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Phasmophobia - N.C.U. - Part 2

 Key: FD, MC, Possession, Sleep

Description: Laura investigates the person that Eve saw on camera, only to come face to face with an apparition.

    “There’s…a person on camera 9.” Eve said nervously. As she watched the camera, a figure dressed in white with black hair slowly moved through the hallway…and then vanished. “She’s gone! She disappeared!” Eve shouted in a near panic.
        “I’m on my way!” Laura said excitedly over the radio.
        Eve breathed a sigh of relief at hearing Laura’s voice. She definitely didn’t want to be in the school with the girls, at all,  but even being in the van made her nervous and uneasy. Of course since the back had been literally opened into the school’s foyer, it was hard not to be nervous. Knowing that Laura was on her way helped her to relax, if only for a moment. But it would also keep Laura safe. She seemed to be almost…lost in her quest to find a ghost here. “What's your ETA?” Eve asked as calmly as possible.
        “I’m here now!” came Laura’s giddy response over the radio.
        “You are?” Eve asked spinning around to see an empty truck and, beyond that, an empty foyer. “Where?” she asked, turning around to see Laura walking through the same hallway the ghost had appeared in just moments ago. “Oh for fucks sake.” Eve muttered. “Why did you run to the same hallway as the ghost?!” She asked exasperatedly, but her only response was static. “Hello? Hello? Can anyone hear me?” She repeated into the radio. But again, she was met with static. 

        In the hallway that Eve was watching, Laura banged her radio a few times against the palm of her hand. “Hello? Eve? Rayne? Anybody hear me? Heeeelllllooooooo?”  Finally she shrugged and returned the radio to her belt. “They have reported that radios don’t always work here. It could be a sign of the haunting…but we’ll see about that!” She said to herself with a big grin as she took out her hand camera and switched it to the night vision setting.  
        As she panned across the hallway she spotted a tiny, glowing orb on the screen, floating slowly down the hallway. “Ghost orb! I have a ghost orb!” She shouted excitedly into the radio, receiving static yet again. “Oh yeah, forgot about that.” She said, moving down the hallway and following the orb.
        She watched as the orb drifted down the hall and through an open door to one of the classrooms.  Laura quickly started to run in the direction of the classroom to try and catch up to it. But before she could, a transparent image of a woman with long black hair and a white nightgown floated out of the room. The woman’s mouth was wide open and an eerie vocalization seemed to be coming from everywhere around Laura. Despite the changes in pitch that were happening, the ghost's mouth never moved. Instead it simply hung open, as if it was unable to close and being piped from her mouth like a speaker. It was undeniably creepy, and Laura loved every second of it.
        “Oh wow!” Laura watched in amazement as the ghost slowly drifted from the room and floated into the hallway, then turned towards her. “This is amazing!” She said in an almost awestruck tone as the ghost's vocalizations echoed around her. Slowly, the ghost began to move closer. Inch by inch seemingly floating down the hallway, not really touching anything, not really moving, just floating closer and closer. It didn’t really seem to acknowledge that Laura was there… that is unless you count moving directly towards her as a acknowledgement.
        Despite her excitement, she kept the camera aimed clearly at the ghost. But she couldn’t help noticing that as the ghost moved closer, the camera began to flicker, as if there were static on the lens. Around her, the lights in the surrounding classrooms were also flickering…as was her head lamp. Unfortunately for Laura, she noticed this too late. She took a step back, slowly, but not nearly enough for her to outrun the ghost before her. All while the eerie vocalizations continued to echo through the hallway around her.
        For the first time Laura lowered her camera just enough to realize that she could see the ghost in front of her. It was clearly transparent and floating just above the ground. Its mouth hung open, looking almost detached from its rotting and decrepit face. But the most disturbing part was its eyes. They were black, but unlike the blackness of a shark’s eyes, these were more like…a void. As if someone shaped two spheres out of the darkest void in the universe and placed them where the eyes should have been. There was a strange…pull…to them, too. Like she couldn’t look away, no matter how hard she tried. With this realization, Laura finally began to grasp the gravity of her situation. And for the first time, she was afraid.
        She tried to back up, but it felt like her body was frozen. Whether that was due to the empty gaze of the apparition before her, or simply out of fear, she was stuck. Helpless as the ghost and its eerie vocals moved ever closer to her.
        Before she could even gasp, the ghost’s spectral form stopped in front of her and seemed to phase into her body. For a moment, Laura’s body tensed as she let out another gasp and then relaxed. She thought that the ghost was going to walk through her, like she’d seen in movies where the worst case scenario was that she would simply end up covered in ectoplasm. “At least I’ll be able to get a sample!” She thought to herself excitedly.
        But Laura was wrong.
        As the ghost’s form phased into her body, a strange feeling of calm set in. It was a feeling of stillness, of peace. And then in her mind she saw two decaying hands slowly appear in her vision. Except the hands were no longer transparent and spectral. They were solid, blueish and visibly rotting…or worse, eaten away. She tried to scream, but before she could the hands flew at her vision, and into her mind.
        Laura felt herself being pushed inside of her mind, deep into the back of her own thoughts. And in her mind she could see herself being pushed down, through layer after layer of thoughts and memories. For a brief moment she thought she might die, and that this was her life flashing before her eyes. And in a way she was right. She was simply pushing past her memories, year by year. But she was not, in fact, going to die. That would be too creepy. As her mind sank past the last of her memories, into a void of nothingness, the avatar of her thoughts, began to relax and float as if she were falling asleep. Her last thought was simply “This is so cooooo….” before her mind was turned off by the ghost. Leaving her completely asleep. Completely unconscious.
        Outside of her mind, in the hallway, Laura’s body shook violently as the ghost sank into her and pushed her thoughts deeply into sleep. Even though her body remained standing, it twitched and reacted as though she was being electrocuted in slow motion. The camera in her hand fell to the floor as her eyes rolled far into her head, leaving only the whites visible. Until finally, her body went completely limp and fell to the floor in a heap.
        Her face looked almost peaceful as she fell, leaving it visible to the camera that she had dropped. It was serene in the green glow of the night vision. But as she lay there, helplessly unconscious, something else appeared in the frame. A single ghost orb slowly flowed over her head, and then sank down into it. As it did Laura’s eyes opened, glazed and unseeing. Her body stood on its own, yet was still twisted and contorted with no care for how a person would usually stand up. Her head flopped to one side, and her arms were limp unless they were needed to stand. Once she was on her feet her body began to straighten, but slowly, and only one body part at a time. Her back was the first to straighten, making her arms flail as it did, as her legs adjusted themselves next. First the left, then the right, all while her head and arms remained completely limp. Finally her head jerked upwards, still not completely straight, which left her more or less upright even though her body was still partially slumped over. And then, without a hint of expression, she opened her mouth. Wider than she…or any human…should have been able to. An eerie sound began to emanate from deep within her body as she began to hobble down the hallway, slowly and uneasily. And the voice that came out wasn’t Laura’s. Not even close.
        A moment later her radio began to go off. “Laura! Laura! Anybody! Can anybody hear me?!” Eve shouted through the radio. But a moment later a spark flew from the radio as it short circuited, leaving the hallway completely silent. All except for the eerie noise coming from Laura’s possessed body as it slowly crept down the hall.

        “I can hear you!” Rayne said in an almost equally panicked state.
        “Did everyone else’s radios just do something really weird?” Christine asked nervously.
        “Mine definitely did!” Carely responded.
        “Mine didn’t seem to freak out but I did get some static for a moment.” Jessy said, sounding surprisingly calm compared to the rest of the group.
        “That’s literally what we're talking about!” Rayne responded in annoyance.  
        “Laura?” Eve asked over the mostly clear radio. “Laura, please respond!” Her pleas were met only with an eerie silence. “Does anyone have eyes on Laura?” Eve asked, annoyed. “The last I saw her she was on Camera 9, in the second floor’s north end.”
        “Isn’t that where you got the motion sensor reading?” Carly asked in confusion.
        “Of course it is” Eve said in an exasperated tone “She ran right there! I could see her on the cams but a second later the radio went dead and the camera started to glitch. Is anybody near her location?” Eve asked, sliding back over to the screen and displaying the sound and motion sensor data to try and get a feel for where everyone was inside of the building.
        “I’m in the basement of the north wing, I can head up to the second floor in a few minutes. Just let me place this last sound sensor and I'll be on my way!” Jessy said calmly.
        A moment later Eve noticed the last of the sound sensors come online just as Jessy had said. The sensor itself was going off and Eve could almost trace how far away Jessy was getting from the sensor by how strong of a return she was getting on the screen. “I see you, thank you Jessy.” Eve said as she turned back to the camera and started to search the different screens, desperately looking for any sign of Laura. But instead of finding Laura, she did notice Carly, nervously standing outside of a classroom. “Carly…” she said over the radio.
        Carly jumped at the sound of her name. She held her hand to her chest for a moment before angrily pulling the radio from her belt. “For fucks sake, warn me next time!” Carly shouted.
        “How exactly would you like me to do that?” Eve asked dryly.  
        “I don’t know…just…don’t do that!” Carly responded quickly, the panic rising in her voice.
        “It’s alright Carly, just take a breath. I’m sure Laura is just having an issue with her radio, Jessy will be with her soon and then we can finish this damn project of hers and go home, ok?” Eve tried to be as reassuring as possible, even though her voice was a mixture of calm and annoyance.
        “That’s…not what I'm freaking out about!” Carly said, trying to take a deep breath. “I found a room, and the sensor says the temperature inside is below freezing. That’s not good…right?”

To be continued…
There is an alternative ending scene for this chapter where Laura knocks herself out accidentally before the ghost can do it for her. If you're interested it is available here: Phasmophobia - Part 2 - Alt Scene!
Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them! You can follow more adventures at Spirals Nightclub! You can also find bonus content on my Patreon page!


Featuring: Rayne, Klaire, Laura, Christine, Jessy, Eve, Carly

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