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Phasmophobia - N.C.U. - Part 4

 Key: FD, MC, Possession, Sleep

Description: After being radio silent for several minutes, Laura finally reappears on camera and Jessy is able to catch up with her. But is she really who she appears to be?

    Eve watched as Laura slowly entered the classroom, only to see Jessy run down the hallway and follow her. “Finally something is going right.” Eve said with a sigh, just as something else appeared on the camera. For a split second, it seemed like a small orb had floated ever so quietly into the room both girls had just entered.

    Back in the school Jessy entered the classroom behind Laura and, as expected, found her friend in the room. The classroom was what you would expect from any highschool class room that had been abandoned for decades. The back wall was filled to the ceiling with book shelves that were partially filled with left behind teaching supplies. At the front of the classroom was a chalk board that still had some chalk sitting on the ledge, and a few messages written on the board probably by other ghost hunters… or urban explorers.  The teacher's desk was wood and took up a large part of the front of the room. The desks were all pushed aside, barely resembling the organized structure they would have had when the school was active. And off to the fall wall from Jessy’s point of view Laura stood at the window, staring through it with a vacant, empty expression, as her hands hung limp at her sides. Of course Jessy was oblivious to all of this, I just thought you, the reader, might like to know.
    “Hey, we were worried about you!” Jessy said, smiling as she looked around the room. “Did you find something? She asked excitedly. “Is there a ghost in here?”
    A computer-like voice emanated from the device on her belt and echoed through the room. It gave a simple, short, yet completely surprising response of “Yes.”

    Jessy jumped in surprise, not expecting to hear a response from her hip until she realized it was the spirit box that Laura had given her. “Oh wow!” She said excitedly as she pulled the device from her belt. The spirit box itself was a device that essentially looked like an old transistor radio. It had an antenna, a dial, and a speaker, and essentially cycled through different radio frequencies. Most of the time it played static, but if a ghost was in the room and trying to communicate, its “voice” would be heard in the static. If the device was more high end, it could filter out the static so all you would hear was the voice of the ghost. Theoretically.
    Jessy grabbed the radio with her free hand. “We have spirit box contact!” She shouted excitedly.
    “Great…” came Eve’s less than enthusiastic response. “Did you find Laura?”
    “Yeah, she’s here!” Jessy said absently, not even glancing in the direction of Laura as she focused on the spirit box in her hand.
    “Good.” Came Eve’s response, slightly distorted by static. “As long as she is ok. I don’t have a great visual of you on the camera, and I’d really feel better if you two …. … … ….The room…Things are…” The radio began to break up more and more as conversation went on.
    "You're breaking up Eve, we're going to try a few more questions on the spirit box first. Talk to you in a minute!” Jessy said as she clipped the radio back to her belt. “I’ve never done this before!” She said excitedly to Laura, who was slowly turning to face Jessy. The motion of her possessed friend was almost rigid, as if she was spinning on her heels without moving her body. Her face still held the same blank expression, mouth hanging open as her eyes stared ahead, glazed and unfocused.
    “Umm…” Jessy thought to herself for a moment before finally asking “How old are you?”
    “Young…” the spirit box replied, crackling to life briefly.
    “It’s working!” She said excitedly, almost bouncing on her feet as she glanced over at Laura, but not long enough to actually notice that something was wrong. “Where are you?” she asked and started to look around the room.
    “Here…” The eerie voice of the spirit box answered as Laura took a single, labored step closer to Jessy. Her face stared in Jessy’s direction, even though her eyes saw nothing. Her body was completely at the mercy of the ghost possessing her body.
    “What…what do you want?” Jessy asked, still ignoring Laura as she looked around the room for any signs of the ghost. Even though they were right in front of her.
    The spirit box answered in a slow, creepy voice. “Want… excitement… want… pleasure… want… experience… want… night… out…” Meanwhile Laura moved ever closer to Jessy, one slow step at a time as she focused on her friend.
    “Oh wow!” Jessy said, smiling. “Can I help?” She asked genuinely.
    “Yes…” Came the response from the spirit box as Laura took another step closer.
    “Ohmygod!” Jessy almost squealed, glancing at Laura. “I get to help a ghost!” She turned her attention back to the spirit box, still somehow oblivious to her friend's unnatural expression. Like seriously, horror film levels of obliviousness here.
    “How can I help you?” Jessy said honestly enough, also oblivious as to what she had just set herself up for. Laura stepped forward a moment later, stopping right next to Jessy. She was finally close enough for Jessy to notice, and when she did she jumped in surprise. “Are…you ok?” She asked, concerned.
    But instead of answering, the spirit box came to life once again. “Sleep… focus… feel your heart… beat… faster… harder… unable to… resist… letting… everything… around you… fade… away. Focus… on… her… eyes… unable… to… look away… adrenaline… pumping… heart… beating… breathing… panting… scared… fear… overloading… your… mind… can’t… resist… needing… to… focus… needing… to… sink… down… feeling …your… mind… shutting… off… off… off…”
    Jessy did feel her adrenaline spike as her heart instantly began to race. Between the voice of the spirit box and the look on her friend’s face, so close, and yet, seemingly, so far away, but moving closer to her. She was nearly in a state of panic. She struggled to step back, to move away from Laura as quickly as she could, only to have the possessed young woman match her. Step by step.
    “Can’t… resist… can’t… run…” The spirit box continued. “Eyes… locked… mind… racing… swirling… thoughts… overlapping… unable… to… think… clearly… only… react… only… breath… deeply… quickly… more… and… more… scared… panicked… mind… needing… to… shut… down… needing… to… go… to… sleep… only… way… to… protect… your… mind…”
    Jessy’s mind was swirling faster than she could process. Between the voice echoing through the classroom, and her friend’s blank, unfocused eyes slowly moving closer and closer despite her best efforts to move away. She simply couldn’t keep up with it all. That was to say nothing of the adrenaline spike that was flowing through her body. She was losing track of where she was, and managed to back herself into a wall. “What?!” She quickly spun around and slid her hands up the wall, dropping the spirit box to the floor as she did, as if to try and feel for an escape somewhere. But, of course, there was none. She spun back around to see Laura moving closer to her and pressed herself back against the wall as if trying to push her way through the wall for safety. Laura’s right hand slowly rose as her index finger pointed at Jessy, her face showing no signs of expression, no signs that she knew what she was doing. Just a slow, blank expression as she moved closer, and closer to her terrified friend.
    “No… where… to… run…” The spirit box continued. “Trapped… helpless… no… need… to… worry… no… need… to think…” As the box kept speaking, Laura’s extended finger moved closer and closer to Jessy with every word. “Only… need… to… surrender… to… sink… to… open… yourself… your… body… completely… open. All… you… need… to… do… all… you… can… do… is… simply… sleep… sleep.” Finally, Laura’s extended finger touched Jessy directly in the center of the forehead. “Sleep… Now…” And Jessy helplessly slipped away into sleep.
    As the finger touched her head, and the spirit box echoed its final command, Jessy gasped in shock while her eyes crossed, intent on watching Laura’s finger make contact with her head. Her body rose up onto her toes, as if she was trying to escape and climb the wall behind her, but finally her body had no choice. It had to give in. Her shoulders instantly slumped and her ankles relaxed, allowing her to slide down the wall. Her eyes rolled up into her head as her eyelids gently fluttered closed. Her jaw relaxed and a soft, gentle sigh escaped her lips as her entire body relaxed and fell limp. The only thing keeping her on her feet was Laura’s finger.  
    “Good… Girl…” the spirit box echoed softly before going completely silent once again.

    Back in the van, Eve moved through the cameras, looking for the others, until she landed on the camera just outside the classroom where Laura and Jessy were. Once again she came to a hard stop as she clearly saw an orb of light floating through the hallway and gently into the classroom. “Hey, that orb thing is…hello?” She said into the radio, only to hear static in response. She sighed in frustration. “You had enough money for a truck full of equipment but couldn’t buy walkie-talkies worth more than a dollar.”

    Back in the classroom, where the now unconscious Jessy was crumpled on the floor, the orb was not really visible in the room itself, but it did appear in the glass of the door to the room. In the reflection, it slowly moved directly to Laura’s arm, sitting gently on her skin as if it were a ball, and began to roll down her entire arm, all the way to her finger, until it slid into Jessy’s forehead and disappeared.
    The moment it rolled into the young woman’s forehead she started to convulse and shake, shuddering violently as her body, unconsciously, made a high pitched gurgling sound. It seemed as if she was trying to talk while her body shook, but nothing coherent came out. Her eyelids fluttered rapidly as her head bucked from side to side, until finally her body stopped and her eyes opened. They held the same glazed and empty look, just like Laura’s.

    Meanwhile, Eve was watching the camera nervously as she waited for the static on the radio to finally clear. But then, to her relief, she saw Jessy and Laura both appear on camera, slowly walking out of the classroom and heading down the hallway. She leaned back in her chair and let out a sigh. “Well, at least they’re both ok.” she took a moment to put her face into her hands and let out a bit of an exasperated grunt like scream and then sat up straight, fluffed her hair with her head and slid back into the desk focusing on the screen intently. After all… She had a job to do.
    Eve flipped through the cameras a few more times and spotted Christine moving near the starwell on the south side of the building. She picked up her radio and clicked the button a few times. To her surprise the channel was clear. “Finally!” She said in annoyance as she pressed the button again.  “Christine I have you on camera four, any sign of Carly yet?” she asked nervously.
    “Nothing yet, but I just got here. This UV light is pretty cool!” She mused as Eve watched her wave the light around on camera.
    “Just don’t shine it in your eyes.” Came Rayne’s sarcastic response. “I’m pretty sure that’s bad for you.”
    “I don’t plan on it…again. Anyway! This thing is bright.” Christine quickly changed the subject.
    Eve could only facepalm as she let out an exasperated sigh. “Seriously?” Laura gave you a flashlight. A flash…light!” She clicked off the radio and leaned back in her chair, watching Christine. “Good thing she didn’t give you guys guns.”
    “Hey, wait a second!” Christine’s voice came over the radio, more excited this time. “I think I see something glowing near one of the doors down the hall. I’m going to go check it out!” The radio went silent as Eve watched Christine move out of range of the camera and into the darkened hallway of the south wing.

To be continued…

Curious what it might look like to see Jessy possessed in a completely different way? A way involving a deck of magical tarot cards? You can find the alternate chapter available here: Phasmophobia - Part 4 - Alt Scene!

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them! You can follow more adventures at Spirals Nightclub! You can also find bonus content on my Patreon page!

Featuring: Rayne, Klaire, Laura, Christine, Jessy, Eve, Carly

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