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Lost Tales: The 12 nuts of Christmas, Pt 3 Mike

December 15th
It was starting to snow, and Mike was walking home from a long days work, of well… not really working. He was in a good mood though. He enjoyed Christmas, he enjoyed the feeling of the season, he enjoyed the cakes and the cookies, the hustle and bustle, and he enjoyed the lights. Oh Holy Crap! Did he enjoy the lights!

He had not gotten a chance to show off his abilities for nearly 11 months, and yet now the time and the day, the season was upon him. He figured he should warm up just a bit, before he really started to show off. As he said this he passed a house where a family was trying to set up their lights. The adults were busy trying to figure out how to make a 20 foot extension cord power lights that were 45 feet from the outlet. While the children, both of them very little were busy winding the lights around the evergreen in the front. But because of their small size they were very heavily lighting the bottom of the tree, and nothing else.

Mike smiled as he walked past and with a little grin waves at the lights the kids were working on and suddenly they all lit up. The little kids cheered and clapped but when the parents turned to see what was going on, the lights turned off.

The kids ‘awww’ed and started to get depressed when they noticed Mike standing there. He smiled at the kids and did the ‘shush’ motion with his finger over his lips. And then when the parents turned back to figure out the architectural dilemma before them, the lights came shining back on full force.

The kids danced and laughed and once again when the parents looked up the lights were out. The kids laughed as Mike spent a good deal of time turning the light strands on and off, then making them chase, and dance, around and around as the lights followed the children around the tree as they ran in circles around the huge old evergreen, laughing and giggling.

Finally the parents found a way to plug in the lights, using a hammer and a window the solution seemed simple. They plugged in the lights and nothing happened. Mike just smiled as soon as they turned to investigate what happened the lights came on again and Mike bowed to the cheering children.

With a wave he started to walk further down the street, laughing. He may have spent his days as a digital mercenary, stealing information from computer systems and the like, but he was still a nice guy deep down inside.

A few blocks down he came across another house, this one already lit with a small child sitting in the yard crying, her snow man had fallen over and she was too little to pick it back up. Mike smiled and walked over to her, drying her tears with his scarf, then flicking the scarf along her nose a few times to make her laugh. When she finally stopped crying he helped her to pick up the snow man, doing most of the lifting but letting her think that she was doing it. Then he winked at her and said “watch this.”

Standing in the middle of her yard he started to whistle ‘oh holy night’ the easiest song he could think of to whistle but as he did the lights of the yard started to blink and flash in unison with the music. The lights danced around the yard as the little girl laughed and cheered running around in circles in her yard. It was at this point that Mike was struck with an idea that he had never considered before, and knelt down to whisper something to the little girl.

The little girl smiled and cheered and hugged him, then ran inside to tell her parents about the light show that was going to be in the park. Mike smiled and stood up, he had some shopping to do.

On the way to the mall he told everyone he met that there would be a light show at 9 o’clock in the main park. A few people said they would show but others just nodded or ignored him, he didn’t care, either way he had a brilliant idea.

He moved into the mall and headed straight for the isle with the Christmas lights, and before his eyes was a scene that he will remember forever. It was like a row of gems just waiting to be lit, surrounded by dozens of people having a fight over who was going to get those gems. Seriously it looked like something out of a war movie, one guy was choking another, and a woman was beating this one man with her purse. An old lady was busy smacking this one woman with her cane that she obviously didn’t need. It was nuts! All of these people fighting over who would get the Christmas lights and the answer to this dilemma was so simple. “I am going to get them all” he said with a devious grin.

Raising his hands he let some electricity surge over his fingers, then like a wizard casting a spell he threw his arms down towards the isle and a surge of electricity flew down the isle, every person it touched shook for an instant then fell to the ground stunned, and every light it touched lit. In the end the Christmas light isle could be seen from space, even though it was indoors. And the people in the isle would wake up in an hour or so not having the faintest idea what had happened.

Mike spent the next half an hour loading up five shopping cards with every light he could find. Then wheeled the carts to the check out, only to realize that he didn’t have his wallet with him, and then laughed when the check out girl told him it would be $28,000. He smiled and winked saying “would you like to hear a secret little girl?”

The woman behind the counter, easily in her mid thirties just glared at him “Does it look like I want to hear a secret?”

Mike smiled and before she could react he touched her hand, a wave of electricity moved up her body and she wobbled slowly as it did. The surge was far weaker then what he had used earlier but caused her body to relax and made her mind quite suggestible. He smiled at the pretty young woman who was wobbling behind the counter and leaned in “I am Santa Claus” he said with a smirk “you don’t charge Santa Claus for Christmas lights do you?”

The woman got a very dazed almost drunk grin and said “nope… he’s gets the stuff for free” nearly falling over mike helped to support her.

“Have you been a good girl this year?” he said getting into the part and enjoyed just how dazed she was”

“Uh huh!” she said with a grin nodding her head.

“Oh really, do you have a kiss for Santa Claus then miss?” figuring what’s the point in having a pretty girl all nice and dazed if you don’t’ take advantage of it?

The girl leaned in with a smile that was far more seductive then someone should give Santa Claus, and followed it up with a kiss that definitely was out of bounds for the Jolly Old Man. Mike of course enjoyed it. Then with a grin touched her nose and gave her just a bit more voltage, just enough to finish her off and sending her to the floor in a sleeping pile. “Your right miss” he said with a grin “you are a good girl.” With a whistle and a skip he walked out of the store, five carts worth of Christmas lights in tow. The second he stepped outside the internal security system suffered a major ‘event’ and shorted out completely. Destroying all records of the day’s transactions and security tapes. What a shame.

An hour later Mike was a flurry of activity, Running around tree’s, throwing netted lights over bushes, Firing grappling hooks with light strands attached to them over larger trees, it was exhausting.

At one point he even got so caught up in what he was doing that he tied himself to a tree with a strand of lights. He was running around and around and around the tree so fast, that he got dizzy. He hit the tree and spun around it several times with the light strands in his hand and in the end he was tied to the tree. The lights just blinking off and on and his eyes rolled from the self created spin cycle.

Another instance Mike was in a tree trying to run a strand of lights, of course he was at the very, very top of the tree when he lost his footing. He fell about 40 feet through several strands of lights and in the end, stopped about a foot from the ground, just dangling wrapped in a cocoon of lights upside down. The lights slowly flashing “S.O.S.” in Morse code till someone helped him out.

In all Mike set up more then 2,500 light strands. All of which were left off as he stood in the middle of the park, as people slowly started to filter in.

At 9 O’clock on the dot Mike had gathered quite the crowd around him. He smiled very pleased with his crowd gathering abilities then raised his hands. Using his electrical powers he activated a stereo near him which started to play ‘Jingle Bells’ as the crowd looked on he went to work. Activating the lights all at once in unison with the music. Then half way through the song starting to really get into it, doing pictures in the lights lighting individual bulbs of the same strands, making a sleigh out of lights and really rocking the whole park.

He continued song after song, for hours, doing some Christmas songs and some not so Christmas songs. Although the children seemed to like his rendition of the Star Wars theme complete with him using ‘force lightning’ to light the tree next to him.

By midnight he was exhausted. He finished the last song and collapsed into the snow with a huff. The crowd which had been sitting there and clapping and dancing for three hours gave him a huge round of applause. Over the next half an hour several families would come up to him and thank him for a wonderful display. He met several nice young kids and even got a lollipop from a cute little girl who insisted on telling him five times that she was three years old.

As the crowds faded and he finished his lollipop he smiled and put his hands in his pocket. All in all a good night and a great work out. He was about to leave when too rather giggly college girls came up to him. They immediately started laughing about how excited they were to meet him and how much they loved the show. The brunette of the pair leaned in to him and whispered rather seductively into his ear that she thought their sorority would love a demonstration. The blonde stroked his arms lightly and agreed.

Mike smiled, he wasn’t a fool he knew what the girls were up to, and nodded. “Alright” he said offering the brunette his hand “my name is Mike.”

The brunette took on a flirty pose and took his hand “my name is ooooh” she said as mike gave her a gentle jolt, weaker then the ones he had used before the only sign that it had happened was a quick electrical discharge over the girls eyes. “Umm” struggled the girl “my name is Maria” she said looking really dazed.

Mike smiled and offered his hand to the other girl who instantly took it and had the same gasping reaction to the jolt. “Mary” she said in a dazed voice.

Mike couldn’t help but give a smug grin as he pulled the girls close one under each arm. “Don’t worry ladies” he said “I can show you and your sorority every little trick I have up my sleeve.”

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