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Settling In - Spirals - Part 6

 Key: FD, FF, MC,

Description: The subliminals in the club begin to push Midnight’s thoughts in a new direction. (Parts of this story were a requested commission).

    Midnight sat back and looked around the club with a smile. Across the room she could see Xander with his feet up, enjoying his hypnotic handiwork in the form of the three young women who were dancing sexily on stage. It was a quiet night…for a nightclub that was, by all accounts, in full swing. Her friend, Veo, had tasked her with ensuring that Xander survived his first night as manager of the club. As far as she could tell, he was doing just fine.

    And then something shifted in the music and a new track began to play in the background…a subliminal track. One that, from the sounds of it, was designed to bring out the more...dominant and submissive tendencies of everyone inside. Quite a naughty thing to do to a club full of young, nubile test subjects, but not unexpected for a nightclub that was dedicated to hypnosis.

    Unfortunately, she wasn’t the only one to notice the subliminals. As she turned her head in Xander’s direction, she saw that he had already bolted to his feet and was running up the stairs. “Where is he going?” she thought to herself as she listened to the subliminals and smiled. She had always loved the tingling feeling that she got in the back of her mind when she listened to the commands hidden in the subliminal messages. The fact that she could hear them and willingly let them alter her thoughts, not to mention being able to understand what they were doing to her, made her feel twice as devious. It was like she was peeking behind the curtain to see what strings were being pulled. The very thought sent a shiver down her spine until she remembered she was supposed to be keeping an eye on Xander.

    She glanced up to see him stomping towards the DJ booth as the head of security for the club, a young blonde named Celene, attempted to stop him. But she was no match for the physical strength of the incubus and Midnight could only sigh and roll her eyes. “I had better go see what’s got his panties in a bunch now.” She thought as she rose to her feet. But as she glanced up the stairs she noticed someone out of the corner of her eye. Before her stood a beautiful brunette who had found her way to the club thanks to the business cards Xander had left in the coffee shop earlier that day. She was wearing a black dress with a short skirt and an open back top that was essentially a single piece of cloth  that covered her front. The only thing that kept it from falling away and exposing her beautiful breasts to the rest of the club was a simple knot tied behind her neck.

    “Mmmm...” Midnight thought to herself with a smile, “How lovely.” She admired the woman as she casually waited for her at the bottom of the stairs. The thought of Xander had slipped from her mind, a casualty of the subliminals and the beautiful woman before her.

    Meanwhile, the brunette gazed around the club in amazement. She had been to many nightclubs in the past, but the idea that this place had a hypnosis theme to it just seemed to make it feel more...dangerous and exciting. On the upper level she happened to catch a man talking to a young woman, leaning in close and staring into her eyes. She couldn’t help but fantasize about how he might be hypnotizing her, blanking her mind and bending her to his will. The thought made a tingle wash over her body...until a sultry voice snapped her out of her daydream. “Well hello...”

    The brunette jumped in surprise and turned to see a very tall woman with lightly tanned skin standing next to her, wearing skin tight, purple leather pants, matching boots, and a halter top. “Oh my god!” she gasped as she held her hand to her chest. “You scared me!” she admitted with a small smile.

    Midnight gave her a devious grin. “I know, I wanted to get your blood pumping.” she said as she moved closer to her prey. “To get your adrenaline rushing…and give you that wonderful little fight or flight response, that tends to just…” she trailed off as she moved in front of the brunette, who couldn’t take her eyes off of her, “blank your mind of all they fall away while you desperately try to decide now…if you are in danger…or not.” she finished, leaning in closer to the woman while she looked down into her eyes.

    The brunette couldn’t help but shiver as she looked up at the woman who easily towered over her. In fact Midnight, being nearly six feet tall and wearing three inch heels, was so much taller than her, that she just barely came up to her shoulders. Which put her at eye level with Midnight’s breasts. “Am danger?” the brunette asked, feeling another shiver slide through her body...she couldn’t tell if it was fear, excitement, or a mix of both.

    "Most definitely.” Midnight said as she smiled seductively at the woman. “But don’t worry…I promise you won’t remember anything in the morning.” she teased, although she wasn’t sure if the brunette realized just how true the statement was. Then again, she didn’t really care either way. “What’s your name honey?” she asked as she leaned in closer to the woman.

    “Sara…” she answered in a trembling voice as her eyes wandered over Midnight’s form. Despite her desire to look the taller woman in the eyes, she felt that would be rude, that it would make them...equals. And she didn’t feel like her equal right now...not by a long shot. She glanced up at Midnight’s eyes briefly and then gazed ahead again...of course in doing so, she was staring directly into Midnight’s cleavage. “Oh!” she gasped as she stared into the massive mounds before her. The cut of the leather halter top not only formed two perfect globes, but also allowed her to see the perfect curves between both breasts. She noticed a slight glisten along Midnight’s skin, the faintest hint of sweat sliding between her breasts as she followed the shine down between them. “Oohhh…” she whispered again, somewhere between a sigh and a soft moan.

    Midnight’s devious smile grew even more sultry as she leaned in closer. “Something the matter?” she asked, already knowing the answer to the question.

    Sara was torn between looking up into Midnight’s eyes, and running the risk of seeming rude…or staring directly at the taller woman’s breasts. Which also seemed rude. She closed her eyes briefly and then looked up at Midnight, opening them with a smile. It was, however, not her best plan, as coming eye to eye with a seductive succubus is often times…even more captivating. Her smile faded as she stared up into Midnight’s eyes. “No…” she said, unaware of how relaxed she was already starting to sound. “Nothing’s the matter.”

    Midnight tilted her head as she looked down into the young woman’s eyes. “Are you sure? You seem a bit...out of your element.”

    Sara shook her head, just barely managing to clear it somewhat. There was something downright...captivating about the woman in front of her, but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was. Her gaze drifted back up to the taller woman’s eyes and she instantly felt herself being pulled into it again. Once she realized that wasn’t helping, she shook her head a few more times to keep it clear...finally deciding to keep her gaze fixed straight ahead. Which, of course, left her staring directly at Midnight’s breasts...again. She did her best to keep her breathing calm, but she couldn’t help but feel the excitement as her eyes traced the gentle curves of the woman’s breasts. “They look...closer?” she thought to herself as the subliminal messages in the music worked deeper into her mind.

    Midnight couldn’t help but smile as she noticed just how enraptured the brunette was becoming. “Do you like what you see?” she said, taking a deep breath and inflating her chest for her helpless admirer to enjoy even more.  

    Sara knew she should look away, that she should stop staring at this total stranger’s breasts...she knew that…on some level. But none of that mattered now. “Uh huh…” was all she could muster, her face flushing as she stared ahead, completely transfixed.
    Midnight exhaled slowly and started to shake her shoulders, causing her chest to sway gently from side to side with just enough of a bounce to make her breast jiggle softly. “That’s a girl, I know you’re enjoying them.” she said in a commanding, seductive voice. “Just let yourself enjoy the view…every jiggle…every sway…every bounce can just help your mind to slip away…deeper and deeper into the music, into the rhythm. Just let yourself go and watch my beautiful breasts in front of you…pulling you in…more and more…deeper and deeper.” Had Sara been aware of what was happening, she would have realized Midnight was pulling her body in closer, until her face was almost right on top of her breasts. Instead, Sara found herself staring more and more at Midnight’s cleavage...although with her new vantage point, it was admittedly hard to miss.

    “That’s a girl…” Midnight said with a smile. “Let the scene in front of you pull you deeper and deeper, until your mind simply decides…to stop.” she finished with a snap of her fingers. Her breasts continued to sway in front of Sara’s eyes, but Midnight knew that she was already gone.

    For Sara’s part, she was completely transfixed and couldn’t tear her eyes from the swaying, bouncing breasts in front of her. Each time they swung from left to right, more of her thoughts were blanked. She had been mentally gone long before Midnight snapped her fingers, but once it echoed through her mind her thoughts disappeared. All she could do was stare deeply into Midnight’s breasts as her mouth hung open gently.

    She was so far gone that she didn’t realize that Midnight was moving her, backing up into a darkened corner of the second floor while Sara followed her forward. Step by step they moved until the two of them were hidden, tucked away from the rest of the clubgoers on the dance floor, even though it was still easily visible. She was completely unaware of Midnight sitting down on one of the chairs and even less so when the succubus pulled her into a deep, sensual kiss.

    With Sara completely hypnotized, Midnight took her time and let the kiss take her deeper into her spell while her hands slid along the brunette’s body. It only took a gentle nudge to make the woman drop to her knees, breaking the kiss in the meantime. It gave Sara the perfect angle to see down Midnight’s top and, once again, her gaze was completely transfixed on the succubus’s beautiful breasts. “I think we’re going to have a wonderful evening, my darling.” Midnight said with a smile, sliding her hand along Sara’s breast and letting her chest continue to sway. “It’s such a pity you won’t remember it.”

    If Sara had been aware, she might have felt the tingle of excitement wash over her body. The idea that she was being hypnotized, seduced, and controlled by a perfect stranger...and didn’t even realize that stranger was a succubus...would have had her moaning with anticipation. It was almost a pity that she wasn’t aware. Almost.

    Meanwhile, Midnight’s hands were groping her prey’s breasts as she leaned in closer to the helpless woman. Her tail wiggled out from under her and slid along Sara’s leg, slowly moving under her skirt and teasing her through her panties. For a brief moment, Midnight had the vaguest sense that there was something she should be doing…something else she was supposed to take care of.  As she glanced around in confusion, her eyes caught the DJ booth where she’d just missed Xander closing the door by no more than a fraction of a second. With a shrug, she turned back to her hypnotized prey. “Play with me.” she whispered into Sara’s ear as she leaned in close and began kissing her again.

    Sara responded to the kiss with as much passion as she could muster. It was deep but slow, like she was running at half speed...and considering her brain was mush, that was more than Midnight had expected. She allowed her hands to slide up and caress Midnight’s breasts as she moaned softly, feeling the tail rising higher as it climbed up her leg and softly tickled her clit through her panties. As the two women entertained each other, the rest of the patrons danced the night away, encouraged by Stacy, Eluran, and Cat. None of them realized that their own thoughts were being modified by the subliminals in the music...or, in the case of the three hypnotized dancers, being modified even more.

    Midnight was just about to slide her tail even deeper into her helpless prey, to bring her to orgasm and eventually drain her of her energy, when she felt a vibration coming from Sara’s right leg. She broke the kiss with a curious look and slid her hand down to find a cell phone held against her leg with a garter belt. “Clever…” she said, smiling as she looked down at the phone. A picture of a woman with dark hair and a soft smile was on the screen, with the name ‘Brenda’ prominently displayed as the words “Incoming Call” flashed.

    Midnight looked at the hypnotized woman with a curious expression. “And who’s Brenda, my dear?” She asked as her tail continued to tickle Sara’s clit.

    Sara could only moan softly as the tail teased her. “Girl…friend…” She whispered softly between moans.

    “Is that so?” Midnight asked as a devious smile spread across her face. “As in a friend that's a girl…or a lover?” she asked curiously, even though the answer was irrelevant.  

    “Lover…” Sara whispered to Midnight’s delight.

    “Excellent...” she said, handing the phone to Sara. “Answer it.”

    Sara took the phone in her hand and clicked the button to answer the phone. “Hello…” she said blankly as she stared ahead.

    “Sara?” came the voice on the other end of the phone, “Where the hell are you?”

    “Spirals…” Sara answered in the same blank voice as Midnight covered her mouth to keep herself from laughing.  

    “Spirals?” Brenda asked from the other end of the line, “What the hell do you mean Spirals? And why do you sound so out of it? Are you drunk!?” she said, sounding more annoyed by the minute.

    “Spirals… Nightclub…” Sara responded in her classic blank voice. “Not drunk. Hypnotized.” she said as Midnight let her tail slide into Sara’s waiting vagina. The movement caused a moan to slip out of Sara… one that was easily audible through the phone.

    “Hypnotized?!” Brenda all but shrieked, a strange mix of shock, annoyance, and curiosity in her voice. “Who…who hypnotized you? Are you ok?” she asked again as her curiosity began to take over.

    Midnight took the phone from Sara and leaned in to kiss her, making sure it was audible before putting the phone to her ear. “Hello Brenda, this is the woman who has your girlfriend…deeply…and completely…hypnotized.” She said, sounding more devious than she needed to.

    “You…you’re a woman?” she asked, almost in shock, “Who are yyyooou?….What...what did you do to Sara?” she demanded as forcefully as she could, even though the subliminals in the club were starting to slip through the phone…and into Brenda’s mind. And they were doing an exceptional job of activating her submissive side and bringing her desire, her need to submit, to the surface.

    “Who I am is not for you to know…even Sara won’t remember.”  Midnight said, trying to hold her laughter in again. She was really hamming this up but was loving every second. “As for what I did to your lover…that’s not as important as what I am going to do to her.”  As if on cue, her tail twitched inside of Sara, causing another moan to escape from her lips “And what I’m going to do to you, if you find yourself…brave enough…to come to the club. You are brave enough…aren't you now, Brenda?” Midnight commanded, using just a touch of her hypnotic abilities.  

    Brenda was caught off guard by just how commanding Midnight sounded. “I...I mean of course I am.” She stammered in a tone that wasn’t as confident as she hoped it would be.

    “Good.”  Midnight said, laughing evilly. “Then you have…hmmm…half an hour to get to the club. Wear something sexy…if you make it in time, maybe I’ll give you a taste of what I’m going to do to Sara.”  

    “Half an…I…I don’t know that I can make it in that time?” Brenda said worriedly.

    Midnight almost felt guilty about putting so much pressure on the young woman, but she had to keep up the role of dominant Mistress that she’d fallen into. “That isn’t my problem honey…half an hour. In the meantime, I’ll be here…keeping your lover company. Ta ta!” she said deviously as she pointed the phone towards Sara so Brenda could hear her moans while Midnight moved her tail deeper inside of the helpless woman. She let this torture continue for about three seconds before she finally hung up the phone and burst out laughing.

    “Holy shit…” she said, giggling in between laughs. “Oh my god, I’m so fucking evil. I guess I’ll just have to make it up to your lover when she gets here.” she reassured the completely oblivious Sara. “Until then…” she began, unzipping her leather pants and guiding Sara’s head between her legs, “How would you like a nice, smooth bowl of chocolate pudding…mmmm...that’s a girl… just lick up that pudding…” she said as Sara’s tongue began licking up the non-existent pudding...between Midnight’s legs.

To be continued...

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Featuring: Xander, Celene, Midnight.
Special Guest: Sara and Brenda. 

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