feature. Her vampire fangs. Lindsey’s eyes locked on to the fangs as she pushed herself away from the desk. "Go away!" She screamed, slamming into the lockers behind her and pulling her legs up into her chair as she covered her face. "I don't want you here!"

She heard an inhuman screech and then silence. After a few moments she slowly lowered her hands to see that the vampire was gone. Lindsey let out a sigh of relief and collapsed back into her chair as her legs slipped from the chair and back down to the floor. She wasn't sure that was going to work, but was glad it did. Technically, as the security guard on duty, the office was...again, technically, hers. By telling the vampire to go away and that they were not wanted, it was the same as uninviting them from her domain. The vampire had no choice but to leave. But again, it was a technicality...and one that might not work a second time. 

Lindsey sat up and hit the light to her left, only to see the silhouette of Midnight waving through the window. She switched the light off and hit the light for the right side, illuminating Nadia, who was leaning against the wall and smiling into the office at her.

She sighed, trying not to let her body shake as she flipped on the cameras and saw Trisha peeking through the side entrance, smiling into the camera. She ignored her and switched to another screen. This time, it was Xander who was staring right into the camera. He was so close that his face filled the entire screen. Lindsey screamed in surprise and choked out a sob. 

Once she composed herself, she moved to the next camera. On the screen, for barely a second, she saw the ghostly outline of the vampire before it disappeared. She flipped to another camera, but the vampire was still there. So she tried another camera, and then another, and another. The ghostly silhouette of the vampire filled every screen, for just the briefest of moments before it faded away. Each and every time. 

Lindsey rolled her chair back against the lockers and pulled her legs into her chest, putting her head between her knees. "Go away." She said, her voice trembling. "Please just go away."

Nothing but silence filled the room.

All at once, the power died. The lights went out and the doors flew open as Lindsey sat in complete darkness, panting nervously. And then she heard it...whistling and footsteps. It was a very pleasant whistle, childlike and gentle, almost like a lullaby. She couldn't see who it was coming from since the room was pitch black. But she could tell they were getting closer.

As she sat in the darkness she became aware of a soft blue glow filling the hallway. And then she saw two eyes, glowing softly in the pitch dark as the whistling drew nearer. She shook in her chair, looking at the eyes in the hallway until finally...the whistling stopped. 

"This is it." She thought.

The eyes continued to stare at her...until suddenly the lights returned and the sound of the 6am clock chimed throughout the club. As soon as the lights came on, Xander was clearly visible in the hallway. He looked away and glanced up at the lights, now brightly illuminating the club, before looking back at Lindsey with a warm, disarming smile. "Good job, little one." He said, turning to walk away. "See you tomorrow!" With a wink, he gave Lindsey a friendly wave and walked away.

Lindsey stared at the open door. "What...the...fuck!"

To be continued...

Curious what could have happened if Kelli had not been expelled from the office? There is an alternate ending to this story that explores that possibility on my Patreon site. You can find the story here: Five Nights At Spirals - Night 4 - Alt Ending!

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them! You can follow more adventures at Spirals Nightclub! You can also find bonus content on my Patreon page!

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