Monday, June 19, 2017

Elf and the Incubus, Girls Night Out Part 1

Key: Mc, Sleep, Hypno, Female Dom, Male Dom, M/F, F/F

The Mato house was quiet. This meant trouble. Sarah was in her uniform, strolling around the house. With neither a hide nor hair of Jake or the professor to be found, something bad was bound to be in the works. As Sarah came into the living room she noticed Fawn, Diana and Mina watching TV with Jen and Fawn. “Has anyone seen Jake or the Professor?” asked Sarah. The other girls all looked at one another and shook their heads.
“No, not since this morning,” commented Jen, more interested in her TV show then in the actual reply. Just then, the TV flickered and Mato appeared on the screen.
“It works! I’m a genius!” shouted the professor as usual.
“GAAAAHHHH! Give me back my shows!” Jen ran up and started shaking the TV vigorously. Mato’s image on the inside began bouncing around like he was really in the set.
“Ouch… hey…Oooaf…. That’s no way…..AHHH…. to treat….owwwwy… a genious!” yelled Mato as he actually appeared to hit the inside of the glass”
“Wait a minute Jen,” said Sarah, running up to the enraged genie, pulling her away from the TV, then 
bending down and touching the screen. “Professor, are you IN the TV?”

Mato chuckled, “Heavens no. This is my virtual reality projection television and transmitter. I’m transmitting to you from the Moon!” With this, all the girls looked at one another and rolled their eyes.
“Is Jake with you, Professor?” asked Sarah.
“Yes, yes. Jake is working on a long range anti-aircraft missile and laser system based off of an old video game he used to play. I think he called It ‘Moon Patrol.’ It wasn’t very popular.”
At this point, Jen finally spoke up. “Wait a second. How was I able to shake you?”
Mato smiled proudly, “The chamber I am in has ‘force feedback.’ You can affect me and I can affect you…. Watch.” Mato reached behind his back and pulled out a hypno-pistol, aiming it at the camera and firing. From behind the TV, a small crystal rose up and a hypno-ray shot out, striking Mina clean in the head. The poor magical girl barely had time to let out a gasp before her eyes glazed over and she slumped in her chair.
“Professor!” shouted Sarah angrily.
“Nice shot,” admired Jen.
“Is anyone else worried he might do that again?” mused Fawn.
“Why does he always demonstrate these things on Mina?” asked Diana quietly.
Mato was as giddy as a school boy. “It works. I’m a genius! Anyways, I just wanted to try this new invention. Oh by the way, there is a new club in town called ‘Spirals.’ My company is interested in perhaps purchasing it as a test bed. Why don’t you all check it out?” With that, the crystal reappeared from behind the TV and shot a beam to the floor and a flyer appeared on the floor. Mato’s image then vanished, followed a few seconds later by the picture tube in the TV exploding.
Jen sighed and put her hands in her head. “All I wanted to do was watch some TV,” she cried.
Sarah picked up the flyer and handed it to Diana. “You guys have fun. Jessica and I are working on a new way to track Dawn, and neither of us like the ‘club’ scene anyways.” Diana picked up the flyer and looked at the address.
“Sweet. It’s really close. Let’s go; let’s go; let’s go!” Diana shouted, shaking Mina who blinked several times then looked at her confused.
“What? What? What? And what’s burning….? Why is the TV on fire?” asked Mina in a half awake stupor.
Diana just looked at her and shook her more. “We’re going to a club. Get the rest of the girls. Let’s GO!” shouted Diana as she got up, yanking Mina in tow. Jen and Fawn got up to get ready, shaking their heads in laughter.

In Slaves Inc headquarters, Vice sat coldly at his desk with a young elf on one side of him and a cat girl on his other, both deeply hypnotized and wearing blank expressions on their faces. Before him stood Serena, Val, and Ayame, all dressed in tight fitting clothing, ready for a night out. And all were fixated on Vice. “Ladies, it has come to my attention that we have lost two scouts. Both were sent to a club in Yoto called ‘Spirals.’ I want you three to go and check it out. There may be a danger to our organization. Infiltrate, evaluate, find the missing girls, and if necessary…or able, bring in new recruits. Understand, Slaves?” Vice instructed coldly.
“Yes, Master Vice,” was the reply in unison from the three ladies. Then they bowed at the waist, all the way down, and turned to leave.
Vice sighed, stroking the cheek of the hypnotized cat girl. “This is why we have subordinates, so they can do the dangerous work for us.” Vice smiled still nursing his wounds from capturing Ayame.

‘Spirals’ was located in a quiet district in Yoto. The neon spiral above the name gave a good indication as to what was to follow as the girls, one by one, got out of the van. Jen was wearing a more decked out version of her normal genie outfit with more jewelry and a little skimpier in all the right places. Fawn, fitting the perfect pop starlet look, was wearing very tight, denim pants and a bright yellow halter-top. Yuta was stunning in a black miniskirt and shocking pink t-shirt, with a matching pink, glittery bow in her hair. Katia, ever the princess, was wearing knee high leather boots, with a very short leather mini skirt, and blue sports bra, with an even smaller than modesty should allow leather vest over it. Diana had dressed slightly more modestly and was wearing a pair of designer jeans with a form fitting blouse that matched her blue hair complete with a faux diamond cat collar around her neck. Mina was much more conservative, wearing a normal pair of denim shorts and a red long sleeved shirt under a green vest. Lucia, who had not gotten the idea of what a club was yet, was wearing a normal pair of skimpy shorts, and an equally skimpy white tank top that matched her wings and hair. The outside of the club looked neat and there was a single female employee standing near the door with long fiery red hair flowing down to the middle of her back, and sporting high heeled ankle-high boots. She wore an all green jumpsuit with two spirals strategically placed on her chest, giving her a look of intimidation and power. She smiled warmly as the girls all approached. “Good evening Ladies,” she said in a soothing voice. “May I see your ID’s please?” The girls all produced they’re respective ID’s and the bouncer looked them over frowning at each one. “I’m sorry, Ladies, but this club serves alcohol. You must be 21 to get in.”
“What? What about me I’m 1857?” said Jen with a huff.
The bouncer looked at her coldly. “And you know the drinking age for genies is 2,100 years.”
“Do you know who I am?” said Fawn calmly.
“Better yet, do you know who I am!?” shouted Katia.
“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do know who the two of you are. You are the singer Siren, and you are Princess Katia of the elves. You are both too young; you can’t get in,” said the bouncer with an air of arrogance in her voice after just having slapped down two fairly important people.
All of the girls started arguing with the bouncer. The bouncer remained calm but cocky, shooting down their arguments one at time until suddenly she started to lose focus. Her eyes started to glass over and she began to stare straight ahead. The girls all stood there confused. Jen even waved a hand before her eyes with no response.
“What the…. What? Oh, you!” Fawn smiled, looking over at Yuta whose mouth was open, aimed directly at the bouncer. The other girls all took a step back as Yuta winked and moved up to the bouncer.
“You want to let us all in, don’t you, Deary?” said Yuta, playing with the bouncer’s hair.
“Yes Mistess,” came the monotone reply of the bouncer as she turned and opened the door for the girls. They all smiled and patted Yuta on the back as they passed her, entering the club.
“That’s a good girl,” Yuta complemented the bouncer, stroking the young red head’s cheek. “Perhaps you would like to play a gaaaaaaa….” Yuta was cut off as Katia and Fawn each grabbed an arm and dragged her into the club. The bouncer stood there glassy eyed staring straight ahead for about a minute then blinked and shook her head looking around confused as she went back to her job.
Down the street, three young ladies appeared over the hill. The first was dressed in all black leather, from her boots to her skintight pants with a long sleeved top to finish the ensemble. The only odd characteristic was that she was a fox. The girl walking in the middle was tall and trim, with long blonde hair, wearing a purple halter-top, a short velvet skirt, black fishnet stockings, and purple high heels. The last young lady was dressed in tight white mini skirt, a very formfitting ivory halter-top, and a white pair of heels. She alone wore sunglasses. They approached the bouncer at the door who smiled in her professional manner “May I see your ID’s please?” she asked extending a hand.
Ayame smiled at her as Serena snuck up behind her. “No you may not,” she replied just as professionally.
The bouncer was about to protest when her eyes flew wide open and she rose up onto her tiptoes. Serena’s hand could be seen squeezing the unfortunate’s shoulder causing the bouncer’s eyes to slowly close as she drifted off to sleep. Serena caught her in her arms and dragged her into the coat room in the lobby, leaving her buried sound asleep under several coats.

The inside of the club was a multileveled interior. The customers entered on the top level, which was just to walk around. Several stair cases led down to a mid level where small two and three person tables were set up. A third level lead down to the dance floor which ended in a performance stage. The club was filled with TV monitors showing flashing lights and spirals, and other hypnotic paraphernalia. And, in the far left corner, raised three feet above the rest of the dance floor was the DJ stand.
The Mato girls found some seats on the middle level at three small tables that situated were close together. Lucia and Jen took the first table, followed by Diana and Mina, and finally Yuta, Katia and Fawn. Fawn leaned over and asked the rest of the girls, “Do you notice anything odd about the staff here?” The girls began to look around and noticed striking similarities in the employees. The four male bartenders were wearing spandex pants, but were topless, and the six female waitresses were in short 1960s style skirts with spiraled sports bras, but the really striking similarity was that all of them had the same vacant look in their eyes. All of them were hypnotized. The girls then noticed that several of the patrons were also hypnotized. Some were under on the dance floor, some at their seats, and some were being lead backstage by a waitress.
“Great. What did Mato get us into this time?” Diana groaned.
Yuta beamed, “This is like an arcade with all the games to play!”
Mina noticed that the DJ in the DJ booth was not hypnotized. She was young, probably 23, with long brown hair, and a spiraled tank top. She was bouncing to the beat when a woman walked into the booth. The woman was tall with shoulder length red hair, wearing a long, slinky black dress slit up the sides to the mid-thigh and strap-y high heeled sandals . The DJ turned, removed her head phones, and began to talk to the woman. Mina noticed that the DJ seemed to be relaxing a bit. Her mouth
DJ Booth (By Rotem Dishon)
started to fall open ever so slightly. The taller woman bent down gently and began to slide a finger along the DJ chin and her cheek while the DJ appeared to be slumping a bit more with each time she nodded to the unheard words of the taller woman. After a few more seconds the taller woman handed the DJ a cassette tape. The DJ took it nodding, looking peaceful but glassy-eyed and dazed just like the rest of the staff. The taller woman stood up and left the booth.
“I don’t think I like this,” said Mina to herself.
Near the entrance, Serena, Val, and Ayame walked in and surveyed the scene, calmly making their strategy.
“I’ll take backstage,” said Ayame confidently.
“I’ll take the dance floor,” volunteered Val, surveying the room.
“I’ll look out from here and take the guests below,” commented Serena with a wicked smile. Without another word, the three girls moved to their respective posts. Ayame and Val took different sets of stairs and Serena perched on the railing to observe for a while.
Serena noticed another kindred spirit sitting at the bar, a sexy fox girl, with shoulder length, curly hair that was dressed in leather boots, a black mini skirt, and a red halter-top. She was sitting with her legs crossed, smiling in a very flirtatious way with the hypnotized bartender.
The bartender brought the lovely vixen a nice large latte, and set it down in front of her blankly responding, “Here is your latte, Miss.” The vixen smiled warmly.
“Why thank you, my good man.”
“Miss, would you like some milk for your latte?” said the bartender, nice and calmly.
Smiling at the power she had over the tranced bartender, the vixen replied seductively, “Why yes, I would my sweet man.” The bartender gently poured a small stream of milk into the latte and began to swirl it around. “Nice pattern,” commented the vixen.
“Yes,” replied the bartender, “it is a nice pattern. See how it swirls gently around, seeing how the milk stays separate, forming a spiral in the dark latte. Swirling around, becoming thinner and thinner. Moving towards the center into the slowly forming whirlpool. It’s so relaxing to just watch the milk swirl in, down the whirlpool, down deeper and deeper, letting everything go. Feeling all of your energy, all of your thoughts, just following the milk, down into the whirlpool swirl away, as you go deeper and deeper.” The vixen’s eyes were nice and blank now, her expression slack, as her mouth hung partly open staring into the latte. Serena, in the background, was watching intently, well aware of what was happening. “It feels so good to just relax and let all your thoughts flow away. Isn’t that right now, my dear?” asked the bartender, his voice still monotone but perfect for inductions.
“Yes…,” responded the vixen as her voice gently trailed off.
“Very good,” the bartender said and pressed a button on the counter. He then noticed Serena watching and pressed another button on his counter. Before Serena could react, one of the monitors near her started to flash a spiral pattern directly into her face. A small speaker underneath the monitor began to play an accompanying low melodious hum. Serena blinked shaking her head. The power of the spiral hit her immediately, but even though she was trying to brush it off, the flashes just kept coming into her face. Her eyes were closing slowly, and she was struggling to remain cognizant as her body began to relax. Without her even knowing, a waitress walked up behind her and was steadying her. Serena’s last bits of resistance faded with a final, brighter then normal, pulse made her slump her shoulders and send her vixen face into a slack stupor. The waitress behind her gently started to guide her to the other entranced vixen at the bar. Ordering the sitting vixen to stand, the waitress led them through a door behind the bar. No one who wasn’t already entranced noticed.

Down the street a beautiful young woman wearing knee high leather boots, and a black leather one piece skirt and top, walked provocatively down the street. Her hips swaying, and her shoulder length brown hair blowing gently in the breeze, she walked calmly down the street, at least for a few seconds before she tripped over nothing, then regained her balance, and smiled, shaking her head in humorous admittances of her own clumsiness. Above on the roof tops, she was being watched by a shadowy figure. “Wow, this one’s graceful,” said the figure sarcastically, waiting patiently for her to move into exactly the right spot until finally she was right where he wanted her. Leaping off the roof and spreading a pair of large demonic wings, he floated down in a wonderful displace of grace and landing perfectly in front of her. “Hello my sweet, it’s time you took a look at this,” he said confidently holding his hand before her eyes. With a look of stress on his face, a very faint flicking orb started to appear in his hand. The orb flickered becoming barely visible, causing the shadowy being to strain at the orb’s control, with the strain greatly showing on his face.
The young woman looked at him with an odd expression. “That’s pretty, but what is it supposed to do?” she asked confused.
“It’s going to make you focus on it and obey me,” said the incubus straining to hold the fading orb.
The young woman smiled and blushed a bit. “Aww, that’s so sweet, but I’m afraid it’s not working honey,” She replied genuinely.
“No, it’s going to work. Just focus,” commented the incubus, straining even more.
“I’m sorry honey, but it’s not working. You had better stop before you pop a blood vessel. Have a nice night,” said the young woman as she smiled and sexily slipped past the incubus.
Looking around quickly, he noticed a small alley not far from where the woman was walking and quickly ran up behind her. He spun her around and kissed her deeply, pulling her close him. The young woman’s eyes flew wide and bugged out of her head a bit as she started to feel herself weakening in his arms. The features of the incubus seemed to remain in shadow as he pulled the young woman closer, holding her tighter and tighter, draining the energy out of her through the kiss. The young woman’s eyes slowly started to glaze over as they began to close. Her shock melted away as her muscles loosened and she shank into the incubus’s arms as he continued to drain her energy. Slowly dragging her into the alley, the incubus was aware that the young woman was now completely limp. Her lips were soft against his as he broke the kiss. She was completely drained, and deeply asleep. Dragging her to a clean secluded spot in the alley, he gently brushed her cheek as he laid her down. “Thanks for the snack, sweet thing.” With that, he spread his wings and took off into the air.
Flying over the town, he was suddenly struck by the sense that somewhere close-by there was a massive build up of hypnotic energy. He flew over the city until he had it locked down to a small night club in the quieter part of town. Coming to a slow glide over the roof of the building next to the club, the incubus gently touched down and ran a few paces before tripping over nothing and landing face first in the small gravel filler on the roof. He slid a few feet and slammed head first into a vent pipe, with a very loud CLANK! His wings shot straight up into the air, and slowly shrank into his back.
Groaning, he slowly stood up. “That’s never happened before,” he silently complained. Shaking off the pain, he moved to the edge of the roof to observe what was happening through a club window.

Inside, the girls were talking, trying to relax in the middle of a club dedicated to hypnosis and trying not to seem to uncomfortable. They were actually managing to strike up a conversation when one of the hypnotized waitresses came up to the first table with Lucia and Jen, and asked rather blankly, “Good evening. Trance or non trance?”
All the girls looked at the waitress a bit confused, but before anyone could stop her, Lucia asked, “Tranced?”
“Very good, miss,” said the waitress and pressed a button on her tray. Without warning, two flat yellow laser lights shot from the small opening in the middle of Lucia and Jen’s table striking both of them in the face starting at their foreheads and moving down across their faces. As the beam moved down their faces, the girls’ eyes glazed over and their expressions loosened as their face muscles sagged, causing the girls to sink back in their chairs. Both were out in less then three seconds. The waitress then moved to the next table with Mina and Diana.
Before she had a chance to say anything, both girls nearly shouted, “NON-TRANCE! NON-TRANCE!” The waitress moved to the third table of girls who replied just as eagerly and as enthusiastically as the second. The remaining five conscious girls watched as the waitress instructed Lucia and Jen to stand up and follow her. Both girls rose, blank and relaxed, and followed the waitress down the stairs and up onto the stage. The waitress then slid the curtain back and guided them backstage.
Mina and Diana looked at each other. Then Mina commented to the other table, “Ok no one asks ANY questions. If you are in doubt, just say no!”
Yuta laughed at Mina. “What? It looks like fun. Maybe you should join them in a nice …. HEY!” Yuta yelled as Katia covered Yuta’s eyes.
“Sorry Yuta, but I think there are enough people to trance here without you needing to trance Mina,” she said soft enough for Yuta to laugh and decide not to trance Katia.
Before any more hijinx could occur, the music changed, turning to an upbeat, fast paced dance mix, but with a hint of belly dancing music. The curtains on the stage opened slowly and Jen and Lucia walked out. Jen was in a neon pink bikini, wearing several perfectly transparent veils, only to complete the outfit and not actually to cover her. Lucia was now wearing a very skimpy white thong. Jen started to dance on stage, very erotically to the music, as a pole began to rise from the floor to aid her undulating dance.
The girls all laughed, the tension breaking a bit on seeing their friends perform. Yuta clapped and cheered the loudest while Mina nervously shrank back into her chair.
While most of the audience and dancers were watching Jen, Lucia produced a very odd goblet and took a long slow drink. Few people noticed as her eyes started to glow neon blue. She then began to walk through the dance floor, grabbed a young man, and kissed him full on the lips. As soon as their eyes met, two blue energy blasts moved from Lucia’s eyes to his, leaving him completely tranced and standing rooted to the floor.
Fawn looked over at Katia and Yuta, “Did she just do what I think she just did?”
Yuta bounced, “See! She gets to play!”
Katia just looked on a bit confused, “One heck of a kiss too.”
On the dance floor, Val’s long blonde hair was bouncing in the music as she surveyed the crowd, looking for the two lost slaves. Then she spotted them, being escorted into the back room by one of the waitresses. Val smiled, as she nodded to Ayame, who began moving towards the door, opening it slowly, and sneaking in. Val casually started dancing towards the door, attempting not to draw attention to herself, and figuring backup would never hurt. She started to survey the upper deck while dancing, searching for Serena without locating her. Scanning the upper deck, she didn’t notice Lucia moving in directly behind her. Val turned face first into Lucia in the middle of her dance. She didn’t have any time to react before Lucia grabbed her face and pulled her forward, throwing Val off balance and into a deep, intense kiss. Val’s eyes opened wide in surprise just in time for the energy to arc from Lucia’s eyes directly into hers. Val struggled for a split second then her arms slumped to her sides, as her eyes glazed over. Lucia broke the kiss and left Val tranced on the dance floor, moving on to her next victim.
Fawn was staring at Lucia. “Dang, she already has four people out…. Make that five.”
“Awww, she seems to be stopping,” said Yuta, disappointed as Lucia started to gather up her five tranced victims, three females and two males.
Diana’s face lit up. “Great! I’ll be right back,” she announced as she bounced off of her chair and ran downstairs towards the sign labeled “restrooms.” Mina sank back in her chair and scooted it closer to the other three girls for safety.

Back stage, Ayame walked casually through the hallway following the two missing girls. One was a bunny with blue fur and long blonde hair wearing a plain white jumpsuit and the other girl was a human with short black hair, and matching jump suit walked blankly up to the woman Mina had seen in the DJ booth.
“Good, Ladies, you are back tonight. I want you to go to the 3rd National Yoto Bank, and bring to me the diamond on display in the lobby. Do you understand?”
“Yes Mistress,” both girls replied in unison. With that, they made a sharp turn and began to head for the back door.
“Not so fast, Ladies” said Ayame, confidently walking towards the two girls as the manager turned to walk away. The manager stopped and shook her head facing away from Ayame. “Look here a moment ladies,” Ayame cooed and she removed her sunglasses and staring into the two young ladies’ eyes. Both girls began to sway as their eyes turned to spirals. Ayame smiled confidently, “And now it’s your turn, honey,” she said, walking towards the manager. She got a brief glimpse of the mirror in front of the taller woman as her hand rose to her face. The manager began to turn towards her. Ayame assertively gazed right where the woman’s eyes would be and didn’t have a chance to prepare. When the manager turned, she was wearing reflective sunglasses. Ayame stared right into a reflection of her own eyes and gasped
“That’s it, little one, focus on the eyes. See the swirl and feel it bringing you deeper and deeper; so helpless, falling so quickly now, isn’t that right, Darling?” the manager said in a soothing yet confident tone.
Ayame’s face went slack staring into the reflection of her own eyes. “Yes,” she replied.
“That’s yes…Mistress, isn’t it my dear” said the manager with a sly smile of victory.
“Yes Mistress,” Ayame replied flatly.
“Good girl. Now put your sunglasses back on, my dear. Free my other two slaves from your power and send them on their way.”
“Yes Mistress,” Ayame replied, putting on her sunglasses and moving to the two spiral-eyed slaves. The manager sighed and removed her own sunglasses, revealing for the first time that she had had her eyes closed the whole time.
“Sometimes this is just too easy,” she laughed as she turned and walked away. “Now to move on to my other guests.” The manager entered her office and turned her focus onto the multitude of security monitors bolted to the far wall. Each monitor revealed one or several of club-goers. About half the people so far had remained unaffected by the rampant hypnosis. As she scanned the monitors, she noticed Diana had separated herself from the other girls with whom she had arrived. The manager laughed at how easy a target she had just been presented. Activating a preset trap in the women’s’ washroom, she went back to scanning the monitors. Recognizing Fawn and Katia, ideas on how to use the two celebrities popped into her head. “A princess and a celebrity singer, wonderful,” mused the manager. “They shall be quite useful, but the others…. I shall have to figure out some uses for them as well.” Deciding that, the manager began pressing a variety of buttons, activating several hypnotic items that were ingeniously hidden all throughout the club.
In the women’s’ washroom, Diana was busy fixing up her hair…..all of it. She gently brushed the fur on her arms to make sure it was all going the same way, then on her legs finally moving up to her chest and neck, turning her head from side to side, admiring her own image in the mirror. Smiling, she began to notice something strange. It was as though something was moving behind the mirror. She leaned in closer trying to figure out what that something was. She could defiantly see something moving, but it wasn’t clear what it was that was doing the moving. She tried leaning in closer but with no luck. Then she tried moving back a bit and noticed the movement take shape. It was something spinning, she thought, something spinning behind the mirror. The spinning circular object began to get brighter and she could finally tell that it was a spiral. Laughing at the mirror, she commented to the spiral, “That’s a clever idea, given the name of the club and all”. She was about to turn when suddenly the spiral started to flash with every color of the rainbow, directly into her face. Had anyone else been in the washroom they would have been fine as the flashing spiral was aimed directly at Diana. “Ooohhhhh soooo , prreee….” Diana’s train of thought trailed off as the lights from the spiral continued to strike her dead on in her rapidly slacking face. Her arms began to slack to her sides. She was totally lost, totally blank.

The manager smiled, watching Diana submit almost instantly to the spiral. “That’s a good girl. Just let yourself go. You’ll make a fine addition to the dance squad, my dear.” A knock at the door brought the manager’s attention back to her present surroundings. “Enter!” demanded the manager.
“Mistress, it is almost time for your show, just a reminder as you bade me,” a waitress commented after she had entered. “Shall I tell the DJ to announce you?”
“Wonderful. And yes, tell that DJ to announce me in twenty minutes, and tell her to start the tape I gave her. You’re dismissed,” the manager replied still studying the monitors.
“Yes, Mistress,” responded the waitress as she left to carry out her newest orders.

Back in the club, a new song started to play over the speakers. “I’m starting to get worried about Diana,” Mina said, almost clinging to Fawn’s arm.
“Relax Mina. You know how long she takes in the mirror,” said Fawn, hiding her own worries about Diana.
“There are words in the music,” commented Yuta, starting to get a far away look in her eyes.
Fawn looked at Yuta confused. “What are you talking about? It’s just a base tape. There are no lyrics.”
“Yes there are,” replied Yuta, getting a glazed smile on her face. “Can’t you hear them?”
The other three girls all looked at her like she was crazy. “What words?” asked Katia.
“Happy. Carefree; want to dance. Need to dance, sway to the music, sway to the rhythm. Let yourself go, nothing to worry about. Focus on the music. You must dance. You need to dance.” With that, Yuta got up from her chair and started to dance, moving slowly towards the dance floor. She passed several other patrons who were starting to get the same glazed look on their faces that Yuta had while several of their friends looked at them either laughing or acting concerned.
Passing a short, young woman with long brown hair and fancy jeweled bracelets and earrings, Yuta paused to look at the woman. “I like your shirt” said Yuta.
The young woman smiled and blushed. The tight red shirt had only one sleeve and an angled neck so her left shoulder and arm were bare while the rest of her was covered creating a classy yet revealing ensemble. “Thank you,” she said softly. (*1)
Yuta moved closer and stared into her eyes. Her own eyes started to spin. “You want to join me on the dance floor, don’t you?” Yuta suggested.
“Yes…,” the brunette responded as her eyes focused on Yuta’s and her face become slack. She stood and followed Yuta down the stairs.
Yuta moved to the dance floor. Her arms rose above her head, moving with the rhythm. A young man next to her who looked almost as glassy eyed started to move towards her. Yuta smiled at him as her eyes turned to silver spirals. The young man’s face instantly slackened as his eyes reflected Yuta’s; face, spirals and all. She instructed him to dance closer, rubbing her body against his while the young brunette moved to the other side of the young man and did the same.
“There she goes again,” retorted Katia, shaking her head. The girls’ attention was then drawn to a large disco ball lowering from the ceiling to twirl about ten feet above the dance floor.
None of the dancers noticed or cared about the disco ball’s emergence. They were too busy dancing or too busy being becoming tranced. From the side of the club, two laser lights slide out of the wall and began firing at the disco ball. The lasers bounced harmlessly off the disco and onto the dance floor. Then, without warning, a bright blue laser hit the disco ball and bounced into the back of a young woman on the dance floor. As soon as she was hit, her arms fell to her sides and her head slumped down onto her chest. She stood slouched and unmoving. A few seconds later, another bright blue laser struck a young man in the shoulder evoking exactly the same response.
“They’re hypno-lasers!” gasped Mina, stating the obvious as two more dancers were tranced.
“Yuta doesn’t seem to notice it either,” said Fawn concerned.
“Actually I don’t think Yuta cares,” announced Katia, sounding almost bored.
Dance floor (By Rotem Dishon)
Yuta was dancing back to back with the young man she had entranced when he was hit by the laser and slumped over. She moved forward, dancing around the entranced people with her own eyes completely glazed. She moved to the young brunette and danced very exotically with her until the brunette was struck in the shoulder. The brunette’s eyes glazed over and her head and arms went slack. Yuta was oblivious to what was going on around her. Three more people were ‘tranced then Yuta was struck in the chest with one of the blue hypno-lasers. She sighed and smiled as her arms went slack and her head slumped forward.
“See? She didn’t care,” Katia commented, starting to sway to the music.
Fawn shook her head trying to clear the cobwebs. “The subliminal words in the music must be getting to us.”
“I’m going to find Diana. I don’t like this,” Mina got up to run towards the bathroom. Fawn and Katia just sat at the table swaying to the music. Katia was oblivious that Mina was even gone while Fawn knew something was wrong, but couldn’t put her finger on it. The music was too nice to worry.

Mina was just about to enter the bathroom when she noticed the door to the backstage area was propped open just wide enough to see Diana standing there, completely dazed. Someone was stroking her tail, talking to her. Mina couldn’t hear all of what was being said, but she was able to make out the word… slave? “No, that couldn’t be right. Diana isn’t a slave. What’s going on?” Mina was about to move closer when she saw the woman that had visited the DJ booth walk past stroking Diana’s cheek and heard Diana reply.
“Yes, Mistress I obey”.
“Oh crap, I need to warn the others!” said Mina, attempting to sneak away from the door unnoticed.

Back outside in the main area of the club, Fawn elbowed Katia. “Look, something’s happening up on the stage,” she commented to the elf princess. She had noticed a waitress go up to the DJ and whisper in the DJ’s ear. The DJ simply nodded and halted the music.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Spirals. We are happy to present our owner and manager of the club, Nadia!” announced the DJ as the curtains open and all the ‘tranced dancers on the dance floor knelt. Six large, blank, expressionless men walked out onto stage followed by all of the patrons that had so far been hypnotized. They were all dressed in thongs, regardless of gender. Finally, the manager, Nadia, walked onto the stage and bowed.
“Thank you, Christine,” Nadia said into a microphone. “Hello one and all! I trust you’re all having the time of your lives here?” Nadia smiled to the resulting enthusiastic cheer from the audience. “My name is Nadia and I’m the owner of this club as well as the manager. But, now, I’m your host for the evening and you can call me… Mistress!”
Fawn was now very concerned. “I’m going to go get Mina. You stay here,” she said, getting up and running past Katia.
Katia only smiled blankly. “Stay…here.”
Nadia saw several of the patrons that were not yet hypnotized starting to get anxiously concerned about the activities that taking place upon the stage and through out the rest of the club. “Don’t worry my darlings. Your friends are safe, just as you will be safe, once you realize that all you have to do is focus on my voice. Feel it moving into your mind, gently, sweetly, hearing it echo over and over again. As you start to relax, and let go, remember, you’re safe, completely and totally safe, in my voice,” Nadia soothingly intoned.
Several patrons, including Katia, whispered quietly, “Safe….” Several others were looking glassy-eyed. A few were fighting the urge to surrender to the induction, trying to wake their friends.
“No need to listen to anything else but my voice. It fills you, completes you. You need it, more and more. You have to listen. You have to focus. Nothing else matters now except for my voice. Feel your bodies relax, deeper and deeper, as your muscles let go, loosen. Let yourself go.”
Katia’s arms were now at her side and her face was slack with her eyes staring ahead blankly. Several other patrons had joined her while several more weren’t far behind.
“Very good. Just listen to the words as they echo deeply in your mind. It’s so easy to hear them softly echoing, making your mind empty, and let go. Let go, NOW.”
With that last word, every one of the patrons that was influenced by Nadia’s induction was now out. Nadia nodded to the waitresses who began moving into the audience. One young woman in a blue, skin-tight leather jumpsuit was trying desperately to wake her friend in a matching red leather jumpsuit when she looked up the waitress was standing right in front of her.
“It’s time you slept too, Miss,” said the waitress, holding up a small flashlight and aiming it at the young woman’s face. With a blank look, she turned on the device and a stream of colored lights shone into the woman’s face.
“No wait, pleeeeaaaa…,” the young woman pleaded as her voice trailed off. Her eyes started to reflect the colors of the device and her arms slid to her sides. The waitress turned the device off, leaving the young woman staring into nothing, and moved to the next un-entranced patron.
Fawn had managed to hide during all of this and block out the noise of the induction by gently singing to herself. She noticed Mina, half awake under a table near the bathroom, and quietly moved to her. Sneaking up behind her and whispering into her ear, “Mina, are you ok?”
Mina just stared ahead. “So light, can’t move,” she said calmly, but with a small hint of panic.
Fawn looked around, moved closer to Mina, and began to sing in her ear. “Just relax little one, and listen to me. Don’t worry about a thing just focus on me. Nothing else matters, nothing at all. Focus on me, and let yourself fall.” Mina’s body went slack. Fawn looked around and whispered gently into mina’s ear, “Wake up Mina in 1…2…3….” Mina’s eyes snapped open and she turned frantically towards Fawn, who covered Mina’s mouth and put a finger to her own lips. “Shhh, we need to get out of here.” Mina nodded vigorously and Fawn removed her hand from Mina’s face. The two began slowly crawling under the tables until they reached the main level. Below in the seating level, the waitresses were busy entrancing the last few patrons still awake. Mina looked over the edge then turned to move towards the door but bumped face first into a waitress.
“It’s time you slept too Miss” said the waitress, raising up the flashlight-like device.
Mina freaked out until Fawn pushed her out of the way and then shoved the waitress to the ground. Fawn grabbed Mina by the shoulders and pushed her to towards the exit. “Go Mina, let’s go,” shouted Fawn, annoyed. They tried to run out the door to safety when Fawn suddenly fell. Mina looked back to see that the waitress had grabbed Fawn’s leg around the ankle. Fawn rolled over and the waitress immediately moved on top of her. Fawn started to sing at the exact same moment as the waitress turned the device on to shine into Fawn’s face. Mina watched as Fawn slowly ceased struggling, her voice cracking lightly until her arms dropped to the floor, completely tranced.
“Gah!” Mina shrieked and turned to run full force towards the door.
The red headed bouncer staggered from the coat closet directly in front of Mina, shaking her head, trying to clean out the fuzzy feeling. “Mmm, what happened?” she asked when she heard Mina running down the hallway “Huh?” she thought, turning just in time to be rammed by a fleeing Mina. The fiery redheaded bouncer fell hard against the wall behind her. Her head hit the wall with a thud and, with a sigh, a small, goofy grin appeared on her face as her eyes rolled back into her head. The poor girl slowly slid down the wall into an unconscious pile on the floor.

By CK And SleepyHypno

Mato, Sarah, Jake, Fawn, Diana, Mina, Jen, Jessica, Dawn, Vice, Serena, Val, Ayame, Yuta, Katia, and Lucia, as well as Yoto, Slaves Inc, and the world in general are all copyrighted to Adv913. This is his world, I'm just playing in it.

Celene, Nadia, and Xander are all copyrighted to SleepyHypno.

*1 Friend of mine had that shirt years ago, no idea why but I loved that shirt design.

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