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Elf and the Incubus, Girls Night Out Part 2

Key: Mc, Female Dom, Hypno, Sleep, F/F

Continued From Part 1...

Back in the club, the waitress that had hypnotized Fawn brought her entranced prey to Nadia. “I am sorry, Mistress. This one’s friend got away.”
Nadia placed a finger under Fawn’s chin and smirked. “So the famous siren is now mine,” she gloated, glancing over to Katia who was now kneeling on the dance floor with her head bowed to her chest. “As well as the elvish princess.” Nadia smiled widely and proudly. She then looked at the waitress pointing to Fawn. Take this one to the Recruiter and have her bring the missing girl back.”

Sarah sat, staring intently in front of her. Her eyes were completely glazed. Her face was totally slack while her eyes stared ahead. Her mouth hung open, drooling slightly. She was completely focused on the one foot by six inch bar of pure, rich, dark chocolate and as a result, she was completely oblivious to the world, so much so that she didn’t even flinch when Mina barged screaming through the door.
“HELPSOMEBODYHELPTHEYTRANCEDTHEGIRLSWENEEDTOGOGETTHEMHELP!!!!!” Mina shouted in one completely unbroken breath. Sarah sat completely transfixed on her chocolate while Mina panted, completely out of breath, staring into a silent house. She then looked over to Sarah, ran up to her, and started to shake her violently. “Sarah? SARAH!? Oh no, they were already here.” Mina completely panicked as she started to walk backwards away from Sarah looking around. She didn’t notice Jessica standing behind her, bumped into her, and screamed, shattering three windows.

Jessica held her ears “Ahhh! What’s with you?” she asked rather annoyed.
Mina spun around and hugged her. “Oh I’m so glad to see you. They’ve got them! They tranced them all, even Sarah! Look!” Mina erupted, pointing at Sarah frantically.
Jessica rolled her eyes, walked up to Sarah, and took the chocolate bar from her. “Relax, she’s fine, just on a massive coco craving.”
Sarah looked up confused. “Huh? What happened?”
Mina grabbed Sarah by the shoulders and shook her friend. “The rest of the girls are tranced. The club is one big hypno-trap. They tranced the rest of the girls and we need to help them!”
Sarah glanced at Jessica. Jessica just shrugged. “Are you sure?” asked Sarah getting into police officer mode.
“YES!” shouted Mina, shattering the rest of the glass in the house as Jessica just rolled her eyes again.
“She’s, ummm,…. Sure Sarah,” Jessica commented, a little more annoyed. Then the sound of the door bell filled the house. “Great, now I’m hearing bells,” Jessica said wiggling a finger in her ear, attempting to get the sound of the doorbell out of her head.
Sarah looked at Jessica irritated. “Just get the door please.” Jessica shrugged and moved towards the door. “Now how many of them were there Mina?” Sarah asked.
Mina got a frustrated look on her face and grabbed Sarah’s shoulders. “Ok, listen to me. The whole club is hypnotized, the waitresses, the bartenders, the DJ, the patrons, And OUR FRIENDS!” she yelled, sitting down on a chair, strangely calm, and staring at Sarah. “Can we go rescue them now?”

Jessica walked to the door and opened it slowly, revealing a pretty blonde in a tight white nurse’s skirt, an equally tight white nurse’s sleeveless top, and a nurse’s cap complete with bright red cross. “Can I help you, Miss?” Jessica asked a bit surprised.
The nurse replied softly, “Yes you can. You can look into my eyes.” She leaned in so Jessica could see her eyes. The young nurse’s eyes lit up bright neon green and what appeared to be a soft green mist quickly moved from the nurse’s eyes into Jessica’s, filling Jessica’s eyes with a soft green glow. Jessica gasped and took a half step back then her face went slack as her arms dropped to her sides, completely and totally relaxed. “That’s a good girl,” said the nurse softly. “Is there a girl named Mina here?”

Sarah was trying to get a handle on the situation from Mina when Jessica walked back into the room wearing a blank expression on her face.
“Someone is here to see Mina,” Jessica blandly announced. Mina jumped up from her chair and pointing to the woman that had followed Jessica into the room.
“She’s one of them!” she shrieked, pointing at the nurse that had followed her from the club. Sarah stood up from her chair and got between Mina and the nurse.
“Take care of her, slave,” the nurse said calmly.
“Yes mistress,” came Jessica’s reply. Before Sarah could react, Jessica jumped at Sarah and fired a kick at her head. Sarah managed to block just barely in time but the force behind the kick was enough to knock her to the ground. Jessica moved aside and continued to assault Sarah. The nurse smiled as she walked past the two fighting young woman and moved to Mina, gently grabbing the nervous magic girl’s chin.
“It’s ok, my dear. No one is going to hurt you,” she said as her eyes began to glow. “Just focus and relax.” Mina didn’t even have time to struggle before a stream of green gas from the nurse’s eyes hit her own and filled them giving them a soft green glow. Mina’s face stayed in an expression of shock, as her arms began to hang limply. The nurse smiled and let her face go, leaving her there completely frozen.
The nurse strode confidently towards Jessica and Sarah. Jessica had managed to put Sarah in a head lock from behind and was holding her bent backwards. “Jessica, let me go. It’s me, Sarah!” she pleaded but Jessica’s expression was blank and unresponsive.
Dawn saves the day (by Rotem Dishon)
“Don’t worry officer. Soon you will be under my control, and you won’t worry about such things,” the nurse said moving assertively towards Sarah. Sarah attempted to kick the nurse, but Jessica pulled her farther back and wrapped her leg around the front of Sarah’s, preventing her from being able to kick anymore.
The nurse laughed. “So much spirit, the mistress will be happy to have you,” she said taking Sarah’s face in her hand and squeezing her cheeks. “Now it’s time you relaxed.”
The nurse moved her face closer to Sarah’s face and her eyes once again began to glow green. The gas stream was about to erupt when suddenly the nurse’s head was pulled up. A hand had grabbed the back of her neck and aimed her head upwards letting the gas stream flow above Sarah’s head. Sarah was able to see the image of her savior floating down from the ceiling. Dawn landed gently behind the nurse. “No one controls her, except for Jake, and ME!” she exclaimed. Dawn began to drain the nurse’s energy at a rapid rate. Glancing at Sarah, and giving her a devilish wink, she extended a hand and placed it before Sarah’s face. “Naptime for you too, Deary”
“Dawn, no! This is important!” Sarah saw the orb begin to form in Dawn’s hand “Dawn, please!” she shouted.
Dawn just smirked then moved her hand away from Sarah’s face to right front of Jessica’s. “Relax, I’m just playing with you,” Dawn retorted. Jessica was instantly captivated by the orb and released Sarah. Sarah watched as Dawn held the nurse as she drained her. The nurse’s eyes started to flutter, her hands flailing but starting to slow down, unable to reach as high any more. “That’s it, Cutie. Just let go,” Dawn suggested. The nurse sank into Dawn’s chest as Dawn slid her hand around to her neck, using her other hand to caress the nurse’s stomach. The nurse’s eyes rolled into her head as she sighed and went limp in Dawn’s arms. The succubus held her there draining enough energy to keep her nice and sleepy for quite a while. “Well, she tasted good,” smiled Dawn. “Now before I decide to drain the rest of you, what exactly is going on here?”
Sarah waved a hand before Jessica’s eyes. The girl was still completely under Dawn’s control. “According to Mina, everyone in the club they were at is totally hypnotized, including the rest of the girls.”
Dawn stood with her arms folded tapping her foot. “And?”
Sarah groaned, “They need our help. They are in trouble. Doesn’t that matter to you?”
Dawn hid her true feelings. ‘Of course it matters,’ she thought, ‘but I can’t let you know that!’ “What will I get if I go help?” she asked as selfishly as she could.
Sarah rolled her eyes. “You can drain anyone who tries to stop us from rescuing the rest of the girls, ok?” Sarah conceded, not believing she had just said that.
Dawn’s eyes lit up. “Deal! Jessica, wake up. Mina, wake up!”
Mina and Jessica both blinked and looked around. “How did she do that? And who stopped her?” Mina asked, confused.
“Do what?” asked Jessica.
“Her eyes were hypnotic, and umm, Dawn saved us, actually,” said Sarah as the exact realization of her sentence sank in.
“DAWN!?” said Jessica and Mina in unison
Dawn moved to the sleeping nurse and opened her eyes gently, removing the nurse’s contact lens. “Don’t get used to it. I was just trying to drain the nurse, but since you feel I saved you, you all owe me. As for how, it wasn’t her eyes. It was these,” she remarked, holding up one of the contact lenses “If it had been a genetic or learned ability, I would have absorbed it.”
Sarah looked at the lenses then picked up her radio. “I’ll signal for back up. Let’s get going.” She went behind the refrigerator and tossed a hypno-rifle to Jessica who demonstrated her military training by grabbing it in mid air, twirling it around her wrist, catching it, examining its settings, throwing it in the air spinning, catching it behind her back, and bringing it up to her shoulder in ‘ready to fire’ position. Sarah just stared at her, grabbed a hypno-pistol from behind the fridge, and in one smooth motion…. put it in her holster “Show off,” she commented to Jessica.
Dawn just rolled her eyes, and began walking towards the door. Mina followed nervously. “Can I have a gun too?” she asked meekly.
“No!” said the other three firmly as they left the house for the club, unknowingly being followed by a careful observer.

Back at the club, the red headed bouncer, along with another blonde haired bouncer, were handing off two hypnotized police officers, one male and one female, to two entranced waitresses.
Dawn, Mina, Jessica and Sarah were in an alleyway across the street, watching as a male bartender got in the squad car and pulled it around to the back. “So much for police backup,” Dawn said sarcastically.
“Now what do we do?” said Mina nervously.
“We could call for more back up,” commented Jessica while scoping out the defenses.
“No, the other squad car already reported it as a hoax. We’re on our own,” Sarah dejectedly replied.
“Let me handle this,” Dawn proclaimed confidently raising both hands up and starting to form two orbs in her palms.

“How’s the head doing, Celene?” asked the blonde bouncer to her red headed partner.
“It’s ok. Mistress managed to block the pain through hypnosis, although she is angry that I was knocked out twice in one night.” Celene said lowering her head down a bit in shame.
Back in the alley, Dawn had determined the path to the blonde, and let her orb go. Only instead of flying slowly, it shot across the street at an incredible speed more akin to a projectile then an orb.
The blonde looked sternly at Celene. “Mistress is pissed. You were captured because of your skills as a security guard and you allowed yourself to be rendered unconscious twice in one night. What kind of a bouncer would let that happen to them?” she berated. No sooner had the blonde finished that sentence when Dawn’s orb struck her clean in the face, going right into her head and reflecting out through her eyes. She sighed softly as her body went limp and she fell to the ground, her eyes sparkling with color but unfocused, gazing straight at the sky.
“What the…?” Celene turned quickly towards the alleyway just in time to catch Dawn’s second orb directly in the face. Her eyes instantly began shining in the same spectra of colors the orb had been before it was absorbed into her head and she fell backwards, striking the wall and sliding down to the pavement, completely hypnotized.

Sarah Jessica and mina all stared at Dawn. “How long have you been able to do that?” Sarah demanded.
Dawn just smiled and started walking across the street to the girls on the pavement. The other three followed her, first Sarah, then Mina anxiously, then finally, Jessica looking like something out of a special-forces movie. As Dawn reach the two ‘tranced bouncers, she held out her hands. The orbs emerged from their heads and moved to Dawn’s hands, quickly reabsorbing into them. Celene and the blonde closed their eyes and slept.

On the roof of the building next to the club, the incubus was in shock. Not only was there an incredibly beautiful succubus, but she had amazing hypnotic powers. She could create stable orbs as well as throw them. He looked at his own hand, tried to create an orb, and barely got one to flicker into existence. He watched as Mina, Jessica, Sarah, and Dawn entered the club then stood and went to move to a spot near the window. “This should be a good fiiii…….Oafff!” He was cut off as he tripped over nothing, and hit the roof of the building hard. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me tonight…. I’m graceful, not clumsy,” he mused as he crawled to the edge of the building and spied through the window into the club. Nadia could be seen on the stage. All of the hypnotized patrons, including Jake’s friends, and Vice’s girls were all on their knees, chanting over and over again, “We obey Mistress Nadia.”

Jessica came around the corner with Sarah right behind her, gently pushing Mina to the ground behind the bar. “All right, everybody freeze! You, on the stage, release these people now!” shouted Sarah in a very commanding tone.
Nadia, who stood center-stage, had changed into a flowing white dress, very tight near her upper body but with several soft boa type laces wrapped around her arms and a loose skirt which was, in essence, a stereotypical goddess frock. She glared up at Sarah and Jessica then focused her gaze down at her slaves. “Get them, slaves.”
In waves, several of the tranced subjects stood and began charging up the stairs. Jessica began rapidly firing her hypno-rifle at the entranced people. Sarah started picking off those that got past Jessica’s rifle fire. The first dozen subjects who had been hit went glassy eyed and stumbled to the floor, but more were still coming.
Mina could see Dawn crawling along the ceiling towards the stage, completely unnoticed by the throngs of seemingly mindless drones. “How many different abilities does that girl have?” Mina wondered.
Jessica and Sarah were holding their own at the top of the stairs with Jessica’s hypno-rifle trancing person after person as they flocked up the stairs. But near the stage, Yuta was instructed to stand, and facing Jessica, she opened her mouth. Sarah saw Yuta doing this and dived behind the railing wall on the upper deck “Jessica, look out! Jessica!” Sarah shouted frantically.
Jessica lowered her rifle and started moving down the stairs. “Obey Mistress Yuta” was all Sarah heard. She looked over the railing wall and saw that the crowd had stopped trying to charge up the stairs and that Jessica had almost reached the dance floor. Yuta was motioning for her to come closer and then pointed to Sarah. Jessica turned to Sarah, raising her rifle towards her friend. “No…. must…save….,” Jessica struggled.
Yuta moved closer to Jessica. “Obey Mistress Yuta. Trance Sarah.”
“Trance…Sarah. Obey.” Jessica again started to take aim at Sarah.
Sarah shook her head, ashamed at what she had to do. “Sorry Jessica.” Before Jessica could fire, she set the hypno-pistol to maximum and fired, hitting Jessica clean in the chest. Her eyes glazed instantly and she dropped her rifle, falling to her knees then face first onto the floor. Yuta had been hit with a shock wave from the blast and was also glassy-eyed, tilting backwards and falling flat on her back, completely hypnotized.
Sarah breathed a sigh of relief before she heard a loud feline “Mmmroawwrr” and had just enough time to turn to see Diana before she was tackled by the cat girl. Diana grabbed Sarah’s arm and wrapped her tail around the gun, trying to keep it off target as Sarah struggled to fight back.
On stage, several of Nadia’s tranced companions had moved onto the stage to protect the mistress. Katia, was standing on the dance floor and, unlike the rest, she was dressed from neck down to toes in black leather. She looked up at Nadia who smiled and said, “Go my minion. Bring her to me.” Katia smiled and began running up the stairs towards Sarah and Diana.
Behind Nadia, Dawn gently, soundlessly dropped to the stage. She moved slowly behind Val and Serena and forming two new orbs, placed them in their heads, trancing them instantly. Then moving behind Ayame, and Fawn, she placed an orb into Ayame’s head, but spun Fawn around, forcing her to look at the orb. Fawn’s eyes, already glazed, merely started to change color to match the orb. “Sorry, my little starlet, but I need your voice,” Dawn whispered. Leaning in, Dawn kissed Fawn nice and deeply, absorbing her hypnotic powers. Fawn stood, completely oblivious, until her eyes started to slowly close and she went limp in Dawn’s arms.
On the upper deck, Sarah had managed to roll onto Diana, pinning her on her back, as the cat and cop wrestled over the gun. Sarah’s physical training was starting to show through as the struggle progressed. She grimaced with all the strength she could muster, she managed to aim the gun at Diana and fire. The cat girl made a loud “UUGH!” then her arms went limp, her eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. Sarah took a deep breath and stood up, when out of nowhere, Katia flew over the railing wall and kicked the gun across the upper deck, taking up a fighting stance in front of Sarah.
Sarah looked at Katia and stood up straight. “Oh please, now the princess is going to try and beat me up? Give me a break”
“As you wish,” said Katia, jumping straight for Sarah and snapping her foot up towards her face. Sarah barely had time to move out of the way before Katia’s foot connected with her face. Katia landed directly in front of Sarah and spun around, clocking the police officer in the head with a back fist. “All royal heirs are taught to fight from the time they are able to stand,” Katia remarked, a hint of arrogance coming through her otherwise flat tone. Sarah started to scurry back on her elbows and butt as fast as she could to regain some ground.
Fawn was completely limp in Dawn’s arms when the succubus broke the kiss, feeling powerful and confident and letting the pop star fall safely to the floor, louder then she would have liked. At the front of the stage Nadia turned to see Dawn.
“This party’s over,” declared Dawn, confidently starting to sing.
Nadia quickly looked at Jen and Lucia and shouted, “Get her!”
Jen instantly transported to behind Dawn and slapped her hand over her mouth stifling the hypnotic voice she had acquired. Dawn struggled and flipped Jen over her shoulder using her wings as leverage then started to sing again until a thick layer of duct tape appeared over her mouth. Dawn look at Jen with a confused look before several almost living streams of duct tape appeared out of the wall and latched on to the succubus, pulling her up against the wall and literally taping her to the wall.
Dawn looked around confused then noticed Lucia floating down from above her; her face was completely blank and her wings flapping softly towards Dawn. Dawn then noticed a light almost glittery mist coming off of Lucia’s wings. It was very pretty to watch, so pretty.
Nadia smiled as she saw Dawn’s eyes start to glaze over as Lucia continued to cover Dawn with some sort of hypnotic dust off of her wings. Nadia then looked up at the top deck to see Katia lift Sarah off the floor, holding the cop by her shirt. Sarah looked like Katia had rung her bell a few times just a little too hard, as her head was quite obviously spinning from the expression on Sarah’s face.
Katia pulled her in close and in that same odd mix of arrogance and monotony, asked Sarah, “Any last words before Mistress blanks out your mind and free will?”
Sarah, barely able to stand, looked at Katia and mumbled out, “Yes… look into ... my eyes.” Sarah opened her eyes as wide as she could force them, and Katia saw Sarah’s eyes light up bright green. The elf princess didn’t have time to react before a stream of green gas flew out of Sarah’s eyes and into Katia’s. Katia’s expression went back to being blank as she let go of Sarah, who fell to her knees with a loud thud. Katia wobbled on her feet before falling to her knees and then over on to her side, completely hypnotized.
Mina watched cowering behind the bar as Sarah rose to her feet slowly then noticed Nadia stepping forward on the stage. “Very impressive, but you look so tired, so exhausted. You know it would be so nice to just relax and breathe for a few moments, letting your body recover. You can do that my dear. I won’t try to stop you. Just take a few deep… slow… breaths. And let your body regain its strength and relax.” Mina noticed Sarah starting to take deep breaths. She knew what was going to happen next.
“Think, Mina, think. Think…. No, that wouldn’t work would it?” she said to herself as she glanced over to Sarah.
Sarah’s arms were starting to slide down and her face was looking all too relaxed as Nadia droned on, “Your body is so tired, your head fuzzy. You have fought long and hard and you just want to rest and let go.”
Mina saw that Sarah was already too far gone to snap out of it. “Ok, Mina, this is it.” The magic girl stood up, closing her eyes and humming loudly to herself to drown out Nadia, as she raised her hands into the air and concentrated on the energy between them.
Nadia immediate noticed Mina and started to add in how heavy her arms were, but Mina couldn’t hear her as she was humming too loudly. Nadia glanced over to a waitress who raised her trance device and aimed it at Mina, striking the girl completely in the face.
Mina could see the light through her eyes lids and closed them tighter, tilting her head up to block out the light, as a green vortex began to appear in her hands.
Nadia yelled for Sarah to stop Mina. Sarah began slowly walking over towards Mina, but being as exhausted as she was, it took her a minute to get there. Sarah grabbed Mina and forcefully tried to lower her arms. The magic girl knew she had one final shot.
“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, TRANCE!” Mina yelled causing the green vortex in her arms to explode, sending out a trance wave that struck Sarah perfectly. Mina opened her eyes in time to see Sarah’s face go slack before she fell to the floor. Mina looked towards the stage and saw the wave strike row after row of Nadia’s tranced patrons. Nadia glared at Mina with a look of contempt just before the wave hit her and her own face went slack. Like the rest of her subjects, she sank to the floor. As soon as Jen was hit, Dawn dropped to the floor as the duct tape had disappeared. She cleared her head for a second before the wave took her and Lucia to dreamland.
Outside the club, Celene and the blonde were starting to stir. “What happened?” asked the blonde.
“I don’t know,” said Celene, sitting up a bit just before the trance wave washed over both of them, sending them right back to the state from which they had just awoken.
On the rooftop the incubus saw the blast wave and immediately flew backwards as far as he could, barely avoiding the trance wave but ended up colliding with a large metal antenna.

Mina stood in shock looking at all the people she had just hypnotized. Realizing that she was the only person standing in the club, she started to smile widely and bounce up and down clapping and chanting, “I did it, I did it, I did it!”

Two hours later, all of the girls were outside, mina was finishing up suggestions to Celene and the other blonde. “You are no longer slaves… You can live your own life. If you want to stay working at Spirals under its new owner, you can. You will remember nothing from tonight, except for a run of the mill, boring evening at the club. Understand?”
“Yes Mistress Mina” both girls repeated casually.
“Good.” Mina beamed at the other nine girls who couldn’t help but smile “Shall we?” And with that, they all piled into the van, and drove off.
From the roof the incubus who had finally managed to free himself from the metal antenna, memorized the license plate of the van. “I must find a way to absorb that magician’s power, and that succubus’s powers as well” he smiled lost in his own dream world.
Beneath him, the two bouncers had awoken. The blonde locked the club door and waved good-bye as she walked to her car. Celene took one last look around. “What a dull night,” she said to herself. Just then she head a loud crash come from the alley between the buildings. She ran over to see a winged man stuck inside of a garbage can. “Are you all right?” she asked, running up to him, offering him a hand. He took it and she helped pull him out of the garbage can.
“Yes. Yes, thank you,” he said not letting go of her hand. “You look like you have had a rough night. Why don’t you take a little nap?”
“Rough night? It was boring as allllllll, oooooohh,” Celene sighed and sank into the incubus’ arms as he started to drain her energy through her hand.
“That’s it, Sweetie, take a nice little nap,” the incubus smiled.

Several blocks away, Val, Serena, and Ayame were walking back towards slave’s inc. headquarters.
“What a waste of time,” said Val angrily.
“Not a trace of the missing slaves,” commented Serena.
“And a terribly run club too; it was so boring,” added Ayame, disgusted.
Suddenly Serena stopped and turned her fox ears towards the 3rd national Yoto bank. “Someone is at the bank”
The three girls quietly moved to the back of the bank and discovered two girls, one bunny and one human in white jumpsuits, trying to jimmy the lock on the bank’s back door.
“Well, what do you know?” said Ayame with a smile.
“All that time in that club and all we needed to do was go for a walk,” said Val sarcastically.
“Follow me,” said Serena, getting up and running with all of her foxy speed right at the two girls. They had barely enough time to turn around before Serena jumped right over their heads. Landing horizontally on the wall, she dropped two small knockout grenades at their feet and jumped back over them.
The two girls stood there confused before the grenades went off, each one covering one of the girls in a bright red blast of knock out gas. Both of them coughed briefly then wobbled and finally slid together, one girl’s head on the others shoulder, and they slid to the floor together.
After the gas cleared, Ayame and Val each threw one girl over their shoulders and carried them off. Vice would be pleased.

Dawn snuck in through the kitchen skylight of Mato’s mansion and floated down to the floor. She had just finished wiping Mina’s memory of her being the one to save the girl from the nurse.
“Speaking of the nurse,” Dawn thought, slowly starting to walk upstairs, “I think I know where she went.” When she got to Yuta’s door, she looked in and saw the nurse on her knees wearing just her bra and panties
“Yes Mistress Yuta. I obey,” was all Dawn heard before leaving, followed by Yuta giggling and what sounded like a tackle.
“At least that problem is solved,” Dawn thought and moved on towards the bathroom. Inside she saw Jessica and Sarah in their bathing suits, lounging in the hot tub, discussing how Nadia was in suspended animation at the police station until they could find a place for a control-freak hypnotist. Both laughed at the irony at that. Then Sarah commented on how crazy things might really get at the club now that Mato will most definitely be purchasing it. Dawn sighed. After the fight they had all had tonight, Dawn actually respected both of the law enforcement girls, which was something she was sure she would get over. But, this had to be done; otherwise, relations between them would be awkward.
Opening the door with a smile, Dawn walked into the bathroom. “Well, well, well, what have we here?” she said with a smile.
Sarah looked at Dawn and groaned. “Can’t you ever just say hi?”
Jessica just laughed, waved nonchalantly, and went back to lounging serenely in the bubbling hot water.
“Where would the fun be in that?” she replied with a devious smile.
Sarah rolled her eyes. “Yeah, you’re right for once. Thanks for earlier. You really did save all of our hides.”
Jessica, without even opening her eyes, commented, “I’ll drink to that.”
Dawn blushed a bit and sighed. “You’re welcome, which is why I’m here. We both know this will be awkward, and I do have a reputation to keep up and all. Oh, the heck with it.” Dawn raised her hands and created two orbs, each one floating in front of each girl in the hot tub. Both girls were so tired from their day’s exertions that all they could manage to do was stare at the he orbs and relax.
Dawn sighed, “I never saved you today. It was an accident. You managed to break free of Jessica and wake her on your own. All I did was drain the nurse. Understand?”
Both tranced women relied, “Yes, Mistress Dawn.”
Dawn smirked, “No matter how many times I hear that, it never gets old.” Provocatively sliding up to the girls in the hot tub, she looked at both of them then sighed. “No, no you earned it tonight.” Dawn turned, moving slowly out of the bathroom. Just before the door closed, she waved at the orbs and they both disappeared. Dawn smiled and softly closed the door. Sarah and Jessica would wake up momentarily, not even remembering she was there.
Dawn thought to her self, “I must be sick.” Then her face lit up. “Lucia and Jen on the other hand did a good number on me tonight, and deserve a little time under my power.” With an evil grin, she bounced up the stairs, down the hall, and out of sight.

The evening air was filled with musical laughter. An elf with curly blond hair was sitting in a tree with a perfect view of the Mato household, holding a notepad that was full of scribbles. She had been watching the group the entire night and could not wait to tell her employer the good news. “All though none of your friends will remember tonight’s events, fear not Dawn. They have been witnessed and they shall be remembered. Santa will be so happy,” she thought. Below her, she heard a gasp, and on looking down, she discovered that she had been discovered by human that lived down the street. The elf hopped out of the tree, landing in front of the startled human. Before he could even speak, the elf placed a finger on his lips. Her hand started to glow a lilac shade of purple. The human’s eyes drooped and she could tell that his heartbeat was slowly returning to normal. “Shh, calm yourself, Hun. Just relax. You never saw me,” she intoned melodically. “I was never here. You will continue on your way home and go to bed. You will sleep the best you’ve slept in a long time and your dreams will be filled with pleasantries. Tomorrow morning, you will not even remember seeing an elf up a tree.” The man nodded and went home as the elf pressed a button on a bracelet she was wearing. With the wink of an eye, she was gone.

By CK And SleepyHypno

Mato, Sarah, Jake, Fawn, Diana, Mina, Jen, Jessica, Dawn, Vice, Serena, Val, Ayame, Yuta, Jessica, Katia, and Lucia, as well as Yoto, Slaves Inc, and the world in general are all copyrighted to Adv913. This is his world, I'm just playing in it.

Celene, Nadia, and Xander are all copyrighted to SleepyHypno.

Neural (The Elf) is copyrighted to CK.

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