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Amazon Arrow visits the Hypnosis School (Alt)

The lovely heroine Amazon Arrow had been invited into the class of Ms. Denise Miller to talk about the dangers of shop lifting. With her she brought for 'show and tell' a student of the strange school, a girl by the name of Becca whom she had stopped from shop lifting not too long ago. But thanks to the heroine and the special school that Becca attended, she had been set on the path of the straight and narrow... more hypnotized onto the path, but you get the idea.

As her lecture was about to end the heroine paused to ask a simple... innocent question. "Now... Before I go, I'd like to thank Ms. Miller for inviting me into her classroom to speak with you all about the consequences of shoplifting. Does anyone have any final questions?"

In the second row a young redhead girl grinned, "Finally!" she thought as she raised her hand.  The heroine nodded to her as she started her question "Yes... is it true that if a super heroine has been hypnotized in the past, then she becomes... much... more susceptible to being hypnotized again?"

Amazon Arrow was a bit taken back by the question, and the redheaded girl hid her grin as best as she could as she noticed the tall beautiful woman blink for a moment before answering. "Uhm... Well, Yes. I believe that's true of everyone and not just super heroines." The redhead couldn't be happier she had played right into her hand.. and almost laughed as she continued by asking the young redhead "Why do you ask?"

The young redhead sat up in her chair, a flush of nervousness went through her body... she wasn't expecting that. As she took a deep breath to focus... she started to lay her trap. "Well, you see, we were studying how hypnosis... is really a skill.  Not just for the hypnotist, but also for the subject. How every time you are hypnotized... whether you remember it or not. You brain... your mind... is programmed to go back into trance.  Now... not everyone realizes this... and not everyone realizes that they have been hypnotized... But, deep inside. Anyone.. and everyone... who has ever been hypnotized... is skilled enough now... to go back into hypnosis.  They may not even realize how easy it is to just start to relax... when the hypnotists words start to enter their mind. They may find themselves confused... thinking they were doing something else... something... totally different... Taking notes in class, giving a lecture, reading a story, or grading papers. It doesn't matter. Your brain... your mind.. is already trained... trained to follow the words. Follow their flow... one by one... into your mind... each word helps you to focus.. more and more deeply... hearing them.. softly in your mind.  Feeling your body slowly,  gently relaxing... bit by bit... It's ok to give in and relax now... you couldn't be more safe... this is the best place for you to just... sink down... into trance... and not even know it...  to just relax... and let go... never realizing how your body is getting looser.. and looser. every muscle relaxing... never realizing how close you are to slipping... slipping into trance... just letting your mind slip away... more and more... as you focus on me... focus on my words... and let everything simply fade... fade away... deeper... and deeper now...."

The heroine was standing in front of the classroom,  her eyes glazed and vacant, her posture upright and strong.. the only sign that her body had relaxed at all was the fact that her jaw was hanging just slightly open... and she hadn't moved a muscle the whole time.

The redhead smiled as relaxed for the first time... she didn't need to look around the room at all... she knew that everyone in the room... all of her fellow students... even Becca.. had the same glazed look in their eyes as the heroine before her.  as she sat in her chair she reached forward and gently pushed the head of the boy in front of her straight forward.  His head flopped to his chest.. the rest of his body didn't move at all.

Without looking behind her she moved her right hand towards the girl in the desk behind her and to the right... and gently waved it downwards.  The Dark haired girl with shoulder length hair, simply closed her eyes as her head fell to her chest.  she moved her hand to the boy behind her and waved her hand down and likewise his head dropped... and then she moved her left hand to towards the short brunette in the back left corner... another gentle wave down and her eyes fluttered up into her head and then her chin fell to her chest..

The redhead smiled and leaned over to the brunette to her right, her hair in two long pony tails, and simply tapped her head to the side.  her eyes slid closed as her head tilted to the right then rolled to her chest.

As she stood up, she pointed to the girl to her left... and extended her arm forward towards the girl in front of her.  This girl, also with short red hair, extended her arm to the brunette with long thin hair in front of her and touched her head from behind... the brunette simply let her head fall to her chest.. the slightest sigh escaping her lips.  And then the hypnotists hand moved down in front of the other redheads eyes and her head dropped to her chest.

As the hypnotist moved forward towards the front of the room. she gently tapped the back of the head of the last student, a curly haired blonde, who simply slumped forward.  An entire class room of students hypnotized.  but the real prize was before her.

As she moved in front of the heroine, several inches taller then her she couldn't help but see how much more beautiful she was up close... her ruby lips and silky skin, the sight was intoxicating. She moved a single finger to the helpless heroines forehead and gently pressed into the star in the center of her tiara. Using the contour of the tiara to lower her head forward... her heart racing as she saw the heroines eyes slowly... gently... flutter... flutter... flutter... and close.  Her head sitting forward.. her posture still strong.. totally helpless in a simple class room.

The hypnotist was just about to enjoy her prize when a dazed... soft voice broke her own unique trance. "N...Na...Nadia... what are you doing?" The hypnotist, Nadia, moved to look at her teacher.  To her credit the lovely young woman was still awake enough to know something was going on.. but was far too dazed.  Far to gone to comprehend it. Nadia smiled as she moved closer to her nearly helpless teacher.

"You know what I'm doing Ms. Miller... or should I simply call you Denise... I think that's fitting...  I'm passing my final exam, Hypnotize someone, someone strong, and confident. And hypnotize them without them seeing it coming. I passed... don't you agree Denise?" The hypnotist said with a smile.

What realization that Denise had left had left her eyes, she was simply staring ahead at Nadia now, blank and relaxed as she managed to whisper out "Y...yes... You passed."

Nadia smiled and leaned in closer to Denise, sliding a finger under her chin to tilt her head up towards the young woman standing in front of her. "I couldn't have done it without your help... It was a wonderful idea that... You... had to invite Amazon Arrow to class.. wasn't it Denise?" The sarcasm used on the work 'you' was enough to let anyone awake know what had really happened... oh wait, no one is awake... My bad.

Before Denise could answer the rhetorical question that Nadia had asked her, the young hypnotist leaned in and kissed her helpless teacher. Slowly but deeply as she slid her hand along the side of her cheek, and as the kiss ended pressed her finger into Denise's forehead and slowly pushed her head back. The further back it went the more Denise's face seemed to go slack. Her eyes rolling slowly into her head, the further back she went.. the further up they went.. until she was finally leaned all the way back in her chair, it was at that moment that her eyes finally fluttered closed.

Nadia couldn't help but giggle, next to the lovely heroine capturing her teacher had been her greatest success.  She looked at her sleeping features and chuckled as an idea came to her.  "Time to earn some extra credit I think... Becca... pleasure our dear Ms. Miller for me please" she she said with a devious grin.

The blanked out Becca moved without a word, or much of any kind of reaction over to Denise. Slowly pulling her chair away from the desk she leaned in and kissed her as her hands started to explore the helpless teacher's overdressed body. (Seriously Denise... you got the body... rock that thang girl! Show a little skin! Come on!).

With her teacher ... 'taken care of' ... Nadia turned her attention to her real prize.  The helpless, yet beautiful heroine standing before her. Her body was still upright and seemed tense, but her eyes and face were slack and relaxed, her head tilted forward just a bit to drive home the fact that she was not going anywhere... unless she was told too.  The young hypnotist moved in front of her and gently slid her hands along the heroines body.  Slowly at first almost nervous that the heroine might wake up... but that fear faded when she slide her hands under the heroines top and began to massage. "Wow..." she commented almost with a laugh "everything on you is firm isn't it."  She leaned in a bit and raised up on her toes, the heroine had several inches on Nadia, but she was just tall enough to press her lips to the lips of her prize... and what a feeling.  A woman of infinite power... infinite possibilities standing before her like a toy whose batteries had ran out. And all thanks to a 19 year old freshman at the hypnosis school.

Nadia moved back to sit on the teachers desk and pulled the heroine to her as she whispered "respond... as you would with your lover" and then pulled her into a deeper kiss.  The Heroines response almost turned the tables on the young novice, for her kiss was more passionate and powerful then anything she had experienced.  As her body tingled and her mind fogged over for a moment she had a fleeting thought... "I wonder if this is part of her powers..." but then got lost in the kiss for a long while.

Finally she was able to pull herself away and clear her head... with a devious smile she put a finger to the heroines forehead and tilted it backwards... then pushed her down to her knees.  Spreading her legs she gently moved the heroines head forward.  She wasn't sure if she would have to make the point to the blanked out amazon what she was thinking... but a warm, wet shiver told her that she knew exactly what needed to be done.  The simple shiver soon turned into a tremor... and the tremor into a full blow earthquake of pleasure.  "Holy.... Everything is super strong on you isn't it" she mused as wave after wave washed over her.

In the midst of her building pleasure she became aware of a deep, passionate moan... no... no thats almost a scream... coming from her side. She looked over to see that Becca had opened Denise's shirt to expose what she was hiding.. her one hand roaming freely over her chest while her other... well lets just say it was exploring a little lower. The helpless teacher was shivering as her orgasm rocked her body, while her mind simply slept unaware.

Becca was too busy sucking on Denise's neck to care that Nadia was looking at her.. or to hear the comment that she barely got out. "Aww your doing a good job Becca, your such a good...gooo....gooo...oh god..." her train of thought completely derailed by her own massive surge of pleasure washing over her.  As she caught her breath and looked down and the helpless amazon on her knees before her she sighed and couldn't help but comment. "I can't wait to meet the rest of YOUR friends" she said with a smile. And all the while the heroine never showed a single sign of slowing down...

I'm sure you can figure out the rest on your own. **wink**

This is an alternate ending to Amazon Arrow's picture series that starts Here.
Amazon Arrow is owned by Amazon Arrow.
Denise Miller is owned by Curia DD.
I'm sure Becca is owned by someone... not sure who, but you better ask them first!SleepyHypno (With edits and other English related considerations going to SleepyGirl)

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