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Elf and the Incubus, And to All a Good Night Part 1

Key: Mc, Female Dom, Sleep, Freeze,

Every year on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus delivers gifts to all the good little children world-wide. The mystery that no one has been able to solve is just how Santa manages to reach all of the children in only a single night, but what no one knows is that Santa does not work alone. He has a specially trained, elite group of elves that help him deliver the gifts and so he only visits a relative few houses while the elves take care of the rest of the houses. One of those elves is named Nerual and she played an unfortunate role in the plan of a crafty villain on a Christmas Eve not so long ago in Yoto.

It was late on Christmas Eve and Nerual was half-way through her gift-route. The night had been going smoothly and a light snow began to fall. She smiled at the thought of the residents of Yoto enjoying a white Christmas. The house she had just arrived at was a bit down the street from the Mato household, and she was really looking forward to delivering the gifts for Jake, Mato, and the girls that lived there. In fact, due to Dawn’s unselfish act in rescuing Sarah, even Dawn would be receiving a gift this year instead of the usual stocking full of coal. Climbing out of her automated sleigh, she activated the hat she wore with the words, “And to all a good night,” and with each tinkling of the jingle bell at the tip of the hat, a fine dust gathered in her open palms. She released the dust down the chimney and gathering up the presents for the house’s occupants, jumped down the chimney, softly landing on the ground. Entering the room, she glanced around to gain her bearings, to learn the locations of certain items such as the tree under which she would deposit the presents, and to see if anyone was around who was not in bed. She put the sack of gifts by the tree and went upstairs to the bedrooms to make sure all were in bed, asleep. The children were fast asleep and Nerual gently tucked them in better as she sent visions of sugarplums to dance in their dreams. The parents were getting ready for bed themselves. Tip-toeing to the bathroom, she hid while her hand began to glow a soft lilac color. When the adults emerged from the bathroom, Nerual passed her glowing hand in front of their faces, trancing them to completely ignore her presence and to swiftly fall deeply asleep once they climbed into bed. With that accomplished, Nerual set about her duty of delivering the presents for the family.

Farther down the street, in the Mato household, the living room was a gigantic mess. Wrapping paper was strewn about the floor and half empty glasses of eggnog were abundant. Jake, Mato, and the girls were in the midst of a Christmas celebration and each was opening a single gift in turn.
“Jake, open this one,” Yuta exclaimed, holding out a small package. “It’s interesting!” Jake accepted the small gift and opened the accompanying card.
“To Jake,” he read, “I think you’re a really special guy. Merry Christmas. Signed, Your Secret Admirer.” Jake looked around at the girls. “Is this from any of you or do any of you know how it got in here?” he asked, to which they all shook their heads no.
“Delivery,” Mato supplied. “Came in the mail, oh, three days ago.”
“I wonder who this Secret Admirer is,” Jake commented. “Oh well, here goes!” With that, he tore into the wrapping paper and shouted delightedly. “Yes! Blood Slasher 3: Slaughter Fest! I can’t wait to play it,” he declared. He moved over to the TV to put it into his game console, but stopped short when Jen cleared her throat. “Buuuut, it can wait, I guess,” he admitted. “Your turn, Sarah.”
Katia handed one of the gifts to Sarah who quickly started to open the strangely shaped package. “What does the card say?” asked Lucia, halting the emphatic young woman. Sarah picked up the card and read, “Enjoy, Mato.” Sarah unwrapped the gift a bit more cautiously and revealed a police baton that was a bit heavier than usual. On the side were directions that instructed one to push in the bottom and point it at a target. She did as the instructions told and pointed the baton at Dawn. “Watch out Dawn,” she commented. “I’ve got a new toy.”
“Heh, what are you going to…,” Dawn began, but could not finish as the baton shot out a white beam of what appeared to be light and froze the succubus in a stasis field. Mato chuckled. “It works! I’m a genius,” he announced. “Try touching her now.”
“Why?” suspiciously asked Sarah. “What’ll it do to me?”
“You’ll see,” replied the professor with a grin. Sarah walked over to where Dawn had been standing and attempted to touch her. But instead of touching skin or Dawn’s clothing, Sarah was gently repelled as though a force field held her back. “I’m a genius,” Mato said again.
“Professor, what good will this do if we can’t touch Dawn or anyone else that is trapped in the field?” Sarah complained. “I can’t use this at work!”
“Ever consider the possibility of using it on yourself or a colleague in a dangerous situation?” replied Mato. Sarah looked at him with surprise until realization Dawned on her.
“Thank you, Mato,” said Sarah smiling. “Ok, Yuta, you’re next.”
Yuta bounced up and down, clapping. “Yay!” she proclaimed, taking the small box that Sarah was handing her. Pausing for a second to take a deep breath, Yuta read the card. “To Yuta from Katia”. Yuta smiled and tore into the packaging. After a few seconds the wrapping paper looked like it had been through a shredder and Yuta sat with her mouth dropped to the floor, staring at the item in her hand. “Elvish bubble bath… oh Katia, thank you!” said Yuta, staring at the bottle in shock.
Katia smiled, “It has a special ingredient too, specifically designed to help bio-mechanical skin remain soft and smooth.”
Yuta hugged Katia nice and hard. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she beamed loudly.
Katia’s eyes were bugging out of her head at this point, as she gasped “You’re…welcome…, can’t … breathe….”
Yuta giggled and let her go, then moved back to where she was sitting. “This next gift is a special one from me to Mato,” said Jen standing up and walking a rather large but light box over to Mato. “Merry Christmas professor,” said Jen with a warm, yet knowing smile.
Mato was ecstatic as he ripped through the packaging like a child. Tearing open the cardboard box and looking at its contents, Mato’s eyes bulged and his mouth fell open. “How…? It’s impossible,” he muttered, reaching inside the box slowly.
“What is it, Professor?” asked Jake.
“Yeah, come on. Don’t keep us in suspense,” teased Jessica.
The box fell off of Mato’s lap as he held in his hands a very old, lightly worn teddy bear. Staring at it in disbelief, he asked, “How did you get this…? It was destroyed years ago when the graviton exploded and set the north wing on fire.”
Everyone in the room rolled their eyes, happy that they weren’t there for that disaster. Jen smiled warmly and kindly spoke, “I know, Professor. I used your temporal transporter and a little genie magic to pull it out of your bedroom a split second before the fire would have engulfed it. I saw it in a picture, and did some checking. I know what it meant to you.”
Everyone in the room was curious about the story behind the bear and were now staring at Mato. “Professor what is it that makes that bear so important?” asked Jake.
“Yeah. Come on. Why’s it so special?” asked Yuta.
“Temporal transporter?” mused Sarah, terrified at what it could be used to do.
Mato looked up from the bear for the first time since he picked it up and hugged it tightly to his chest with tears glistening in his eyes. “It was my wife’s. I gave it to her on our first date, more then fifty years ago.” The tears slid down his face. No one had ever seen Mato so happy. “Thank you Jen…. Thank you.”
Everyone on in the room had a tear in their eye. Yuta, Mina, and Diana were bawling, hugging each other. “That’s so sweet,” cried Diana in between sobs.
Jen leaned down and gave Mato a big warm hug. “Merry Christmas, Professor,” she said, smiling as a small tear rolled down her cheek.

Outside, perched on a tree limb, a shadow moved, just enough to show the features of the incubus as he watched the Christmas party. “Excellent,” he thought out loud. “The succubus seems to be helpless right now. It’s the perfect time to drain her. Then I can get the little magic girl, and finally have some powers of my own. I can stop attacking people and simply control them, making them do my will, and feasting on their energy as I please!” His weeks of searching and waiting would finally pay off tonight.
His thoughts clouded over as images of him sitting on a golden throne appeared with several women in bikinis fanning and slowly massaging him as he lounged contentedly. He reached up to a red-head and stroked her cheek. Her eyes started to droop as the fanning slowed down. The young woman wobbled on her feet, sighed, and gently landed on the ground. “It’s good to be the king,” said the incubus with a smile. Then a loud crack filled the dream as his throne dropped by at least an inch. “What the heck?” exclaimed the incubus as he looked around his throne, “How could that….” Another loud crack cut him off in mid-thought as his throne fell through the floor, right out of the dream, and collided hard with the ground in the middle of Mato’s front yard. The throne faded away to be the remains of the branch the incubus was sitting on. “Ooooooowwwwwwwww” came the soft reply from the fallen demon.
“Intruder detected…. Homeshield activated, beginning defense phase one,” came a mechanized voice from the house.
“Huh?” grunted the incubus as he stood. “Bring it on! I’m not afraid of you,” he proclaimed, throwing his arms out and curving his hands to look like claws. His eyes glowed bright red and his wings extended to their full length, making him a frightening display.
“Target acquired,” replied the house as a panel of the siding slid away and the war head of an intercontinental missile slid out through the hole, followed by a stream of steam as the missile’s engine readied to fire.
“Mommy!” squeaked the incubus as he took off straight into the air, followed by the roaring missile. All was quiet for a few moments. A small rabbit hopped through the freshly fallen snow. Suddenly, the ground was lit as bright as day as the rabbit looked up at the flash of light in the sky. As the light faded a small, high-pitched constant scream could be heard. The tiny creature remained looking up until its eyes bulged to four times their size before it bolted away, leaving a small dust outline of the bunny. A few seconds later the high pitched scream became a bit easier to understand. It was the incubus, screaming as he fell to earth. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” he yelled, crashing into the yard with a loud thud. The completely charred incubus landed flat on his face, only to rise, spitting pieces of turf out of his mouth.
Crawling away behind a bush, he brushed the soot off of himself and caught his breath. “Ok, so maybe getting in there isn’t going to be as easy as I thought,” he conceded. Huffing hard to try to catch his breath, he suddenly saw what looked like a bright green and red vortex open over the roof of one of the houses down the street. A split second later a sleigh that looked like the old horse drawn sleighs, only with no horses and hovering like a space ship, snapped out of the vortex, gently lowering itself to the top of house across the street. “Ok… that’s new,” mused the incubus, his attention completely focusing on the new arrival.

Neural gently lowered the sleigh onto the roof, checked the coordinates with the onboard computer, and grabbed her sack of gifts. Walking with a smile over to the chimney, she gazed down to see a small fire was in the fireplace, smoldering gently. “Awww, what a lovely way to relax on Christmas Eve,” she silently commented. Flicking at the bell on her hat to make the bell tinkle, she whispered, “And to all a good night.” Catching hold of the bell so that it lay tinkling in her hand, Neural watched with a smile as the bell started to glow. She repeatedly nodded her head, and with each nod, sprinkles of sparkling dust came dancing out of the bell and into her hand. After about ten head nods, the bell stopped glowing, and the dust ceased forming. “Time for bed, dear,” grinned the elf as she dropped the handful of dust down the chimney.

Inside the living room of the house, Celene sat in an over sized chair, finishing up her heated eggnog. It had been a rough year, but things were looking better. She didn’t know exactly how or why she left her job to work at the night club, ‘Spirals,’ in town. But, the job was getting better now that Mato Industries had bought the place. Her pay had doubled and the atmosphere just seemed to be more… relaxed somehow than before. She sighed with a smile, watching the crackling fire. The soft popping
(By Rotem Dishon)
sounds were so relaxing. Just then, the fire died out, as though it had been smothered. Celene stood up and started to walk towards the fireplace to rekindle the flame when a cloud of sparkling dust gently rolled out of the chimney. She didn’t have time to react before the dust flowed over her body. Her look of concern faded to peaceful contentment as she stood, a little unfocused and tired, staring at the fireplace.
A few seconds later, two tiny feet appeared at the bottom of the fire place. The shapely elf bent down and popped through the hole, with her bag on her back. Taking in the scene including the dazed Celene in the middle of the room and setting down her bag, Neural glided to Celene and smiled, “You’ve been a good girl this year, Celene, but now it’s time you went to bed.”
Celene looked confused as she tried to clear her head. “How do you know that?” she asked sleepily.
Neural’s hand began to glow a soft lilac color. “I just know…. now shhhhh,” she said soothingly, as she waved a hand before Celene’s face. As the hand passed, Celene’s eyes almost seemed to glow lilac for a split second before her face went completely slack. “You don’t see me, Celene. You won’t remember seeing me. Go to bed and fall instantly asleep. Tomorrow morning, you will wake up relaxed and completely refreshed.”
“Yes… refreshed,” replied Celene sleepily as she turned and walked slowly out of the room.
With a cheerful smile, Neural watched Celene leave. “Good night, Sleepy Head,” she said happily as she went back to her work, not noticing the incubus watching her through the window.

Back at the Mato house, the girls were busy helping Jake clean up all the wrapping paper. Dawn was still completely frozen in the center of the room. The only difference now was that she had a blue, hand knitted scarf wrapped around her neck, with a tag that read, “To Dawn, from Lucia”.
“Should we try and move her?” asked Mina, slightly concerned.
Jake walked over to Dawn and knocked on her head. His only reply was a few electrical sparks from the impacts. “I’m pretty sure she is perfectly fine here.” With that, Jake hugged Mina and Diana, and bounded up the stairs to his room, video game in hand.
The rest of the girls just grinned and shook their heads. “Boys” commented Mina with a smile. Mina and Diana hugged the rest of the girls and departed for a nice long winter’s nap, deeper then either would have guessed.

The incubus was watching Neural closely; then he noticed a cat girl and the magic girl that he felt compelled to drain leaving the Mato house. “Hmm I wonder where they’re going?” he mused, watching closely as the two girls hugged one another good night, then walked to their respective houses… that were right next to the one that Neural and incubus were in and on respectively. “You can’t be serious,” he muttered in shock. Just then, movement caught his eye and he look over just in time to see Neural step into the fireplace and disappear. He ran to the back yard to see her pop up and out of the chimney. The incubus hid behind a tree watching as Neural hopped into her sleigh, lifting off of the roof. After flipping a few switches, some bright electrical flashes flew off of the sleigh creating a green and red vortex. The whole sleigh seemed to power up then lurched forward into the vortex. As soon as the sleigh was in the vortex, it vanished. A split second later another appeared over Mina’s house, a mere eight feet away, and the same sleigh jumped out of the vortex. The incubus just blinked.
Neural gently lowered her sleigh onto Mina’s house. She hopped out, just as the incubus hit on an easy way to drain Mina’s hypnotic powers. Moving cautiously to the side of Mina’s house, he watched through the window as Mina entered the living room. He was watching as she sat on the couch and opened a book, a gift from Jessica, putting her feet on the couch. The incubus noticed the sparkling dust drift down the chimney and smiled. “It won’t be long now, my dear,” he chuckled.
Mina was sitting on the couch reading her book in front of the fireplace when the cloud of sparkling dust enveloped her. She started to feel incredibly complacent and began contemplating going to bed. She glanced up from her book and her thoughts when she heard a soft thump come from the fireplace and saw a blond, female elf wearing a red velvet top with bell shaped sleeves, edged with black lace, tight black pants, and a Santa hat with a silver bell on the tip emerge from the inside. Mina was in the midst of getting to her feet when the pretty elf walked over to her and waved her glowing palm in front of Mina’s face causing Mina’s eyes to glaze. “You don’t really see me, Dear one,” Nerual said. “I’m not here and you’re on your way to bed to dream something pleasant. Completely ignore that I’m here and when you wake up, you will not even remember our meeting.” Mina softly nodded and padded out of the room.
The incubus watched as the dazed Mina walked into her bedroom. He slowly pushed up the window and slid into her room. He was able to walk right up to the entranced Mina as she pulled her bedcovers back and gently grabbed the back of her neck, tilting her back against his body. “It is time I took that power of your’s,” he said as he began to drain her of her energy and magic, but to his surprise, the level of power he received was far less than he had imagined. Draining Mina till she passed out in his arms, he gently lowered her to her bed and covered her with the blankets. “Now to try my new powers,” thought the incubus with an evil smile. Raising his hand in the air, he tried to create a hypnotic vortex like the one Mina had used to entrance the patrons in the ‘Spirals’ night club. He watched as the vortex formed over his head, smiling with glee from ear to ear, until a bucket’s worth of cold water dumped on him from the vortex. Sopping wet and disappointed at the lack of power that he gained, he turned his focus to the elf that was finishing her job in front of the Christmas tree.
Nerual had just finished setting out the last of the presents under the tree and headed for the chimney when she saw a strange dark figure in the shape of a man rushing towards her. She quickly activated her bracelet and shot up the chimney, but in her hurry she tripped over the lip of it, dropping her sack and hat. She glanced back at the chimney as she crawled towards the sleigh, fearfully watching as the figure pulled himself out of the chimney and rose to his full height in front of her. The way he stared at her unnerved her, but she was determined not to allow this male to get in the way of her work. When she reached the side of the sleigh, she reached behind her and pressed a button that would alert the rest of the elves back at the North Pole of trouble. If she did not turn the silent alarm off within a certain amount of time, someone would be sent out to investigate. Turning back to the man, whom she could now see was rather young and handsome, she managed to ask him, “Who or what are you, and what do you want here?”
“I am called Xander, my dear, and I’m an incubus,” he replied, grinning as he could see her fear. “I want your energy and powers and whatever items you have that will help me in what I want to do.”
“I’m sorry you’ll have to wait,” Nerual retorted. “I have to get the rest of these gifts to the houses on my list. Children and families are counting on seeing them tomorrow morning. If I don’t deliver, people will lose faith in Santa and I will not allow that.” The elven maiden began an incantation she and the others in her group had learned for emergency situations, but before she could even get a quarter of the way through the short spell, Xander had seemingly appeared right in front of her and grabbed her around the waist with one hand and stifling her speaking with his other. Xander arrested her attention and as she gazed up at him in terror, he started to drain her energy. Xander realized that Nerual knew what he was doing as she began to struggle violently in his grasp, but he continued until her energy had ebbed enough to where she no longer had the strength to struggle. At that point, Xander replaced the hand at her mouth with his own mouth and wrapped his arms around her, grabbing her buttocks to pull her even closer, crushing her lithe form to his in a definite act of possession. As a result of the blatantly sexual act, Xander had learned that he could coerce even more
Draining Neural (by Rotem Dishon)
energy out of his victims in the form of fear, and Nerual was no exception. Not only did her energy taste delicious, but he also relished the deeper sense of power he had over his winsome victim. By this time, Nerual had slumped into unconsciousness and Xander continued to drain her energy and powers until the point where there was just enough energy left in order for her to survive and later regain consciousness.
With Nerual’s energy and power coursing through his system, Xander gently laid his comatose elven beauty on the snowy roof. He removed her bracelet, picked up her hat, and donned the hat himself. The bracelet turned out to be too small for him to wear so he stuffed it in a pocket. At that point, he sensed a bit of hypnotic power emanating from the gift bag and began to rifle through it. He yanked out a sprig of mistletoe and stared at it confusedly. It was from this that he sensed the radiating hypnotic power and yet it looked so commonly simple. Flipping the mistletoe over, he read the directions. “Place on ceiling or above door. “Flip switch to ‘on’. Bring person you wish to kiss under it. Enjoy”.
“Seems simple enough,” he thought. Soon the succubus, her powers, and the others in the Mato household would soon be bereft of their energy and his spoils from this attack would only make the execution of his plan that much simpler. But, he still needed to be able to get through the house’s defenses. Out of the corner of his eye, he spied Diana letting her dog out before bed, seeing the perfect opportunity to gain access to the house. He gathered up the sleeping elf and his newly acquired items and flew off of the roof, landing flat on his back on the ground next to Diana’s house.
As the incubus left the rooftop of Mina’s house, the sleigh’s silent alarms were being received back up at the North Pole and the continued signals alerted the elves of some dreaded sort of trouble. One of their top investigators was sent out to remedy the problem. They only hoped that no harm would come to Nerual and that the investigator would reach the scene before anything could ruin Christmas for the residents of Yoto.
With a quiet groan, Xander gently sat up, his helpless victim unharmed. He placed the lovely elf behind a bush along the side of the house and slowly began to creep towards Diana who was letting her dog out near the back door. The small puppy was a gift from Yuta. The small dog rolled around in the snow as Diana called for it, holding the back door open. The tiny puppy ran as best it can towards the door, hitting the tile floor in Diana’s kitchen and sliding face first into the cabinet, then rolling onto its back with its tongue sticking out happily.
Diana let out a soft, “Awww, that’s so cute!” and went to pick up the puppy when she felt someone grab the end of her tail. Turning around, she saw Xander standing in the bushes with an evil grin on his face and his hand holding onto her tail. “Hey! What do you think your dooooo… ooooohhhh,” was all Diana could muster as her energy started to drain over to Xander. He moved from the bushes and slid up behind the cat girl and noticed his hand started to glow. He smiled, then realized it was glowing lilac and groaned.
“Nice manly color. Geez,” he muttered, rolling his eyes as he waved the hand before Diana’s eyes, catching the weakened feline off guard. By the time his hand was moved away from her face, her eyes were glazed and her face was slack. Letting go of her tail, the incubus gently waved his glowing hand before the puppy’s eyes whose legs slid out from underneath him, leaving him flat on his stomach and peaceful. “Aw, that is cute.” said the incubus, showing a softer side. Then looking around to make sure no one saw what had just occurred, he rose up again and looked at Diana.
“You know the succubus that lives across the street, don’t you?” he asked commandingly.
“Yes. Her name is Dawn,” replied Diana sleepily.
“Is she there right now?” asked the incubus with a knowing smile.
“Yes,” replied Diana without any change to the tone of her voice from a moment before.
Xander stepped away and pumped his arm into the air in excitement. “Yes! The defense system on the house, how do you turn it off?” he demanded.
“Password, boobies,” Diana revealed with a yawn.
Xander raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Obviously set by one of the guys,” he thought. “Thank you, my dear, you have been most helpful.” With that, he gently slid a hand behind her neck and drained the rest of her energy. Diana’s eyes fluttered and rolled back into her head as she slumped forward into Xander’s waiting arms. Draining the last of her immediately available energy, he laid her on the floor next to her entranced puppy.
With an evil grin Xander ran out the back door, took off flying over Diana’s house, and landed right at Mato’s front door, whispering repeatedly, “Boobies, boobies, boobies, boobies”. To his shock, surprise and ultimately horror, Homeshield replied.
“System deactivated. System armed. System deactivated. System armed. Intruder detected, initiating level one security.”
Before Xander could reply, the welcome mat beneath him electrified, covering him in electricity and making his wings and hair stand straight up. His tail was erected straight from his back as he shook, standing on the door mat for about a minute before the system stopped the electric current that coursed through his body.
With what energy and strength he had remaining, Xander squeaked out, “Boobies,” then fell flat on his back in one large, black dust cloud of ash.
“System Deactivated,” replied Homeshield happily.
Xander picked himself up and brushed himself off. Not wanting to just walk through the front door, he flew to the roof top and moved over to the skylight. Gently opening the skylight, and slipping through, he opened his wings so he could glide safely down to the floor, but half way down, his left wing tip hit the chandelier, causing him to spin out of control and slam into the kitchen table with a loud crash.

In Jake’s room, the thud was clearly audible. Jake; however, was so engrossed in his new game that he didn’t even flinch. He just kept hitting the buttons on the game controller with a look of extreme determination.

In Mato’s room, a small flat-screen monitor rose up out of his clothing dresser showing Xander picking himself up off of the incredibly sturdy table. Beneath him, showing on the screen, read the words, “Intruder detected, hypnotic powers analyzed. Hypnotic abilities: moderate. Surveillance activated.” Mato would have been thrilled about the possibility of a new subject for study, but for the first time in years, he was sound asleep in his bed before midnight, with a huge grin on his face, and his wife’s teddy bear tucked under his arm.

By CK and SleepyHypno

Jake, Mato, Dawn, Sarah, Yuta, Jen, Katia, Lucia, Jessica, Mina, Diana, as well as Yoto and the world in general are all copyrighted to Adv913. This is his world, I'm just playing in it.

Xander, and Celene are copyrighted to SleepyHypno

Nerual is copyrighted to CK

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