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Five Nights at Spirals - Night 1

Key: FD, FF, MC, Horror, Humor

Description: On her first night as night security guard for the Spirals nightclub Lindsey gets to meet a colorful cast of characters, while finding out just how scary and exciting the job can be... 

Lindsey walked into the security office and looked around in confusion. She’d applied for the job and gotten it, within minutes of applying. Apparently no one else wanted a job that only paid $120 a week. The company had mailed her a uniform the next day. It was a skin tight white jumpsuit with a zipper in the front and two inappropriately placed spirals, one over each breast, with the word “Security” written on the back in a wavy font that made her dizzy when she tried to read it. 

“Hello?” she called out as looked around the office. With the uniform had been a single note instructing her when to arrive and providing the code for the back door as well as how to get to the security office. The…office…as it was generously called, looked like it hadn’t been updated in decades. The room sat between two hallways, with wide open doorways on either side of a desk and several lockers inside. The room itself was a mess. Tiles were broken, lights flickered, and there was an old metal fan that looked like it was from the fifties sitting on the edge of the desk. In the middle of the desk was a laptop so dated that it looked as if it was the first ever made, and sitting next to that was a small stuffed incubus. 

As Lindsey looked around she couldn’t help but notice the incubus doll and reached out to poke it, only to hear it make a loud squeak. “Well aren’t you cute!” She said with a smile as she sat down and looked around. “Hello?” She called out cautiously, still to no response.

Without her noticing, the clock on the desk flipped over to 12:00 AM. As if on cue, the desk phone began ringing, of course since it was an old metallic rotary phone it was much louder than she expected. And so Lindsey did what anyone in her situation would have done...she screamed and fell out of her chair.

“Son of a...” She grumbled angrily as she settled back into the chair and hit the speakerphone button. “Hello?” 

There was clicking noise on the other end before a strangely perky female voice spoke up. “Hello? Hello? Hello? Uhh, I wanted to record a message for you…to help you get settled in on your first night. Um, I actually worked in that office! I’m the head of security but I had to cover that office when the last guard monitor, um…disappeared.” 

Lindsey raised an eyebrow at how casually the voice on the other end had mentioned that a person had disappeared. “So, I know it can be a bit overwhelming. But I'm here to tell you there’s nothing to worry about. Uh, You’ll do fine! So, let’s focus on getting you through your first week. Okay?”

“Yeah…this fills me with confidence.” Lindsey said off-handedly as she noticed the two large buttons, one red and one white, on either side of the desk. 

The voice on the recording continued. “Uh, let’s see. First, there’s an introductory greeting from the company that I’m supposed to read. It’s kind of a legal thing, you know?  Um. ‘Welcome to Spirals nightclub, a magical place for hypnotists and victims alike, where fantasy and fun come to life.” 

“Victims?” Lindsey questioned, before she was cut off by the monotonous drone of the recording. 

“Spirals nightclub is not responsible for any damages to mind or free will. Upon discovery of entrancement or enslavement, an HR report will be filled within ninety days. Or as soon as the personnel and premises have been thoroughly cleaned and memories have been replaced. Blah, blah, blah…”  

“Wait…” Lindsey said as she came to a dead stop and stared at the phone. “Did she just say enslavement?”

“Now that might sound bad, I know…” The phone call continued.

“Ya think?!” Lindsey replied as she reached for the red button on the wall next to her. 

“But there’s really nothing to worry about.” The voice on the other end continued as Lindsey touched the red button. Next to her, one of the  massive, metal guillotine style doors slammed shut. 

Lindsey stared at the door for a moment before hitting the button again, sending the door back up into the ceiling. “This seems safe.” she muttered, turning back to the desk. 

“Uh…” the woman on the phone continued, as Lindsey began to wonder just how long this phone call was. “The hypnotists and hypnotic...ummm...characters here do get a bit quirky at night. But do I blame them? No! If I were forced to be in a nightclub full of supple minds night after night and never got a break, I’d probably be a bit irritable at night, too. So remember: the hypnotists are hard working and hold a special place in the hearts of those they entrance, and you need to show them a little respect. Right? Okay.”

Lindsey reached out and poked the incubus doll as it let out its telltale squeak once again. “Riiiiiight, respect. Sounds more like self preservation.” She said, sitting up in her chair as she began to examine the ancient laptop in front of her. 

“So just be aware, the hypnotists do tend to wander a bit. Uhh, they have free reign of the club at night, so they can interact with the patrons in the club. Uhh…something about them getting bored if they have to be doing stage shows for too long? They even used to be allowed to take them home during the day, too, but then there was the Blanking of ‘87. Yeah…i-it’s amazing that the human body can function without brainwaves, you know?”

By this point Lindsey had begun to take notes on her phone. Of course her notes were a single memo of “kill Jennifer” written over and over again.

“But hey!” the voice on the phone interrupted in what was the longest (yet source material accurate) voicemail that Lindsey had ever heard. “First day should be a breeze. I’ll chat with you tomorrow. Uhh, check those cameras and remember to close the doors only if absolutely necessary. Gotta conserve power.”

“Wait, conserve power?!” Lindsay said, finally noticing the power gauge that now read 87%. “You have to be kidding me! How cheap is this place?!”

“Alright. Goodnight.” The voice finished as the message finally ended with a click. 

“It’s about damn time!” Lindsey sighed in frustration as she opened the lid of the laptop. In the center of the screen was a single camera and a very crude map of the nightclub on the right side. She was able to flip through each area of the club and see its different cameras, which was also a generous term since most of the video equipment, like everything else in the office, seemed to be older than her father. 

If the camera swiveled, it would display a grainy image, that occasionally moved, of one of the several rooms within the club. Backstage, the stage itself, the dance floor, the bar, the DJ booth, the coat room, the back entrance, and several hallways including two that led to the security room. She also noticed that one camera, for the coat room, appeared to be broken and wouldn’t display any visuals even though she could hear the sound inside the room. “They hired security, but what they really needed was maintenance.” She remarked. 

As she continued to flip through the cameras she stopped on one that was focusing on the main stage. On it were three individuals; the first was a very tall Native American succubus whose name was Midnight, according to her sister’s information packet. Next to her was a human woman, the club's manager, named Nadia. She had a police record that was as long as she was tall, and was one of the reasons that Jennifer had suspected there was some foul play going on in this club. The third figure on stage was the club's assistant manager, an incubus named Xander. The three of them appeared to be randomly calling out to the patrons on the dance floor and hypnotizing them. Although that was just a guess since there was no audio. 

Lindsey couldn’t help but stare at the screen, she’d never seen an incubus or a succubus before. They weren’t exactly unknown to her, but they were rare, and most tended to prefer a more private life. And working for a nightclub didn’t exactly seem private. “I thought they had wings.” Lindsey wondered out loud, noticing that although both the succubus and incubus had visible arrowhead tipped tails moving behind them, neither one had wings. “I’ll have to look that up later.”

In between familiarizing herself with the club via the cameras, she began testing the lights and doors in the office. She noticed that the more she used anything, other than the ancient fan that was spinning too slowly to generate any real power, that the power gauge would drop more quickly. “What a shitty office.” She thought to herself as she flipped back to the stage camera, only to notice that Midnight…was missing. “Uh oh.” she muttered, “Now where did you go?”

Lindsey frantically started to switch through the cameras in search of the succubus. “Not there…not there…where the…gotcha!” She said triumphantly as an image appeared onscreen. Through the grainy visual she was able to see a young woman, she looked blonde but the image made it hard to be certain. The woman appeared to be walking down the hallway towards Midnight, who had just entered at the opposite end. Lindsey was about to look away from the camera when, as Midnight passed the young woman, she watched the succubus wrap her arm around the blonde’s waist and spin her around, pinning her gently to the wall. “What the...?” Lindsey mused in surprise.

The young police cadet watched as Midnight pinned the blonde against the wall and slid her hand slowly up and down the woman’s arm. Even though there was no audio on the camera, she could see the succubus’ lips moving as she whispered into her ear. 

Lindsey found herself captivated by the scene in front of her as the succubus’ tail slid up the blonde’s legs. Meanwhile, her posture and expression were one of absolute seduction. A confident grin played across her features and even through the graininess of the video, Lindsey could see that whatever Midnight was saying was very soothing and exaggerated. The movement of her lips implied that she was dragging out whatever she was saying to the blonde as she moved closer and closer. It looked as though she might kiss the woman at any minute.  

The young woman, on the other hand, looked like a deer in headlights. For a split second, it seemed like she may have recognized the succubus, but once Midnight had pinned her to the wall she had caught her completely off guard. Her shoulders raised as her mouth opened in a visible gasp as her shoulders raised and her posture became defensive. But then…then she looked into Midnight’s eyes. And everything else in her world disappeared. Her hands slowly lowered to her sides, and then sank even further down as her shoulders sagged and relaxed. The expression on her face shifted from shock to curiosity...until, of course, it faded away and became completely blank. Until all she could do was stare helplessly into the eyes of the succubus. Lindsey couldn’t help but think that if it wasn’t for the wall and Midnight’s hand, the young woman would be in a pile on the floor. 

Lindsey almost drifted into a daze, herself, as she watched the scene. Seeing Midnight’s seductive nature in action made her wonder what it would be like to be in the blonde’s position? Totally helpless and captivated. Unable to move, unable to even think as she was seduced. Lindsey wasn’t into girls, but her mind raced with the possibilities of what it might be like…or what it might be like to have the incubus do the same thing to her. 

She was so engrossed in her daydream that she completely lost track of the camera and what was happening. As she shook her head, she noticed that both Midnight and her victim had disappeared from the screen. She quickly began to flip through the screens again, trying not to panic as she looked for both of them. A moment later she found what she thought was the edge of the succubus’ head moving out of view of a camera. A camera in the hallway...outside of the security office. 

Lindsey felt a shiver go down her back. Suddenly she felt as if she were being watched.  She slowly turned her head to the open doorway on her left, but the room was dark. She reached out and hit the white button labeled “light” on the door frame, hoping that it would help her see what was in the room. And help her, it did. 

As the light flickered, the massive outline of the succubus could be seen staring into the security office at the young guard. 

Lindsey’s eyes widened in surprise, not only at just how close the woman was, but at the sheer size of her frame. Of course once her brain finally processed what she was seeing, she screamed in terror and hit the button for the door. The solid steel guillotine door slammed to the ground, separating her from the succubus. 

She sat back in her chair, breathing heavily and shaking from the shock of the situation. She pushed the white button again to get a better view of the succubus’ shadow. It was still projected on the wall, outside of the small, dirty window next to the door. “Holy shit!” She said as she slowly caught her breath and sat upright. “Jennifer, I’m totally killing you when this week is over!”

It was at this point that she happened to notice her power level indicator was dropping. Very rapidly, at that. With both the door and the light on, she was eating up power at a much faster rate than she could afford to. “Fuck.” she muttered in frustration as she turned off the light. “Go away!” she whispered angrily under her breath, glancing at the door before she refocused her attention on the cameras again.

Much to her relief, the first thing she saw on screen was Midnight on the dance floor, with what appeared to be the blonde from the hallway. The young woman was dancing and seemed to be enjoying herself, but there was something about her face...her expression...that made Lindsey wonder.  “Is...she still hypnotized?” 

As Lindsey mulled over her own question, she glanced at her power level again and looked at the door next to her. She took a deep breath and checked the light. No shadow. “Shit, I hate this.” She grumbled as she pushed the door open to send it flying back up to its starting position. She quickly flicked on the light and braced herself. 

The hallway was empty. 

With a sigh of relief, Lindsey turned back to the cameras again. She could see Midnight dancing with the blonde and could somewhat see the stage, but something seemed different. She flipped cameras to see that Xander was still onstage, talking to a person in the audience…but now Nadia was missing. 

Lindsey sighed in frustration “Great, now there are two of them loose.” She said as she started to switch through the cameras in search of Nadia. She finally noticed the redhead hypnotist moving off of the dance floor toward a room that looked like a coat check. “Why is she going in there?”

A moment later Lindsey had the camera up for the coat room, but to her frustration the screen was pure static and she couldn’t see anything. Lucky for her she still had audio and was able to hear a conversation between Nadia and another woman. “Ok so you’re in there now.” Lindsey said with a sigh of relief as she flipped back to the stage. “You’re still there…” she muttered about Xander, “and you…” she continued, flipping back to the dance floor...only to notice that Midnight was gone again. “Are AWOL again. Damn it!” She said under her breath as she started to flip through the cameras, frantically searching for the succubus. 

As she continued searching, a revelation came to Lindsey as she realized where Midnight was. Once again, she slowly turned to look at the dark door frame of the hallway. She took a breath to steady herself and gently pushed the light button. In the doorway she could clearly see the young blonde that had been dancing with Midnight, except she was no longer standing...she was slumped over against the imposing silhouette of Midnight. The blonde's eyes were open, but her expression was completely slack to the point of nearly drooling. 

“Nope!” Lindsey said confidently as she slammed the door down in front of Midnight’s face. She was about to turn back to her console when she heard something unexpected through the door. She heard Midnight’s voice.

“What's the matter little one…” The succubus coed softly. “Do I scare you? Do I make you...nervous?” The voice was muffled by the door, but Lindsey could still hear its seductive quality. “I saw you watching me on the cameras. Watching me put this lovely young woman under my spell. Don’t you want to see what happens next? Don’t you want to...join her now, my dear?” 

Lindsey stared at the door in shock. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and yet...she was intrigued. “Yeah, I...kind of do.” She said softly, shaking her head for a moment and glancing at the power gauge. 35% “Shit…go away.” She said under her breath as she tried to look away from the door. She was starting to pant, partially from fear but also from… arousal.  She stuck her finger out and poked the incubus doll, smiling at its telltale squeak. “At least you're still here for me.” She said, giving it a smile. 

She couldn’t help but think about the door though, more importantly what was behind it. As she glanced back at it, she casually flicked the light to see if there was still a shadow...and boy was there a shadow. The outline of the larger succubus kissing the helpless young blonde was hard to mistake from the angle that appeared on the wall. She could see that the blonde was basically a ragdoll in Midnight’s arms. And quickly flipped off the light as she heard Midnight begin to laugh. 

“Now now little guard…” The succubus said deviously. “It’s not nice to peek when you could simply join us instead.” 

Lindsey shivered in her chair. Her fear was subsiding, but she couldn’t say the same for her arousal. But the power gauge ticking away slowly before her eyes made her just as nervous as the succubus on the other side of the door.  

She decided to distract herself by checking the cameras again, only this time she noticed that Xander was missing from the stage. “Great, now all three of them are loose!” She said with a frustrated sigh. She quickly flipped on the light in the hallway, only to see that the shadows were gone. She paused and took a deep breath, bracing herself before opening the door, and flipping on the light. To her relief, the hallway was empty…except for a pair of panties that appeared to be freshly removed…and very damp.

“Classy.” Lindsey said, rolling her eyes and glancing back at the cameras. Before she could even look through all of them, she noticed Nadia down the hallway towards the security office. The smirk on her face and the sway in her hips couldn’t mean anything good. “Oh hell...” Lindsay said under her breath as she pushed the button on the door to her right and listened to it slam into place.

She glanced at her power level…28%...27%...and sighed in frustration. The panic was getting hard to avoid as she started to scan the cameras again, finally stopping on one that made her gasp in surprise. In one of the hallways, not far from her office, was the blonde woman she’d seen with Midnight. She was slumped on the floor against the wall, legs spread with her skirt hiked up. Her top had been pulled open, leaving her breasts exposed, and her head was slumped to the side. For a moment Lindsey feared the worst, until she noticed the slow rise and fall of the young woman’s chest.  

“Oh thank god.” She said, letting out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. “The succubus must have just drained her…wait where is the succubus?!” She panicked, frantically cycling through the cameras. There was no Midnight…but no Nadia either. Out of what was rapidly becoming an instinct, she hit the button on the door to the left and brought the other security door slamming to the ground before flipping on the light next. The clear shadow of the succubus was visible on the wall through the window. “Great.” she sighed.

She turned to the right side next and flipped on the light, only to see Nadia glaring at her through the window, a devious smile on her face. “Fucking hell!” Lindsey shouted as she flipped off the light and pulled her feet up onto the chair, hugging her legs tightly. 

There was nothing she could do at this point. There was a succubus to her left and a hypnotist to her right. Meanwhile her power level was steadily ticking down. She cautiously checked the left door first, then the right, finding that neither woman had moved. As she watched the power continue to drop...4%...3%.... 

She sighed in frustration. “Wow.” She said to herself as the power level reached 2% “I didn’t even make it one lousy night.” She steadied herself for whatever was about to happen as the power dropped to 1%...1%...1%...


A strange chime sounded through the speaker system, almost like that of an old grandfather clock. A moment later the doors on both sides of the security room flew up and bright lights illuminated both hallways as well as the entire security room. LIndsey quickly looked to her left, then her right, expecting Midnight or Nadia to make their move on her. But to her surprise...both were gone. 

She turned back to the security cameras to see the club goers were all filing out in an orderly fashion. On another screen she could see the succubus, the incubus and the stage hypnotist all leaving through the back door. “Wait, seriously? 6 AM and this place closes up like a college during spring break?” 

As she stood up carefully, she glanced around the room again, half expecting someone else to appear. Finally, she made her way from the security office back to the door she had entered, only to see a note taped onto it that said “Great job! See you tomorrow!”  

Lindsey stared down at the note. “What the fuck just happened?”

To be continued...

Curious what might have happened if Lindsey had failed to close the door in time? You can find an alternate ending on my Patreon page, here: Five Nights at Spirals - Night 1 Alternate Ending

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them! You can follow more adventures at Spirals Nightclub! You can also find bonus content on my Patreon page!

Featuring, Lindsey, Xander, Midnight, Nadia

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