Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Among Us (N.C.U./Spirals) - Round 2

 Key: MC, FD, FF, Hypno, Freeze

Description: The people have spoken, and Nadia has been selected to be removed from the group. But was she really the hypnotist? And if so, who was her accomplice?

Note: To help you follow along a bit better a map of the camp grounds can be found here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/42493367
There is also a link to a poll at the end of the story where you can help to decide who gets voted out, and change the course of the next chapter!

The Sitting Room:
    As Nadia sat down and glared confidently at Rayne, she heard the nervous, hesitant voices of the girls around her cast their votes, one by one.

    “Nadia.” Eve said. Even though she was confident in her answer, she couldn’t hide her nervousness about how the older, and much more aggressive, hypnotist was going to respond.

    Nadia shot a glare in Eve’s direction, only to hear Abigail respond with “Nadia” next. Unlike Eve, Abigail wasn’t worried about any repercussions from her mentor. She would have voted for Nadia regardless, just to see her get hypnotized and drained by the succubus.

    “What?!” Nadia shouted as her eyes widened in shock and rage. “What the fuck are you thinking!”

    “Nadia…” came a very timid, almost whispered response from Jessy. She seemed to be trying to hide behind Eve as she gave her answer.

    Nadia’s anger was beginning to reach a boiling point. “You can’t be serious!” she shouted. “It was clearly Rayne!” As she finished she pointed a finger at the coed.

    “Nadia.” Laura finished, giving the final response.

    Nadia stopped as her arm sank to her side, all she could do was look around the room, defeated. “I can’t believe you’re all this stupid.” she said calmly, more to herself than the others. The moment was short lived, however, as Nadia turned towards Rayne and began screaming at her. “I promise you I’ll get you for this, you little bittttt…” She was cut off by a very large, imposing figure stepping directly in front of her.

    The rest of the girls gasped and all unconsciously leaned back as Midnight, who was easily several inches taller than Nadia...and the rest of them for that matter, stepped directly in front of the angry hypnotist. None of them had noticed the succubus reveal her large, bat-like wings, but they were clearly on display and creating a half circle around Nadia, giving the fiery redhead a feeling of being confined and captured.

    Nadia’s expression turned uneasy as she stared up into the imposing eyes of the much larger woman. Midnight would have been an intimidating sight regardless, but her wings and the powers they implied made her downright terrifying in the right situation. “Don’t you dare.” she said with an audible tremor of nervousness in her voice. “Don’t you fucking dare!”
    “Hypnotizing and draining the one that gets voted out was your idea.” Midnight said matter-of-factly as she slowly moved closer to Nadia while her wings very subtly began to close in around the trapped hypnotist. “You just didn’t think you would lose. But on some level...some deep, subconscious level...you were curious what it would be like if you did. If you were to find yourself here…staring up into my eyes. Feeling your heart beating faster as I move in closer. Unable to look away from my eyes…a thousand thoughts trying to form in your mind, but all of them just seeming to slip further and further away. Unaware of how relaxed your body is getting, how your arms are sliding down to your sides and your shoulders are slumping. Relaxed and calm, focusing on my voice, on my eyes…you’ve been curious about how this would feel…what a succubus could do to you. How you could simply…fall…into their voice…just like you are now. Isn’t that right?”

    Nadia’s look of nervousness had long since faded away. She no longer had the ability to keep her arms folded across her chest, instead they were so loose and relaxed that they simply fell to her sides. The motion caused her body to shake ever so slightly, causing her red hair to sway, and the expression on her face went from one of anger and determination...to fascination...and finally relaxation. (I can rhyme!) Soon she was staring helplessly up into the eyes of the much taller succubus while her pupils began to dilate. A soft, almost inaudible “yes” slipped from her lips as she finally answered Midnight’s question.
    Midnight leaned closer to her until her eyes were level with Nadia’s. “That’s a girl. It feels so much nicer to just relax and let go. After all, you did come here to relax...to unwind…to rest… isn’t that right?” she asked in a seductive tone.

    Nadia was too focused to give her a verbal answer, but the small nod of her head and soft “uh huh” was more than enough to prove to Midnight, and the rest of the girls, that the fight had been tranced out of her.

    Midnight gave her a small, seductive smile. “That’s a girl…let me help you relax.” She said as she tilted her head and began to kiss Nadia softly and gently. It almost seemed to take the redheaded hypnotist by surprise at first, but soon she was lazily responding to the kiss. It actually looked rather romantic. For a brief moment Nadia seemed as though she was reaching out to Midnight, but eventually her arms became far too heavy to move, until they finally slipped back down to her sides. The kiss slowed down as Nadia began to sway on her feet and collapsed into the waiting arms of Midnight. “Night night ya cranky bitch!” The succubus said with a note of disdain in her voice, meanwhile her wings slowly began to shrink, hiding themselves in the skin of her back until they were completely unseen.

Nadia was eliminated.

    Of course as her wings pulled back Midnight was greeted with the completely shocked and, in the case of Rayne, aroused expressions of the others.“What?” Midnight asked as she held the unconscious Nadia in her arms.

    “That…”  Abigail started, “Was both equal parts…scary…and sexy.” She admitted with a blush. A light giggle went through the rest of the group, confirming that she wasn’t the only one feeling that way.

    “Well, don’t let it be too sexy.” Midnight said, throwing Nadia over her shoulder like a ragdoll. “This bitch caused a hell of a lot of pain to happen to a friend of mine. Nothing that I did was for the sake of arousal. But she will be passed out for the rest of the weekend, I saw to that.” She finished in a tone that was so flat and bored that you would have thought she was describing a business transaction and not the draining of sexual energy from an attractive young woman. “Let’s toss the dead weight in with the rest of the girls and get on with our weekend, shall we?”

    “Did…did you want help carrying her?” Rayne asked, trying to hide her arousal...and failing. Even though she knew Midnight was easily stronger than her, watching Nadia be drained by the succubus had been one of the sexiest things she had ever seen, and there was no way she could ignore her arousal.

    Midnight just smiled down at the young woman. She could tell that Rayne was attracted to her and had seen the way her eyes lingered over certain…shall we say…curved parts of her body. She also knew that the young woman’s question was more of a nervous attempt at flirting with a crush, than an actual offer of aid. “I’m a succubus, dear. I could hold a car like this and not break a sweat.” Midnight said, giving the young woman a playful wink to let her know she was teasing.

    “...Oh…” Rayne replied, trying not to let her disappointment show. She had known Midnight was strong, but she didn’t realize she was quite...that strong. She hid a blush as the idea toyed with the arousal she was already feeling.

    Without so much a half hearted attempt to hide the smile that the realization had given Rayne, Midnight pushed open the door to the room where Stacy and Katheryn were sleeping, tossing Nadia down unceremoniously onto one of the bunks. “There…now stay!” she said as she gave the unconscious woman a devious smile.

    “What about the other two?” Abigail asked, looking over the elven doctor and the…other short redhead who was passed out on the bunk next to her. I may have too many redheaded characters in these stories.  

    “They can sleep off the trance that Nadia put them in. Even not knowing the suggestions she gave them, I’m sure they’ll wake up in a day or so.” Midnight said with a shrug.

    “What if they wake up and try to hypnotize us?” Jessy asked nervously.

    “Or what if Nadia wasn’t the one that did it?” Eluran said as she continued glaring at Rayne

    “What if there were two hypnotists?” Eve asked, looking around the group suspiciously. “I never bought into the idea that one person could have hypnotized both of them in the time we had.”

    Midnight slowly looked around the group. “What, you want me to drain the two of them to make sure they don’t wake up like zombies and attack us in our sleep?” she asked sarcastically.

    The group looked around at one another, then back to Midnight, each nodding in their own hesitant, nervous way. “Wait, really?” Midnight asked in surprise. “Alright.”  she said, shrugging. “Everybody out, let me do this.”

    “Wait, why do you want us to leave?” Laura asked suspiciously.

    Midnight turned to the curly haired blonde and smiled softly. “In order to drain them, I have to have intimate contact with them. Like I did with Nadia. Nadia, however, was a bitch who I’m sure was responsible for this mess. But these two were innocent victims. They deserve a bit of privacy, don’t you think?”

    The girls paused for a moment, nodding at one another as they slowly filed out of the room. Rayne, being the last to leave, looked longingly back at Midnight as she started to move towards Stacy’s sleeping form. On some level she was jealous of Midnight for her abilities, but on another she was envious of Stacy for what she was about to experience, even if she wouldn’t remember. She closed the door slowly, then knelt down and glanced at the others as she took out her cell phone, placing the camera in line with the keyhole once the app had opened. Once the screen was displaying everything that was happening in the next room, the others crowded her and began to watch. “Spying in the 21st century…brilliant” Laura said with a smile, while Rayne blushed and put a finger to her lips.

    Inside the room, Midnight was well aware that the rest of the group was watching her from the other side...she could feel their eyes on her and hid a small smile. “Honestly, I’d probably do the same thing.” she whispered to herself as she leaned over the sleeping form of Dr. Stacy. “Time to put you to…ummm…a deeper sleep.” She whispered into the elf’s ear, before leaning in and slowly kissing the sleeping young woman.

    As Midnight deepened the kiss, her finger made its way to Stacy’s left nipple and began to swirl her finger around it in lazy circles. They both needed to be aroused in order for her to drain her prey, she needed to feel the sexual energy flowing through them. Fortunately for her it didn’t take long for the energy to build in Stacy’s body. Midnight could feel her nipple rising as it stiffened while her finger softly traced its outline, and she could feel Stacy’s breathing quicken as her heart began to beat faster. A soft moan escaped between their kiss, but even Midnight wasn’t sure which of them it had come from. Midnight unconsciously started to smile as she deepened the kiss and felt Stacy’s energy begin flowing into her. She was surprised at how smooth and clean it felt, it was such a rarity in today’s day and age.

    Through the cell phone screen the girls all watched silently. All they could see was Midnight kissing Stacy, but deep down they all knew that with every passing second, the young elven doctor was falling deeper into sleep. And that seemed to be having an effect on more than one of them...all for different reasons, of course.  

    Midnight broke the kiss and heard a soft sigh escape Stacy’s lips. She could feel just how deep asleep the good doctor was, just like Nadia, and she would easily be there for the rest of the weekend. As she stood up and moved toward Katheryn, she purposely kept her back to the camera so the others wouldn’t see the flush on her skin from the encounter.  

    The girls struggled to stay quiet as Rayne distracted herself by watching Midnight’s butt sway from side to side. She managed to make every motion seem sexy and seductive, no matter how casual it really was. “Must be a succubus thing.” Rayne thought to herself as she enjoyed the view.  

    Back in the bedroom, Midnight knelt down on the lower bunk next to Kathryn. Her hair was spilled out on the bed next to her face, giving an almost fiery glow to her hypnotized expression. Midnight slid her hand softly over the girl's body and admired it. She was older than the rest, late twenties or early thirties if she had to guess, but she was also more uptight and professional. A simple kiss and a trip around second base wouldn’t do it. “This should give you a hell of a dream.” she whispered with a smirk as she slowly unzipped the helpless woman’s jeans and slid her finger inside.

    Midnight closed her eyes and focused on her finger, sliding it along all of the wonderful feminine parts of the young woman in front of her. First she found her clit and began swirling a circle around it, just like she had done for Stacy’s nipple. Kathryn was a little repressed, that much was clear, but her arousal jump started once Midnight slid some of her own energy into the finger that was gently working inside of Katheryn.

    Through the door the girls heard a low moan escape from Kathryn’s sleeping form. And even though the angle of Midnight’s body prevented them from seeing exactly what was happening, their minds were still racing with thoughts of what Kathryn might be feeling.

    Midnight, however, was well aware of what Kathryn was feeling. The energy that she was sliding into the young woman’s body also allowed her a brief glimpse into her mind and soul. It allowed her to focus on an area and pull up the information she needed. Of course since Midnight was already so aroused, her thoughts were focused on ways to bring Kathryn even more pleasure. The exact spots that she enjoyed being touched easily came to mind as if it were her own body, and as they did her finger moved deeper inside of the young woman.  

    At that point, Midnight’s body was being flooded with the energy of a third girl and her arousal was reaching its peak. She tilted her head back and let a soft moan escape her lips, something she immediately regretted once she remembered the others were watching her through the keyhole. She moved her head in such a way that her hair would act as a cover to hide her face and Kathryn’s as she felt the young woman’s body spasm in orgasm as a flood of sexual energy poured from her body.

    Midnight bit her lip as Kathryn let out a deep, clearly sexual moan. She couldn’t help but giggle at the sound, and the thought of the girls on the side of the door, as she felt Kathryn’s body relax and sink into a deep sleep.

    Once Kathryn was unconscious, Midnight took a moment to calm herself down, zipping the young woman's jeans up and patting her face gently. “Sleep well.” she whispered as she kissed Kathryn’s forehead and stood up, moving to the door where she was greeted with a sight she...well, had pretty much expected to see. In the room in front of her were the other six girls, all pretending to be deeply involved in an activity. Rayne was reading a book, Eve, Jessy, and Laura were making a puzzle, and Eluran and Abigail were playing a game of Connect Four.

    “Alright,” Midnight started, chuckling at the sight, “I think we’ve all earned a little break. Everyone can relax for the rest of the night, we’ll pick up the tasks again tomorrow.” She said walking towards the door.

    “What if there is still another hypnotist?” Jessy asked, concerned.

    “Then you’d better be careful who you decide to hang out with tonight.” Midnight said, looking over her shoulder and winking at the college sophomore.

    “What about you?” Rayne asked. “Where are you going?”

    Midnight turned around and gave the clearly infatuated young woman a seductive smile. “I’m going to take shower. A nice…long…cold shower. Care to join me?” she said as seductively as she could without laughing. Without waiting for a response, she turned on her heel and left the others to their activities, and Rayne to her thoughts.

    Rayne turned several shades of red before whispering to herself. “I’d love to shower with you…and god could I use a cold one right now.”

Round 2:

    Midnight’s words hung in the air as she left the room. And as the girls all looked around at one another, suspicion and paranoia started to do what they do best: turn old friends into enemies, if only on a subconscious level. All at once the girls seemed to realize that none of them wanted to be around each other right now. Eve, Jessy, and Laura all looked down at the puzzle in front of them and slowly started to put the pieces away. Eluran packed up the pieces of the Connect Four game, while Abigail stood up and moved to the cabin door. She hesitated as her hand touched the door knob, even though she didn’t want to be around anyone, she also wanted to be aware of where the others were going. One by one the rest of the girls left the room, leaving Rayne still seated where she had been reading, and Eluran to put away the rest of the game.

    Rayne watched the blonde elf put the board game back on the shelf and hurry to follow the others. She stopped at the door and turned around to glare at Rayne. “I know you did this. And I’ll be watching you.” She said aggressively as she walked out of the room.

    There was something about Eluran’s tone that made Rayne think that, no matter what happened, she was going to be a problem this weekend. “I’ll deal with that later.” she said, sighing as her body sank deeper into the chair and dropped the book she wasn’t really reading. She glanced at the door opposite of her and shivered as she imagined the three hypnotized, unconscious girls on the other side. Without a second thought she whipped out her phone and loaded the video she’d taken of Midnight draining the girls…then pushed play. A soft moan escaped her lips as she sunk deeper into her chair.

The Pool, Hot Tub, and Firepit area:
    Several hours passed and the girls continued to be as suspicious of one another as they were before. None of them trusted the others at the moment, and so most had simply found a quiet spot to be and stayed there. If one of them did come across any of the others they would exchange awkward glances and hurry off to get as far away as possible. Fortunately the campground had plenty of beautiful places for them to be alone and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, and after some time most of the girls found their own unique kind of peace.

    Abigail had made her way over to the pool, where she also found a fire pit on the far side. It was gas, which felt a little like cheating to her, but it also meant she didn’t have to deal with firewood or stoking the fire. Instead she could simply sit down and feel its warm glow along her skin, while she relaxed and listened to the crackling of the fire as she sank into her book.

    It was the most peaceful experience Abigail had had in a long, long time...until it was disturbed by the sound of her stomach. “Holy shit, I didn’t realize I was this hungry.” She thought as she sat up and turned off the fire, setting her book aside as she stretched and looked at the setting sun around her.

The Locker Room:
    She made her way into the locker room and was about to head for the kitchen when she thought she heard a noise. She stood, completely silent, and listened for more movement. The room was dark, but she could definitely see a person moving. And then the door to the pool area opened.

    The contrast of the bright light meeting the relative darkness of the locker room only allowed her to see the outline of a person. She could tell they were short, and their figure implied they were in a swimsuit, but beyond that she couldn’t see any other details. Even though she couldn’t be sure of who the person was, her mind told her it looked a lot like Rayne.

    Abigail quickly and quietly moved out of the locker room and onto the path that would lead her toward the dining rooms and kitchen. She wasn’t sure why, but her heart was racing and she felt like a victim in a slasher film. “This is stupid.” she thought to herself as she headed down the path as quickly as she could without running. “You need to calm down, not all campsites are horror films!”

The Path:
    She was hyper vigilant as she continued moving down the path, and even though she didn’t see anyone around her, that somehow made her more paranoid. The forest was so thick that she couldn’t see any buildings through the trees, and the fullness of the bushes made everything around her seem even more dense.  “Anyone could be hiding here.” she thought, picking up her pace until she reached a slow jog.

The Kitchen:
    Despite her paranoia, she managed to make her way to the kitchen without issue. The room was darker than the last time she'd been there, of course the skylights also weren’t giving off as much light now that the sun had gone down. She flipped on the lights, only to realize that more than half of them were out. “Shit.” She thought to herself “We never did finish fixing this place up.” She sighed and looked around the kitchen, although no one was there she could still see a person out on the deck. Moving quickly, she flipped the switch and hoped that whoever was there hadn’t seen her or the lights. Lucky for her they didn’t seem to notice...however as she looked closer, she noticed that the figure didn’t seem to be moving at all.

    Along the far side of the kitchen there was a wall of windows that separated it from the deck...slowly, Abigail began to move along it, keeping a close eye on the unmoving figure outside as she did. Eventually she was close enough to see blonde hair, meaning it was either Laura or Eluran that she was seeing. Of course she also noticed that they appeared to be laying down, slumped over on a bench with one hand hanging limply towards the ground while the other stretched out horizontally.  

    “Oh no...” Abigail thought to herself. “Is she hypnotized? Is there still another hypnotist out there? Did we get the wrong one?!” Dozens of thoughts raced through her head as she moved to the door and slowly opened it, as quietly as she could, sighing in relief when she saw Laura sprawled out on a bench, sleeping peacefully.  

    “Oh thank god.” She said to herself as she tried to calm her beating heart. She was relieved to hear Laura snoring softly, knowing that the brain of someone who was hypnotized wasn’t in the right state for them to snore. Laura was just resting...naturally.

    Abigail closed the door and laughed, shaking her head. “Girl you are way too paranoid for the relaxing weekend you should be having.” Leaving Laura to her nap, she made her way over to the pantry and opened the door, still laughing at her behavior. But when the door opened and the light flickered on, she couldn’t help but let out a gasp.

    The next thing everyone heard was Abigail shouting over the intercom. “For fucks sake! Everyone to the kitchen…NOW! We have another one!” The frustration in her voice came through loud and clear before the sound of the microphone being slammed down echoed through the camp site.

    A few moments later Jessy walked into the kitchen with Midnight not far behind. “What’s going on?” Jessy asked, concern and confusion both evident on her face. “And where is everyone?”

    Abigail held off answering until Laura made her way inside the dining hall. She looked quite disheveled, which was to be expected given she’d been sleeping on a bench, and was still yawning. Abigail looked at Midnight, ignoring the others, and opened the pantry door. “Look who I found!” she exclaimed.

    The others looked inside as Abigail held the door open. On the floor, leaning against the wall, was Eluran. Her legs were spread wide and her head was rolled forward, leaving her curly hair to cover most of her face as her arms laid limp at her sides. At her side there was a bag of flour laying on the ground, it had been broken open at some point and a little flour was covering Eluran’s head and shoulders. It almost looked as if the bag had bounced off of her head on the way to the ground.

    “It looks like she might have knocked herself out with the bag of flour!” Jessy exclaimed as she surveyed the situation in front of her.

    Midnight moved past the other three girls and brushed aside Eluran’s hair to reveal her face. Just as they expected, her eyes were open and held the familiar far away look that they had seen in the eyes of Stacy, Kathryn, and Nadia. The succubus slid her hands slowly over the young woman’s face and closed her eyes, reaching out into her body to determine her mental state and opening her eyes with a sigh. “She’s hypnotized. Definitely got hit in the head with the flour, too, but I suspect that was just to drop her defenses. Elves are a lot stronger than you might think.” She finished, brushing the flour off of the hypnotized elf.

    Abigail looked around for a moment. “Where is everyone else?” she asked.

    “I was wondering that, myself.” Jessy said as she picked up the intercom and spoke into the mic. “Anyone not in the kitchen, please respond?” The girls all looked at one another, waiting and listening, although no responses came. “Eve, Rayne, are either of you there?” she asked again, a slight tremor in her voice this time.

    Midnight sighed, picked up Eluran and threw her over her shoulder. “Lets go look for them.” She said, rolling her eyes and fearing the worst.

The Showers:
    A few minutes later Jessy opened the door to the showers and began to walk through the hallway, checking the stalls one by one. Suddenly the others heard a gasp come from the end of the room. “I found Eve!” she shouted.

    A moment later Laura opened the door for Midnight, who still had Eluran thrown over her shoulder, followed by Abigail. They moved over to the fourth shower stall and inside, completely naked and pressed up against the wall with her back arched, was Eve. Unlike the others they’d found, Eve didn’t look like she was asleep, instead she appeared to be frozen. And in a state of pleasure no less, almost as if she hadn’t been alone in the shower. Her hair was still wet, but there was three feet of it so that wasn’t much of a surprise, but the water had been turned off long enough ago for her skin to be completely dry.

    “Oh my!” Laura said blushing profusely as her eyes darted away. “We, ummm…we should...” She trailed off as Midnight chuckled. “Here, hold this.” She said, handing Laura Eluran’s sleeping form. Laura did the best she could to support her, but dead weight, even someone as light as an elf, is still dead weight. When Midnight was sure that Laura wasn’t going to drop the poor girl, she grabbed a towel and wrapped it around Eve. Unfortunately it didn’t work as easily as she expected.

    “What’s wrong?” asked Laura as she struggled to keep Eluran’s body upright.

    Midnight grabbed Eve’s arm and pulled it forward and watched as her entire body moved with it. “Wow…” She said, genuinely impressed. “She’s in a deep state of catalepsy. That is actually impressive!”

    “Cattle what?” Jessy asked, confused.

    "She’s frozen.” Abigail chimed in. “Hypnotically frozen, to a point where her limbs won’t move even if we try to move them.”

    “Is that...normal?” Jessy asked, moving forward and attempting to move Eve’s arm. Once again, it didn’t budge.  

    “Normal, yes.“ Midnight answered, wrapping a towel around the frozen girl. “But extremely rare. Either she’s a magnificent hypnotic subject…or we have a very talented hypnotist on our hands. Or both.” With the towel wrapped around Eve in a way that would stay put, she lifted her up like a mannequin and looked over to Jessy. “Any sign of Rayne?”

    Jessy continued to look through the stalls as she answered. “No, she’s not here.”

    “Alright, let's keep looking.” Midnight said with a sigh. “Someone help Laura with Eluran, please.”

    Abigail grabbed the hypnotized elf’s feet as Laura grabbed her under the arms, with the two of them supporting her they were able to lift her off of the ground. “Maybe we should drop these two off at the bunks before we continue searching?”

    Midnight nodded.“Alright, fair enough.”

The Bunks:
    They placed Eve on one bunk and tried to support her arched back as best as they could, even though she was frozen now she could still wake up sore tomorrow. They also managed to clean the flour off of Eluran and deposit her softly on one of the beds before they began searching again.

    “No sign of Rayne yet?” Midnight asked.

    “Nothing yet, but now that I’ve calmed down I do remember seeing her by the pool...I think?” Abigail admitted, embarrassed that she hadn’t thought to mention it earlier.

The Pool, Hot Tub, and Fire Pit area:
    The girls spotted Rayne right away as they emerged from the locker room. She was sitting in the hot tub with the water swirling around her, wearing a bright green bikini that contrasted her fiery red hair quite nicely. Her arms were extended on either side of the hot tub walls and she was leaning back, her head tilted to one side and her mouth slightly open. Her hair covered part of her face, preventing them from getting a clear view.

    “Shit!” Laura remarked, surprised. “How did so many girls get hypnotized, and more importantly how did we not notice?”  

    “I don’t know.” Jessy said as she moved closer to Rayne. “I didn’t see anyone at all before you called us.” As she leaned in to move Rayne’s hair from her face, Rayne sat up and let out a scream worthy of a campground based horror film. As she spun around, she smacked Jessy’s arm away from her head. “What the fuck are you doing!?” she shouted angrily.

    “Calm down, calm down.” Midnight said in a soothing voice. “It’s ok, we're not going to hurt you. We thought you were hypnotized.”

    “What?” Rayne shouted, shaking her head and pulling out a pair of earbuds. As soon as she took them out, they all heard the music blaring from them...actually they probably could have heard it several feet away. Seriously, how was this girl not deaf?! “What are you doing?” Rayne demanded again.

    “Well, that explains a lot.”  Laura muttered as she glanced at Abigail who returned the look with a shrug and a nod.

    “Explains what?” asked Rayne, clearly still angry. “What the fuck are you doing and what’s going on?”

    Midnight raised her hand to calm Rayne. “It’s alright, we found two more girls who were hypnotized. When we found you out here, we thought you might have been hypnotized as well. Come on, we need to head back and discuss this.” Midnight said, offering Rayne a hand to help her out of the hot tub.

    Without thinking, Ranye took Midnight’s hand and stepped out of the hot tub, revealing a remarkably well toned body that was completely on display thanks to the skimpy green bikini she was wearing. The bikini was made out of a shiny material so the fading sunlight seemed to make it glisten, which made her curves stand out even more.

    Midnight looked over the young freshman with a smile. “We’ll give you a few minutes to change, unless you want to just…come as you are.” The succubus finished, in a tone that implied it was not a question, but a command.

    Rayne looked at Midnight, barely realizing that she was still holding her hand, and started to blush profusely. Somehow, her face managed to turn an even deeper shade of red than her hair. “Is…she flirting with me?” Rayne thought to herself, before her daydream was broken by Abigail.
    “Just fuck already so we can focus on the problem at hand!” she shouted angrily.

    Rayne immediately dropped Midnight’s hand and continued to break new records on just how red a person’s face could turn. She grabbed the towel from Midnight and wrapped it around her waist, leaving everything else on display. “I’m good like this.” She said, gathering as much confidence as she could.

    Midnight gave her a flirty wink as the group moved back towards the sitting room.

The Sitting Room:
    The girls all filed into the room and sat down, looking at one another with expressions of nervousness and unease. The only one that seemed comfortable was Rayne, who was sitting in a position where her toned stomach and arms were on display, to say nothing of her chest which was nearly bursting out of her green bikini top. “Alright, so, what happened?” Rayne asked, since she was the only one not up to speed.

    “Well…” Abigail started, “I found Eluran in the pantry. It looked like someone used a bag of flour to daze her and then hypnotized her.”

    “How do you use a bag of flour to daze a girl?” Rayne asked, confused.

    “You drop it on the person’s head from the top shelf.” Midnight answered matter-of-factly.

    “Oh,that makes sense.” Rayne conceded. “Who else was around?”

    “Laura was on the deck but she was sound asleep, snoring and all. It would have taken time for her to get to that point.” Abigail admitted.

    “Did you see anything when you got there?” Rayne asked Laura. “How long were you there?”

    “After the meeting I went straight to the deck.” Laura began, “Everyone was really stressed out and I just wanted to find a quiet place to relax. The deck was quiet, so I got comfortable and just closed my eyes. I’m assuming I fell asleep rather quickly since I don’t remember being there long before I heard Abigail’s announcement.”

    “So…” Rayne started accusingly. “If you were in the same location as a person who was found hypnotized, why wouldn’t the hypnotist go after you as well?”

    “Actually, I can answer that.” Abigail started nervously. “The bench she was asleep on was actually very hard to see unless you looked really closely. The only reason I saw her at all was because I could see her arm hanging off the bench, but I couldn’t see the rest of her at all. Unless the person looked around very carefully, they easily could have missed her. And I assume they were more focused on Eluran.”

    “How do we know you didn’t do it?” Jessy asked nervously.

    "What?” Abigail said, startled at being accused. “I had just gotten there!”

    “Where were you before?” Jessy asked, finding a little more confidence as she spoke.

    “I was…over by the firepit, in the pool!” Abigail started to explain nervously. “Like Laura said, everyone was so high strung I just wanted to get away and I went over there to read. I only left to come to the pantry because I was getting hungry!”

    “Can anyone prove that you were there?” Midnight asked, trying to keep the conversation as civil as possible.

    “I can.”  Rayne spoke up. “I wanted to stay away from everyone since it was so tense when we left. I stayed here after the last vote, and after Midnight…um…yeah. When I saw Jessy head to the other bunks, I thought I would go for a walk to give her some privacy. I ended up changing in the locker room when Abigail came in from the pool.”

    “Did you talk to her at all?” Laura asked.

    “No, I…I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable so I just kind of stayed out of the way. I don’t think she saw me, the room was pretty dark and it was really bright outside, so I don’t think her eyes had adjusted. I didn’t want to scare her, so I just waited until she left and went to the hot tub, where you found me.”

    "Why were you in the bunks?” Abigail asked Jessy defensively.

    “When the meeting was over, Eve and I went to the sauna and sat there for a while, just talking and trying to relax. When we got done, Eve wanted to take a shower but I was so tired I just wanted to sleep. So I went back to the bunks while Eve went into the shower.” Jessy recounted rather easily.

    “DId you see Rayne in the sitting room?” Midnight asked.

    “No.” Jessy replied. “But I didn’t look for her either. I don’t think I looked in the sitting room at all, to be honest.” Jessy finished with a shrug.  

    “So Rayne could have easily snuck into the shower to hypnotize Eve, and still had plenty of time to get to the hot tub where I saw her.” Abigail accused.

    “Wait a minute.” Laura asked. “Midnight, weren’t you going to take a shower? Did you see Eve come in? Where were you during all of this?”

    “I didn’t see Eve.” Midnight admitted. “When the vote ended I was…oh my god I was soooo hot.” She said seductively, using a much more playful tone than the serious one she had been using during the discussion. “Draining three women like that, you have no idea how arousing that is…ummm, I mean…” She paused to compose herself and clear her throat. “I needed to center myself. The cold shower helped, but I was still very energized. So I walked off the path and into the woods, then sat down near a tree to meditate.”

    “You walked off the path? Alone!? Into the forest?!” Abigail asked, almost in a panic. “Are you insane?!”

    Midnight raised an eyebrow and let her wings slowly emerge from her back, not to their full size or length, just enough to make a point. “I’m a Native American succubus. What could possibly be in the forest that I wouldn’t be able to handle?” She asked, allowing her wings to shrink back down and disappear into her back.

    “I…guess that’s true.” Abigail conceded.

    “What if Midnight’s the hypnotist?” Rayne asked suddenly, a growing look of concern on her face.  

    The rest of the girls all looked at Rayne and then rapidly back to Midnight. The succubus’ posture shifted as she looked at Rayne, trying to control her response. “Ok. Why do you say that?” Midnight asked calmly.

    “Well…” Rayne said, blushing. “You did go to the shower. You said you left before Eve got there, but none of us can confirm that. She was found in a state of hypnotic catalepsy, looking like she had been frozen while in an...ummm…intimate encounter. And Eluran is an elf. She’s way stronger than a human…but nowhere near strong enough to challenge a succubus physically, and...like you said…no one saw you.” Rayne finished, feeling almost guilty for having pointed everything out.

    “That’s right!” Abigail said. “And last time I only saw you for a few minutes before we found the first two hypnotized girls” Abigail looked like her mind was exploding inside her head. “You could have easily taken out Stacy and Kathryn before you came into the kitchen with me!”

    “But Midnight was the one who stood up against Nadia.” Jessy pointed out, remembering vividly how aggressive Nadia had been. “And Nadia was the one to suggest that Midnight drain the person that we voted against. Midnight didn’t suggest that, it was all Nadia.”

    “Yeah…”  Abigail trailed off. She was beginning to feel like a conspiracy theorist. “But it makes sense. Nadia caught Rayne, and her accomplice had to come to her rescue! You’ve all seen the way these two have been looking at each other all night! They could be in on this together!” Abigail accused wildly.

    “I stood up to Nadia,” Midnight explained, keeping control of her emotions remarkably well. “because she is a raging egomaniac and the person most likely to have pulled off hypnotizing two people. I could see it in Rayne’s eyes…and yours” she said, nodding to Jessy “that she was making you uncomfortable. So I spoke up. We all voted for her as the person we wanted to be…shall we say… eliminated, from the group. All of us…except Eluran, who made it very clear that she thought it was Rayne.” Midnight finished, turning her attention to Rayne as gently as she could while still making an accusation.

    "And Eluran was found hypnotized…after what appears to have been a struggle…” Laura continued, giving Rayne a concerned look.

    “And Rayne was the one who pointed out that Eluran, being an elf, would be stronger than a normal human.” Jessy continued, also giving Rayne a suspicious glance. “But I think we can all agree, that if any of us could have taken Eluran in a fight...it would be Rayne.” Jessy concluded, motioning to Rayne’s toned physique as she finished.

    “Are you fucking serious?” Rayne asked, rolling her eyes and putting her head in her hands “You think it’s me…again?!” The embarrassment was gone from her voice this time, replaced with complete frustration instead.

    “Well it’s either you or Midnight at this point!” Abigail pointed out aggressively.

    “Actually,”  Midnight began, “If you think about it, we all had ample time to do it, to both Eve and Eluran, and not be seen at all.” Midnight admitted.

    “So, what do we do?” Laura asked nervously.

    The five women looked at each other, all suspicious of at least one person in the group. Finally it was Abigail that spoke up. “We vote again. Whomever we select gets hypnotized and drained by Midnight.”

    “And if it’s Midnight?” Laura asked, pointing out an obvious flaw in the plan.

    “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” Abigail admitted

    Midnight smiled at Abigail. “Very well…and now, we vote!”

    And now my dear reader, it is time for you to cast your vote! Last time the voters selected Nadia, so your votes will determine how the story continues! Do you know who it was that did this? Cast your vote here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/43487366 Voting will end on 11-24-2020 so hurry!

    And yes, I do know exactly what happened, and I have a chapter detailing exactly who did what, and how. That will be coming out once this little game has ended! Fear not, all shall be revealed in time!

To be Continued or Concluded?!

Featuring: Eve, Laura, Nadia, Rayne, Jessy, Midnight, Eluran, Dr. Stacy, Abigail, Katheryn

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