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Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Part 5 - Alan Ucard

Key: Freeze

Part 1: Joshua
Part 2:  Martin
Part 3: Mike 
Continued From Part 4: The Professor

December 17th
It was a cold night, but Alan's main hall was filled with candles, and a roaring fire. Surrounding the room were dozens of frozen artists, musicians, and chefs. In the center of the room was a ridiculously large evergreen tree that Alan was putting the finishing touches on.

Thousands of ornaments adorned the tree, each one clearly hand made, and most looking as if they had been made centuries ago. Wooden scenes all hand carved and polished hung against the tree delicately. While numerous glass ornaments, all hand blown glistened in the fire light. Ribbons and bows were strategically placed about the tree to give it the final touches of what it needed to be perfect.

Alan gave a gentle smile as he looked over his handy work. Standing in a rather relaxed looking suit, one without a tie but with the more modern banded collar he let a small smile escape as he quickly turned towards the door and ran up the stairs to the main hall entrance. Grabbing the door knob and holding it with a grin he gently but quickly swung it open to see Kila on the other side her hand just about to knock on the door.

Kila smirked just a bit as she looked at Alan “impressive.” She said with a smile and offering Alan her hand.

Alan took the hand and kissed the back of it softly “not as impressive as the sight of you in candle light.” His voice was sincere yet playful.

Kila smiled and bowed in recognition of the compliment as Alan invited her in. “Thank you for accepting my invitation.” He said rather graciously.

Kila grinned playfully at Alan “Well when you invite a woman to dinner, one never knows exactly what you might mean.” She gave a playful wink as she looked around the room. “I see you have pulled out all the stops in using your vast collection.”

He held her hand softly as he looked at the frozen gallery of histories finest and smiled “If one is inviting a woman of your caliber to dinner. The quality of the event should match, don’t you think?”

The question was aimed more at the gallery of frozen vampires who all instantly sprang to life and replied in unison with “Yes Sir!”

Kila grinned as Alan nodded to his gallery “well then, by all means please… entertain.”

The chefs instantly ran out of the room and into the kitchen, while the musicians started to play a classical dance song, one of romance and passion as Alan offered Kila a hand. “May I have this dance?” he said with warm smile.

Kila took a far more aristocratic look and gently gave her hand to Alan. “But of course my dear Alan.”

Alan took her hand and bowed, gently escorting her to the dance floor, pulling her close and starting a slow but elegant dance. Staring into her eyes but not using any of his powers as he watched her move and sway in his arms as the music played.

The two age old vampires danced for some time all the while staring into the others eyes. At some point during the night, the dance become more then just two people moving in unison. Some where in there they touched on a level that is deeper, and more powerful then mere physical contact. It’s as if the souls of the two vampires managed to mingle in the power of the candle light, lost in the rhythm of the music so timeless and powerful that it will be here long after everything else has turned to dust.

As the chefs brought out the plates for dinner the musicians paused then switched to a much more subdued dinner conversation type of music. Alan and Kila both stopped, for a brief moment he thought he saw a small blush on Kila’s cheeks and he knew that he was also glowing. He took her hand and kissed the back of it gently before leading her to the table and pulling out a chair for her to sit.

As the chefs brought out the food one by one, each a different master from a different culinary art, from a different part of the world. Kila couldn’t help but give a little laugh and look over to Alan. “Spared no expense I see.”

They say that the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach, I personally don’t believe this is true, but it never hurts to cover your bases.” He says almost completely dead-panned as he pours her a glass of wine from a bottle that is over 700 years old.

Kila smiled at the comment and smelled the bouquet of the wine. “Your right,” she said with a playful smile as she sipped the wine slowly “it never does hurt to cover your bases.”

Alan raised a glass to her, and they both drank and enjoyed. The conversation for the evening moved to things they had both seen in history. Wars, romances, politics, comedians, and all the things that are so important, yet so brief. They also took some time to discuss the differences in the way the holidays are celebrated today versus 900 years ago. Although Kila was the one that pointed out that 2200 years ago they were still celebrating on the 25th, it was just a completely different holiday.

As dinner came to an end Kila looked at Alan with a satisfied smile “that was truly wonderful Alexander, thank you.”

Alan nodded with a grin “your welcome my dear, but I do believe I saved the best for last, we still have a desert course you know.”

Kila couldn’t help but notice the twinkle in his eye as he mentioned that and cocked her head to the side with a bit of a grin. “What did you have in mind?”

Alan smiled and rose to his feet, turning towards the musicians they all froze in place, and then stood forming a line in front of Alan and Kila, a moment later the chefs did the same. Alan offered Kila a hand which she accepted as he helped her to her feet and the row of chefs and musicians all extended their wrists. Alan tried poorly to hold back a chuckle as he commented “Desert is served.”

Kila looked at Alan with a grin then nodded “Why thank you Alexander” she said almost playfully as she moved up and down the row of frozen chefs and musicians, including Bach, Bethoven, and Paganini, All of which she tasted, in her typical fashion of only taking a little bit, then she smiled and bowed to Alan. “Thank you again Alexander.”

Alan nodded and snapped his fingers, the chefs and musicians filed out of the main hall as the artists stood, Raphael, Michelangelo, Davinci, and Picaso. Alan took her hand and motioned for them to reveal their works. All four had taken the time to paint masterpieces of Kila and Alan dancing. Although you couldn’t tell what Picaso’s was actually supposed to be, the others were exquisite. “A gift for you my dear.” He said genuinely.

Kila smiled at him and said with a smile “the artists, or the paintings?”

Alan smirked a bit and leaned in kissing her cheek then whispered “both actually.” With that the artists all assembled before her, wrists extended for her pleasure.

Kila smiled and kissed Alan softly “thank you again Alexander.” She said with a smile as she sampled from four of histories greatest artists, taking a moment to gaze at Davinci and stroke his cheek. When she was done she nodded to Alan, with a snap of his fingers the four artists all shifted and left heading back into… storage.

Kila moved to Alan and kissed him, as Alan held her closer. Offering her his arm she accepted as he escorted her slowly over to the couch in front of the fire place. The fire roared with its warm and soft glow as Alan offered Kila a seat, then sat next to her. He wrapped his arm around her and she moved in closer to him. Feeling the warmth of the fire, and the warmth inside Alan.

She closed her eyes to feel his energy, his vibrancy and smiled, so alive, so energetic. She looked up and opened her eyes and was surprised with a kiss. Soft and gentle kiss, one of admiration, and romance. Kila was surprised by the kiss but responded after a moment. The fire lit the main hall brightly as the romance between the two age old vampires blossomed into a night of passion.

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Kila is the property of RubyRain and used with permission.

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