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Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Pt 4 Professor

December 16
Professor Neal Dimatto sat in his basement lab, surrounded by large tubes and testing chambers, all large enough to hold a human being easily. The lab was well lit in some places and mysteriously dark in others. Mood lighting really, it was kind of cool, you should see it. Anyways, he sat at his console looking up at six ridiculously large computer screens. Each one was showing a vid feed from Spirals, the club that he owned. On the first screen was an image of Celest, using her magic. On the Second was an image of Ruby turning a gem into a dagger and then back again while demonstrating the ability for Sam. The third was divided into four parts each one showing Larka in a completely different dress and completely different style each time. The fourth one showed Shadow, in one of the rare instances when her halo would come out. The fifth showed Isabella during the time when Liam was hypnotizing her, her demonic eye and ear clearly present. The last screen showed Kila, wandering Spirals while no one was supposed to be there.

The professor typed a few things on his keyboard and an analysis window popped up on each screen. For Celest it showed that she was a mage, her relative strength and her estimated age. For Ruby it showed that she was an unknown version of human with a high magical ratio. Larka’s screen was a bit more interesting, depending on how you look at it. It registered her as human with an unknown biological anomaly, and an unknown magical anomaly. Shadow was registering as and Unknown type of angel. While Isabella was listed as an unknown human – demon hybrid. Kila’s screen was the most perplexing to the professor. Kila’s screen simply showed one word “Unknown.”

“Hmmm” the professor said stroking his chin “very interesting.” With that he looked at his watch and then at the screen. “Plenty of time for a little specimen gathering” he said as he grabbed a bag and ran out of the lab. Leaving all the lights and equipment on of course.

About half and hour later, Dimatto was sitting down with Larka to discuss a business deal. He was asking her if she could find for him a very rare type of bird and bring him anything that would have viable DNA, without harming the bird. Since it was very early they were doing the casual business meeting over breakfast.
While Larka was viewing the material Dimatto eagerly stood up to point out something in the notes, the whole maneuver was a ploy to gently slip a neural sedative onto her hand. With a slow and gentle point and a brush back to his seat the chemical was already in her system.

“Well Mr Dimatto” she said looking over the paper work.

“Please” Dimatto interrupted “just call me professor” he said with a smile.

Larka tried to hide the eyebrow raise that really wanted to occur but smiled instead “alright, Professor, Assuming this animal still exists I should be able to find it and get the viable DNA material that you require from the feathers, and bring it to you within, 48 hours I should think.” She said with a very professional look.

Dimatto was rather impressed, even though the job was a cover story. “That’s very impressive. Tell me miss, do you find the back of your head itching now?” he asked in a way that implied it was more of a statement then a question.

“What?” Larka asked as she unconsciously reached up and started to scratch the back of her head. “What do you mean by that?” Larka was starting to notice that she was feeling a bit odd. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but something just wasn’t right.

“No matter my dear” Dimatto said with a smile. “I couldn’t help but notice your charm bracelet, you have a lot of very nice charms on there don’t’ you my dear?”

Larka looked down at her magical bracelet loaded with protective charms then looked up at Dimatto a bit confused. “Yes… Yes, I do, it’s very special to me… Why do you ask?” she said her mind feeling very fuzzy.

“Well” he said reaching into his bag “I happen to have a charm here that I think you would like.” He handed Larka a sparkling spiraled charm that would fit perfectly on her bracelet.

“I… I don’t know” Larka said confused then started to shake her head a bit to try and clear it, “I feel so strange.”

Dimatto leaned in a bit and looked into Larka’s eyes. “Larka my dear, I think you should” Taking a moment to let the words slide out as a command rather then a suggestion “Try the charm on… Now, Larka.”

Larka’s eyes seemed to glaze over for a moment as she moved the charm to her bracelet. Her eyes seemed to clear just as she put on the charm and looked at Dimatto “What did you do to… Oooooh!” Her question was cut off as the charm she just added to her bracelet activated, a yellow surge of electricity could be seen rising up her body to her eyes, which flashed as the energy moved into her head. Larka sat motionless and expressionless just staring at Dimatto.

Dimatto smiled “how do you feel Larka?”

Larka looked at him and in a rather flat tone said “I feel good professor.”

The professor smiled “Wonderful… follow me we have much to do!” he said as he packed up his bag and headed out. Larka rose rather robotically and followed him out.

A few hours later Ruby was busy doing some paperwork in her club when there was a knock at the door. Not usually getting visitors at this time of day she moved to the door and looked out. Dimatto smiled at her with a big wave “Hi! I am professor Neal Dimatto and I would like to show you a few things to help your club, may I come in please, please, please!” he begged sounding more like a small child then an grown man.
Ruby rolled her eyes and against her better judgment opened the door “fine, just make it quick ok? I have a lot of paper work to catch up on.”

“Oh thank you miss!” he said as he rushed past her and set up his bag on the table. He reached in and pulled out a disco ball “This young lady is the hypnotron disco ball 7000, just let me turn it on here...”

“No, that’s alright thank you, I’m not interested in a hypnoball” Ruby cut him off being familiar with what that thing would do.

“Oh…” said Dimatto looking a bit deflated. “Well then let me show you this item here, this is the hypnomattic 4000 B toaster oven and…” Dimatto was cut off by Ruby again.

“Is everything you have to show me hypnotic?” she asked very leery of where this was going.

Dimatto just blinked at her, very surprised by the question. “Well of course!” He said enthusiastically.

“I’m sorry” Ruby said trying to be as polite as she could “But I have enough hypnotic things in my life, I don’t need any in this club. Thank you for your time, but I am afraid I am going to have to decline.”

Dimatto looked deflated, even though showing her the items was a trap, he still felt like he had been rejected. “I understand, Thank you for your time.” He extended his hand for her to shake, looking depressed and dejected.

Ruby couldn’t help but feel sorry for the man and shook his hand without thinking. The moment she did she pulled it back immediately, having felt a sharp prick. “Owww. What was that?” she said looking at Dimatto her eyes rapidly becoming glazed.

“Oh, that” he said having genuinely forgotten that he was wearing his ring “That would be my sleep inducing chemical ring, don’t worry miss, the effects are temporary!” He said with a broad smile. Ruby looked at him rather pissed, until her eyes rolled up into her head and she began a slow swoon to the ground.

Dimatto reached out to grab her but being a scientist, he was quite weak. Ruby fell right out of his arms and hit the floor with a thud. The force of her falling was enough to knock Dimatto over and have him land on her. “Wow, you’re much heavier then you look miss.” He said as he grabbed her under the arms and with great strain slowly dragged her towards the front door. Having to stop several times to take a breather along the way.

When he finally got to the front door a still hypnotized Larka was waiting for him, he asked her politely to take care of Ruby and with great ease she picked her up in her arms and started to carry her down the alley with Dimatto. “I could have done that you know…” he said more to himself then to Larka.

Isabella was finishing up an invention when she heard a knock at her door. With a sigh she got up and opened the door, as soon as she did Dimatto just barged in. “I love this place all the mirrors it’s so lovely, does this make my butt look bit?” he asked in mid ramble.

“Who the hell are you?” Asked Isabella rather annoyed rather quickly by the barging in of a stranger.

“Oh I am terribly sorry miss” he grabbed Isabella’s hand and starts to shake it vigorously “I am Professor Neal Dimatto, the owner of Spirals, you have worked for me on several occasions.” He manages a truly warm smile.

Isabella looked at him a bit then nodded “Yes I have… what brings you here?”

“Oh!” he shouted looking around in his pockets. “I forgot, I’m here to bring you your Christmas bonus, after all you did some very good work and you deserve it!” he said beaming a smile.

“Oh, well then by all means please come in!” she said with a bit of a confused grin.

“Thank you, thank you!” he said still searching his pockets. “Now where did I put that… ah here it is!” He pulled an envelope out of his pocket but as he did an antique pocket watch fell out of his pocket and shattered on the ground. “Oh dear me… grandfathers watch!”

Isabella watched as the man nearly started to cry, then smiled and put a hand on his shoulder “There, there now, I can fix it.” She bent down to pick up the pieces.

“Oh you can! Splendid! It’s been in the family for generations, and it has sentimental value.”

Isabella smiles as she sat down and leaned over the watch reassembling it piece by tiny little piece. But she was so distracted that she didn’t notice Dimatto taking out a golden head band that had a yellow gem in the center of it. He waited till she was just about done then slid the headband over her head. The instant the gem touched her head it lit up brightly and Isabella’s eyes flashed a bright gold then sank to be half lidded.

“There now that should just about do it, stand up now please miss.” Dimatto said. Isabella stood up slack jawed and with half lidded eyes. The professor smiled and told her to follow him out. He scooped up his watch which she had managed to fix just before being captured and he walked her out of the apartment.

The sun was starting to set now, the sky was a nice and orange like it gets in the late afternoon, and all was peaceful. All except for the demon running hell bent down an alley way. He was panting and running as if he had seen a ghost. But as he turned behind him to see if he was still being followed, Shadow jumped down from the roof and gave hot pursuit. The demon turned and ran as fast as he could. But he was no match for Shadow. The angel’s physical conditioning was tremendous and she was easily over taking the demon.

As the demon turned a corner he ran face first into a dead end. Slamming into the wall then bouncing back. He turned to try and run the other way and ran right into Shadows blade. “Have a Merry Christmas” she said with a smirk as the demon burst into flames and vanished.

Shadow smiled as the demon disappeared into the vapors and took a moment to catch her breath. She turned to walk down the alley and bumped face first into Larka.

“Holy crap!” she shouted then laughed and put her arm on Larka’s shoulder “you scared the crap out of me girl!”

Larka’s face was a mix of being half dazed and half asleep as she replied “I’m sorry, that wasn’t my intention.”

“It’s ok… is everything alright?” Shadow asked examining Larka a bit more closely.

“Everything is fine Shadow… everything is just fine.” Larka replied still in a sleepy dazed tone.

“Umm ok?” asked Shadow a bit more confused. “what are you doing here?”

“I am the distraction.” Larka replied flatly.

“Distraction?” asked Shadow. A split second later the realization of what that meant hit her, but before she could do anything Isabella jumped down from the roof and grabbed her arm. Larka grabbed the other arm and the two women pushed her against the wall and pinned her arms and legs to the wall with everything they had.

Shadow was powerful but against a Demon hybrid and a Lycanthrope she didn’t stand much of a chance. “Let me go, what are you doing!” she asked looking at the girls. She then noticed a rather geeky looking scientist coming down the fire escape.

“Wonderful!” he clapped hyperactively as he moved closer to Shadow. “Oh you are a fine specimen, perfect condition, perfect strength and muscle tone… I can’t wait to get you into the lab!” he said as he pulled out a small flashlight.

“Lab! You’re not taking to me to any lab, now release me and them before I… I…” Shadows voice trailed off. Dimatto had activated the flashlight which was cycling through numerous color spectrums at high speed. While doing so it was monitoring Shadows autonomic responses, and adjusting itself rather quickly. Within a few moments it had found the perfect setting to hypnotize the poor angel and was rapidly putting her under.

“I… what?” was the last thing Shadow managed to get out before her eyes glazed over and her mind blanked.

Dimatto smiled and clapped happily “Four down… two to go!” he said with a smile.

Celest opened the door to her apartment with a smile “Shadow!” she said happily.

Shadow bounced into the apartment and hugged her aunt “Happy holiday’s aunt Celest… I brought you and Xander something” she said with a smile while handing Celest a yellow poinsettia

“Thank you Shadow, I’m sure Xander will love it, he likes anything that’s not the color it’s supposed to be in nature.” Celest teased as she invited Shadow in.

“I figured as much” Shadow smiled. She watched as Celest set the plant down on the table and instantly started to yawn.

“Oh excuse me” Celest said wobbling a bit then sitting down “I don’t know why I’m so tired all of a sudden” she said smiling at her niece.

“It’s ok, you have had a long month, you’re probably tired and could use a nap” Shadow said matter of factly but with just enough sarcasm to make it sound sarcastic.

Celest smirked as she felt her body relax a lot more then she expected “you may be right. I guess babysitting Xander is a bit more work then I originally thought. Did you hear about his rabbit trap?” Celest said rolling her eyes, only as they rolled up they didn’t really roll back down, they just kind of fluttered as her eyes started to lower a bit.

Shadow smiled watching “yeah, I heard he hit you in the head with a sandbag full of sleep dust. Why do you stay with him again?” she asked teasingly

“I… I…Love…” Celest shook her head trying to clear it, but it only made her even dizzier. “I love…” she yawned nice and big and her eyes never opened as she slumped into the couch a bit more “him.” With that Celests head fell to the side. Sound asleep.

Shadows expression went from happy to blank as she stood up and picked up the poinsettia. This specially designed breed would put out a pheromone that had a very sedating effect on mages. She gently tossed it out the window, then walked to the closet and opened the door. Xanders pet Hyproid, Sparky floated up and looked at Shadow. Shadow raised a small device and shot a beam of ice at the Hyproid. It instantly froze and fell into Shadows waiting hand.

With the Hyproid in one hand, Shadow walked over to the couch and tossed Celest over her shoulder carrying them both out, careful to make sure they both slept peacefully.

Kila sat down at a rather nice restaurant. She had received a letter asking her to meet the owner of spirals here. As she scanned the menu a rather geeky scientist sat down and quickly extended his hand “A pleasure to meet you miss Kila, I am Neal Dimatto the owner of Spirals.”

Kila blinked a few times at the mans abrupt entrance. She gently extended her hand to his “a pleasure to... Oww!” she said pulling her finger back. The professor’s drugged ring had stung her. For a brief moment she felt light headed then she simply shook it off. “I see how this is going to go” she thought with a sigh.

The professor blinked rapidly at Kila. “How are you feeling?” he asked very eager to have her pass out.

“Annoyed that you would try to drug me in the first 15 seconds of the dinner.” She said, her tone easily conveying her annoyance.

Dimatto was literally taken aback as he stared at her. “How did you?”

She smiled and picked up the menu. “Oh you pick up a thing or two around this place.” She couldn’t help but smirk behind the menu.

Dimatto, who was now very agitated rapidly moved through his bag and pulled out the flash light he used to subdue Shadow. Figuring if it worked on an angel, well then it must work on whatever she was.

When Kila lowered the menu the light shined right into her eyes. She blinked a few times and then looked right at Dimatto. “Really in a restaurant you’re going to do something that blatant? Come on now you should be better then this?” she said getting a bit more annoyed.

Dimatto blinked rapidly at Kila then leaned in looking at her curiously. “What are you?” he asked not being able to figure it out.

Kila smiled and leaned in a bit. “I am a young woman who thought she was going to have a nice relaxing dinner.” She gave Dimatto a bit of a wink.

Dimatto blinked at her a few more times and raised the menu then looked at her again. “Did you ever try the fish?”

Kila smiled and the two started to talk. Just talk. When the dinner was over she even gave him a kiss on the cheek, despite him trying to chloroform her during it. She walked home with a grin shaking her head.

Later that night Dimatto was in his lab, happily scanning the computer screen eagerly. Larka was behind him on a tread mill, still completely hypnotized running at least 45 miles an hour and not showing any signs of becoming tired.

Shadow was in a tube completely sedated with scanners and things strapped to her body to try and figure out her source of power, and her biology.

Celest was tied to a table with her arms at her sides restrained. Above her head was a screen flashing information at a speed that normal humans would only see as a blur. A monitor strapped to her head measured that not only was she reading it, but she was understanding it.

Isabella was also inside of a glass tube with monitors strapped to her body trying to figure out her anatomy. She was, however, naked, where as Shadow was not.

Ruby was sitting at a desk with several rubies laid out in front of her. A pair of head phones on her head would instruct her to turn the rubies into different things. Some for tests, others a really, really expensive alternative to buying tools at the store.

The night went on almost till morning, as most nights do. Just before sun rise all of the girls were instructed to redress and go home, remembering nothing. Dimatto watched as the 5 hypnotized lovelies filed out of the lab and all headed back home. Rubbing his hands together head hopped down into the lab to review the data while humming Christmas carols.

Celest, Ruby, Larka, Shadow, Isabella and Kila are all the properly of RubyRain and used with permission. 

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