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Five Nights At Spirals - Night 3

Key: FD, MD, FF, MC, Horror, Humor

Description: As the week drags on Lindsey starts to get more and more weary, and the threats seem to come out of literally anywhere…  

  Lindsey practically fell into the office chair with a sigh. "This job...really...isn't worth the pay...or the stress...of the...anything." She said, exhaustion and exasperation evident in her voice. 

A moment later the phone rang, adding to the stress and tension she was already feeling and making her jump out of her seat, screaming and slamming both hands on the desk. "I could answer it...or I could shoot it." She pondered as she glared at the phone, sitting back down in the chair and taking a deep breath to relax herself as she put the phone on speaker. 

“Hello, hello!" The perky, yet nervous sounding voice on the other end of the line said. "Hey, you’re doing great! Uh, most people don’t last this long! I mean, you know, th-they usually move on to other things by now...uhh, I’m not implying that they were enslaved…or anything. Tha-that’s not what I meant. Uhh, anyway, I better not take up too much of your time. Uh, things will start getting real tonight."

"People quit after only two days?" She questioned, spinning in the chair to burn off some of her tension. “Imagine that.” 

"Uh, h-hey listen..." The voice continued, "I had an idea. If you happen to get caught and want to avoid getting tranced by the hypnotists, uhh, try playing dead. Ya know, go limp. Uhh, then there's a chance that...maybe they’ll think you’re already blanked out. Then again, if they think you’re an empty headed thrall, they might try to...program you as if you were entranced. I wonder how that would work."

Lindsey stared at the phone with a mixture of surprise and genuine exasperation. "Do you say these things in your head...before you say them out loud?" She asked the phone, knowing she wouldn’t get an answer. 

"...Y-Yeah never mind, scratch that. I-It’s best just not to get caught." The voice replied as if she knew how Lindsey would reply, despite having never met her. 

"Ya think?" She exclaimed, rolling her eyes. 

"Um, well, okay." The voice seemed to trail off, as if it was getting distracted by something else. "I-I’ll leave you to it. See you on the flip side.”

As the line went dead, Lindsey sighed again. "Seriously, who talks like that?” She muttered as she began to flip through the cameras. To her frustration, Midnight and Nadia were nowhere to be seen on the stage, and there was no sign of either as she skimmed the other cameras. "Great." Lindsey sighed, flipping through the cameras again. 

She stopped on the camera near the club’s side entrance. only to find Trisha standing there with a girl in front of her. She was rubbing the other girl’s temples and whispering into her ear, but the moment the camera came on, Trisha's head slowly turned to stare at it. She began to back away, dragging the girl with her towards the back of the room. "Really should put in a call about this at some point." She mused out loud, shrugging. "But it will make a great chapter for my report." She thought to herself with an almost giddy smile.

As she watched Trisha back up, Lindsey had a very eerie feeling wash over if someone was watching her. Without hesitation she spun to the left and closed the door, then spun to the right to close the other. With both doors sealed she took a deep breath and hit the light to her right. Nothing. She took another breath and hit the button for the door to open it, then activated the light. The room was empty. She spun around to her other side and hit the light. Nothing showed up in the window. So she opened that door and carefully checked the room as well. Still nothing. "Huh." she said out loud as she turned to look at the cameras again. "I must be getting paranoid."

She began going through the cameras again and paused on the one that was broken. Despite having no visuals, she still managed to hear its audio. To her relief, she heard the sound of a girl moaning, while another woman...who sounded a lot like Nadia...seemed to be coaxing her along. "That's a girl." The voice said, "Pleasure your's what you really -" She was cut off as Lindsey moved to another camera. 

"I don't really need to hear your sexcapades tonight." She mumbled. "Although when this is all over I wouldn't mind reading about them." She mused with a smile. She continued to flip through the cameras until she found Midnight, dancing with a man in the center of the floor. Although to say she was dancing was a bit of an understatement. Midnight was practically using the man as a stripper pole while he stared blankly into the distance, completely unaware of the sexy succubus sliding her body along his. "Poor guy doesn't know what he's missing!" Lindsey said before she heard what she thought sounded like a whisper.

Again, with reflexive precision, she spun around and slammed both doors shut. Then she repeated her previous check of the lights and the rooms with the door open. Still nothing. "What is making that noise?”  She muttered to herself as she returned to the cameras.

"It's me..." She heard echo softly through the room as she looked down at the cameras. This caused about as much of a freak out as you would expect in this situation. Lindsey screamed, and shot up from her chair as her hands flew up in the air. But as she did, she happened to notice the unmistakable form of a woman, sitting on her desk with her knees curled into her chest. Her hair was dark red, but her bright yellow eyes were the most...striking feature about her. Of course Lindsey noticed all of this mid freak out and in the split second it took to jump from her chair. Police training had its perks, even if she still needed more. 

Once her brain registered that there may have been an actual person sitting on her desk, her legs pushed off hard against the floor and sent the desk chair flying back against the lockers that lined the back wall. Hard enough for her to knock the chair off balance as she fell onto the floor. In a panic she screamed again and scrambled to her feet, ready for a fight as her police training kicked in again. Only to find that the room was completely empty. 

She surveyed the room, panting. "What...the actual...fuck?" She slowly, and not so calmly, asked the empty room. 

She cautiously picked her chair back up and rolled it back to the desk, pausing to ensure that she really was alone. The camera on screen showed the hallway on the way to the security room, and visible in the hallway was Midnight. Lindsey groaned as the succubus strutted her way towards the office. With a heavy sigh, Lindsey closed the door. “I don’t have time for this, go away!” She muttered.

As Lindsey continued to scan the cameras, she came across an image of Nadia on the dance floor. She was dancing closely with a tall blonde woman who was clearly in a Spirals Nightclub security uniform. Who else would be wearing an all white, skintight catsuit with a spiral over each breast? Lindsey didn't recognize the woman, although the angle wasn’t the greatest either. "I wonder who she is?" She thought, absently switching to the next camera. 

An image of Trisha appeared on screen, and the girl that she had been so carefully hypnotizing earlier was now, presumably, completely enthralled. I say presumably because the girl was on her knees with her head buried between Trisha's legs. Meanwhile, Trisha had just enough time to make a ‘naughty, naughty’ gesture at the camera just before she began to orgasm. Seems like that wouldn't be happening if the girl was awake. But what do I know, I'm just the author. 

Lindsey wasn't sure if it was because Trisha had managed to hypnotize a second girl in as many nights, or if it was simply the stress of the job getting to her. Or Trisha's cocky attitude. But with a glare she flipped off the camera and shouted "Fuck you!" Then extended the middle finger towards the closed door and yelled “Fuck you too!” 

Only to hear a very clear "What about me?" come from Nadia’s voice to her right. 

Lindsey screamed again and hit the left door button so hard that the door slammed down and rose again a moment later. Fortunately, she was quick enough to hit the button a second time and send the door slamming down again. With a frustrated grunt she hit the light on the right hand side to light up the room, where a bemused Nadia stood in the window. Lindsey flipped her off as well and shouted "Fuck you twice sideways!" before turning off the light and taking a breath to relax.

After taking a few deep breaths, she checked the cameras again only to find that Midnight was on the edge of the dance floor. She had a long haired brunette pressed against the wall and appeared to be kissing the woman’s neck while her hand was...doing something to the young woman's groin. Lindsey didn't really want to speculate at this point. The brunette was completely relaxed with both knees bent and her arms limp at her sides. Her expression was completely vacant and glassy and her mouth hung open ever so slightly as a hint of drool slid out of the corner and down her cheek. 

Lindsey rolled her eyes and opened the door to her left, only to find a semen soaked pair of boxer shorts in the hallway. "Why do you keep leaving me gifts like some kind of perverted puppy?" She asked rhetorically, spinning back around to check the camera by the side door. The young woman who had been occupying the space between Trisha’s legs was now completely asleep on the floor, and her skirt was pulled high enough for Lindsey to see that her panties were soaked. But Trisha was nowhere to be seen.

Lindsey assumed that Trisha had snuck out through the side door like she had the night before, but began searching the cameras anyway. Instead she was met with an image of Trisha sprinting down the hallway towards the security office. Without even thinking, Lindsey spun to her left and hit the button for the door. She was so flustered that she almost missed, but the door came slamming to the ground with a loud thump. A moment later another thump sounded on the other side, followed by several bangs. 

Lindsey raised an eyebrow at Trisha’s determination. "It's two inches of solid steel, dumbass!" She said, laughing and turning her attention back to the computer. "The only thing around here that isn't garbage, actually." While she had a moment she checked her right and noticed that Nadia was gone, so she opened the door. Since it was quiet on her left again she opened that door as well, finding that Trisha had also disappeared. Next she checked her power, which showed 48 percent. "Not great...but not bad." She said to herself. 

The first thing she found was that the stage was completely empty, and Xander was nowhere to be seen. "Great." She thought, "Another one to deal with." As she cycled through the cameras, the only thing she found was Trisha, peeking in through the back door like a small child trying not to get caught sneaking out of bed. Rolling her eyes, she continued her search for the others. When she couldn't find anyone she quickly checked both rooms outside of the office, turning on the lights for each, only to find nothing. "Yeah this isn't disconcerting at all." She said with a sigh as she checked on Trisha, only to find that she was gone. Almost on reflex, she spun around and hit the button for the door. Barely a second after it closed she heard a loud thud, followed by several rhythmic knocks. "Go. Away.” Lindsey said through gritted teeth, rolling away to check the other screens. 

After going through several of them, she came upon the image of Xander in the hallway to the right of the security office. With him was a short, red haired girl with the classic 'I'd like to speak to the manager' haircut. She was completely limp and slumped against his left arm while his right hand massaged her breast. He was either kissing her neck or whispering into her ear...Lindsey couldn't be sure either way. But what did stand out to her was the incubus's tail, which was very clearly coiled around the young woman's leg and appeared to be almost pulsing or thrusting into her shorts. If they hadn't been completely skintight Lindsey would have never noticed.

She couldn't help but watch the scene in front of her. On camera it seemed as if the girl’s body was glowing, but Lindsey wasn’t sure whether that was real or a trick of the poor camera lighting. Finally the girl’s body shuddered and fell as limp as a ragdoll. The incubus, for his part, didn’t seem phased. Instead he simply held her and continued...whatever it was that he was doing. She had to admit, it did look quite pleasurable. "I wonder what that would be like?" Lindsey mused as she looked over at the plush version of Xander sitting on the security desk and poked it softly, giggling at its telltale squeak.

She leaned back in her chair and watched the camera as Xander enjoyed his helpless prey. She'd have to report this, of course. But that would be later...much later. For now, she realized her shift was almost over, and she had nearly 20 percent power left. With a smile she closed the right door and sealed herself in the office, which she still felt was...mostly safe. Slowly, she began to slide her hand along her chest and under her security uniform, watching as the incubus mirrored her movements on screen. After all, she had until 6am to let her fantasies run wild. 

To be continued...

Curious what could have happened if Trisha had made her way into the office? There is an alternate ending to this story that explores that possibility on my Patreon site. You can find the story here: Five Nights At Spirals - Night 3 - Alt Ending!

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them! You can follow more adventures at Spirals Nightclub! You can also find bonus content on my Patreon page!

Featuring: Lindsey, Midnight, Nadia, Trisha, Xander

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