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Hi-Jinx at the Fair (Hypnosis Reaction)

 Key: MD, MC, Sleep, Freeze, Log, M/F,

[SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

Well, enjoy hearing about it anyway. And by 'it' I mean a dream I had last night, so I figured since I was still remembering it - which seems odd, considering I've been up for 6 hours and usually I either don't remember dreams at all or only remember them for a short while after I wake up - I would tell you. I think you'll understand why once I start. :oP

Anyway, in this dream I was walking around what looked to be some kind of festival or something similar, at least that was my guess because there were quite a bit of people walking around. And there were other giveaways too like the little shops that were selling things, lots of little kids running around playing games, food, you know typical things you see at festivals and fairs and things like that. So I was walking around looking at things, and you, Lissa, Jesse, and Lorie were with me, all of us walking together down this street, and you know how you see things out of the corner of your eye sometimes? Well we were coming up on a few other shops and out of the corner of my eye I saw, or thought I saw, what looked like a green flash or glow or something similar coming from one of them. So, because I'm curious and nosy and can't ever let anything be I wandered closer to it to see what it was. I went over to the window and looked through the glass a bit, and noticed that it seemed to be some kind of magic shop. And just from a quick glance I see crystals and pendants and potions and things like that - not what I would have expected from a typical magic shop but my curiosity gets the better of me anyway. So I keep looking through the window to see what else I can see, and I notice one of the clerks is talking to a woman, and he's holding up a crystal ball - which is glowing a faint green color so at this point I'm assuming that was what I saw coming from the shop (although it seemed a little far back in the store to be that noticeable but I digress), I'm figuring at this point he's just showing her some of the things in there. Until I notice that she doesn't really seem to be doing anything, not smiling or talking or anything like that, just standing there staring at this glowing crystal ball. She looks like she's sleeping standing up, basically, except her eyes are open and staring at the ball. And it's at this point that the guy holding the ball noticed me watching them, but by then it was too late for me to look away (since he'd already seen me) so I just kept watching. So he keeps holding it in front of her face and it starts glowing more, and then this kind of energy or gas, it's hard to tell which it was because it looked like it could've easily been either one, starts coming from the ball and moving toward her face - it kind of hung there for a minute and then it looked like it was just evaporating or absorbing into her body. I moved around enough to be able to see her eyes glow the same color and then she faints into the guy's arms.

See why I thought you might be interested in hearing this yet? :oP

By this point my curiosity had definitely gotten the better of me and I decided to wander inside, I dragged you in with me and the other girls just kinda followed suit eventually. We all split up for a little bit, exploring the rest of the shop - it turned out to be much bigger inside than it looked on the outside (on a funny side note, the shop in my head matched up, mostly, to the magic shop they used in buffy the vampire slayer...which means nothing to you since you've never seen the show, but it was entertaining to me :oP). The clerk that I saw earlier saw me and smiled and asked if anyone needed help, or if anyone wanted to see a crystal. I was tempted for a moment but decided to listen to my better judgment (for once) and wait it out...he pointed to Lorie, Lissa, and Jesse like he was trying to ask if I wanted to see something used on one of them (without making it obvious that he was trying to ask). The next thing I know he's showing Jesse a bracelet with a green crystal in it - pretty much the same kind of crystal that was in the ball I saw earlier, i think - and while she's looking at it the same thing happens, it starts to glow a brighter green and the gas starts to come out of it again. Right as she looks like she's about to say something to us it moves over her face and it just...goes slack. I swear I heard a sigh too but that's kind of fuzzy and maybe I'm just imagining it because it seems like something that would happen in that situation (at least I know that's probably something i would involuntarily do but i digress). And just like the girl I saw earlier she just goes limp and stares at the crystal. I'd be lying if I said my buttons weren't being pushed by this, because it could have just as easily been me it was happening to. Anyway, the guy managed to slip the bracelet that had the crystal in it onto her wrist and as soon as he goes her eyes glow green the same way the other girls did and she faints into his no one else noticed this I will never understand, but hey only in dreams I guess. He took her to a back room and when the curtain to it opened I got a quick glimpse of what looked like a whole other group of girls back there, all with the same vacant stares on their faces.

A little while passed after that and he came back out holding a crystal ball, it looked the same as the other one except this one had a blue crystal in it. He took it over to Lissa and tried to start showing it to her but she didn't seem to be interested in it, well at first anyway. Then I saw it start to glow blue...if you've picked up on the pattern here I'm sure you can probably figure out what happens next. :oP So the guy moves the crystal up a little higher so it's right in front of her eyes and she has to look at it, and right after he does this the gas comes out of it and hits her. Her eyes didn't glow like the other two, though, she just had this really dazed look on her face while she stared at the ball. BUT the difference with this one was that the gas/mist/fog/whatever you want to call it at this point kept moving around her and her skin kind of absorbs it. I think that may be when her eyes glowed but I'm a little fuzzy on that. But after that she kept staring at the crystal and she looked...I don't know, really still. The guy moved one of her arms while I moved a bit closer and that's when I figured out that this crystal didn't make her faint, it froze her instead. (Again, buttons were pushed). So he looks at me and motions for me to help him by picking up her feet so he can take her to the back. I hesitated for a moment but I did, and once we got to the back I saw a few other girls (none of whom I recognized) that had the same dazed, blank looks on their faces and a few others that looked hypnotized, too. Then I saw another curtain that looked like it led to another room but I didn't get a chance to see what was back there. After we got back out into the main room he used another crystal on Lorie, except this one hypnotized her - which explained the other girls I saw in the back that looked like they were hypnotized. Once he moved her into the other room with the other girls the guy got a bit preoccupied so I snuck into the other room that was behind the one they were in. This one had more girls with it, two or three rows of them I think. They were all...naked, which was a bit odd...and they all had the same looks on their faces. Some were asleep from fainting, some were posed and frozen, and others looked just plain hypnotized. I heard the guy bringing the girls back there so I hid in the back of the room. They were all naked when he brought them in too, and then he put them in..I guess you could say their corresponding rows? He put Jesse with the others that were asleep, and placed her on a couch (because there was some furniture in there that they had fallen asleep/passed out on, others were just on the floor), then he posed Lissa and put her in the row with the others who had been frozen, and then did the same with Lorie and the other girls who had been hypnotized.

Once he left I got up and just kind of looked around at them, and all the others. The next thing I know I heard a noise and when I turned around to move I was looking right at another green crystal ball, or maybe it was the same one - it's hard to tell at this point. Except it wasn't the clerk holding it, it was you. I was just kind of surprised at this point so I didn't really have much time for a reaction other than to just look between you and the ball with a very clear expression of surprise on my face. You just grinned (that devious grin that i know too well) and before I could respond the gas from the ball hit me in the face. And then it was too much of an effort to do or think of anything else, and all I could do was stare at the crystal. I remember feeling limp and relaxed, but that's about it. You kept the crystal at eye level and started moving closer, taking my clothes off. And then I very distinctly remember you leaning in closer as you pulled off my shirt, and i have to say it's incredibly weird that I actually remember what you SAID but maybe it's because it just added to the heat of the moment...and i don't know why I'm talking about the heat of the moment since it was a dream, but we're continuing on. Anyway, you leaned in and whispered "i knew this would get your attention...that's why i bought it"....i think you meant the shop, i don't remember offhand. but definitely a turn on. a big turn on. Then you started pulling my jeans off, my bra is falling next to my shirt, and you're massaging and caressing me all over, and then pretty much ripping off my panties - proving that yes, romance is nice sometimes, but quick and dirty sex is just as good - sometimes better depending on your mood :oP I'm going to need a cold shower just from remembering all of this, for the record...anyway, the whole time all I could do was keep staring at the crystal while this pleasure just kept building and building. Next thing I know you're laying me down on something, I thought it was a bed at first but it turned out to be a couch... and all I could do was keep focusing on the crystal...I was so far gone by that point, definitely very deeply hypnotized by it...I'm not sure how long it went on, somewhere in the middle the crystal flashed and everything went black. I'm assuming I ended up passed out on the couch like the others who had the green crystal used on them.

All in all...well...yeah...that definitely pushed some buttons - the crystals, their effects, watching their effects on others, the list is endless. And the end was just flat out hot. I wished I remembered my dreams more often, who knows what else I'm missing out on. sorry this ended up being a lot longer than i expected it to be but like i said i very VERY rarely remember dreams that well so I guess I was trying to get it all written down for my own purposes too. :oP but yes, i thought you would enjoy hearing about that for reasons that should be obvious now, I hope you enjoyed...I know I did, hehehe. Anyway, on that note I'll talk to you later...if you need me I'll be the one taking the cold shower.

(Written by SleepyGirl)

Jesse, Lorie, and Lissa are all based on friends of ours, the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

SleepyGirl and myself (SleepyHypno) are also real people... I think.

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