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Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Part 7 - Nick

December 19th
Nick was wandering the mall, he was in search of something, something very specific and he wasn’t going to leave until he found it. He had scanned all of the lower level stores and was moving up the escalator, scanning looking around for what it was that he truly wanted to find this Christmas.

Then he saw it, at the far end of the mall he got a glimpse of what it was he wanted most. He started to move through the crowds as fast as he could, excusing himself as he moved around person after person, zigging and zagging through the crowd. He finally made it to the store that had what he wanted. Moving in and wiggling around the patrons and store shelves till he arrived at the front counter, and with all the glee in the world, grabbed the shoplifting elf by the back of the head and slammed his head into the counter.

Got ya, you little…” Nick was cut off by the elf elbowing him in head. He slid back and perked up with a huge grin. “Now were talking!” he said with glee as he moved in and decked the elf clean in the face. The elf fell back into a display full of cookie jars, and managed to hit a shelf on the wall full of cookie jars. In classic cartoon fashion the jars started to slide off the shelf, one by one. And, one by one, they all slammed into the top of the elf’s head.

By this time a rather large crowd had gathered around him and they didn’t exactly look all too pleased with him. The manager moved to the front and demanded to know what was going on.

Nick took out his badge and showed that he was a police officer then moved to the elf and flipped him over, opening his coat he started to pull out wallet, after wallet, after wallet. “As I tried to explain this elf is a thief, now” opening the first wallet “Is there a Bob Johnson here?”

After an hour or so of handing out wallets like Santa Claus, and getting witness statements, Nick left the mall with the handcuffed elf in tow. “Where is your car, it’s freezing out here!” the elf more demanded then asked.

Nick just grinned “I didn’t bring one, I figured since it’s only 20 degrees you wouldn’t mind walking.”

You prick!” the elf shouted “don’t you know that elves have a very low tolerance to cold!”

Nicks grin became larger and even more smug “Actually yes, I do, but I also know it won’t kill you, it will just put you into hibernation, now shut up or I’ll chain you to a pole.”

The elf grumbled as they walked down the street towards the police station, which was only about 2 miles away. But as they passed an alley way Nick stopped. In the back of the alley was Shadow, engaged in a rather one sided battle against what looked like a demon dressed as a biker. She was almost toying with the thug kicking his feet out from under him then punching him while he was down, and instead of stabbing him backing off.

The elf noticed the, aroused attention, of Nick and smirked “friend of yours?”

Nick slapped the elf across the face “quiet” as he watched Shadow do a very high jumping snap kick hitting the demon in the chin and sending him flying back into the wall. She then reached up and grabbed his head under her arm in a head lock and started to punch him in the head repeatedly.

The elf raised an eyebrow at the closeness the demon was to the beautiful angel and commented “She can kick my ass any time she wants.”

Nick rolled his eyes and then quickly raised his elbow into the jaw of the Elf. He turned to yell at the elf and noticed two more demons on the roof of the building, she was about to be over run. He quickly pulled the Elf over to a lamp post and hand cuffed him to the post. “Hey!” the elf protested “you can’t leave me here like this!”

Nick grinned “your right” and then grabbed the elf’s head and slammed his head into the lamp post knocking him senseless and letting him slide to the ground unconscious. “This is much better I agree.” He said with a smirk.

Nick moved into position to ambush Shadows ambushers, as the two demons jumped off the roof he noticed a smile on Shadows face and she quickly twisted the biker demons head snapping his neck then moved to kick the first demon before he hit the ground. The second one landed behind her, but Nick was in position to grab it pull it to the wall and start beating the snot out of it.

Shadow looked confused at Nick and rolled her eyes turning to him “what are you doing here?” she asked with her hands on her hips. Behind her the demon she had kicked stood up and ran towards her. But without even batting and eye she took out her dagger and twisted backwards into his chest, the demon disappeared into a cloud of dust.

Nick grinned pinning the demon to the wall. “You were being ambushed” he pointed out, “I was coming to help you!”

Shadow smiled and laughed a bit as she walked up to Nick. “Actually I was setting a trap for them, you’re not allowed to beat a demon for fun you know.” Her tone implied annoyance but at the same time she was happy that he cared at least.

Nick looked like the wind had been kicked out of his sail a bit “oh… sorry” he said. The demon in his arms tried to struggle and suffered the brunt of Nick’s embarrassment with an elbow to the nose. “I don’t have that issue” he said with a chuckle.

Shadow rolled her eyes then stabbed the demon while looking at Nick. “Thanks for your help none the less but, I was ok.”

Nick shrugged a bit “Eh, I didn’t want to see you get hurt” he said with a smile. Shadow blushed a bit but was cut off by the sound of a window shattering above her and Nick. In a very typical Christmas accident a tree had fallen, in such a way that it had shattered out the window. This however meant that there was plate glass heading right for where shadow was standing. Without hesitation Nick grabbed her and shoved her under and alcove and covered her as the glass came shattering down into the alley way.

Shadow was a bit surprised by the quick shove into a brick wall and needless to say was surprised that it happened since Nick had got her a split second before she was going to teleport out. “What the hell was that?” she asked straightening herself up.

Nick looked up at the tree then got a grin on his face looked at shadow. “A giant mistletoe” he said with a grin.

A what?” Shadow asked but was cut off when nick gave her a long slow kiss. As the kiss broke he couldn’t help but grin as Shadow shook her head a bit. “You’re terrible you know that?” she asked laughing it off.

Oh I know, but one should learn to take opportunities when they arise. Don’t you agree?” he said with a smirk.

Shadow just rolled her eyes and pushed him away a bit. “I guess, thanks for the save though, although I would have been ok.”

Nick shrugged “Probably, but it’s always better to be careful then not.”

She smirked and pulled out her list. “Well, thanks anyways, I however need to get going, have a safe Christmas ok?”

Nick nodded softly “I will, you be careful too OK?” he said as he started to walk away. Shadow just looked at him as he walked away and shook her head before teleporting out to find the next demon.

Nick picked up the unconscious elf and started to drag him down the street by the hair. An hour later he was booked and ready to be processed. Nick was leaving the police station when it started to snow. He smiled as he always liked the snow, at least when it was light. He bundled himself up and started to walk home.

About two blocks away he happened to glance down the street to see, Clay, the Gnome trying to pick a lock into a closed jewelry store. Nick couldn’t help but smile and look up into the sky. “Thank you” he said with a grin as he quietly moved in on the gnome, grabbing him from behind and pulling him into an alley. Several loud bangs could be heard and a few seconds later a garbage can rolled out of the alley.

Nick had taken the gnome and tied him to a lamp post, and in a rather sick twist had taken a cinder block and tied it to the top of the lamp post. “What do you think your doing O’Connel?” Clay asked rather annoyed.

I could ask you the same question, say like what were you doing to that jewelry store door?” he said as he held the cinder block back from the pole a bit.

What that?” the gnome asked with a smile “I was helping the owner he forgot his keys, and asked me to turn the coffee pot off.”

Nick didn’t even bother to look at the store instead he gave the cinder block a really hard swing. The rope caught and it started to circle the pole, getting closer and closer to the pole. Wrapping around the gnome tighter and tighter until finally the cinder block ended up slamming into Clay’s face.

Ouch! Asshole!” he shouted, as nick just laughed and let the cinder block unwind itself before picking up the block again and getting ready for round two.

What are you doing” Nick heard from a female voice behind him, he turned to see Kila all bundled up with a curious look on her face.

What this?” he asked, “it’s a game, its called gnome tether ball watch” with that he swung the cinder block around the pole again, and again slamming it into Clay’s face who groaned with annoyance more then pain.

Kila could only shake her head and laugh “isn’t that a bit pointless?” she asked “he’s a gnome he won’t really feel it.”

Nick simply smiled “Sure he will, it will just take a really long time.”

Kila grinned “well that’s time you could put to better use you know.”

Nick tilted his head a bit “did you have something in mind?”

Kila blushed just a bit “well,” she said “I wouldn’t mind some company” a slight smile escaping her lips.

Nick was about to answer when Clay spoke up rather seriously “don’t trust her O’Connel, I don’t know why but something about her makes me uneasy.”

Nick looked at Clay with a rather annoyed look. “You being the expert on women.” He said raising the cinder block again.

Hey!” he shouted “I had more then you will ever have before your great, great grandfather was born!”

Nick smirked “prostitutes don’t count” he said as he let the cinder block go again.

They do if you’re not paying for them!” shouted the gnome as the block continued its journey wrapping around him then slamming into Clay’s head again.

Nick walked over to Kila and gently offered her an arm. “It would be my honor to disregard everything my smelly little acquaintance has said and to walk you home.”

Kila smiled and took Nicks arm, shooting Clay a glare as they started to walk down the street. Leaving the gnome tied up in an alley with a cinder block slowly unwinding around him, and getting just enough speed to it that it would start its journey again around the other side, very shortly.
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Shadow and Kila are the property of Ruby Rain and used with permission.

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