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Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Part 11 - Sam

December 23rd
Ruby’s day had been rather dull, she had managed to stay out of the crowded malls for most of the season and what little shopping she needed to do she managed to finish up at the smaller locals around town. Her club was closed tonight and her physical retraining had nearly been completed. She was just about to sit down for a bit to figure out what to do with the rest of her evening when there was a rather musical knock on the door. It almost sounded like jingle bells but a bad rendition of it.

She opened the door to find Sam standing there with a smile, although that was not the first thing she noticed, The first thing she noticed was that he was standing in a full tuxedo with a box in his arms. “Hello my dear” he said with a pleased smile, “I was wondering if you might accompany me tonight my dear?”

Ruby blinked a bit and opened the door a bit more for him to come in, “Accompany you where?” she asked still a bit shocked to see him in a full tuxedo.

Sam smiled “its Christmas my dear, and I know that you’re Christmas Eve, and Christmas day will probably be hectic with many things so I took the liberty of booking us a romantic evening, just for two. But it is quite formal my dear” with a smile he handed her the box he was holding.

Ruby looked at Sam curiously then opened the box, inside was a complete, very fancy evening dress that appeared to be made out of woven together rubies. Even the shoes were studded with rubies. She looked over the dress and took it out of the box, it was the perfect length to be both comfortable and sexy. She looked at Sam with surprise. “How did you afford this?”

Sam shrugged a bit and smiled “I called in a few favors and had it custom made for you. The ruby material runs through out the entire dress and shoes, which means you can alter it at will on the fly. The main design isn’t necessarily the one you have to use, it was simply the one that would hold all of the rubies in place so you literally have a walking piece of transformable clothing.

Ruby just stared at Sam then the dress the realization of what exactly he had managed to create was just now sinking in. She could put this on and turn it into evening wear, pajama’s, combat armor, a bathing suit, anything she could desire. With a grin she moved to Sam and hugged him tightly and kissed him. “Thank you!” she said with a smile, “I love it!”

Sam blushed a bit and nodded, “I’m glad, does that mean you will accompany me?” he asked eagerly.

Ruby grinned and looked at the dress as it started to shift and morph along her body, as it did so she started to remove what she was wearing originally. But in such a way that she never actually let him see more then a little peek. After a few moments she was wearing the new dress perfectly, and her clothes were neatly folded on a chair. “Yep, I’m ready to go” she said with a playful smile.

Sam grinned and offered you his arm. “Don’t you want a coat its cold outside?” he asked.

Ruby just shook her head and with a grin the dress morphed into a thick, ruby red winter coat. “I think I’m going to like this” She said with a smile as she took his arm.

Sam opened the door and sitting outside was something else she didn’t expect, a horse drawn carriage waiting for them to arrive. As she looked at Sam to ask what this was a man hopped down off of the carriage and opened the door for them saying in a rather formal British accent. “Your carriage awaits you m’lady.”

Ruby, who noticed immediately that the carriage driver was not exactly in a normal state of consciousness hopped into the carriage and sat down. She smirked at Sam as he got in and sat next to her. “So… been enjoying the use of your hypnosis powers I assume.” She said with a knowing grin.

Sam gave her a very obvious ‘Duh’ look and with a grin said “I have favors I can call in, but some times a favor just doesn’t cover all of the expenses of an evening… you know what I mean?”

Ruby gave a little laugh and leaned in to him, hugging his arm. “Thank you” she said as she kissed his cheek softly.

The carriage, took the young couple on a tour of the city, starting at the west end and ending as it took them up the lake shore, and arrived at the tallest restaurant in the city. As they got out Ruby noticed that the door man, the attendants, the elevator operator, and when they arrived in the restaurant, the matradee and the waitresses were all hypnotized. “You really have been busy haven’t you?” she said looking around.

Sam gave a tired looking nod. “It’s been weeks in the planning, and you should know that plan B involved just hypnotizing you into thinking this was real. This is more solid, and more meaningful, but holy crap the programming of individual people, all to pull this off. Wow you wouldn’t believe how many I had to trance to do this.” His voice actually did sound like he was serious and not joking at all.

Ruby grinned and squeezed his arm again as they were escorted to a private glassed in balcony, not that anyone else was in the restaurant but this had the best view over the city. A group of musicians started to play in the background, close enough to set the mood, but far enough away to not be over bearing.

The room was lit solely by candle light and filled with red crystals to give it a soft ruby red glow. Sam poured them both a glass of wine and raised his glass. “Merry Christmas.”

Ruby smiled and clinked glasses as she sipped and gazed out over the cityscape before her. Dinner was nice, a wonderful steak and seafood dinner prepared by the best chefs that Sam could find. The music was nice and when dinner was done the two took a few moments to dance in the candle light of the balcony.

When they were done Sam escorted ruby down to the carriage as they got a first class tour of the lake front. The Christmas lights lit the city beautifully as the two snuggled close and watched the passing cityscape.

After the tour the carriage pulled up to a large domed garden, Sam got out and offered Ruby his hand who took it to appease him, even though she could have easily hopped down on her own. “What is this?” She asked?

Sam smiled and escorted her in “This is the last part of your surprise, it took me all day to do this” he said with a smile. Inside the garden was a beautiful domed area that showed the stars above, and had a grassy area laid out with a blanket, next to several well manicured tree’s and bushes, and a beautiful water fall.

“Oh wow” ruby commented while looking around “this is beautiful” she said smiling over at Sam.

Sam winked and leaned in “just wait” with that he clapped his hands and white Christmas lights lit up everything, from the trees, to the bushes, even the water fall glowed with a soft shine of the Christmas lights that had been carefully strung behind the water fall. “See, now that should be better” he said with a proud smile.

It took ruby a few moments to soak it all in before she moved to Sam and kissed him. She didn’t quite know what to say so she just held on to him.

Sam walked them both over to the blanket and helped her sit down, he removed part of his tuxedo to help make himself more comfortable, while she transformed the dress that she was wearing into something resembling a sundress.

Sam held Ruby’s hand softly and looked into her eyes. “Merry Christmas”

Ruby responded with a tender kiss under the stars. Sam wrapped his arm around her and laid her back on the blanket the two just laying there together watching the waterfall and lights play off of one another, in a perfectly calm, and serene Christmas eve morning.
Ruby is the property of RubyRain and used with Permission.

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