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Five Nights At Spirals - Night 2

Key: FD, FF, MC, Horror, Humor

Description: A confident and almost cocky Lindsey discovers that things are not as easy as they seem. 

Lindsey peered around the door frame of the office and slowly moved inside. Her movements were cautious and methodical as she cased the room to make sure that no one was there. Not that she wouldn’t have been able to see that from any spot in the room. She poked her head out of the door on the other side of the tiny office to make sure no one was in the hallway either. Satisfied that she was, for the moment, alone and safe, she fell into the desk chair. “Night two.” She sighed, “I’ve got this…I can do this. I am calm…I am...” she was interrupted by the phone ringing. “AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” She screamed in mid-sentence, glaring at the blinking light on the desk phone “Fucking hell!” she spit out angrily as she hit the button to switch the speaker on. “Hello?” she said as calmly as possible.

The phone was silent for a few moments before a click could be heard in the background as the recorded message began to play. “Uh, hello? Hello! Uhh...well, if you're hearing this and you made it to day two, uhh, congrats!”

Lindsey rolled her eyes and sighed again. “Another recording, how stimulating.”

The voice on the phone continued. “I-I won't talk quite as long this time since Xander and his friends tend to become more active as the week progresses. might be a good idea to peek at those cameras while I talk. Just to make sure everyone's in their proper place, ya know?”

Lindsey slowly moved to the computer at her desk and quietly flipped through the cameras. “Yeah, we wouldn't want a random succubus to just barge through the door for no reason.” she muttered, glancing between the cameras and the phone. To her relief the succubus, whom she had come to know as Midnight, the incubus, the aforementioned Xander, and the stage hypnotist whose name was Nadia, were all onstage and interacting with the crowd. “Ok, everyone is where they are supposed to be.” she said calmly, turning her attention back to the call.

“Uh, interestingly enough,” the recorded voice continued, “Xander himself doesn't come offstage very often. I've heard he becomes a lot more active in the dark, though, so hey, I guess that's one more reason not to run out of power, right? Heh.” 

Lindsey’s face crinkled in confusion and annoyance as she glanced at the phone. “Who talks like this?” she asked rhetorically, glancing at the incubus on camera and thinking about what the voice on the other end of the line had said. “Although…he is pretty cute. A nocturnal encounter could be fun!” She said with a grin as she poked the belly of the stuffed incubus on the desk, giggling at the squeak that it gave in reply.

“I also want to emphasize the importance of using your door lights.” The voice continued. “Uhh, there are blind spots in your camera view, and those blind spots happen to be right outside your doors. So i-if you can't find something...or someone...on your cameras, uhh, be sure to check the lights. Uhh, you might have only a few seconds to react, uh...not that you would be in any danger, of course. I-I'm not implying that.”

Lindsey moved to her left and pushed the button, lighting up the dark hallway next to the room. “Nah…” she said sarcastically, repeating the process on her right side. “A sex-crazed succubus barging in here would never happen...that’s just crazy.” She mumbled to herself. “Crazy ass assignment...Jen, you owe me big time for this.” 

“Uh…” The voice on the phone seemed to be struggling to remember what else she needed to explain. As if her own thoughts were being clouded while she was making the call. “Also, check the side entrance door from time to time. One of the local grad students likes to sneak in and try to...umm, pick up some of the girls in the club. But she tries to avoid the cameras even though we all know she is doing it. I guess she doesn't like being watched.”

Lindsey resisted the urge to roll her eyes and shook her head. “Please tell me that isn’t who I think it is.” She said, realizing that she already had an idea of who the call was referencing. 

“A-anyway, I'm sure you have everything under control. to you soon!” Lindsey couldn’t help but notice that the woman’s voice on the other end seemed more distant than it had been when the call started. Of course by the time she noticed this, the line had gone dead. 

“Curious…” She said to herself, flipping on the camera and noticing that Midnight was already gone. “And herrrrrrrrrrrrrrre we go!” She said with a sigh as she slammed the door to her left shut, checking the light to see that the hall was clear. She smiled confidently, scanning the club for the missing hypnotist and succubus. 

As she flipped through the cameras, she noticed that the tall succubus was leaning against the bar. She appeared to be speaking to a woman who was seated on one of the stools next to her. The woman’s expression looked...blissful, and almost vacant as the succubus slowly caressed her arm. “She works fast.” Lindsey muttered, moving on to the other cameras.

Lindsey paused for a moment as she scanned the other cameras. For a split second, she thought she had seen someone at the entrance to the side door, but she had moved past it so quickly that by the time she made her way back there was nothing there but an empty alley.  “I could have sworn someone was there!” She grumbled, turning her attention back to the screen. 

After quickly checking both hallways, Lindsey began to cycle through the cameras again. “Succubus at the bar…check. Girl next to her at the bar, clearly hypnotized…” she continued, noticing that the woman next to Midnight had her eyes closed and her head was being supported by Midnight’s hand while she slumped against the succubus. “Check…definite check.” She flipped to the stage camera. “Incubus on stage, check…but the hypnotist is now missing. Interesting.” She said as she noticed Nadia was nowhere to be seen on the stage. One by one, she scanned each of the cameras but found nothing. Until she stopped on the camera in the coat check room. The camera itself was blacked out and probably broken. But the audio from the camera...ironically, the only camera that had audio at all...was still working. 

Lindsey paused as she listened to, someone, in the room. A very soothing female voice. “It’s ok…” The voice said softly, “You look so worn out. This job can really keep you moving, constantly moving from one place to another...”

“Holy shit, you have no idea!” Lindsey said, not realizing that her shoulders had begun to slump as she listened.

“That’s a girl.” The voice in the room continued, unaware that she was speaking to two young women now. “Just let your body start to slip away, start to relax. I know you have a lot to do…a lot of things to worry about, and keep track of, but it’s ok for you to just take a little break. Take a little time...just for you…and for me.”

Lindsey’s face had gone slack as her eyes slowly lowered and fluttered, without her even realizing it. As she listened to the woman hypnotize her unsuspecting target, she thought she was safe. She didn’t realize that, little by little, she was slipping away with her. But then another sound caught her attention. Footsteps. The sound of high heeled boots walking...step by step...seductively down the hallway. 

Lindsey smiled at the familiar sound. “Midnight’s boots made that sound yesterday. Wait…holy shit!” Lindsey snapped out of her daze and spun around. Without checking the hallway, she hit the button to send the door slamming down next to her. 

She took a moment to catch her breath before turning on the light to see the silhouette of the succubus against the wall. Not only was Midnight aware that Lindsey could see her silhouette, but she was also making it wave at her. “Not tonight, succubus!” She said, sticking her tongue out at the silhouette before the light flicked off. “Now...what was I doing?” She asked herself out loud. “Oh yeah!” She quickly moved back to the computer screen, but the audio coming from the coat check room had disappeared, and all that was left was static. “Damn it, that was just getting good.” She swore under her breath, never realizing just how close she came to being entranced. 

Lindsey took a moment to center herself before starting another camera sweep. Although the incubus was still on stage, she needed to find out where Nadia had run off to. But in the middle of her search she came across the camera by the side door of the building, only to see a young woman standing there with a pocket watch dangling from one hand, swaying before the eyes of another woman that she had pinned to the wall. 

“Gotcha!” Lindsey said with a smile. Although she couldn’t see the face of the girl that was pinned to the wall, she could definitely see the features of the other young woman who she knew from her group of friends at New Chicago University. The woman holding the pocket watch was named Trisha. Lindsey had never actually met her before, but she had quite the reputation at the university for being interested in hypnotism. A night club like this was sure to be a draw for her. The fact that she decided to sneak in the side entrance of a free night club didn’t seem to phase Lindsey at all, in fact it seemed completely in character based on everything she had heard about the young woman. 

Lindsey watched as the scene unfolded in front of her. As Trisha slowly swung the watch back and forth in front of the young woman’s eyes, she pulled out her cell phone and sent a text message to her friend, Christine. She asked if Trisha ever went to the hypnotic night club in the city, wording it as carefully as possible since Christine was also a mutual friend of Trisha. 

As she slipped the phone back on the belt of her skintight security jumpsuit, she noticed that Trisha was no longer looking at her victim. The pocket watch still dangled from her hand, moving in a slow arc before the helpless young woman’s eyes, but Trisha was looking directly into the camera and smiling. “Well, that’s creepy.” Lindsey said with a shiver.  

Trisha raised her free hand to the camera, moving her finger from side to side in the classic ‘no no’ motion. With a smirk, she pointed to herself, then to her eyes, and finally directly at the camera. A very clear indication that she knew someone was watching. 

“The camera must have an indicator light or something.” Lindsey mused as she watched Trisha grin, then move her hand in front of her target’s eyes and snap her fingers. The young woman slumped into Trisha’s arms, her body completely limp. Trisha, of course, took full advantage of the situation and licked the helpless woman’s neck before giving the camera, and Lindsey, the finger as she dragged the helpless young woman through the side door of the club. 

“Seriously?” Lindsey said with a sigh, giving the camera the finger as her other hand hit the light to illuminate the hallway. She exhaled with relief as she found the silhouette of Midnight had disappeared. With another deep breath, she pushed the button to send the massive steel door up into its slot...and reveal a completely empty hallway. “Whew!” Lindsey said with a relieved smile as she checked her power. “68%...could be worse.” She thought as she spun around to check the light the other hallway to her right. 

Nadia smiled as the light in the hallway flickered on. “Hello darling.” The hypnotist said with a devious and almost sadistic grin, holding an ornamental pocket watch in her hand.

“Holy fucking shit!” Lindsey screamed as her hand reached for the button and sent the door slamming down next to her. As she sat there panting, the hallway light still on, she watched as Nadia moved to the window next to the door and slowly started to swing the pocket watch. Her eyes never left Lindsey’s as she smiled deviously. 

The young guard couldn’t hear what she was saying...if she was saying anything at all. But she could read lips well enough to get the picture. “Open the door my darling.” Nadia said with a smile. “It’s ok to just watch the watch and relax. You seem so tired…so stressed. You were so startled, and now your body is relaxing down…your heartbeat slowing…slowing…so nicely. Every beat helps you to simply focus and relax…more and more deeply on the watch… and on my words. Clever girl…I knew you could read lips. And it’s such a good skill to have…now…with me...”

Lindsey couldn’t help but notice how her heartbeat had slowed. Couldn’t help but feel her body relax from the start, and began to slip back into the desk chair. Her eyes were locked on the pocket watch, moving slowly, and easily before her...gently swaying from side to side. Her eyes were already so heavy and tired. She just wanted to rest…and relax. And she could do that...she knew she could. Nadia told her all she had to do was open the door. Just reach out with her hand…and open…the… 

The cell phone on her belt buzzed insistently, causing Lindsey to jerk in surprise at the sudden vibration. As she quickly sat up in her chair, she looked at Nadia. The hypnotist was still letting the pocket watch gently sway with a devious grin. Lindsey looked over at her right hand, which was less than an inch from pushing the button to open the door. Her eyes widened in shock as she quickly hit the button for the light, making the entire hallway go dark. Of course she knew that Nadia was still there, waiting to strike. But as long as she couldn’t see or hear her, she was safe...for now.  

With a sigh she slumped back into her chair and pulled out her cell phone. It was a text from Christine, confirming that Trisha had mentioned the night club in passing. Of course she had phrased it in a way that implied she wanted it to be kept secret...but also as bait to see if any of her underage friends would want to accompany her. “Sounds like Trisha.” She said, rolling her eyes and replying to Christine with a simple “Thank you, You’re a lifesaver!” Knowing that Christine would never know how she just saved her friend. 

She took a moment to get her bearings and started to check the cameras again. The side entrance was closed and there was no longer any sign of Trisha. Midnight, however, was easily visible on camera. She was seated at a table, straddling a young man whose arms were limp at his sides, clearly under the succubus’ spell. “I was beginning to wonder if she swung both ways.” Lindsey mused to herself. 

She noticed that the incubus was still on stage, dancing with a young woman who appeared elvish, if her ears were any indication. On the next screen was Nadia, now on the dance floor and walking up behind an unsuspecting young woman. Without any hesitation, Nadia gently grabbed the girl from behind, wrapping her arms around the girl’s waist and pulling her close. Her other hand dangled the ever-present pocket watch gently in front of the surprised young woman’s eyes as she began to whisper into her ear. 

The young woman was, understandably, caught off guard, and her eyes locked onto the watch almost instantly. The expression on her face never shifted, instead her mouth fell open gently as the muscles in her jaw went slack. Her shoulders slumped as she leaned back against Nadia, and any resistance she could have mustered already was long gone. 

Lindsey couldn’t help but watch with a captivated stare, her own mouth hung open in surprise as she watched just how quickly and easily the hypnotist ensnared the young woman. But then she noticed that Nadia was slowly moving the girl out of range of the camera. “Shit!” Lindsey thought, “She knows I’m watching.” Realizing that the cameras must all have an indicator light, she quickly flipped to another monitor to try and view Nadia from another angle. Unfortunately she was just far enough away to stay hidden, by the time she switched cameras the hypnotist was gone...and so was her prey. 

Lindsey switched cameras as fast as she could. Everyone that she needed to watch was visible and accounted for. Everyone but Nadia…who was completely gone. At least until she flipped on the camera for the coat room. The screen was still black, but she could hear the hypnotist's voice talking softly and seductively to her prey. 

“That’s a girl.” Nadia said soothingly. “Just let yourself relax. It’s been a long night, a long… strenuous night. You've been going strong since you got here…since you first stepped through the door. And now you find that your body…and your mind…are just ready to give in, ready to quit for a while. Ready to simply…sleep…for a bit.” 

Lindsey couldn’t help but listen. She wasn’t sure if that camera had a working indicator light, since it was broken but the words just seemed to hit home for her. She knew Nadia was simply talking to the girl she had captured, but it had been a very long night for her. She had been on her guard and going strong since she got there. And she really did just want to sleep...

What Lindsey didn’t realize was that her body had been slowly sinking back into the chair with every word that Nadia said. Her breathing had slowed and her arms were hanging limp at her sides. She didn’t realize just how heavy and tired her eyes were getting. “Sleep…” she thought to herself. “Simply…sleep…that sounds so nice.” Her eyelids fluttered rapidly as they rolled up into her head. “Simply…” She mumbled as her head started to sink down towards her chest, “sleeee….”  

DING DONG DING DING DING DING DING DONG! A loud chime rang through the club speakers as Lindsey shot up with a panicked jolt. “Son of a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!” She shouted at the top of her lungs as she whipped her head around to look at the clock. “6 AM?” she asked in confusion. “6 AM!” She shouted happily, “I made it!” 

She took a final look at the cameras and saw the patrons filing out into the newly risen sun. She even noticed Nadia walking out with a very entranced looking brunette. Just as she was about to stand up she noticed the incubus on camera, a blonde elf who was clearly in a daze, under his right arm. The two of them moved to the rear exit of the club, but just as they reached the door he slowly turned to look back at the security camera...and smiled. 

“Ok,” Lindsey said, shivering. “He’s hot…but creepy. I might be able to deal with that.” 

To be continued…

Curious what could have happened if Nadia had made her way into the office? There is an alternate ending to this story that explores that possibility on my Patreon site. You can find the story here: <a href="">Five Nights At Spirals - Night 2 - Alt Ending</a>

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