Tuesday, June 20, 2017

SleepyGirl's Costume Ball Surprise (Hypnosis Log)

Key: MD, MC, M/F, Sleep, Log

SleepyGirl: in any case,yes I'm really paranoid in this case,so sue me :oP

Me: can I really?

SleepyGirl: you won't get anything,but sure

Me: sweet **sues you**

SleepyGirl: congratulations you just won a million dollars....in monopoly money

Me: hmmm I'd rather have something else =cP

SleepyGirl: and what would that be

Me: hmmm you laid out naked blank and obedient =cP

SleepyGirl: dare to dream :oP

Me: oh really don't think i could =cP

SleepyGirl: chances are slim :oP

Me: oh really and why not?

SleepyGirl: because....umm....because i said so :oP so there

Me: hmmm not a convincing argument

SleepyGirl: i thought it was good

Me: you don't reading that thing yet?

SleepyGirl: about as done as I'm going to get i think

Me: hehehe that's good whats your plans now?

SleepyGirl: i...have no idea actually

Me: hehehe,  wow you really are hopeless some times you know that?

SleepyGirl: oh trust me I'm well aware

Me: i see what time do you have to get up

SleepyGirl: 9:30/9:45

Me: good
Me: nice and deep
Me: nice and relaxed
Me: slipping down
Me: deeper and deeper
Me: dropping all the way down
Me: 1
Me: 2
Me: 3
Me: 4
Me: 5
Me: deeper
Me: 6
Me: 7
Me: 8
Me: 9
Me: 10
Me: slipping away
Me: feeling your mind and body relaxing and letting go
Me: completely and totally now
Me: isn't that right SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: good girl
Me: and faster
Me: 12
Me: 14
Me: 16
Me: 18
Me: 20
Me: 22
Me: 24
Me: 26
Me: 28
Me: 30
Me: deep and relaxed
Me: 33
Me: 36
Me: 39
Me: 42
Me: 45
Me: 49
Me: 51
Me: 54
Me: 57
Me: 60
Me: So calm and relaxed now isn't that right my dear?

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: very good
Me: how deep are you now SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: very deep

Me: good girl
Me: so deep and relaxed
Me: I want you to imagine for me now
Me: that you are getting ready
Me: ready to go to a party, a costume party,
Me: you can see the perfect costume sitting there in front of you, can't you SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: describe it to me SleepyGirl,  every detail

SleepyGirl: its...like a harem girl costume....i think that's what they're called...its got deep,royal blue pants,and matching shoes that aren't entirely that color but have bits and pieces of it in then,with a dark blue top as well with just a tiny little bit of a pale blue color woven through it..

Me: very good it sounds lovely...
Me: as you sit there
Me: i want you to put it on
Me: piece by piece
Me: feeling it's texture
Me: it's smooth
Me: cool fabric
Me: looking in the mirror
Me: and seeing yourself
Me: totally dressed as a harem girl
Me: sexy and beautiful
Me: how does the dress make you feel SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: different, sexy

Me: you find yourself feeling very confident,  very flirtatious in this outfit
Me: almost like the outfit itself is having an effect on you
Me: you realize this is true don't you SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: very good SleepyGirl
Me: as you arrive at the party
Me: it's in a large building..
Me: and you realize it's your perfect party
Me: from the location
Me: to the people
Me: to the decor
Me: it's all perfect isn't it now SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: describe the party SleepyGirl, in every detail... the more you describe the more vivid it becomes for you

SleepyGirl: the party is in a gigantic ballroom,there's even a chandelier hanging down from the middle,but that's really the only fancy thing about the room,there's a few tables off to each side where people are laughing and talking...there's a wide staircase off to the side that leads up to balcony/second level of the room...the main floor seems more casual,the upper level has almost a club like feel to it,with the lights and the decorations it has

Me: very good,  as you look around you notice you see several people you know... you don't notice me... but you do see several of your friends don't you SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: tell me who you see, and they are dressed as now SleepyGirl, the descriptions don't have to be detailed.

SleepyGirl: Nicole is dressed as a police officer...Julie is dressed as a pirate...Krissy is dressed as...some kind of odd combination between a psychiatrist and a mad scientist...and Stacy is...some kind of singer i think...that's all i can see

Me: very good SleepyGirl
Me: as you look around you see 5 guys in costume,  all of them are one of your favorite fantasies... pick your five favorite fantasies now SleepyGirl (aka Jedi, cave man etc)

SleepyGirl: Jedi/sith,incubus,caveman, spy,soldier

Me: very good.. as you look around you see several of them, wondering which one i might be....
Me: which would be your favorite SleepyGirl,  if you could have an encounter with any one which would you have an encounter with tonight

SleepyGirl: the incubus

Me: very good SleepyGirl
Me: do you think your friends should have encounters with the others?

SleepyGirl: they could,yes

Me: very good,
Me: as you sit staring into the party
Me: with it's night club upper deck
Me: and elegant ball room main level
Me: what do you want to do where do you go?

SleepyGirl: i would wander upstairs to the upper level for a little bit, and then probably end up back downstairs on the main level

Me: then see yourself doing that wandering upstairs first
Me: dancing thru the night club,
Me: softly and easily swaying your hips
Me: feeling so sexy in your out fit
Me: as you move past a spot you notice Stacy is on stage singing.. what is she singing SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: im not sure,its something i don't really recognize

Me: shes' doing a good job
Me: the audience is swaying to the beat
Me: she seems almost lost in the words
Me: you can feel the music moving into you as well
Me: can't you SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: how does it make you feel

SleepyGirl: a little sexier

Me: very good
Me: are you enjoying yourself at this party SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: good,
Me: as you watch Stacy sing you notice someone,  a man dressed as a soldier, getting up on stage, Stacy definitely see's him and seem's a bit flush.  describe him SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: hes kind of tall,maybe about 6 foot,with standard army fatigues on and boots,cant really see his face too well though

Me: you notice Stacy starting to sing to him
Me: getting flushed
Me: and red
Me: swaying with him
Me: when without warning
Me: he takes her and dips her over his knee
Me: and kisses her deeply
Me: what happens next SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: he kisses her for a few more moments,and then tries to stand her back up,but it kind of looks like she fainted from the surprise

Me: totally limp in his arms,  an expression of peace on her face
Me: you can see him gently lift her, into his arms, and carry her back stage
Me: seeing your friend faint from a man you fantasize about has had an effect on you hasn't it SleepyGirl.

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: what effect has it had on you SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: it made my heartbeat and pulse quicken a little bit

Me: you realize the more your pulse quickens the more confident you become don't you now SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: as you leave the stage area, you notice Krissy, dressed like her mad scientist.
Me: where is she SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: upstairs as well,not too far past the stage

Me: you see she is talking to someone,  who is she talking to SleepyGirl? can you tell what they are dressed like?

SleepyGirl: its hard to tell,they look like they're dressed all or mostly in black

Me: move a little closer SleepyGirl, see if you can figure out who they are
Me: being careful not to let them see you,
Me: can you see who she is talking to now SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: its still hard to tell

Me: what do you think you should do. should you watch from a distance, or try to move closer,  maybe even talk to Krissy

SleepyGirl: watch from a distance for now

Me: you can see Krissy talking very excitedly about something to the man
Me: her eyes are wild and nearly crazy
Me: her costume must have effected her, like it did Stacy, like it is you...
Me: the man with her is calm and collected.. not showing any emotions  can you tell if his clothing is more fancy... or more robe type?

SleepyGirl: it looks more robe type

Me: very good,  does the man do anything while talking to her SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: not that i can see

Me: as they talk you notice him wave his hand, at her,  and she suddenly gets a little glassy eyed,  and says something,
Me: how does this make you feel?

SleepyGirl: it made my pulse race a little more

Me: as his hand waves again her expression changes,  a distinct emotion present on her face,  what emotion do you see there SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: her face seems a little flushed

Me: you realize what he's doing to her don't you SleepyGirl...

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: what exactly is her doing to her SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: arousing her..i think..

Me: does she seem to notice

SleepyGirl: not really

Me: you seem him talk to her more
Me: each time waving his hand
Me: your friend getting more and more flushed
Me: more captivated
Me: pulse racing
Me: breathing heavily
Me: until she does something totally unexpected
Me: what does she do SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: she orgasms

Me: you can almost feel it as she shakes and convulses
Me: the man standing up and moving to her slowly
Me: her eyes are closed
Me: too far away for you to hear
Me: but you can see her panting
Me: and shaking
Me: as she finally relaxes
Me: and opens her eyes to see the man right in front of her
Me: waves his hand down across her face
Me: what happens to her now SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: her eyes closed again

Me: you realize what he did to her don't you SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: what did he do to her now SleepyGirl.

SleepyGirl: he hypnotized her

Me: how does that make you feel?>

SleepyGirl: it made my heart start racing and my pulse speed up even more

Me: you see him talking to her... touching her.
Me: it's like one of your fantasies being lived out right in front of you.
Me: whats he doing to her SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: still talking to her,and touching her

Me: do you want to try and stop him.. or just watch

SleepyGirl: just watch

Me: you see him touching her,  her face blank, slack, her eyes closed, as his hands slide over her body, while he whispers into her ear... then she stands up.. what does she do from there SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: not sure,its hard to tell

Me: you see her turn to the man,  and wrap her arms around him...
Me: she's very friendly with him.. isn't she SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: she starts to unbutton her shirt... as he slides  a hand into her shirt, and begin to kiss her.
Me: she doesn't protest,  she's totally under his power... how does it feel to have seen your friend get mind controlled like this SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: rather arousing

Me: as they kiss you notice him break the kiss and stare right at you.. with a devious grin, your friend kissing up and down his neck,  he see's you SleepyGirl... what do you do...

SleepyGirl: back away a little bit

Me: you see him start to move your friends towards a door leading to a private room, the whole time staring at you,  deeply, boring into you, your friends still kissing his neck.. he nears the door,  and walks in the room, and starts to close the door.
Me: does he do anything before the door closes SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: he just smiles again

Me: what is the last thing you see him do to your friend before the door closes

SleepyGirl: take off her shirt

Me: you catch the look on her face just as the door clothes.. it's one of pure lust,
Me: how do you feel having seen your friend mind controlled like this?

SleepyGirl: a little aroused

Me: are you enjoying your party my dear?

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: what do you think you should do now.. should you explore the upper level more.. or see whats on the lower level

SleepyGirl: see whats on the lower level

Me: as you move
Me: gently towards the stairs
Me: you notice your feeling very flirtatious.
Me: very sexy
Me: swaying in your harem girl outfit as you walk towards the steps
Me: even winking at a few of the guys as you go.
Me: it feels so good doesn't it SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: as you near the steps you noticed a random guy staring at you
Me: you can tell he likes you.
Me: and your feeling just a little frisky
Me: a little erotic
Me: you decide to give him a quick thrill
Me: something to keep him drooling all night long
Me: what do you do SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: move over to him,swaying my hips to the music,and give him a flirtatious smile to start...then get nice and close to him,and press my body up against his...trail a finger down his cheek and jaw,and then give him a deep,passionate kiss

Me: you feel him react in shock and pure joy,  totally surprised and not knowing what to do..
Me: how does this make you feel

SleepyGirl: good

Me: what do you do next, as you feel your tongue along his

SleepyGirl: press myself even closer against him,move one hand behind his neck and deepen the kiss,and let the other hand run down his chest slowly

Me: you can tell he is getting very aroused... still completely unable to react other then to nervously start to slide a hand along your leg..
Me: what do you do next SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: move my hand over his and help slide it further along my leg

Me: he's getting very aroused, and becoming braver... do you intend to keep seducing him.. or simply pull away and leave him drooling

SleepyGirl: pull away

Me: then continue till you pull away,  and describe what you do feeling it as for it's as real as you are

SleepyGirl: let his hand creep up my leg a little more before moving mine back on top of his...deepening the kiss just a little bit more...and then finally breaking it and stepping away

Me: you see him in total shock,  and can easily see his hard on in his pants, until people move between you and him..
Me: how did it feel to be the tease,  the seductress SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: it was fun...it felt good

Me: very good
Me: as you arrive at the top of the stairs
Me: you can see the dance floor ball room below,
Me: you can see Julie,  swaying her hips as a sexy pirate...
Me: and you notice Nicole, as a very perky police officer keeping the peace...
Me: both appear to be totally under the spell of there costumes
Me: which makes you wonder for a second what effect it's having on you
Me: you shrug off the idea
Me: realizing you have never felt so good
Me: as you start to walk down the stairs
Me: you notice two men
Me: one dressed in a suit like James bond
Me: another in a cave men loincloth
Me: one moving towards Nicole
Me: the other towards Julie
Me: which one moves towards Julie SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: the cave man

Me: does she see him SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: no

Me: you see him moving closer and closer to her..
Me: what is she doing?

SleepyGirl: still dancing it looks like

Me: you notice the cave man get closer and closer to Julie
Me: you also notice the spy moving closer to Nicole.  does she notice him?

SleepyGirl: no

Me: but Nicole does notice the cave man getting closer and closer to Julie.. she tries to move towards him but something stops her... what stops her SleepyGirl,   is it the crowds... or the spy

SleepyGirl: the spy

Me: how does he spot her SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: he managed to work his way into the crowd enough and spotted her from there

Me: very good,
Me: how does he stop her from moving towards the caveman sneaking up on Julie

SleepyGirl: he managed to get between them,but im not sure what else he did

Me: what does Nicole seem to be doing, with this man in front of her now

SleepyGirl: she tried to get around him at first, now shes just talking to him

Me: while this is happening the cave man is directly behind Julie now.. ready to strike.. she is totally unaware isn't she SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: you are on the dance floor now SleepyGirl, you could try and stop the cave man,  or try and get Nicole's help,  or just watch.. what do you do

SleepyGirl: just watch

Me: you notice the caveman make his move,  what happens SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: he knocked Julie out

Me: you seen it perfectly
Me: he raised his club over her head and thumped it right on her head
Me: she dazed for a moment a slight grin on her face before her eyes closed and she fell back into his arms, totally limp as he
starts to drag her away

Me: how does this make you feel my dear?

SleepyGirl: a little aroused

Me: does he do anything to her as he drags her away

SleepyGirl: not that i can see

Me: you notice him dragging her slowly away and notice that Nicole has seen it to,  she is about to go try and 'arrest him' when the spy does something totally unexpected to her..
Me: what does he do to your best friend SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: he spins her around, dips her, and kisses her deeply,to catch her off guard for starters

Me: what is Nicole's reaction does it catch her off guard

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: what does she do dipped over his knee with him kissing her

SleepyGirl: she tried to fight it a little at first,cant see what or if she did anything else though

Me: you realize the spy has a plan for her, as you move closer,  hiding in the crowd,  with so many people you can be inches from them and still hidden
Me: as you move a man gently asks you to dance,
Me: you don't look at him, totally interested in whats going to happen to your friend...
Me: do you accept the offer to dance? to use it as a cover,  or do you just ignore him and move closer

SleepyGirl: use it as a cover

Me: you let the man take you in his arms,  positioning yourself so it looks like your holding him but watching your friends,  still being kissed dipped over the knee of the spy..
Me: as you watch you realize the look on the spy's face
Me: he has a plan for your friend...
Me: what happens next SleepyGirl..

SleepyGirl: he breaks the kiss and helps her stand up...she has kind of a dazed look and a little bit of a goofy grin on her face

Me: as you look at your friend, dazed and stumbling a bit, the spy helping her stay standing, you try to figure out, did he do something more to her then kiss her, or is she just taken off guard,   what do you think

SleepyGirl: he did something more than just kiss her

Me: do you know what he did?

SleepyGirl: no,im not sure

Me: watching them closely trying to figure out whats going on,
Me: what happens next SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: she still seems a little dazed,and hes moving around,but its hard to see what hes doing

Me: what appears to be happening to her.. is he talking to her?

SleepyGirl: i think so,he moved closer to her

Me: is he touching her at all

SleepyGirl: not that i can see

Me: what is she doing?

SleepyGirl: she looks like shes trying to get her bearings back..but shes still kind of stumbling around

Me: you seem to dance closer to her,  trying to see whats going on,  as the spy moves to the next part of his plan..
Me: what does he do next SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: hes moving closer to her,and seems like hes holding something in one hand

Me: can you tell what he's holding SleepyGirl,  can you see what it looks like

SleepyGirl: it looks like its a piece of cloth or something

Me: you realize what he's going to do with that cloth don't you SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: your friend is dazed but shaking off the effects slowly... but you know she won't be ready to stop the spy... do you help her... or do your watch your friend end up like your other free friends helpless

SleepyGirl: watch

Me: you see your friend start to shake off the dazed effects when the spy strikes...
Me: what happens to her SleepyGirl,  the more detail you describe the more vividly you will see it

SleepyGirl: he moves up closer to her,quickly,and he slides one arm around her waist to steady her...and before she can say anything,he holds the cloth up to her nose and mouth

Me: how does this make you feel to see this SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: aroused

Me: as you watch do you do anything that might tip off your dance partner that this is turning you on

SleepyGirl: start breathing just a little bit heavier,and my face might get a little flushed

Me: what does Nicole do?

SleepyGirl: she struggles for a few moments,but then her eyes start to flutter closed and she ends up limp in the spy's arms

Me: the spy is cool and collected, holding her.. but he is doing more then just holding her isn't he SleepyGirl,  he's taking advantage of her,  how is he doing that

SleepyGirl: he's touching her

Me: where is he touching her SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: her chest

Me: yes you can see him fondling her sleeping chest, sliding his hand between her buttons and feeling her up as he drags her away slowly.... easily... he looks around and starts to head towards a dark room behind him... does anything happen with him or her before he gets there

SleepyGirl: no

Me: he moves her into the darkened room and starts to close the door.. the last thing you see doubles your arousal...
Me: what is it that you see SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: he slides his hand up her shirt and starts to kiss her again

Me: does she reply at all

SleepyGirl: not that i saw

Me: as you sit there dancing,  your thoughts drift quickly to Julie,  and turn in your dance to see her and the caveman in a dark corner behind a table.. what you see heightens your arousal to the point of nearly making you orgasm.
Me: what is it that you see SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: the caveman taking advantage of her,shes still unconscious

Me: taking advantage of her how... describe what you see.. the more you describe the more vivid it becomes, the more vivid it becomes the more aroused you become...

SleepyGirl: shes only half dressed,its dark but you can still see the caveman touching her body all over

Me: as you think about you, you realize that four of your friends... have fallen under someone else's control... Stacy is currently fainted in the arms of a soldier... Krissy is under the control of a sith... Julie is being felt up by a caveman,  and Nicole is unconscious and being taken advantage of by a spy.. how does this make you feel?

SleepyGirl: aroused

Me: as you sit there wondering what things are happening to your friends,  your arousal starts to come out in the dance... your barely aware of the person your dancing with yet your dancing is becoming very enticing...
Me: describe what you do SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: start dancing very close to them,swaying my hips and moving my body seductively,and just getting lost in the music and in my own arousal

Me: you feel them holding you closer,  their hands roaming up an down your back softly... and you begin to feel something crawling up your leg.. slowly...
Me: what do you do

SleepyGirl: glance down to see what it is,but still letting myself sway in the dance

Me: you see what looks like a pointed red tail.. coming form your dance partner up your pant leg, and it's getting higher, and higher as you look,  what do you do

SleepyGirl: continue to watch it curiously,getting just a little bit more aroused,and dancing closer to my partner all the while

Me: you hear your partner say something to you... your not paying attention to what he said, but you recognize the voice... and... you heard your first name... what do you do now SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: turn to look at my partner

Me: as you look up you notice your dancing with me... but it's more then just me, it's my incubus form,  as you look up you notice my eyes start to shimmer and glow... you can feel im about to do something to you.. something very exciting.. what do i do to you SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: i know somethings coming,but im not sure what it is

Me: deep down inside you have a few things you hope might be coming what are they

SleepyGirl: that i might be hypnotized...or knocked out...

Me: you look up to see my eyes glow,   deeply,  brightly,  they seem to captivate you,  to pull you in.. deeply as you feel my tail all the way up your pant leg teasing your sex... you can feel yourself slipping away can't you SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: you see me lean in to you,  my nose gently brushing against your.. my lips so close to yours... as i exhale into your mouth,  you can feel something happening.. something strange your getting light headed quickly... your arms are going limp... and your legs are turning to jello, you realize what im doing to you don't you SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: describe what im doing to you and how it makes you feel SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: you hypnotized me with your eyes...and now you're knocking me out...so to speak...and it makes me feel helpless,and aroused

Me: holding you close,  i lean in just a bit more and kiss your lips... you have about 10 seconds till you pass out.. what do you do in that time...

SleepyGirl: return the kiss as much as i can until i pass out

Me: as you faint in my arms,  you feel me carry you. softly easily...
Me: you hear the crowd get quieter and quieter as we arrive in a private room
Me: you feel me lay you softly on a bed, and feel your consciousness coming back
Me: as you open your eyes your staring deeply into a gem
Me: you can see it swinging back and forth
Me: softly and easily
Me: the light reflects into your eyes
Me: your head is getting light
Me: fuzzy
Me: blank
Me: you loose track of the room
Me: nothing else matters
Me: just the light
Me: the voice
Me: you hear it speaking
Me: you hear it talking to you...
Me: you hear it blanking you...
Me: and then you hear it say something to you...
Me: something that triples your arousal...
Me: not because it commanded you to be aroused
Me: but because the suggestion given
Me: the command was so arousing
Me: so pleasurable
Me: you can't help but get aroused
Me: what was the command that was given SleepyGirl ?

SleepyGirl: finish your dance for me

Me: what do you do when you hear this suggestion SleepyGirl
Me: describe it, in detail
Me: knowing the more detail you use,  the more arousing you will become
Me: and the more vividly i will see your dance...

SleepyGirl: i slide off of the bed and stand in front of you and start dancing to the music again, getting lost in it quickly and easily once again and letting my body move and sway as seductively as possible,running my hands all along it and feeling the arousal building again inside of me again

Me: you see me watching you intently  deeply... you see an energy moving from my hand and into you arousing you even more... you feel like you did when you bumped into the guy you teased earlier only you know this time there is no teasing you intend to give in to your desires... give in to your desires SleepyGirl,  i command you... and you obey..

SleepyGirl: as soon as the energy moves into me i slide slowly and seductively closer to you,watching you with eyes full of lust..pressing myself close against you just as i did to the first guy

Me: you feel my body sliding against yours,   you can feel my hard on thru our clothes. and you realize deep down that those clothes need to be removed.... how do you do that SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: i start with yours,removing each article and sliding my hands teasingly along your body in between until everything has been removed,and then work on removing my own clothing

Me: helping you remove your top... as i slide my hands over your naked breasts,  your mind floods with desire and passion, and a need to obey your commands... moving my hands slowly down your chest,  to your stomach and thighs as your pants are removed leaving you naked, to do a special little dance for me now SleepyGirl

SleepyGirl: beginning to slowly sway my hips and the rest of my body,feeling overcome with passion and arousal as i slide my hands up your chest

Me: pulling you close to me, you can feel my cock teasing your sex, as i lean you back on the bed and kiss you deeply my tongue sliding along yours... deeply building inside you

SleepyGirl: i pull myself closer to you and return the kiss just as deeply,the passion still building inside me

Me: you feel my hands sliding along your body hitting all the special places,  caressing them deeply gently slowly,   more then sex,  we are making love... you feel it deeply.. emotionally... inside... you feel my hands on your body,  and in a slow gentle fashion.. feel me deep inside you, filling you deeply and completely.. what do you do,  what do you feel

SleepyGirl: i close my eyes as you fill me and just...take everything in...the feeling of you inside me,the feeling of your hands on my body,feeling it all deep inside me and just letting the pleasure build

Me: the pleasure builds,  with each stroke,
Me: each caress,
Me: you feel it, pumping deep inside
Me: building
Me: surrounding you
Me: binding you
Me: penetrating you
Me: completely and deeply
Me: my hands roam your body
Me: my lips press against yours
Me: deep inside you
Me: growing
Me: building
Me: harder
Me: deeper
Me: stronger
Me: CUM SleepyGirl
Me: deeply and completely
Me: feeling it rolling thru your body
Me: completely releasing all the built up energy
Me: all the built up power
Me: and again
Me: CUM SleepyGirl
Me: harder
Me: deeper
Me: wiping your mind
Me: wiping your thoughts
Me: only pure pleasure remains
Me: only pure joy
Me: pure happiness
Me: rolling
Me: in and out
Me: deeper
Me: and deeper
Me: how do you feel

SleepyGirl: happy

Me: you feel your mind blank,  lost....
Me: you feel me slide out of you, and kiss you gently
Me: the last of your energy slipping away..
Me: slipping away
Me: darkness consumes you...
Me: you sleep for hours...
Me: you don't know...
Me: then you awaken...
Me: you are alone
Me: you get dressed and venture out into the main hall...
Me: everyone is gone...
Me: but then you see a person...
Me: it's Stacy,  coming down the stairs,  the wrinkles in her clothing imply she had a good night..
Me: what does she look like SleepyGirl,  do you say anything to her? does she say anything to you...

SleepyGirl: no,we just look at one another and smile a little bit

Me: a minute late you see your friend Krissy decent the stairs...
Me: she looks confused...
Me: her cloths are all disheveled
Me: she asks what happened, says she doesn't remember anything,  except a man in black...
Me: what do you tell her?

SleepyGirl: tell her she must have had some night if she doesn't remember anything

Me: she look sat you confused,  as you all hear a moan,  and glance over to the side
Me: from behind a table,  Julie sits up
Me: her eyes still dazed and glassy
Me: and her shirt wide open although she is buttoning it up
Me: she doesn't appear to be in pain
Me: just really disoriented
Me: she walks over to you and your friends and asks
Me: what happened, and where did the party go.
Me: what do you do

SleepyGirl: just tell her that the party ended a while ago,and as far as what happened...we're just as confused as she is

Me: as you talk a door opens and Nicole stumbles out,  her shirt wide open and her pants barely on.. she looks at you four and simply asks "what?"
Me: how do you reply

SleepyGirl: i just shake my head, no reply necessary

Me: as you go to leave you hear a noise,  you turn to see me in full incubus mode hanging from the ceiling.. i blow you a kiss and you feel your body have a mini orgasm,   when you open your eyes again i am gone...
Me: and on the count of three you will awaken completely
Me: remembering everything
Me: and able to comment without embarrassment or nervousness
Me: understand?

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: good girl
Me: 1
Me: 2
Me: 3

SleepyGirl: wow

Me: enjoy it? or look at how long you were under for

SleepyGirl: little of both,mostly for how long i was under for
SleepyGirl: i really enjoyed that though

Me: you were out for four hours

SleepyGirl: holy shit

Me: what did it seem like

SleepyGirl: i would have guessed about two honestly

Me: did it seem real the whole time or were you shifting in and out

SleepyGirl: no it seemed real the entire time

Me: sweet, that means you'll only need realistically about two ours of sleep
Me: how do you feel

SleepyGirl: still getting my bearings back,but other than that i feel good

Me: honest opinions?

SleepyGirl: honest opinion? i really really enjoyed it

Me: hehehe,  im glad,  specific thoughts on specific things ?

SleepyGirl: heheh,for starters,can i just say the amount of confidence i felt wearing that costume was frightening at best? :oP

Me: heheh apparently you made out with a guy all on your own =cP
Me: go on

SleepyGirl: that was interesting though,I've never been a...tease (to be blunt) like that before :oP
SleepyGirl: and i have to say in some twisted sort of way it was fun watching everyone else get knocked out too

Me: yeah i was going to ask you about that cause a few of those you did on your own, Stacy for example

SleepyGirl: and where that came from,i honestly don't know

Me: heheh apparently you have fantasies about being kissed by a soldier and fainting in his arms

SleepyGirl: yeah and that's news to me actually

Me: hehehe, either that or you got a thrill watching them get knocked out cause it was a turn on for you and subconsciously you think they would enjoy it

SleepyGirl: i would honestly be quicker to believe that option

Me: which one? (it's late im tired)

SleepyGirl: the one you just said about it being a turn on for me and subconsciously thinking they would enjoy it

Me: heheh well line them up I'll knock them out one by one =cP

SleepyGirl: heheh oh hell no im too chicken to do that in reality

Me: never discussed your fantasies with your friends

SleepyGirl: nope,its just not something my friends and i talk about

Me: hmmm should bring up hypnosis to them one time, see what happens

SleepyGirl: Nicole's head would probably implode...i don't know about everyone else

Me: why would her head implode

SleepyGirl: she's led a very sheltered life, that's just what i see happening if that topic ever gets brought up

Me: hehehe yet she was the most risque of your group in your fantasy

SleepyGirl: heheh,yes and when i read the ending about her coming out of the room with her shirt wide open and her pants barely on,there was this tiny little part of me that went "yeah....that's not right at all" :oP

Me: heheheh i don't know her i picked a personality =cP

Nicole, Julie, Krissy, and Stacy are all real life friends of ours, the names have been changed to protect the innocent.
SleepyGirl and myself (SleepyHypno) are also real people... I think.

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