Tammy has a love of music is almost always listening to music in one form or another. As such she was the perfect choice to be the DJ back at the original Spirals when she was in her late teens. The situation and the nature of Night Club required the DJ booth to be completely sealed off from the public. Years later when the rights to the Spirals Night Club was sold to a mysterious new owner Tammy was part of the deal.

Tammy is in her late 20's with very long brown hair that goes down past her waist line. This is still impressive despite the fact that she is barely five feet tall. She has a very petite body build but is stronger then she appears.  She is mostly polite unless she doesn't get her way at which point her mean streak comes out and she starts to snap at those around her.

Despite working in a night club dedicated to hypnosis, Tammy has no hypnotic skills what-so-ever and barely understands the ways that bineurals and subliminal messages works and pretty much brushes off both as long as it does not interfere with the music. This leaves her at a distinct hypnotic disadvantage as she is almost always so focused on the music she is listening too that she is already practically hypnotized by it, leaving her subconscious mind open to suggestions.


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