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Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Part 6 - Sven

December 18th
The mall was as busy as you would expect for the week before Christmas. People moving to and fro in a large mass of unseeing, unthinking humanity. One man was holding his new born baby as he moved through the crowds, more focused on finding something for his older children then anything else. Suddenly he jerked a bit and his eyes took on a ghostly glow. The man stopped and looked at the new born that was in his arms and smiled.

It had been a very long time since Sven had held a baby, and there is just something about such a small life, so helpless and innocent that just warms the heart. And that was his goal. Here was a man who had everything in the world right in his hands, and he didn’t even know it. As Sven held the child softly he nuzzles his nose over the baby’s skin. He loved the smell of infants, it was probably just baby powder but still. He loved it.

As Sven left the mans body the man looked down at his new born baby and smiled, for the first time he realized just how special the child was, and held him close. The man moved through the crowd seemingly much happier, and much more relaxed despite the chaos all around him.

Sven had been a busy boy that day, he had possessed a number of people so far and had managed to have fairly good success in making them all relax and enjoy the season. Now this wasn’t something that Sven would normally be doing, but as a joke he decided to possess a person collecting money for charity. You know one of the people outside with the bells. Well to his surprise he made quite an imprint, and although he knew it would fade after a while he was currently on that person’s personal quest to make the holidays happier for everyone.

With a grin he floated over the crowd and spied his next target. A slightly elderly man who was playing Santa Claus, with many small children running around him. The man was doing fine emotionally but his body did not move like he needed it to. The man was doing his best but the children were wearing him out. No one noticed the flash in the mans eyes as Sven entered him.

The man stood up, and noticed for the first time in many years he could move without pain. He started to dance and sing, dancing with the children, and not a hint of pain or fatigue. Inside the man Sven was working to keep him going, using his own energy to move the mans body, he also couldn’t help but fix a few things, including arthritis, and a rather irritable bowel.

The man never knew what was happening to him, or what had happened to him, all he knew was that for no apparent reason, on a dark cold December’s day, that he had been given a great gift. Sven made sure the man would not loose this gift and modified one thing about the man, making him want to get into much better shape, he may have been in his 70’s but that was no excuse not to exercise.

Sven moved out of the man and into the Christmas tree itself. Possessing the lights and using them to blink a warm glow that filled the stage with this old man feeling younger then he had in years, and playing with the laughing children.

It was then the Sven spied something of his own desire. Isabella was walking through the mall, looking rather uneasy about being around so many humans. She was doing a good job of keeping to herself and out of sight of most people, sticking to the edge of the crowds and hiding her face as best she could. But love recognizes love, and he recognized her immediately. He thought of something he could do for her, with her life being so hard, and having been through so much. It was then that it came to him. Although as he thought about it he didn’t know where it had come from, it was a memory. A memory far too long ago to be one of his, too long ago to be one of anyone’s but it was there none the less. And he thought it would work perfectly for her, or at least he hoped it would.

He spied a young man in his early thirties watching the children play, he had curly red hair and seemed to be enjoying his holidays, although also a bit uneasy around the crowds. Sven slipped out of the tree and into the young man. The only sign was a brief flash of blue ghostly energy in the mans eyes.

Sven turned and headed back the way Isabella had gone, moving through the crowd to get to the edge, the side closest to the stores. He could see her up in front of him, tracing the edge of the crowd as best as she could. Distracted by the people, uncomfortable around so many humans.

He wiggled up behind her in the crowd and waited, she was moving in the perfect direction for him to make his move. As she walked past a small alcove he grabbed her arm and pulled her into the alcove, with a quick, firm push he pinned her against the wall and kissed her deeply.

Isabella’s eyes shot open at the kiss and a split second later they flashed a ghostly blue. The next thing she knew she was in an old cabin… a very old cabin. There were no electrical lights at all, only candles and a fire place. She was wearing a long old styled dress, it was warm against the cold air in the cabin.

She looked around a bit, there was an upper level that held the bed, and a single room that was both kitchen and living room, all surrounding a large fire place. As she moved around she noticed that it was snowing outside, lots and lots of snow. She moved to the door but just before she opened it there was a knock.

She looked around a bit annoyed that that always seems to happen when you try to escape. She turned the knob and opened the door to see Sven standing in the snow. “Hi Isabella” he said with a smile as he walked in and looked around.

Isabella looked at him a bit confused not really sure what was going on. “Who are you, and where are we?”

Sven laughed and moved to the fire to warm himself. “It’s me Isabella, Sven, you know the ghost… hauntings, boo!” He said with a warm smile.

Isabella went from a position of anger to just confusion. “Oh, hi” she said trying to figure out what was going on. “Where are we?”

Sven stood up and moved over to Isabella “somewhere in the mountains of Montana, roughly 1754. I don’t know why I have this memory but I do, it isn’t mine, and I have never inhabited anyone that should be this old. But none the less it was there and I figured it would work for you.”

Isabella blinked and looked around a bit more “Work how?” she was confused and getting very irritated very quickly.

Sven however just smiled and took her hand “you are safe, in the mall, all that we do here will only take a split second in reality. You looked so uncomfortable where you were. So out of place around all those humans that I figured I would bring you to the one place in my memory where you could be completely free of humans, for just a little bit.”

Isabella looked around a bit more and was about to ask another question but when she turned to look at Sven he kissed her, softly and warmly as the memories of another woman, from another time flooded into her mind. The man who had kissed her originally was someone she loved deeply, and the feel of his lips on hers sent a tingle down her spine, and made her knees get weak for a moment. She broke the kiss and looked at Sven with a grin. “What was that for?”

He smiled and moved her towards the fire, there was a large rug on the floor, with several hand made blankets all around. “It’s what happened in the memory, its part of why I figured you might enjoy this.”

She raised and eyebrow playfully as he held her hand while she sat down on the rug, it was warm and soft, made from animal hairs but she didn’t know what kind. “brought me into a memory where you get to seduce me is that it?” she said with a playful grin as he knelt down next to her, and wrapped a blanket around her back before grabbing one to pull around his.

Actually yes, I figured it would be a good distraction for you, and well it seemed like a wonderful memory to have. So I figured I would share it with you.” His smile and his intentions were genuine, albeit a bit un-thought out.

Isabella laughed a bit as she leaned in a bit teasingly “oh really, and what is it that happened in this memory of yours?”

well” said Sven with a grin “they first started out by laying down and watching the fire, like this” with that he leaned her back onto a makeshift pillow made out of parts of the rug and blanket, leaning against her to keep her warm with his blanket.

Isabella snuggled closer to him with a grin “oh, and then what” she said still teasingly.

Sven leaned in and snuggled into her watching her more then the fire. “Well, they sat and talked, she hadn’t seen him in a very long time, and wasn’t expecting to see him any time soon, he had surprised her. They caught up on old times, on old feelings, and things that had happened with them.” His voice was very soothing almost like a story tellers. “As the night progressed, he finally made a move, one that surprised her and made her melt into him. He took his time making sure that every part of her body was sufficiently given the attention that was needed. They made love under the blankets, for hours, and then he held her till sun rise.”

Isabella blushed a little bit with the realization that this was what was planned for her. “I see” she said trying to hide her embarrassment by looking at the fire. “And this move that he made, the one that surprised her, what was it that he did?” she ask softly.

Sven didn’t answer, he just smiled, after a few moments Isabella became curious and looked away from the fire towards Sven, right into a deep kiss, just like the original memory. The evening progressed as it did in the memory. The way it only can in classical stories, which is where the idea had come from, although Sven would never realize that.

As dawn approached Isabella awoke, still under the covers, holding on to a sleeping Sven, she smiled as she looked at him, and leaned in softly kissing him.

Without warning she was back in the mall, the man who had pulled her aside and kissed her had vanished into the crowd as quickly as he had pulled her aside. She stood up a bit and fixed herself up looking around. Ever wondering, was that real? Or was it something else, a dream, a fantasy, a spell, or just a good sign that she needed a vacation.

After a minute she just laughed and shook her head, she would figure it out eventually, but for now she needed to get going. She took a deep sigh and braced herself for what was to come as she moved back into the swirling mass of humans. Trying to finish her tasks as soon as possible.

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Isabella is the property of RubyRain and was used with permission.

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