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Settling In - Spirals - Part 3

 Key: MD, MC, Hypno, Plot

Description: In an effort to calm his temper, Xander stops by a coffee shop and finds the perfect tool to get his revenge on Nadia.

    Xander was walking through the streets of New Chicago like a man on a mission…but in reality he had nowhere to go. He was just...angry. His encounter with Nadia at Spirals had put a completely opposite spin on what was supposed to be a fresh start for him. Now he was being asked to work with a woman who was instrumental in his ending up in a Depressor for ten years. A woman who, as far as he was concerned, was responsible for destroying his life.

    He took a few more steps and then stopped, balling up his fists and grunting through his teeth in frustration. It wasn’t really Nadia’s fault…not entirely, anyway. She did throw him under the bus, to save her own skin no less, but he had also let the Depressor win. She didn’t drive away the people in his  life…he did. And he knew it.

    He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, focusing on the tension and anger in his body and pushing it down into his chest. At least he could keep it stored there until he could safely punch something. Repeatedly.

    Finally, with his temper under control again, he continued down the street and began planning his next move. Revenge was such a costly endeavour, but so worthwhile in the end. But what was the best way to go about this? He pondered for a while until the simplest solution came to him. “The best revenge…is success,” he mused to himself with a smile. If the hypnotist wanted to go against him, he’d show her who was better at mind control. After all, he was an incubus.


    The idea brought a smile to his face as he found himself stopping in front of a small coffee shop. He hated coffee, but a good white hot chocolate always helped him relax. He entered the shop and ordered his cocoa, taking a seat with it to formulate his plan. Then he noticed a rather beautiful young woman seated near the back of the coffee shop, quietly reading a book. She had a soda next to her, but it appeared to be long forgotten given how completely engrossed in the book she was. She was in her early twenties, he guessed, with long, sandy brown hair that looked almost blonde when the light reflected off of it. She also wore a pair of thick, square framed glasses that gave her a very educated appearance.

    Xander smiled as he looked her over. “Yep, she’ll do!” He thought to himself as he chugged his hot chocolate, despite the excruciating burning sensation he got from doing so. Shaking off the pain and outright stupidity of what he had just done, he discarded the cup and slowly made his way over to the young woman. If she was anything like the other ‘reader girls’ that he had met over the years, she was probably so deeply engrossed in her book that she wouldn’t even notice his approach. As long as he didn’t do anything to break her out of the trance she was already in, he should have no issues sliding in right next to her.

    He couldn’t help but grin when he realized his hunch was exactly right, the girl barely blinked as he walked past her. The most she did was adjust her position to allow for better lighting…and then turn the page. With a sly grin he moved to the side of the table that was furthest away from the window, to avoid blocking her light, and gently sat down in the chair next to her. She didn’t so much as twitch, proving once again that she was completely entranced by the novel she was reading.

    Xander smiled and let a small, hypnotic orb form on the tip of his index finger. The light from the orb was hidden behind the young woman’s book, but it did cast a glow on the rest of the table. Not that she noticed, of course. He kept himself relaxed and calm as he slowly moved the orb into the book’s binding.

    Once the orb was inside of the book, the pages began to light up, gently at first but slowly getting brighter with each passing moment. As they did, the words on the page started to shift from one color to the next as the hypnotic energy of the orb merged with the ink, turning the very words the young woman was reading into a hypnotic orb that would draw her in even more deeply.

    The young woman’s eyes widened as the page started to light up while the words began weaving their spell. She opened her mouth to gasp, but it quickly faded as her pupils began to dilate. Every word she read just seemed to pull her deeper into the story. The world around her faded away as the world in the story took its place. Her shoulders relaxed as her posture began to loosen and a soft moan escaped her lips.

    Xander smiled and leaned in closer to the young woman, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. “That’s a girl…” he started softly “Just let the story pull you in deeply and completely. Nothing else matters, just the words and the story, all real and vivid in your mind. You can feel that now, can’t you miss?”

    A soft “yes…” slipped out of the young woman in a tone that easily conveyed a sense of relaxation...and arousal.

    Xander leaned in closer as he whispered in her ear. “What’s your name, miss?” he asked as he brushed her hair aside, allowing him to kiss her neck as he waited for her to answer.  

    “Catelyn…” she said in a soft, far away voice. She was barely aware of Xander’s lips on her neck. “My friends…call me Cat…” she said, flipping the page as another moan slipped through her lips.

    “Cat…” Xander said, smiling as he slid a finger along her back softly. “That’s a lovely name. What are you reading, my dear?” he asked in a sensual voice as he softly kissed behind her ear.

    Cat let out a long, slow “Mmmmmmmm” as his tongue slid along her neck. “Romance…novel…” she whispered. Before she could add anything else, Xander cut her off.

    “A nice steamy romance novel, one where the young heroine…just can’t seem to keep the object of her affections out of her mind. Where he just seems to be…inside of her…completely…and totally. In every respect. You’d like that, wouldn’t you Cat…to feel someone…deep in your mind…in your body. Someone who could help you to…feel…everything you’ve ever dreamed about feeling…isn’t that right Cat?”

    Cat could barely respond, her body was nearly shivering from the sensations and ideas that were flooding her mind. Little by little, the images forming in her mind replaced the images from the book. The only thing she could manage to say was a soft “Mmmmhmmm” that sounded like a combination of a sigh and a moan.

    Xander smiled as his hand slowly closed the book, absorbing the energy from the orb into his hand. He moved it slowly up Cat’s arm to her face, letting the energy slide into her mind and making her eyes glow a soft, hypnotic blue. He tilted her face toward his with a gentle nudge of his hand. “You're in a very different kind of story now, Cat. A deep, hypnotic story…have you ever been hypnotized Cat?” he asked as he kissed her cheek softly.

    “Mmmmmm, no... “ Cat sighed, eyes fluttering as he kissed her other cheek. “Never.”

    “Yes you have…” he said with a smile as he gently kissed her lips. “You're hypnotized now…under my spell…completely helpless. You can realize that now, can’t you Cat?” he asked, kissing her softly again.

    Cat barely nodded as the kiss broke, while her eyes fluttered and began to roll into her head. “That’s a girl...” he whispered sensually. “But just like your romance novels, we have to build the suspense…build the anticipation. And in order to do that…I need to slip a suggestion, a command, deep into your mind now Cat…and then simply leave you relaxed and asleep. Unaware that I was even here. You’d like that little…chapter in your life… wouldn’t you Cat?” he finished with a devious smile.

    Cat’s eyes had rolled so far into her head that they were almost completely white, as her eyelids continued to flutter rapidly. Her body was shivering, whether it was from arousal or the struggle to stay upright, Xander didn’t know. But he was also too busy enjoying the view to care. Finally, her head slipped forward to her chest as she whispered a soft, sensual “yes”.

    Xander caught her face in his hands and smiled. “Listen to me carefully.” he instructed as he leaned in and began to gently whisper into Cat’s mind.

    Cat, for her part, was almost completely limp as her body sagged against him. Her face was supported by his warm, strong hands as he whispered more instructions into her helpless, open mind. When he was finally finished, he turned her face to his again and began kissing her...deeply and slowly.  

    Xander deepened the kiss, draining more of her energy with each moment. No one would have suspected anything other than two people enjoying an intimate moment together. Slowly, Cat’s body began to go limp as it relaxed against him, finally sliding down into his hands as her body let go and surrendered to the sleepiness that had overcome her. As he broke the kiss she let out a soft sigh, even though her eyes were closed and she was all but drained, Xander had left just enough energy there for her to safely walk home and take a nap. She was going to have a long night…but for now she was blissfully enjoying the state of complete relaxation. Nearly asleep, but not quite there. “I’ll see you tonight…” he whispered, as he tilted her back in the chair, leaving her completely limp and relaxed to rest there.

    He took a moment to enjoy the view in front of him and then rose to his feet, making his way to the door with a spring in his step and a smile on his face. Just as he was about to leave the shop he paused and reached into his pocket. He had grabbed a handful of business cards for Spirals just before he left, and this seemed like the perfect place to leave them. He set them down on a small table next to the door and walked out into the sunlight.

    Some time later, Cat’s eyes opened from her dreamless slumber. The glassy, distant look in her eyes revealed just how deeply hypnotized she still was. She stood up from her chair and, moving slowly, almost like a sleepwalker, she gathered her book and soda and moved toward the door to leave.

    As she began to open the door, another woman entering the shop held the door for her. She appeared to be older, in her late thirties, with long brown hair that blew gently in the afternoon breeze. As Cat passed her, she couldn’t help but notice how distant the younger woman’s gaze was, but she shrugged it off as Cat headed down the street in the opposite direction. As the brunette moved into the shop she happened to glance down at the table near the door, where the business card for Spirals caught her eye. She picked it up with a curious, almost excited, smile. “I think I know where I’m going to end up tonight…” she said as the possibilities of a hypnosis themed nightclub began to dance through her mind.  

    Across town, Xander exited the elevator and headed down the hall to his apartment. He moved to grab his key only to remember that he didn’t have any on him when he was pushed through the door by Veo earlier in the day. He sighed and banged on the door in a semi-frustrated fashion, hoping she was still there.

    A second later the door opened and his angelic friend waved him in with a smile on her face. “Welcome home, honey bun”.

    Xander’s jaw dropped. In the few hours since she had kicked him out, Veo had managed to paint, furnish, and decorate the entire house. “Holy shit!” he said in surprise “Veo…how did you do this?”

    She gave him a warm smile as she patted him on the shoulder. “Have I ever…in the centuries that you have known me…answered that question? Ever?”

    “No…” Xander conceded as he looked around “This place is amazing, thank you!” The living room had been given a rustic feel, like something out of a log cabin, while the kitchen and bathrooms were all furnished with modern appliances. The bedroom was cozy, with plenty of comfortable spots for…entertaining guests. One of the spare bedrooms had been converted into a work room, filled with computers and tools, but the last room....was a mystery. “What's in here?” he asked, understandably confused.

    Veo smiled and began to open the door. “This is a special surprise.”  She said, opening the door and leading him in. Inside was a room covered in tile flooring with shelves lining both sides. The shelves themselves were filled with circular containers of various shapes and colors, with colored tubes running throughout the whole room.

    “What…is all this?” Xander asked as he looked around, until he noticed movement in one of the circular containers. As he stood in front of it, he noticed the container was filled with shredded pieces of paper. A small form seemed to be moving under the paper, and before he could ask what it was, the head of a tiny dwarf hamster popped out of the paper and blinked at Xander.

    Xander’s mouth hung open in surprise. “Oh my god…”  he said softly, as he noticed more movement in the paper and a second hamster's head popped out of the bedding.“

    “Surprise.”  Veo said gently. “Sit down on the floor, let them say hello.” she said, motioning to a cushion against the wall.

    Xander moved away from the hamster habitat and sat on the floor. As he watched, two tiny hamsters, one black, one almost completely brown, moved to one of the tunnels and around a maze of tubes. Tubes that eventually led to an exit on the tiled floor. He watched with a childlike smile as they ran across the floor to him and gently climbed up on his leg, then his hands.

    “You bought me hamsters?” he said, eyes watering. He held both of the tiny creatures in his hand, sliding his thumb along their soft fur.

    “Not exactly.”  Veo started with an even bigger smile on her face. “These were always yours.”

    “Mine?” he asked, confused. Xander had had hamsters ten years ago, but failed to take care of them due to his depression. “But…I thought you said they died?” he asked, choking back tears.

    Veo put a hand on her friend's head. “They did, honey bun…but when the depressor started to mess with you, I took them in and started to take care of them. The ones you had lived a long life, for a hamster…but they still passed away when it was their time.” Veo explained softly. “But not before they had babies.” she finished, smiling at him.  

    Xander’s eyes widened enough to almost pop out of his head. “These…are their children?!” he asked as a tear rolled down his cheek as he looked over the two hamsters in his hands with a new sense of connection to them.

    “No no no,” Veo quickly started. “These are their great great great great great great great great great grandchildren” she said matter of factly. Only to be met with a look of complete confusion from Xander. “Hamsters only live a few years hun. Your two pets had babies…who went on to have babies…w ho went on to have babies.” She said, smiling. “I added a few from time to time to help keep the gene pool fresh, and I had to seperate the boys and the girls to prevent them from over breeding. But yeah…this is the tenth generation.” She finished, watching him expectantly.

    Xander looked at the two in his hand, then back up at his friend with the same expression of confusion. “And...there’s only two?” he said, scanning over the rather large…enormously large now that he looked at it, habitat that she had constructed. In fact it looked more like a small city.

    “Oh god no!” Veo laughed. “From your original hamsters, with a few added in for genetic diversity, and several being given to good homes to try and keep the population at a manageable size, there are currently…6 millions dwarf hamsters in this world from your original two.”

    Xander’s eyes blinked rapidly as he looked around at the tanks, noticing just how much space there really was. And also, for the first time, hearing more sounds of movement. “In…this room?” he asked, genuinely concerned.”

    “No…” Veo said with a smile “I limited the actual population here to a manageable number.”

    Xander began to notice small blurs of color heading towards the exit as he looked up at Veo questioningly. “And...what is the manageable number?”

    Veo smiled down at him as the hamsters started to exit the tubes and run towards him. “About a thousand.”

    Xander’s brain didn’t have time to register the reality of what Veo had just said, he was in shock at the sheer number of tiny animals that were running towards him at high speeds. Well high speeds for a two inch long rodent. It’s faster than you might think! He started to laugh hysterically as he felt them run over his body, their tiny little feet tickling his skin as he giggled and tried to pet each one of them. But instead they just kept coming, and coming, and coming. Usually that sentence has more context in these stories, but hey there is more to life than sex.

    For the longest time Xander simply sat on the floor, covered from head to toe in a sea of swirling fur, giggling as tears of joy streamed down his face. For the first time in a long time he felt…whole again. “Thank you Veo!” he said with a tremor in his throat. “Thank you so much!”

    Veo smiled as she sat down next to him while the hamsters ran to her and began climbing over her wings and legs playfully. “You’re welcome, honey bun. I know you would have done this yourself if you were able…so I figured I’d take care of it for you for a while.”

    Xander rubbed his face along his arm, sliding about thirty hamsters in the process as another realization crossed his mind. His head shot up as he gave Veo a worried look. “What about…Quinn?” he asked, almost afraid to hear the answer.

    Veo smiled deviously at him. Too deviously.  “Quinn...” she began “Needed a...special...arrangement.” the angel finished as she started to laugh in a rather...unholy fashion.

To be continued…

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Featuring: Veo, Xander, Cat

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