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Settling In - Spirals - Part 5

 Key: FD, MD, FF, FM, MC

Description: With the night in full swing, Nadia makes her move.

    By all accounts, the grand re-opening of Spirals’ was, without a doubt, a success. The music was thumping, the dance floor was full, and three lovely ladies onstage were swaying their hypnotized bodies for the enjoyment of the crowd. Xander was relaxing at a nearby table, admiring his handiwork while Midnight kept a close eye on him from the shadows, ensuring that the incubus didn’t cause too much trouble.

    But on the entry level of the club, things were about to take a turn. Nadia watched the dancers onstage and couldn’t help but notice how smug Xander looked as he enjoyed their performance. “Two can play at this game…” she said, grinning deviously and strutting over to the DJ booth.

    Tammy was busy flipping through the list of songs on the computer screen and bouncing to the music that was playing in her headphones. She’d listen to a few seconds of a song and then slot it into the playlist before moving on to the next, it was a fantastically complex process that she had mastered years ago. Her job was to keep track of the audience’s mood and balance the pace of the songs to give them a break every now and again. Of course in doing this she still managed to keep them moving in the direction that the club wanted, high energy with just a hint of danger and the promise of sex. Just like any other nightclub. She was so engrossed in her work that she didn’t notice the door opening up behind her as Nadia snuck into the booth.

    The redheaded hypnotist smiled as she shook her head. “I should have known you’d be oblivious, you always were.” she said deviously as she reached into her pocket. “Lets see if we can’t put that level of focus to some good use.” Carefully and silently, she moved behind Tammy and dropped a crystal pendant in front of her eyes.

    Tammy, who was oblivious to Nadia’s presence, gasped in shock as the object fell directly before her eyes and started to spin. But before she could turn around, Nadia slipped a headphone off of her ear and began whispering softly into it while her hand drifted to the young woman’s chest and kept her pinned to the chair. “It’s alright, my dear…” she began in a seductive, hypnotic tone. “You’re still perfectly safe…listening to the music as you watch the crystal spin, slowly and gently. Watching the lights from your console flickering and bending off of the pendant as you gently relax, and listen to the music…beat by beat…thumping gently into your mind.”

    Nadia could see that Tammy was still startled, her eyes were wide and she was struggling to get up. Unfortunately for her, the pendant was too close to her face and Nadia’s arm was still holding her against the chair, she wouldn’t have been able to get up if she tried. However, the effects of the music, the pendant, and Nadia’s words seemed to be having quite the effect on Tammy’s mind. “That’s it…just let go…and surrender to me now. You’ve done that so many times in the past, my dear. So many times. And even though you may not remember them all right now, they were always…pleasurable.” As she said this, Nadia’s hand slowly moved down Tammy’s chest to massage her breast, caressing it slowly and gently as she rolled the soft, tender mound around in her hand. Within moments she could feel Tammy’s nipple pressing against the fabric of her clothes and began swirling her finger around it in slow circles, making it stiffen even more. “That’s a girl…” She cooed softly into her ear.

    Even with her eyes fixed on the pendant, and her mind trying to focus on a million things at once, Tammy gasped as she felt Nadia’s hand on her breast. Her smooth, silky voice whispered the word “Pleasure…” into her ear, and she couldn’t help but relax into the feeling. Those millions of thoughts that had been racing through her mind simply faded into the background, along with the last of her resistance. Her shoulders slumped back and her jaw hung open loosely as her eyes glazed over and she stared vacantly ahead at her computer screen.

    Nadia smiled and giggled in the young woman’s ear. “That’s it my dear, so good to surrender…so good to obey. Isn’t that right?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

    “...yyeesss…” came the soft, expected answer. Tammy, of course, was unaware that she had even replied.

    “That’s a good girl. Now I want you to do me a favor, my dear.” Nadia said as she stood up and pushed the young woman’s chair closer to her computer. “I want you to look up the subliminal message files that are hidden on the music server. You know where those are…don’t you my dear.” Nadia said, again knowing that Tammy knew the answer already.

    “... uh huh…” came the soft reply from Tammy as she sat up in her chair and slowly started to search through the files. The location, and the files’ existence, had been suggested to her earlier in the day thanks to the spiral that had been placed in her locker. Consciously, the young DJ had no knowledge of the files, yet she navigated to them without so much as a second thought...or any thought at all.  

    Nadia couldn’t help but be impressed by easily, how effortlessly the young woman navigated the computer despite how deeply hypnotized she was. No matter how many times she saw her subjects pull off similar, sometimes even more complicated, procedures, it never failed to impress her. “That’s a girl.” She whispered softly as she looked over Tammy’s shoulder and scanned the file names. “Let’s have you start up…that one.” She pointed to a file labeled ‘Hypno D/S 3’ “That should do nicely…” she said, grinning deviously as Tammy started the file, allowing the subliminals to flow through the speakers of the club...and her headphones.

    As the speakers started to play the new track, the subliminal commands slowly began to work their way through the minds of the unsuspecting patrons. Their effects were subtle…but that's what makes it subliminal. You don’t really notice it, you just slowly start to change your behavior, slowly start to follow their commands without even realizing it, without ever really noticing or hearing them.

    Unless you happen to have hearing that is above the level of a human, the kind of hearing that a particular breed of hypnotic demon might have…say an incubus, or a succubus. (To be fair the elves would have noticed too, but they were already hypnotized…so, plot hole closed! Go me!). Xander’s head whipped in the direction of the DJ booth as soon as he heard the subliminals coming through the speakers. “Son of a bitch!” he shouted as he saw Nadia leaning over Tammy’s shoulders, leaping to his feet and taking the stairs two at a time.  

    Before he could barrel through the door, Celene stepped in front of him. “Hold on, big guy.” She said, placing her hand on his chest in an attempt to stop him. “I don’t want you and Nadia fighting tonight!” she shouted as she moved her left leg back into a more stable stance to try and stop the incubus. But even with both of her hands on his chest he was still moving closer to the DJ booth and sliding her across the floor with him. “Xander, stop! I can’t let you in there!” she shouted, barely loud enough for him to hear her over the music, but still not loud enough to disturb anyone else in the club.

    Xander growled as he continued to push forward despite Celene using her body weight to try and stop him. “She’s messing with the sound system and putting subliminal messages into the music.” He said angrily as they neared the door.

    “No, she isn’t!” Celene insisted, unaware of the subliminals that were, more than likely, already affecting her mind. “You’re just mad at her!” she shouted. Realizing she wasn’t going to be able to stop Xander, she quickly pushed off of him and ran ahead to the door, pressing her thumb to the scanner and locking it with her security override. “I know you have reason to hate her…but you can’t do this!” she said, turning around to face the angry incubus...and pinning herself against the door in the meantime.

    Xander stopped as he was confronted by his...friend? Could he consider her a friend, really? He wasn’t sure, but for the sake of a streamlined thought process he decided on friend. Confronted with the sight of his friend using her own body to block his way forward he had to  consider...was he wrong or was he really just angry? Of course, after three seconds of clearly hearing the subliminals playing through the speakers he had his answer. “Nope! Totally not wrong, just angry!” He thought as he stepped up to Celene and smiled. “Maybe you’re right.” he said, playfully placing a hand next to her head as he leaned in closer to her. “How are you feeling…right now Celene?” he said, staring deeply into her eyes.

    Celene was almost completely taken by surprise by Xander’s abrupt change in attitude. She knew he was trying to flirt with her. “As if…” she thought to herself, but even as she thought that, she couldn’t help but feel a pull to him, a strange… draw to the power that he had, and the confidence he was demonstrating. She didn’t realize the subliminal messages in the music were starting to affect her. “I’m…I’m fine.” she said as her confidence faded to a more soft, submissive tone. “Thank you for asking.“

    Xander smiled, he could hear the words in the subliminal messages and knew what they were saying. They would affect him if he let them, but he could also just as easily block them out if he wanted. But he also knew that Celene had no such ability to notice… or defend herself against them. The slight dilation of her pupil and the way her expression had softened was a good indication that she was starting to follow the suggestions in the subliminals. He leaned in closer and stared into her eyes. “It’s my pleasure, my dear. You know, we’ve never really gotten a good chance…to get to know one another.” he said seductively, with a very heavy implication in his voice. “I think you’d like that Celene. I think you’d like it if you could just look into my eyes…and let yourself slip away into them. You’ve seen me do it to so many girls in the past, in the old club. You’ve seen so many young women just stare into my eyes…and you’ve always wondered what it must be like…what it must feel like to simply gaze into my eyes now…and feel your mind and body just give in to their desires. To give in to the powers that I have...to the pleasures that I can give you now Celene.”

    Celene couldn’t believe what was happening. She was nose to nose, staring into the eyes of a man that she barely tolerated as a coworker, and had no attraction to at all…but yet she knew he wasn’t wrong. She’d seen him seduce several girls at the old club, back before he got arrested, before the Depressor tried to break him. She couldn’t help but wonder what they felt…what they saw…what they were thinking. At the time she had thought it was disgust, or a bad taste in men. But now…with him staring into her eyes…she couldn’t help but wonder…what it might be like. She leaned in closer to Xander as the word “Yeah…” escaped her lips without her realizing it. Her body away from the door she’d been so closely guarding, as a hand unconsciously moved to rest on his hip while the other unconsciously ran along the arm that was next to her head.

    Xander leaned back and stood up, allowing Celene to move even closer to him. She was slightly shorter than he was, so he was still able to stare down into her eyes as her body pressed against his. He let his free hand slide along her back as he tilted his head and rubbed the tip of his nose along hers, staring deeply into her eyes the entire time. He didn’t need to use any of his abilities at this point, just the power of confidence, of his personality, to bring her into him. That and the subliminals that were wreaking havoc with her mind. “Give in to your desires…” he whispered softly...it was all the encouragement she needed.

    She leapt forward with the enthusiasm of someone who had just been freed from restraints and began kissing him deeply. Even though she’d initiated the kiss, the subliminals were doing an excellent job of making her feel submissive and controlled. Not that she minded, of course...or realized. She could feel how strong his body felt against hers, how powerful, as she deepened the kiss. And despite it all, she couldn’t believe just how much fun this was!  It was like being back in college and finally getting the bad boy all to herself. She felt both helpless and empowered at the same time. Strong and confident, yet weak and submissive…and oh so very sleepy.

    Eventually, Celine realized that she was starting to fall asleep in the kiss. And even though her body kept feeling weaker and weaker, she knew she had to keep going. It felt like kissing Xander was the most important thing she could do right now. Her arms fell to her sides as her body started to sink, but to her relief she could feel Xander supporting her. Holding her upright so the kiss could continue…and so she could…keep feeling…feeling the…the…pleasure…

    Celene finally went limp in Xander’s arms as he held her softly. “That’s a girl…I thought you might feel a bit faint after that.” He said smiling, feeling a bit more...invigorated, having used the kiss to drain her energy. “Let me just borrow this for a moment please.” he said, taking her limp hand and moving it over to the door panel, using her finger to unlock the door. “There we go…” he finished with a devious grin.

    Nadia was busy fondling the hypnotized Tammy when the door to the booth flew up behind her. The sound made her gasp and she spun around, only to see Xander dragging in the completely limp and seemingly unconscious Celene behind him. “What the fuck?!” she shouted angrily.

    Xander smiled as he closed the door behind him and gently let Celene fall to the floor helplessly. “Caught ya.” he said with a grin as the two glared at one another from across the room.

To be continued...

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Featuring: Eluran, Stacy, Cat, Midnight, Celene, Xander and Nadia.

Thanks to sleepygirl586 for doing the editing for me.  

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