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Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Part 1 Joshua


Christmas is one of those magical times of year… everyone seems to do something. Some people spend it with their families. Some people spend it with friends. Some people go to the movies. Some people go to the bar. Some people sit outside yelling at the people celebrating Christmas and telling them they are stupid. And some people go to the store and beat the snot out of other people all in the name of getting the newest hottest toy. The following is a brief recap of how a randomly chosen group of twelve people spend the holidays.

Merry Christmas, I hope you enjoy it!

The First Nut of Christmas

Key: MD, M/F, MC, Freeze

December 13th, a Friday…
Christmas was one of Joshua’s favorite times of the year. Think about it, people moving constantly rushing from here to there. The lights all flashing, everyone focused on one thing… being somewhere else. So much so that no one actually notices if something is happening right in front of them. He can feed in plain sight and too many people are far too busy looking for the newest beanie baby, or Harry Potter toy that they don’t even bother to notice the vampire right in front of them until it’s far too late.

Tonight was one such evening. The sun having set early in the cold December hours had managed to leave the world with a soft chill. The blinking lights of the Christmas decorations aided in the age old joy of causing mass distraction. Joshua’s first target for the night was getting closer. A young woman in her early thirties, A Christmas list a mile long stuffed in her hand as she clicked her heals down the street, not paying attention to anything in front of her.

Joshua didn’t even bother to hide, didn’t even bother to try and cover what he was about to do. He simply stood on the side walk, his hands behind his back in an almost military ‘at ease’ position as the woman got closer and closer. As she got within a few feet he smiled at her, normally a person would at least notice you were standing there, but not today! “Ah the holidays” he thought with a smile as she passed him quickly, not even noticing he was standing there with his fangs out. As she did he gently extended his arm and places it softly on her shoulder.

The young woman gasped as her eyes took on a vacant, glassy stare. The list frozen in her hands as she seemed to wobble a bit on her feet. Joshua looked around with a grin. Numerous people were about. Four people had passed her in this time period and other then one person giving a rather annoyed “good place to stop” comment, no one even cared.

He gently pulled the woman aside, out of the main flow of traffic. Not that he was trying to hide what he was doing, but it was easier to feed if you weren’t being bumped every few moments by the people who might end up the second or third course.

He moved the woman into a small alcove between two building stair cases. Not hidden at all. Not even slightly out of sight as he grinned and turned the woman around. She was rather cute despite looking a bit disheveled from rushing about. He stroked her cheek softly and leaned in, kissing her softly to give just a bit more hypnotic control over her.  Then with a deep grin, bared his teeth into her neck and began to drink.  The woman, whose hand was still holding her Christmas list up where she could see it gasped a bit more, a small dropping of her jaw, and a shiver down her body was her only physical sign. She had been so preoccupied with what she was doing she had offered no resistance to Joshua’s hypnotic control.

He drank for a few more moments before gently sliding his teeth out of her neck and licking the wound closed. He looked around the crowd, no one had noticed the beautiful woman being fed on by a vampire, in the middle of a crowded and extremely well lit street. He couldn’t help but chuckle to himself about just how ironic that was.

He smiled into the woman’s eyes as he looked her over casually and said, in a normal voice without even trying to hide it. “You will remember nothing my dear, but you will give me a call at this number” he said sliding a business card into her shirt pocket. “You won’t need to know why, you will simply call and leave your address on the machine, then you will forget… understand?” He smiled with a pleasant grin as the woman nodded helplessly. And with that he gently moved her back into the crowd and released her from his hold. Without a second thought she started down the street staring at her list again. He laughed wondering how long it would take her to realize he had sent her back the way she came. With a grin he moved through the crowd searching for his next victim.

About three blocks down the street he spied her. A rather short but athletic looking business woman. Her hair pulled into a tight Bun on the back of her head. Her glasses were thin and small, the professional kind that women like to wear these days. Her skirted suit and high heels clicked down the street as she walked. Her eyes focused before her, but not really seeing, she was far too busy talking on her Blackberry to notice the world around her.

Joshua smiled as he looked at her coming his way directly towards him, looking so uptight, so rigid and set in her ways. He glanced at the crowd around him, a sea of moving people, all moving in and out and around, no one seeing, no one looking.

As the woman moved down the street Joshua stepped directly in front of her and grabbed her quickly dipping her over his knee and kissing her deeply. The woman struggled and moaned into the kiss as her eyes slowly fell vacant, the person on the other end of the phone still rambling about some business meeting. After a few moments the woman was completely blank.  He tilted her up and smiled at her, her only response was a glassy eyed stare into nothingness.

The crowd was moving around them like a school of fish around a rock, no one noticed, no one cared.  Joshua leaned in and kissed the young woman again then gently moved to her head and bit into her neck softly. The gasp she let out was quieter then most, the woman completely reserved and controlled even in the midst of a vampire attack. “Commendable” thought Joshua as he drained her blood slowly. The woman was indeed in good shape, no doubt she had dedicated as much time and energy to her work out routine as she had her job. With a slow grin he closed the wound then looked into her eyes “Listen to me now” he said with a smile.

Some time later the woman continued her stroll down the street, her hair falling over her shoulders, her glasses gone... her suit top unbuttoned a bit despite the cold hair, and her high heeled shoes taking on a new sound as she slinked down the street heel to toe, flaunting her hard work in the gym for all to see. A single business card tucked softly into her pocket awaiting her arrival at home and the activation of a single suggestion.

As the evening had gone on Joshua had found victim after victim to sample. Every one receiving instructions, so that he could visit his ever growing herd whenever he wanted a bite to eat.  He had decided he was going to go for one more victim this evening. “After all six in one night should be more then enough” he thought with a smile. As he moved into a shopping mall he got onto the escalator and surveyed the crowd. Hundreds of people moving about, swirling to and fro like a living organism curling around itself. None of them aware of the danger, the evil that watched them from his perch, high above.

As he scanned the crowd he finally saw her… A gorgeous young red head, with short hair, just above shoulder length. Wandering the mall like a diamond in the rough, looking as determined as the rest, but somehow much calmer, much more centered. “This” he thought “is my final conquest of the night.”

As the young woman went about her business in the mall, Joshua slowly moved through the crowd, getting closer and closer to her. The woman seemed completely unaware of the threat that was now mere feet behind her. Joshua could smell her blood, almost feel the power inside of this girl as he gently extended his hand.  Raising it just above her shoulder, and bringing it down slowly.

It was at this point that a young boys dog got loose, darting through the crowd, and around the people quickly and nimbly. And just as it was about to get out of the crowd, Joshua’s shoe stepped on its leash. The young puppy, jerked a bit then pushed hard, freeing his leash from under Joshua’s foot.

He could almost taste his newest target, all he had to do was put his hand on her shoulder and she would be his, “why are my feet off the ground?” He thought as suddenly his foot flew up into the air, pulling the other one with it. Joshua flew backwards and slammed into the ground flat on his back.

“Muffy!” A young boy yelled as he ran through the crowd, stomping right on Joshua’s groin as he ran past. Joshua did a wonderful “HURK!” expression as the boy stomped on his groin then vanished into the crowd.  He laid back on the ground and panted, wanting a brief moment of rest. A moment that ended when someone else stepped on his stomach. Then someone kicked him in the head, and then someone stepped on his hand. Then his chest, then his foot. All the while Joshua struggled to get back to his feet. But the closer he got the harder the person that didn’t see him hit him knocking him back to the ground.

It took him several attempts to get to his feet, and he couldn’t help but laugh at how people would run face first into him then shout “Watch it!” as they stormed off angrily. After about 5 minutes of this he had had enough. He growled and bared his fangs turning into a half bat half human form and spreading his wings… only to have someone step on one of them. The force yanked him to the floor face down where he proceeded to be trampled for several more minutes to come. Until finally he simply gave up and teleported to the rafters. Standing upside down and looking down, or up depending on your point of view at the crowd swirling beneath him.

“How rude!” he shouted but no one cared. As he sat brushing himself off, he noticed his quarry leaving a shop. She still managed to look completely unhindered by the mass of insanity around her as she gently navigated the turbulent crowd in the store.

It was then that he realized he was at the perfect vantage point to take this lovely young woman. He would simply sneak up upon her from above and snatch her away.  No one else seemed to even care he was here, so he would be perfectly fine. He walked along the ceiling as he noticed her getting onto the escalator to get to the second floor.  “That would be perfect” he thought as from the second floor she would be in arms reach easily. 

He navigated the ceiling until he was just about above her.  Again reaching for her slowly. Savoring the moment, the tension, and nervousness, all of the emotions that occur just before the prey falls for his attack, just before the predator pounces and subdues his victim. Just before an unseen door opens and smacks him full force in the face.

“Wait… what?” Said Joshua a split second before a patron in the shop directly beneath him flung the door open, barely missing the young girl but slamming face first into the vampire walking on the ceiling. The impact was enough to not only take him completely off the ceiling, returning him to the normal forces of gravity, but also enough to send him flying at an angle into the plate glass window of the shop behind him.

The glass shattered everywhere as he flew through the window and landed in a pile of women’s lingerie. After a brief moment a large DD sized bra slowly rose out of the pile. A few second later Joshua’s head followed as he sat up in the pile covered in women’s underwear and sighed. A middle aged woman in a panic ran up to the box that he was in and grabbed the bra off of his head. “Perfect!” she shouted as she ran away.  Joshua just sighed and sank back into the bin.

Several minutes later Joshua could be seen walking through the mall, very angry and still dragging a few pieces of lingerie around with him. He quickly scanned the crowd. This target was becoming rather painful to track, but, he suspected the taste of her blood would be infinitely worth it.

Finally he spotted her... heading towards the exit. He quickly started to push through the crowd. People who had just seconds earlier pushed someone else full force out of the way complained as he moved them aside in the pursuit of his quarry.  He moved to the second floor balcony and jumped, doing a perfect swan dive tuck and roll to land on his feet on the main level and took off running. A cloud of women’s undergarments trailing in the breeze behind him.

He could see his target heading for the revolving doors, and he could catch her, he knew he could. He ran as fast as he could never really thinking to teleport, after all that would take away some of the fun. She had entered the turn style, now was his chance. He leaped at her but missed the car that she was in, and instead got his head caught between the door and the wall, but his shoulders were on the other side of the door to jam it into place. The turnstile had however turned just enough to allow the young woman to exit without ever realizing what was going on behind her.

Joshua sighed as his head sank down the gap between the door and the wall and landed face first into the floor with a groan. “Some days” he started” Some days I have all the luck, and others…” he trailed off as he groaned and pulled a chunk from the door to allow him to free his head.

Now he was mad, he was going to have this girl, no matter what it would take. He ran down the street after her… closing quickly and finally leaping into the air. He glided towards her for a moment and just as he was about to strike a man with a Christmas tree stepped in front of his flight path.

Joshua slammed into the tree face first causing the tree to bend over with a classic cartoon rubber band sound. He could just about reach the girl but when he was less then an inch from her the tree shot back and launched Joshua into the air like a catapult. He flew with a scream over two buildings and through a billboard. He noticed in his uncontrolled roll where he was heading and screamed in horror as he impaled himself onto the top of the cities Christmas tree.

The tree shook and the onlookers cheered as the lights lit up the tree.  The star at the top of the tree not visible as it was inside of Joshua. But the electricity in the star sure made him jolt in shock as his arms and legs flew out straight and his whole body lit up like the star. The crowd cheered at the display and started singing Christmas carols as Joshua was stuck on the tree top being electrocuted constantly until they would turn it off. And all the while a young red head continued her trip home, never knowing how close, or how often she came to being a vampire’s next meal.

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