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Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Pt 2 Martin

Key: MC, MD, Sleep
December 14th
The East Side floral shop was nestled quietly between a super market, and a shopping mall. The perfect place to soak up all of the anger and frustration from the passers by, and located in just the right place to get patrons from both.

The shop itself looked rather quaint, flowers and trees of all shapes and sizes assorted around the shop, filling up every nook and cranny as plants inevitably will. Being the Christmas season the shop was full of Christmas tree’s and wreathes, and poinsettias of all various different colors.

Martin, the store owner, was busy tending to a plant that had been injured in a recent visit. One of the customer’s children had yanked a leaf off of it, when the plant audibly screamed he had to act quickly to make sure the mother was sufficiently mellowed in order to not notice. A Quick sniff of a Blissful Rose was enough to send her cares away. The child, who was immune to the effects of the rose, would be scolded, no doubt, for making up wild stories about screaming plants and flowers that made mommy act funny. “Serves the little brat right!” he thought as he had finished patching up the poor little plant.

As he was finishing up the door jingled as a young couple came in, arm in arm, all smiles as the girl was leaning against the man she loved and holding him closely. Martin smiled, they were far too happy for this shop, fortunately that would soon change. “Can I help you two?” he asked with a smile.

“Yes” said the young woman with a smile “I need some poinsettia’s for my huggy bear's family” she said with a tone that was the equivalent of nails on chalk board.

Martin smiled and was about to lead them to the flowers when the man spoke “And I need some poinsettias for my little snookums family” he said as he pulled her close and both of them smiled a big smile and put their foreheads together. Martin nearly vomited.

While trying to contain his excitement for the young couples love he brought them into the section where the poinsettias were located. A wide array of red and yellow and white, were edged with green and blue flowers. The young woman’s mouth dropped and as she looked around “Huggy bear, these are perfect your mother will love them!” she squealed as she moved over to the plants, and sniffed the flowers. As she did a small spray of pollen emitted and moved up into her nose. The girl took a dazed look for a bit as she wobbled just a little bit on her feet and tried to shake the feeling free from her head.

The young man had moved over to another plant and commented “Snookums, I think your father will just looooove this color don’t’ you?” He said as he took a nice deep sniff of the plant and also started to wobble just a bit on his feet. Martin smiled and sat back to watch the entertainment that was about to unfold before him.

The woman finally cleared her head and looked at her boyfriend “Well, you would think he would like that color wouldn’t you. You know you never pay attention, my father is red green color blind you idiot! A red poinsettia would basically blend in the leaves!” She said with a stomp.

The man turned and glared at her “well if you knew anything about my mother you would know that she despises plants that are above a certain size. They hurt her back and she can’t lift them. She would never be able to lift that plant, but knowing you, you would buy it for her just to hurt her!” he shouted angrily.

The woman stepped up with a growl “you know maybe I should buy it for her, that way you can stay at home and take care of mommy, and take her side like you always do you little momma’s boy!” the woman’s voice was rather boisterous at this point.

“Momma’s boy!” the man shouted “at least I am not a manipulative little bitch who twists everything into something she can use against someone else for her own good!”

“What!” shouted the woman even more upset “I would never!”

“Oh really lets see.” Taking on a more mocking tone “look June isn’t it a nice day” he said then turned to imitate her “oh yeah really nice day, you’ll take me outside so I can sit in the sun all day long and bake, turning red so I’ll be miserable all day long, then I won’t be able to go to the dance on Friday, and I’ll die of skin cancer so you can take my inheritance, oh you evil man, don’t take me outside if you loved me you would take me to the spa…blah, blah, blah…” the man said angrily.

June huffed in a scowl. “You would think that wouldn’t you! You the man who sits down all Sunday watching football! Football! Ugh! You should be in church instead of watching a sport full of barbarians beating each other up!”

Martin simply sat back and smiled, the whole time the young couple was arguing the plants around them began to bloom ever so slightly, their leaves turning towards the fight in order to soak up all of the rage and negative emotions that they were expelling into the room. The flowers pollen, having been designed to illicit the emotion that the plants needed the most.

The plants in his shop were all a special variety, all of them fed off of the negative emotions of people, getting stronger and stronger, Some of them would cause these negative emotions, others would absorb the emotions and then give the person pleasure in return. It was very symbiotic, but in order for him to continue to grow these plants he needed more and more anger. Which was where his master plan for the holidays came into play.

While the young couple was arguing he stepped into the back. All through the back of the shop were rows and rows of Christmas tree’s and wreathes. Each one was unique, its own personality and life force, but that life force could be shared with the others, in this shop. As such each tree and each wreath was being specially groomed, prepared to go out and capture as much energy as possible.

Martin smiled as he groomed one of his latest children. A young Christmas tree that’s buds were just about ready. Like all the trees they were loaded with buds just waiting to open on Christmas morning. And as the family is sitting around the trees opening the presents the flowers will be pumping out pollen, making everyone more aggressive, more bitter and angry. By the time the presents are finished being opened the house should be filled with arguing. The children will be disgruntled and angry for not getting what they truly wanted. And even if they did they will be envious of things that other people got, and refuse to share when someone else wants to see what they got.

The parents, already frustrated with the children will start to become bitter over the gifts their spouse had gotten them, after all, is it really that hard to pick something out other then a tie or a vacuum cleaner?

As the days go on and the families start to gather more and more arguments will break out. “Why doesn’t bobby have a job yet”, “when will Susie get married” “Jane the turkey is too dry, you do that every year” ah the joy of it!

By the time Christmas is over the trees will be loaded with energy and anger secreted from the families. The trees will then begin to turn brown, pretending to die. As they go into hibernation. The families will toss them out in the garbage. While there they will secrete a pheromone that will draw Martin to them. Picking up his children to take them home where they will power his shop for months to come. A simple yet elegant plan, that would not happen if it wasn’t for such a festive season of joy and happiness. He couldn’t help but smirk at the idea.

As he sat in his joyous little grin he heard the door to the outside world slam shut, and the young woman burst into tears. He smiled, “this worked perfectly” he thought to himself as he walked out into the shop and found the woman, crying against the table with the poinsettias, every flower on the table full and beautifully radiant as it absorbs her energy. But he had other plans for her.

“There, there miss, what’s wrong?” He asked taking on a serious and soothing tone.

The young woman almost immediately threw herself onto Martin and began to ball loudly “he dumped me! My huggy bear dumped me! Waaaaaa!” She screamed and screamed on and on, if it wasn’t for the fact that this was making him stronger he might be a bit annoyed. No, even then it was getting annoying.

“Come with me miss I think I have something in the back that might cheer you up” he said with a smile.

The young woman sniffled a bit and wiped her nose nodding “ok” she said still sniffling.

Martin led her into the back, past all of the Christmas tree’s that instantly started to perk up a bit. And into a larger back area that was filled with flowers and vines all over the place, and in the center was a huge pinkish red flower, six feet in diameter. “Wow!” she said still crying a bit but very impressed by the size of the flower. “What is that?” she asked moving closer.

“This” said martin with pride “is a very special flower, it’s so rare that this may be the only one left in the world. Its scent is so unusual that people who smell it will never ever forget the scent” He left out however that they wouldn’t remember anything else about the flower.

“Really?” the young woman said as she moved over to one of the flowers and sniffed. As soon as she did the flower moved closer and closer to her, as the girl sighed getting a very far away look in her eyes.

More and more flowers started to move closer to her, as vines started to slowly wrap around her. She started to giggle as the vines started to stroke and caress her body as the flower she was sniffing moved all the way up to cup over her mouth and nose like a gas mask.

The young woman could be heard moaning softly under the flower as her knees became weak and her eyes rolled up into her head. She started to fall a bit but the vines caught her. Suspending her in the air and slowly bringing her towards the large flower in the center of the room. The girl was practically limp but a smile could be made out in the features that you could see. The single flower still over her nose bringing her to a state of pure bliss as the vines gently deposited her inside of the huge flower.

The vines all retracted, all but the one holding the smaller flower to her nose, as the petals of the larger flower slowly started to close around the girl. After a few moments the petals had completely closed and the original vine pulled out of the now closed bud.

Martin smiled proudly, it would be some days before the girl would emerge from the flower, completely cleansed of all of her negative emotions, and her memories. The energy, that the master flower would gain would power it, allow it to grow, allow it to produce more of Martins children. As he stroked the side of the bud he whispered to the flower “I love you my darling” and the flower almost seemed to respond, shifting slightly. He smiled and patted it, as he walked out he could hear the young woman inside the petal climax for the first of literally hundreds of times to come.

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