Thursday, November 16, 2017

Xander vs Dawn Part 12: Final Count

Key: MC, MD, FD, Hypno, Sleep, Freeze
The room was dark, two figures could be seen on either side, both with tails, both with demonic wings. One male, one female. The time had finally come to decide who was better, who would be crowned the victor... who would win the battle, of Xander vs. Dawn.

As the two moved slowly closer to one another glaring at each other the whole time and finally stopping a few inches from one another. It was Xander who spoke first. “Let's see what you got, little miss tight pants.”

Dawn on the other hand pulled back with a look of revolt and waved her hand in front of her face repeatedly. “Holy crap, what did you eat for lunch? A chili dog with a side of onion! Yuck!”

Xander narrowed his eyes then looked at you the reader. “don't you hate when weird crap like this happens?” Then glanced back at Dawn “Enough stalling!” he shouted “Let's do this!” storming over towards her side of the warehouse.

Dawn simply smirked and shook her head following him. “indeed... lets!”

Xander stomped over to Dawns side and threw back the tarp that was protecting her area, the first thing he did was scream, for directly before him laying on the couch was Sarah, the police officer who had arrested him several times, and his mini-nemesis Nadia. “Wow, you got both of them, I'll give you that I'm impressed with that.” he said genuinely.

Dawn smiled as she confidently strolled past Xander “I thought you would be” she commented, “They both fell quite easily to be honest, especially the hypnotist.” Dawn did an excellent job of hiding that she had technically cheated in using Nadia and Abigal in her count since they had hypnotized each other. But ignoring that fact she even moved over to Abigal and gently slid a hand along her cheek. “I got this young lovely as well.” She tilted Abigal's head up to show Xander then slid the finger out from under her chin and let her heavy, hypnotized head fall back to her chest. Her hair bounced from the impact.

Xander looked impressed to say the least, and nodded “Good job, and lets face it, they are both gorgeous” he said with a wink.

Dawn just rolled her eyes “ugh, men” she said as she moved over to the next couch. On this one she showed off Eva, Tammy, whom Xander recognized from Spirals then introduced Fawn.

Xander gave a sideways grin “I met Fawn before you know, the night that we ended up..” he cut his comment short and substituted an eyebrow wiggle and a grin. He was met with the business end of Dawn's fist.”

“And that will never... EVER.. happen again!” she shouted angrily. “Especially since I most definitely won.” she turned with a huff and moved to a third couch across from the other two and stood defiantly in front of the couch with her hands on her hips. In the classic 'heroine' pose as she introduced her final two victims. “And this is Barbara, and Jessica. I had to actually out draw Jessica in a shoot out!” she proudly proclaimed, before folding her arms and shifting her weight to one leg “Top that dingbat.”

Xander pulled the tarp from his side of the warehouse away with a very charismatic “Wallah!” He proceeded to show off, most of his prizes. There was another tarp that was covered holding the posed Veo.

Dawn looked over his victims one by one, “I will admit you do have a nice selection, I see you also raided my housemates, just tell me you didn't violate any of them.” she said with her arms still folded and her head cocked to the side in disgust.

Xander rolled his eyes. “no I didn't touch any of them beyond what was needed to capture them” he lied convincingly. “So what do you think?”

Dawn looked through the group and couldn't help but crack a smile when she saw Dusk, but she didn't comment on her just yet. She simply looked over the group. “Well, I will admit using hypnosis, and... “she moved over to Dr. Stacey and sniffed “what is that a chemical? Anyways, using hypnosis and whatever that was to freeze some of these lovelies was a nice touch. They could be used as decoration until I'm ready to drain them.” she moved up to the frozen form of her housemate Jen and slid her hand along her arm. “And they do look so nice...”

Xander folded his arms and retracted his wings into his back, allowing them to disappear under his skin, as he leaned back against a pillar “Not so fast hot shot, I counted 8 girls on your side. I have nine, and I even have an extra...” he was cut off before he could finish the sentence.

“You cheated.” Dawn said in a completely flat tone with a knowing grin. “Dusk was off limits, we agreed to that.”

Xander shifted a little “yeah you are right about that, but I still have...” he was cut off again.

“And, this little one...” she said gently lifting up the nurse's head “wasn't put out by you, the injection spot on her hand is a perfect hit for an artery, you are grossed out by blood and therefor avoid anything to do with blood, including arteries. The Doctor clearly injected her.” She let the nurse's head fall back against her shoulder as she started to move closer to Xander. “Plus, “she said walking right past him then doing a quick turn letting her wings slap him across the face. “Celene here... was drained” She said slowly walking over to Celene and sliding her hand along her body. The energy inside of her body became visible, a yellow swirl or life force moving inside of her. “By a Succubus, no less. Midnight I suspect. You couldn't even capture your own people Xander. How pathetic.” She said placing her hands confidently on her hips. “I... win.”

Xander sighed and was quite annoyed, but he knew he still had an ace in the hole. But he wanted to keep her cocky as long as he could. So he took a deep breath and sighed “Alright, I concede, your eight, beats out my seven.”

Dawn grinned and shook her head. “Six, math never was your strong suit, three of yours are disqualified that makes it six.”

Xander grinned and tilted his head to look behind Dawn. “You forgot to count... her.”

Dawn turned around and noticed the tarp. It was too big to be a human, it looked more like a small airplane missing it's wings. She carefully moved over to the tarp and pulled it away, only to discover she was half right. The creature before her definitely had wings, and was definitely not human. “oh...” she sigh “It's Veo!”

Xander smiled as he watched Dawn walk up to the posed angel, and gently slide her hand along her cheek, then down her neck. Running a finger over her ornate necklace that twisted from her neck down her arm. Before sliding her hand gently along the side of the angel's breast. “I have always thought she was beautiful... “ Dawn admitted not really realizing she was talking. “And I have always wondered, what you would taste like.”

The succubus was clearly engrossed in the frozen victim before her, as Xander noticed her leaning in to kiss Veo. Although that in and of itself would have been a fantasy for him, he just watched, with a smile.

Dawn slid her hand along Veo's cheek and ran her nose softly along the angel's nose as she whispered “I have waited so long for this...” She leaned in a bit more, lips getting closer and closer to the angel's

“So have I” Veo said as her posed face turned into a grin, and a single finger moved up to touch
Dawn's chin.

The succubus seemed to be almost instantly paralyzed. She was aware of the world around her but she couldn't move. The angel in front of her was no longer frozen. “Was she ever frozen?” she thought... “he tricked me, he tricked me!” She screamed in her mind.

“Yes, he did trick you.” Veo said with a smile as her wings folded up on her back and she started to stretch out a bit. “I'm so glad she finally got around to making an ass of herself, I was getting stiff standing there all that time.” she said with a smile to Xander. “care to come claim your prize?”

Xander smiled as he walked up to Dawn and turned her around slowly to face him. Veo kept her hand firmly on the back of Dawn's head to keep her paralyzed. While Xander caressed his hand along her cheek and whispered. “See, I told you you might be able to beat me, but you could never beat her.”

Dawn was screaming inside, if she could move she would have ripped his throat out. But instead she was helpless as she felt her energy slowly draining away from her. Xander's hand was sliding up and down her arm and every stroke was slowly taking more and more of her energy. She was being drained again. To add to the situation Xander had the gall to lean in, rubbing his nose along her's just like she had done to Veo. Only there was no one here to stop him from moving in that last half an inch, and kissing his target, her.

As Xander continued his kiss, and Dawn felt her body weakening, her eye lids fluttering closed, one final thought rolled through her mind. “The worst part about this whole damn thing... is he is a really really good kisser....” and then she surrendered to sleep. Falling back into Veo's waiting hands.

The angel held her with a smile until Xander had finished draining his prey, then casually dropped Dawn to the floor like a sack of potatoes. “Well Honeybun” she said with a smile “Did you enjoy your victory?”

Xander grinned and gave Veo a nice big hug “Oh so much, thank you so, sooo much. I wasn't sure I could beat her, and honestly I didn't.” he said looking a little sad.

Veo chimed in casually as she noticed Celene starting to wake up slowly on the couch, her energy having rebuilt to the point of allowing her to awaken. “Actually you did beat her” Veo stated matter-of-factly as she raised her hand and fired an orb out at Celene. As the young woman was struck by the orb her entire body lit up with a white aura. Her body seemed to relax instantly as she sighed and
sank back onto the couch.

Xander completely ignored Celene and tilted his head “What do you mean I won? I only got six, she got eight.”

Veo smiled, having been connected to Dawn's mind her secret was out “Actually she only got, five, Nadia and Abigal hypnotized each other, and Sarah was hit by a falling flower pot. You won.”

Xander couldn't help but laugh as he looked down at the sleeping Dawn. “I guess I did, didn't I!” he wrapped his arms around Veo and gave her a big hug, then pulled back and left his hands on her shoulders, slowly starting to massage them. “Thank you for your help my old friend, I wouldn't have been able to do it without you.” He said genuinely. However, Veo was already very distracted by massage on her shoulders. And he couldn't help but grin. “You should sit down, let me rub your shoulders. After all Veo, you had a long day, and you would like to... relax now. Just let everything drift away. Allow the world to simply fade as you focus on my hands. Focus on my words. Feel how my hands make your shoulders relax. Feel how my words help your mind to relax. Every squeeze helps you to sink deeper, and deeper. Every word, helps your mind to fade away, drifting. Down.”

Veo's eyes were already closed, and her head was starting to wobble with the massage. Xander had probably been told about a thousand times that Veo was susceptible to hypnosis, but he never really remembered. Or paid attention. But right now that was irrelevant, as she just wobbled on her feet, and her head slowly fell to her chest. As he leaned in and whispered into the ear of his old friend “Sleep my friend. Relax and sleep.” as he said the second 'sleep' he squeezed his shoulders and Veo sank into his arms.
She was remarkably heavy, all the muscle she had. And he tried to drag her over to the couch but her huge wings went limp and knocked over several boxes as well as a lamp, and Dr. Stacey. So instead he simply lowered her to the ground, and went and got her a pillow.

Having taken care of his dear friend he stood up and surveyed the Warehouse full of young beauties all completely helpless and rubbed his hands together with a grin. “Lunch time!”

He never noticed the red and blue flashing lights outside the Warehouse, getting closer and closer.

The End... of the Beginning.

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