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Settling In - Spirals - Part 1

 Key: MC, MD, MF

Description: Xander tries to settle into life in New Chicago, but there are more surprises, good and bad, than he could have anticipated.

    It was late evening in the city of New Chicago, and the sun was shining brightly through the blinds of a penthouse apartment. The door unlocked and swung open as a gorgeous redhead, who looked to be about twenty-five, walked in. She was professionally dressed in a black skirt suit and held a clipboard close to her chest as she entered, motioning to the room around her. “As you can see…” she began “The west facing french doors and balcony still get plenty of light during the evening hours”
    Behind her stumbled in a visibly weary Xander, dressed in his usual black jeans and muscle shirt. He seemed to lack not only his usual energetic disposition, but also his defining red demon’s tail.

    “The living room is finished to give it a more rustic look,” the woman, Kathy, continued without skipping a beat “complete with a fireplace and wood trim to give it a kind of…cabin in the woods feel in the heart of the city!” she finished with a smile.

    Xander was actually impressed, however they had been looking at houses for the last seven hours and he had no idea how Kathy was doing it. He was an incubus...he was immortal…and he was just about exhausted. But she wasn’t even showing the first sign of slowing down!

    He followed his energetic companion around the apartment from room to room as she showed off the bathroom, the kitchen, and several smaller rooms that could have been offices or guest rooms. All in all, it was the most impressive apartment they had seen all day. It had more rooms than a small house and filled practically the entire south side of the building’s top floor.

    Xander gazed around, daydreaming and unconsciously shaking his left leg where his tail had been wrapped the entire day. He’d been able to ignore it, for the most part, but after a full day of house hunting it was beginning to get sore.

    As he continued visualizing his life in the penthouse he hadn’t actually agreed to buy yet, Kathy interrupted him again. “If you’ll follow me this way, I’ll show you the jewel of the property.” she said, moving to a set of glass double doors and pulling them open. The large doors led out to a very spacious balcony, one that was easily big enough to have a small flower garden and several lounge chairs.
    Xander’s mind continued to wander as he followed her out onto the balcony. His feet were starting to hurt and he couldn’t recall the last time he had eaten. Of course he also realized that his inner monologue was beginning to sound like a whiny little bitch, so he sucked it up and moved to the edge of the balcony, leaning against the stone encrusted concrete railing as he looked out over the city. “Would you look at that view…” Kathy said, her professionalism fading for a moment as she stared out over the horizon. Xander couldn’t argue, the view was really one of the most spectacular parts about the penthouse.

    He took a deep breath and relaxed as he watched the sun set over the horizon. From their vantage point he could see over several of the surrounding buildings, only the corporate skyscrapers like the Handycock and See’ers Tower were taller. “It is really beautiful…” he said with a smile.  “There is just one tiny problem.” he finished with a frustrated sigh.

    “Oh?” Kathy asked, even though she had an idea of what the problem would be.

    Xander sighed, “This is a city on a lake. The second largest lake in the world.” he began, as he tried to maintain his composure. “And this view is beautiful, it’s absolutely fantastic. Or it would be...except this view is to the west. While the lake, the entire selling point of having lakeside property, is to the east. Which, if you are not following, is the OTHER side of the building!” he finished, clearly frustrated with the situation and himself. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell, I’m just very tired right now. This place is amazing and I love it, but what exactly is the point of having a penthouse in a city by a lake if you can’t see the lake?”

    To his surprise, and confusion, Kathy merely gave him a sly smile in response. “Why don’t I show you the bedroom?” she said in the most professional, yet flirty, way possible. Xander wasn’t sure if she was offering to “show him the bedroom”...or literally show him the bedroom. He did, however, notice his tail start to twitch.

    He followed her back inside to the bedroom door, where he was still entirely unsure of what to expect. In a very unceremonious manner, she turned the knob and stepped inside. “It’s not much, but I think it might make up for the view we didn’t quite get from the balcony.” she said, not even attempting to hide the confident grin that was spread across her face.

    The bedroom was enormous. It filled the entire southern wall of the building and had a fantastic view of the south side of the city. But the best part, near the eastern wall, was a jacuzzi built into the floor of the room and attached to the exterior wall. A wall that was completely made of glass, along with the same wall of the jacuzzi. Which meant that inside of the jacuzzi was an unobstructed view of the lake...and it was phenomenal.

    Xander’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor as he stared at the room and slowly moved towards the jacuzzi. It was everything he had ever hoped for and then some. He didn’t even know this was something you could have, and now that it was here he couldn’t imagine not having it. “I’ll take it.” he said as he stared out the window. He could feel his energy returning to him as he looked around the room and out over the lake, it gave him a feeling of peace that he’d been missing all day. “I’ll definitely take it!” he said, turning to look at Kathy.

    For the first time that day, with the weight of finding a place to live finally off of his shoulders, he began to notice just how attractive Kathy really was. She was preoccupied with filling out paperwork and hadn’t noticed his gaze shift as it slid up and down her body. It was at this point that he felt something stir in his pants. Lucky for him it was just his tail…get your head out of the gutter.

    He took several slow steps towards Kathy as his tail wigged itself out from around his leg and slid out from the top of his jeans. It stretched itself out and began to loop and sway behind him, more as a sign of his mood than anything else. A hypnotic orb formed in his right hand as he began to move closer to Kathy, who was still too absorbed in her paperwork to notice.

    Kathy finally finished a few moments later and looked up at Xander with a smile, only to immediately be drawn in to the orb floating a few feet in front of her “Oh…” she said, startled as she managed to take a step back. “What…is that?” she asked as her voice softened.

    Xander smiled as he stepped closer, but kept the orb floating in the air between the two of them. Her shoulders were already starting to sag, and the clipboard was slipping from her hands…in a few moments it would be forgotten and on the floor. “It’s an orb.” he said simply, which was accurate but gave no other useful information.

    Her attention was focused on the flashing lights even as her head tilted curiously. “An..orb?” she asked, “How...are you...” She tried to finish the question, but her voice trailed off as she was drawn deeper into it. Xander smiled as slid his hand along her arm, making sure to keep the orb directly in front of her gaze. “Didn’t you know?” he asked with a smile, “I’m an incubus.”

    “A wha…Ooooohhhh” Kathy’s question was cut off as Xander’s tail slowly caressed up the young woman’s leg. The sensation was far more pleasurable than she was expecting and, with the help of the hypnotic orb, short circuited her thought processes quite nicely. It wouldn’t be recovering for the rest of the evening.

    Xander smiled as he watched Kathy’s eyes glaze over as she bit down on her lower lip and tilted her head back, moaning softly. Meanwhile, Xander’s tail crept higher up the young woman’s leg as he moved the orb closer to her face, she was never able to take her eyes off of it even as they fluttered from the pleasure she was feeling. Finally, it broke into two smaller orbs and merged into Kathy’s eyes, too quickly for her to even realize what was happening.  

    The young realtor gasped and closed her eyes as she let out a squeal that was more reminiscent of an orgasm than a gasp of surprise. When her eyes opened again they were swirling with colors and her expression had turned to one of playfulness. Anyone who didn’t know otherwise would think she was drunk and about to pass out, but Xander knew better. Her response was slow and eager as he kissed her, while his hands slid up her arms and began to work her out of her professional attire, one piece at a time.

    Kathy’s body and mind were on autopilot at that point...needless to say, she wasn’t concerned with her clothes. She only wanted to feel Xander close to her, and responded to his touch by sliding her hands along his frame, and if any clothing got in her way she moved it aside but never took it off completely. Xander couldn’t help but laugh as he occasionally fought her movements in order to remove her clothes. Of course he was used to that and was able to manipulate her more ways than one...without much struggle from the hypnotized and amorous young woman.

    With the last of their clothes discarded on the floor, Xander helped the giggly young woman into the hot tub with him. Her passions took over as she slid into his lap and ran her hands along his chest while his tail caressed up and down her legs.

    A moment later she gasped as she felt something slide inside of her...had she been awake she might have noticed how different it felt, but she was far too hypnotized to notice anything but the pleasure she was feeling. She leaned in and kissed Xander as he held her close and started to slowly drain her energy.

    Kathy’s reactions slowed little by little as her arms slid down Xander’s face to his chest, until they finally hung limp at her sides. She let out a soft sigh as her shoulders slumped and her head fell to Xander’s shoulder, breaking the kiss in the process. The incubus smiled, “You really did have a lot of energy, didn’t you.” he laughed as he gently moved Kathy off of him and sat her next to him in the tub.

    She was completely unconscious now, and would be for hours. It would take quite a bit of time, even for someone as energetic as Kathy, to rebuild her energy enough to wake up. In the meantime Xander simply held her close while she slept on his shoulder, looking out at the lake as the sun slowly set behind them. As the sunlight slowly faded, a small smile crept across his face as he held the drained redhead close to him. “Yeah, I could see this place having potential.”

To be continued…

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