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Phasmophobia - N.C.U. - Part 1

Description: An excited Laura organizes a group of her sorority friends to investigate a school that is said to be haunted. Of course, nothing goes according to plan.

[Author’s Note: This story is based on the video game Phasmophobia, if you haven’t seen the game you can google some pretty funny videos of people playing them, especially This one! ]

    Rayne let out a sigh as she turned the page of her book. She was relaxing in the corner of her bed and enjoying some rare down time for herself, which was immediately interrupted by the sound of her phone. “Damn it…” She sighed, trying her best to ignore the phone. After a few more moments of insistent ringing, she placed a bookmark in the book and slammed it shut. When she saw it was Laura she sighed again. It wasn’t that she had anything against Laura, she just needed some time to herself. Not wanting to ignore her friend, she answered it anyway. “Hello…” she said in a voice that implied she was at least a little annoyed.
    On the other end of the line, Laura was talking at high speed. Rayne suspected she was caffeinated and overly excited about something, but it took her a few moments to figure out what that was. When she did her eyes opened wide as she held the phone away from her head for a moment, staring at it in shock. “Ghost hunting?” She asked in surprise, mixed with a little annoyance. She paused to regain her composure before politely adding “No thanks Laura, I’m really not intereeessstttt…” Her voice trailed off as her face went slack, and her eyes glazed over. It was an almost instant response to the hypnotic trigger that Laura had used while Rayne was attempting to reject her offer.
    Rayne sat motionless, staring off into space with a vacant expression while Laura’s voice could be heard giving her instructions on the other end. Finally she responded. “Yes…of course I’ll join you. I’ll be right there, Laura…thank you for inviting me.” She finished blankly.
    Laura’s voice could be heard saying something on the other end before the phone disconnected. Rayne continued to sit there for several seconds before blinking her eyes and getting up from the bed. “I’m going to kill her when this is over.” She said as the annoyance returned to her voice. Laura hadn’t bothered to make her forget that she was hypnotized, or to think it was her idea. Rayne had to obey, but she didn't have to like it.

    She was putting her shoes on when she heard the door knob turn as Klaire entered the room. There was still visible disappointment on her face, but to her credit she was still being friendlier than she had been just a few weeks ago. “Oh, I didn’t think you were going to be here tonight.” She said, trying to be as polite as possible.  
    Rayne smirked. “You’re in luck, I’m not going to be.” She started as she finished tying her shoe. “I got roped into going ghost hunting with some friends.” She rolled her eyes as she finished.
    “Ew.” Klaire responded, her nose wrinkling in disgust. “Why?”
    Rayne shook her head with a sigh. “Let's just say that my friend can be very…persuasive.” Of course she really meant hypnotic, but she wasn’t going to tell Klaire that. “Wouldn’t want to come with, would you?” She asked, giving Klaire a small but hopeful smile.
    “Nope!” Klaire said without a moment’s hesitation as she held up the book she had just bought. “I have my plans for the evening, and hopefully the weekend. You go play Ghostbusters with your little friends.” She said, not even trying to hide her indignation as she slipped past Rayne and began making herself comfortable.
    “Yeah,“ Rayne started as she headed towards the door. “I didn’t think so. Enjoy your night!”
    “Mmmhmmmm…” Was Klaire’s only response. She was already engrossed in her book and wasn’t even aware that Rayne was still in the room. Rayne chuckled and shook her head as she left the room, thinking to herself that Klaire seemed almost…hypnotized…by the book.

    Some time later, a large box truck backed up to the front door of the Brownstone Elementary school. It came to a stop and the back ramp slowly lowered as the two doors swung open. Inside stood Carly, Jessy, Christine, Rayne and Eve. All of whom seemed more than a little nervous as they looked at the doors of the long abandoned, and supposedly haunted, old school. None of them made any movement toward the entrance to the school; they all just stood there in silence.
    “Isn’t it great!” Laura shattered the silence as she poked her head around the drivers side of the van, beaming with excitement.
    All five girls screamed in terror at the same time.
    “Don’t! Do! That!” scolded Carly as she held her hand to her chest, panting in fear.  
    Laura ignored their complaints and screams as she quickly ascended the ramp and started to pass out ghost hunting equipment to the girls. “This place is so spooky!” She said as she handed Carly a D.O.T.S projector. “It’s said that as many as six separate ghosts may actually be haunting this one school!” Again, she completely ignored the stunned looks on everyone’s faces while she absentmindedly began handing out flashlights.
    “We’re not here to try and disturb the ghosts of…um…kids…are we?” Jessy asked, looking almost sick to her stomach.
    “Nope!” Laura said, handing her a spirit box. “These ghosts are all college students, all about your age!” She said without the slightest hint of realization as to what she was saying.
    “And we're going in there too?!” Eve said, staring at her friend in shock as she slapped her forehead.
    “Don’t worry,” Laura said with a smile. “None of them died here, they all died out on a drunken camping trip and their ghosts all came back to haunt this place because it was where they all met. And because it’s way roomier than the dorms at the college, and the bathrooms are nicer than the forest.”
    At this point the rest of the group began to complain, loudly and rapidly. One overlapped the next as they each voiced their own concerns. It became one unbroken, loud mess almost instantly.
    Laura sighed, smiled and then yelled “Superglue, Lips!” as loudly as she could while snapping her fingers twice.
    The girls instantly stopped talking and looked around at one another in confusion and annoyance. Their lips were, indeed, sealed shut, as if they had been superglued together! “That’s better.” Laura said with a smile. “Relax, this place is completely safe. The campus does ghost hunts here every year, where do you think I got the truck and all the gear from?” she asked. She was met with a few sighs and groans of annoyance, but compliance. “Now are you girls going to behave if I give you your mouths back?” Her enjoyment of the situation was all too clear on her face.
    The five hypnotically gagged girls all grunted and nodded in agreement.
    “Excellent! Superglue, undone!” Laura said, smiling and snapping her fingers.
    “That was rude.” Carly said, folding her arms and pouting.
    “Yeah, and what’s with hypnotizing us to get us to come along? That wasn’t very nice either!” Rayne admitted as she gave Laura her best sad puppy face.
    “Yeah, sorry about that.” Laura said, frowning. “This first chapter is mostly set up, and we needed a little hypnosis to keep people interested and to qualify for a spot on the Mind Control Story Archive.” She concluded with a shrug.
    “Wait…what?!” Christine asked as she took the camera that Laura was handing her.
    “Nevermind.” Laura said, waving her hand. “The joke is over your head, but trust me, those that got it, love it! Hi Simon!” She said waving up at the van’s ceiling before turning to unlock the door to the school.
    All five girls stared at Laura in confusion. “Ok…” Eve broke the silence. “You guys go, and make sure someone is with her at ALL times.” She said, with no small emphasis on the word all. “I’ll stay here and monitor the cameras and the rest of the equipment in the van. And call 911 if need be.” She finished, sitting down at the computer in the back of the van and powering on the monitor.
    “Yeah… great idea.” Rayne said with no small amount of sarcasm in her voice.
    As the girls filed out, Eve watched them through the night vision on the computer, and then began flipping through the cameras. They showed all of the standard areas like hallways and classrooms, it was a school after all, but a few would also look at areas like the gym or the lunch room. The school was in better shape than she’d expected, despite being abandoned for nearly fifty years. There were, of course, broken windows that caused some debris to move around the school. And many parts of the were marked with graffiti, but it definitely wasn’t in danger of collapsing anytime soon.
    “I put one of the sound sensor...thingies…in one of the corridors.” Christine said over the walkie-talkie they had each picked up on the way out of the van.
    “I’ve got a camera set up in the locker room hallway.” Came Jessy’s almost nervous reply.
    Eve flipped through the cameras again and noticed the new camera set up in the locker room, as a nervous Jessy weaved between the aisles of lockers.
    One by one the girls started to set up their equipment, giving Eve a clearer picture of the school on the sensor panel. She could use the sound sensors to pinpoint where any noises were and then bring up the corresponding cameras to see if anything showed up on screen. Not that she thought there would be anything there. Ghosts weren’t even real…were they?
    A moment later there was a loud thud, followed by a sharp click as the main breaker was turned on. Most of the lights and other electrical devices turned on all at once, but the building also hadn’t been serviced in fifty years, so not all of the lights worked. At least one exploded with a loud pop, causing Carly to scream in terror. Again.
    “I got the breaker!” Laura shouted excitedly over the walkie talkie.
    “Sweet! Lights! Heat! Awesome! Can we go home now?” Asked Christine sarcastically.
    “You could have warned us!” Carly scolded, her heart still pounding.
    “Just be glad this place still has working power.” Rayne muttered.
    “Sadly, it doesn’t really make it any less creepy…” Jessy observed.
    “Wait, did you all split up?” Eve asked, flipping through the cameras and noticing that all five of the girls were showing up in different locations.
    “Um…kind of…” Rayne responded nervously.
    “Didn’t I explicitly tell you NOT to split up!” Eve nearly yelled through the radio.
    “Sorry!” came Carly’s quick response.
    “Damn it you had one and only one job…” Eve trailed off as she started to get a beeping sound from one of the motion sensors placed in the north hallway. “Is…anybody on the second floor right now? North side?” she asked nervously.
    The girls all responded, one after another, that they were in fact nowhere near the north side of the building, and none of them were currently on the second floor.
    “Um…I’m getting a motion sensor reading on the second floor north wing hallway.” Eve said nervously.
    “It’s probably just a rat.” Responded Christine, almost hopefully.
    “Oh my gawd there are rats here?!” Carly shouted.
    “Check the camera, it should be number 9.” Laura responded calmly, but eagerly.
    Eve spun back around to the computer and began flipping through the cameras as quickly as she could until she reached number 9. “I have it.” she said on the radio as she watched the screen. And then her jaw fell open. “Umm…guys…” she said, pausing to swallow nervously. “There’s…a person on camera 9.”

To be continued...
Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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Featuring: Rayne, Klaire, Laura, Christine, Jessy, Eve, Carly

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