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Lost Tales: The 12 Nuts of Christmas, Part 8 - Sandy

It had been a very weird month for Isabella. She couldn’t shake the feeling that just a few days ago she had been naked and in a tube somewhere. It brought back bad feelings of being a test subject, although this time it didn’t feel as invasive, if you could call being naked non-invasive. Then, she had a strange day dream, or was it an encounter, in the mall, she couldn’t put her finger on it firmly, but it definitely seemed to be out of the ordinary.

She had taken a day to clear her head by focusing on work. Having built several new devices for Spirals at the behest of Xander already, she was about to start a new project when she heard a knock at that door.

She sighed and got up moving to the door and peeking out of the peep hole. On the other side was a rather nervous looking Sandy, who seemed to be almost pacing up and down the hall way. She couldn’t’ help but giggle as she watched him pace.

She got a kick out of how nervous he could get but after a minute or two of torturing him opened the door. “Well hello there” she said with a playful smile.

Sandy, who had had his back to the door when she opened it quickly spun around with a smile and practically jumped to her to give her a tight hug “Hi!” he said excitedly, then pulled out a small rose that was in his back pocket and gave it to her.

Isabella smiled a bit and nodded “Thank you” and gently kissed Sandy. “Come on in while I put this in water.” She said walking to the kitchen to get a glass.

Sandy came in and paced a bit nervously then finally cleared his throat and asked “I was wondering if you would actually like to bring it with you, on a walk.”

Isabella turned to look at Sandy “Anyplace special, she asked holding the rose up so she could smell it.”

Sandy grinned a bit nervously “Actually yes” he said with a smile and offered her a hand. “Would you like to come with me?”

Isabella laughed and moved towards him while teasing him a bit “I don’t know, it’s kind of cold” she said with a grin as she grabbed her coat and then took his hand.

Sandy smiled and took her hand and held it softly “I’ll have to find a way to warm your heart then” he said trying to be romantic but not quite pulling it off just right. He escorted her down the stairs and outside. Once there Isabella noticed a rose sitting on the mail box. “That’s two” Sandy said with a grin.

Isabella smiled and picked up the rose then looked at Sandy “what are you up too?” she asked curiously.

Sandy just shrugged with a playful grin “you’ll see” he said as they walked down the street. He had purposely chosen a route that would be empty at this time of night. Although saying that he chose it is a bit misleading. He did pick the route, but he spent an hour before hand sleep dusting everyone that could possibly come near it and setting up walls of sleep dust to keep people out.

As they walked, whenever there was a turn to make there was another rose leading the way. There was also a rose next to a candy store, that Isabella noticed all of the patrons were face down on the tables sound asleep. “Your doing?” she asked with a bit of a grin.

Sandy nodded a bit embarrassed “the best way to get privacy is to make sure that no one can bother you.” He said with a sheepish grin, but picked up another rose, this one was completely made of chocolate. “I figured this one would spice things up a bit”

Isabella took the rose and winked at him “looking to make it a hot evening are you?” she said with a grin. Sandy turned six different shades of red, which made Isabella laugh just a bit more.

They continued their journey, along the way Isabella collected rose, after rose. She had eight of them when they stopped in front of a wine store. Again she noticed that numerous patrons and workers inside were all sound asleep. “You were busy today weren’t you?” she commented looking at the people all face down.

Sandy nodded a bit as he walked in with her. “Yeah, I had this planned for a while so it was easy to do some of the foot work in advance, but I still had to make sure that we were not disturbed. Although it wasn’t exactly as hard as it sounds.”

Isabella nodded a bit, not really understanding the exact scope of what he said. Sandy moved to the back and picked up a bottle of 500 year old wine then rejoined her at the front to take her hand and continue down the street.

A few more blocks down was another rose, this one outside of a deli, again full of sleeping people. Sandy smiled and kissed Isabella’s hand as he ran inside and grabbed a picnic basket full of things from the deli and headed out. Again taking her hand as they walked slowly down a road that Isabella knew ended in the near future.

“Where are we going?” she asked curiously as they got closer and closer to the edge of the city.

Sandy smiled at her “You’ll see” he said with a glint in his eye that she hadn’t seen in a long time, in fact the last time she saw it was when he was turning her into a sculpture.

As they reached the end of the road Isabella noticed another rose, her tenth, sitting on the gate next to the entrance to the beach. She looked at Sandy sideways a bit as she walked with him to the tenth rose and they slowly started to walk into the beach. “Isn’t it a bit cold to go for a swim?” she asked playfully.

Sandy couldn’t help but laugh, he hadn’t actually considered that part of the beach at all. “Indeed I think it would be, plus I don’t really like swimming in the lake, I am always afraid a fish will eat me.” The funny part was that he was quiet serious about that.

Isabella gave him an odd look when she noticed another rose, her 11th, sitting in the middle of the sand of a very large expansive part of the beach. She walked over and picked up the rose, assembling it in the bouquet that she was making and turned to Sandy “Ok now where… Sandy?” she asked.

Sandy was gone, the wine bottle and picnic basket were sitting on the sand but he was no where to be seen.

Isabella looked around a bit, she noticed that his tracks just seemed to stop. As she moved closer to the picnic basket she jumped as out of the sand grew huge Christmas trees, completely made out of sand all around her.

A few seconds later a couch completely made out of sand rose out of the ground behind her, as a table emerged again made of sand propping the picnic basket and the wine up on it.

On either side of the couch two sink holes submerged to reveal piles of wood buried beneath the sand. As soon as they were exposed they flashed to life into a roaring fire. The burst took Isabella by surprise and she jumped a bit and backed up. Then another flash behind the couch as a third fire pit lit into the moon light.

As she examined the area around her a huge burst could be heard as three very high walls extended out of the ground, encompassing three of the four sides of the little grotto trees that had been created out of the sand, creating a bubble of perfect privacy.

The grotto‘s fourth side was opened to the lake and the moon could be seen rising over the waters. The fires did not block out the view but managed to create a warm bubble in the otherwise cold night air. The couch and table faced the lake, so that they could enjoy the moon light.

Just when Isabella thought that sandy was done, a burst of sand and water came from the lake flying out towards the grotto. Isabella ducked a bit not sure what was coming her way, but quickly noticed the projectiles were not aimed at her. Instead they will hundreds of pieces of smoothed over glass, and marbles, and stones. All shiny, all completely smooth that flew around her and landed into the sand made Christmas trees. As soon as they were in place they started to rotate, all of them slowly but each one at a different speed. The rotations made them sparkle like lighted tree’s each piece of glass a different color, which caused the trees to come to life with a blend of blues, reds, greens, and yellows.

Isabella looked around at the stunning display and then turned to see Sandy, standing behind her holding the final rose “merry Christmas babe” was all he could say, whether from exhaustion, or nervousness he just couldn’t get anything else out.

Isabella smiled at him and laughed a bit, moving up to him and kissing him softly she hugged him tightly and whispered “Thank you Sandy, Merry Christmas.”

They sat down to enjoy the moon light, the warmth of the fire which made it easily warm enough to take off their coats. The wine, and the dinner that sandy had prepared, which, despite being in a picnic basket found in a deli was surprising elegant. Roasted chicken and vegetables, salads, and soup, even a chocolate cheese cake for desert.

As the evening rolled on they got closer and closer together, watching the moon in the fire light, and holding each other close. Their eyes met and he kissed her tenderly, a kiss she eagerly responded too, as the two sank into the couch, and into each others arms.

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Isabella is property of RubyRain and used with permission.

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