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Settling In - Spirals - Part 4

 Key: MD, MC, Hypno

Description: Xander arrives for his first night of work at Spirals.  

    Xander walked into Spirals to find the party had already started, despite it being quite early in the evening. The music was going, and there were several people seated at the bar on the top floor, which was at street level. Numerous groups were seated in the tabled area on the second floor, and multiple people were on the dance floor at the lowest level. All three floors shared the same ceiling so you could see the dance floor from the main entrance even though it was two floors below.

    As he surveyed the club, he found Tammy bouncing to the music in the DJ booth while Celene leaned up against a wall in the corner, keeping a watchful eye. There was no sign of Nadia yet, but Xander could feel his skin crawling and knew she was around…somewhere. However, as he scanned the room he was pleasantly surprised to find Dr. Stacy on the dance floor, she appeared to have a friend with her but other than that the two were mostly alone.

    He made his way down the stairs to the edge of the floor and snuck up behind her. She was so focused on the music and her dancing that she never even noticed him there until he poked her in the sides. She let out a high pitched yelp and rapidly spun around, much to the surprise of her friend. “Xander!” she shouted as she wrapped her arms around him in a big hug. “How are you doing?” she asked.

    “I’m good.” he said, returning the hug. “Tonight’s my first night working here as…well, as manager I guess.” As he said this, he realized that he still wasn’t entirely clear on what his job duties were, other than being physically present.

    “Shouldn’t you know what your job is?” Stacy said, giving him a playful smile. 

    Xander laughed. “I was told my job is to make sure that everyone is having a good time.” he grinned, sliding closer to her. “Is there anything I could do to help you...fully enjoy your time at Spirals, my dear Dr. Stacy?” he asked seductively.

    Stacy laughed and leaned in towards him. As she did, her brown hair slid over her shoulder and revealed the tip of her elvish ear. “I’d be happy to come up with a few things you could do around closing time.” she whispered to Xander.

    "Hmm...what’s wrong with starting early?” he mused to his old friend.

    Stacy placed a hand on his chest to stop him. “First of all, you're working and I don’t want to be responsible for getting you fired. Second, I’m here with a friend and it would be rude of me to just leave her here…but I can introduce you!” she said with a smile. She turned around and quickly grabbed the hand of the girl she had been dancing with, spinning her around to face Xander. “This is Eluran! Eluran, this is my friend Xander, he’s an incubus so watch yourself.” she finished teasingly.

    Xander took a moment to look at the young woman in front of him. She was short but shapely with long, blonde, curly hair, a beaming smile and bright blue eyes. She had her hair in a ponytail which made her elvish ears that much more prominent. Unlike Stacy, whose hair tended to cover her ears. “Hi!” the elf said excitedly, “It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

    Xander smiled and took the young woman's hand, kissing the back of it gently. “The pleasure is mine, m’lady. I trust you are enjoying your time here at Spirals?” he asked as elegantly as he could manage.

    Eluran blushed as Stacy explained that Xander was the manager of the nightclub. “It’s really nice! We got here just as it opened and have been dancing for the last hour! When does the show start?” she asked, pointing in the direction of the stage.  

    Xander followed her finger, to the best of his knowledge there were no performances of any kind scheduled for the evening. But as his eyes wandered over the two lovely young elves while the stage loomed in the background, an idea began to form in his mind. “Actually...pretty soon, would you like a tour backstage before it begins?” he asked, hoping that Stacy wouldn’t notice the gleam in his eye. To his delight, the two girls looked at one another and smiled excitedly, their heads nodding rapidly as they blurted out “Hell yes!” in unison.  

    “Well then, right this way ladies.” he smiled as he led them through a door off the side of the stage. The backstage area of Spirals was basically a loading dock with two dressing rooms behind the elevated stage, as well as a storage area for assorted stage props and other junk. Since there wasn’t a show scheduled, the area was completely empty. Even the dressing rooms were dark.

    The girls' excitement level dropped noticeably as they looked around. “But…there's nothing here?” Eluran pointed out.

    “Well…” Xander started as he gently wrapped one around each of the girl’s shoulders, “Nothing yet.” His hands moved smoothly from their shoulders to the side of their heads as he formed an orb that easily slipped into their temples.

    Both girls gasped in surprise, bodies tensing as the orbs slipped into their minds. Being elves, however, they were surprisingly resistant to the effects of Xander’s hypnotic orbs on their minds. He was going to have to take a more subtle approach for them to...surrender to him.

    “It’s ok girls…” he started softly, “Just relax…you can trust me. You both seemed to be enjoying your time dancing…enjoying the atmosphere of the club. The music thumping in your ears, and your chest. Just let those feelings move through your mind now…remember how nice it felt to just let your body let go to the music and simply relax. The more you hear the music, the easier it will be for you to relax and let go. To just sink into the wonderful atmosphere of the club…to relax…and just…surrender… to the music now.”

    The girls' natural resistance to his hypnotic energy didn’t grant them any to normal hypnotic techniques, and with every word that Xander spoke he could see them relaxing little by little. Eluran was the first to slip as her facial expression went completely slack, while a gentle grin spread across her face. As the rest of her body loosened and relaxed, her head began to fall to her chest, eyes rolling upwards just before they fluttered closed.

    Stacy put up more of a fight, but as the music continued to thump in the background the beat slowly began to ease her down. Her shoulders and back loosened, though somehow her head managed to stay upright even as her body swayed and sagged. In the end, as her eyes slipped closed, the only sign that she had surrendered was a soft sigh.

    Xander looked over his two newest prizes with a smile. “Ladies, I wasn’t lying when I said the show was about to start.I just needed to get the performers into a more…compliant state.” His smile turned far more devious as his position allowed him an easy view down both of their shirts. “Now, I want you both to listen carefully…”

    Across town, Midnight sat behind the counter of her shop. She only had a few more minutes before she could close up for the night. It had been a boring day, and she was looking forward to going somewhere more exciting, somewhere quiet and intimate...and of course, with lots of unsuspecting people that she could seduce, and drain. Her first thought was to head to the park, or see if any of the museums had some late night hours on the weekend. All were great places to hunt. But her train of thought was broken by the sound of the doorbell going off. She looked up to see her old friend Veo walking into the store with a warm smile on her that she instantly knew was hiding the need to ask for a favor. Midnight sighed and returned her friend’s smile. “Hey V…” she started “What do you need?” she finished, the smile letting her friend know that she would do what she could, despite her mood.

    Veo leaned on the counter and looked at Midnight with a slightly concerned look and took a deep breath. “Could you maybe go to Spirals tonight?” she asked, looking Midnight in the eye. “It’s Xander’s first night and...well, apparently Nadia is also working there and…”

    Midnight cut her off before she could finish. “Of course” She said with an understanding smile. “How is he handling the idea of working with Nadia again?”

    Veo opened her eyes wide. “Well… you know Xander.” she trailed off.

    Midnight smiled as she stood up and moved to the front of the store, closing the security gate on the windows. “That well huh?”

    “Yup.” Veo said, moving to the other window and helping her friend close up shop. “I’d do it myself, but I have to go take care of the last of Xander’s effects for his apartment.”

    Midnight nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he doesn’t burn the place down on the first night, but I make no promises about tomorrow.”

    Veo gave her friend a thankful smile as she held the door open for Midnight, who followed her out of the shop and locked it up. “Thanks, I owe you one!”

    “Don’t mention it.” Midnight said, returning the smile. “It will give me plenty of opportunities to…get the lay of the land.” she finished, her smile turning devious.

    Veo rolled her eyes. “Have fun, I’ll catch up with you as soon as I’m done.” The angel spread her wings and flapped hard, flying off into the distance. “Thanks again!” she shouted as she ascended above the buildings and disappeared.

    Midnight sighed. “I guess I’m going to a nightclub.” she said as she made her way towards Spirals. “So much for a quiet night.”

    Back at Spirals, Xander sat at one of the tables on the second level, his feet kicked up on it as he sipped a lemonade. On stage, Stacy and Eluran were dancing to their heart's content, swaying their bodies and moving to the music that was playing through the club. Of course neither girl was aware of where she was…or that Xander had made some slight alterations to their outfits. Stacy had tied her button up shirt to expose her stomach and frame her breasts, while Eluran had removed her plain t-shirt to reveal a shapely blue bra. She had also rolled her jeans up to make them appear tighter. Despite the thumping bass of the club music, the two elves couldn’t help but slide their hands along their bodies. In their minds they were dancing for their ideal lover…and were doing their best to arouse them with their dancing. Judging from the audience's reactions it was working quite well.

    Out of the corner of his eye he noticed movement and smiled when he turned to see Cat descending the stairs. Her glasses had been replaced with contact lenses, and her hair was down. The mundane street clothes from the coffee shop were gone, and instead she wore a skintight, elegant blue dress that stopped just above her knee. The only part of her attire that was still a little out of place were the sneakers on her feet.

    Xander set his drink down and moved towards her with a smile on his face. He had almost forgotten that he had programmed her to show up tonight, and now that he had quite the show going, he knew exactly where she would be most needed.

    He walked up to Cat and gently put his hand on her shoulder. She jumped in surprise and turned to face Xander, relaxing as she put her hand to her chest and tried to compose herself. “I’m so sorry, you scared mmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhmmm....” She was cut off in mid sentence as Xander began kissing her deeply.

    Cat resisted at first but after a few moments her protesting moans turned into sighs of pleasure as her eyes closed and she fell into the kiss. A moment later Xander snapped his fingers next to her ear and her arms fell limp at her sides. The energy of the kiss quickly died out as her face went slack.

    Xander broke the kiss and looked over his third hypnotic prize of the night. The beautiful blonde’s mouth was slightly open, head tilted upwards with her eyes closed as she slowly teetered on her feet. “You’ve done well my dear.” he said with a smile. “Now I have a job for you tonight.”

    On the top floor of the club, Midnight pushed through the door and quickly surveyed the room around her. She immediately noticed Xander near the side of the stage helping a young woman ascend the stairs. Two elves were already onstage, dancing sexily, as her eyes glanced over to the third woman. A young human girl with brownish blonde hair was making her way to center stage as her body began to move to the music. She had a more innocent, naive air about her than the elves, so her movements were slightly more awkward, but she was doing her best to keep up with them.

    She closed her eyes and felt the energy in the air, focusing on the three girls onstage. As she suspected, she could feel Xander’s hypnotic influence over them, his energy sliding through their minds and altering their perceptions of the situation. She smiled in approval and laughed to herself. “Well, at least he hasn’t burned it to the ground yet.”

To be continued…

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Featuring: Xander, Stacy, Celene, Eluran, Midnight, Veo, and Cat

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