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Phasmophobia - N.C.U. - Part 3

Key: FD, MC, Possession, Sleep

Description: With Laura nowhere to be seen, Carly comes face to face with her own ethereal being.

    “I found a room…and the sensor says the temperature inside is below freezing. That’s not good, right?” Carly asked nervously.
    “No, that means the heat isn’t working right in that room.” Christine replied. “We should leave a note so they can fix that.”
    “No!” Shouted Carly in annoyance. “Isn’t that, like, one of the things that Laura said we should look out for? Like a room that is below freezing means there is a ghost or something?”
    “Wasn’t that an M.Night Shyamalan movie?” Rayne asked sarcastically.
    “Who cares?” Eve responded as the frustration continued to build in her voice. “Just be careful. If you want to use one of the devices that Laura gave you until we get in touch with her, do that. I can see Jessy on the camera. She's on her way to the second floor. Just…do what you're doing for now until we find Laura, ok?”
    “Fine!” Carly said, putting the radio back on her belt and pushing her way into the classroom. The room itself was no different than any other classroom from the late nineties. The desks that filled the room were all too small for any adult to sit, with the seats and desktops all connected as one piece. Chipped, short bookshelves lined the wall by the window while the back wall was covered with lockers, most of which were open. At the front of the room was the teacher’s desk, with the ultimate relic that time forgot sitting atop it: a globe. Behind it was a chalkboard still streaked with faded chalk marks, while the rest of the room was littered with stray papers and the occasional pencil or pen.

    Carly slowly crept into the room and looked, taking the device Laura had given her out of her pocket and turning it over in her hand. The device was small, about the size of a cell phone but twice as thick, with a single button on the top. “D.O.T.S. Projector?” She read off of the device and shrugged. She stopped in front of a desk, placed the device on top of it, and pressed the button. Instantly, the room was filled with an eerie green glow and dozens, if not hundreds, of tiny green laser lights. They covered the entirety of the room, although the beams themselves were invisible. Imagine a disco ball mating with a laser pointer. “Oh my gawd! My eyes!” Carly screamed as she was temporarily blinded by the lights and stumbled back into the teacher's desk. “You really…really owe me for all of this, Laura!” She said angrily as she pulled the radio off of her belt and attempted to compose herself. “Alright the damned dots thing is set up and I no longer need laser eye surgery. What now?” She finished, annoyed.
    But to her surprise there was no response, just a slow trickle of static. “Hello?” She asked nervously. “Eve? Rayne? Anybody out there?” She was about to stand up when she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye. “Holy shit!” She shouted as she quickly hid behind the teacher’s desk.
    “Guys, I think there is something in the room with me!” She whispered frantically into the radio. But, of course,  her only response was static. “GUYS!” She shouted again, voice cracking as her panic rose. “Oh for fucks sake!” she slammed the radio down on the desk angrily.
    She noticed movement through the dots again and screamed, quickly covering her mouth and trying to take a deep breath. “It’s ok,  it can’t hurt you. It’s just…just a ghost. Wait. Holy shit it’s a ghoooooost!” She finished as more panic began to set in.  
    “Ok. Think. What would Laura do?” As she realized what she was saying she rolled her eyes and sighed in frustration “Who am I kidding? She’d probably try to touch the damn thing and end up possessed or something equally stupid!” She muttered ironically. “Ok well that was a dead end.” She said after a moment of composing herself. “Alright, you can do this.” Carly cautiously began to move to the front of the desk. “Is anyone here?” She asked quietly, trying to hold herself together.
    To her shock, and utmost horror, an image began to form on the other side of the room. It had a very distorted human-like shape, and the only reason Carly could see it at all was the projection of the dots on the wall. Their beams seemed like they were being bent as they moved through the ghostly figure.
    Carly handled the sight in front of her pretty well, all things considered. That is to say, she stared at the apparition for about ten seconds before she screamed at the top of her lungs.

    Back in the van, Eve was sitting at the computer flipping through the cameras. Almost all of them were showing nothing but static in one way or another. But her concentration was broken by the sound sensor in Carly’s area registering a massive spike in ambient sound. “What the hell?” She asked as she swung her chair around to see the sensor displaying a level ten reading, the highest it could give. “What the hell could cause a spike like that?” she asked in a frustrated tone as banged on the screen before swinging back to her computer to try and flip through the cameras again only to be met by more static. “This system sucks!” she said with a frustrated sigh.

    Back in the classroom Carly continued her solid, unbroken high pitched scream as the ghostly outline of a person stood across the room, appearing to gaze at her. The ghost was absolutely focused on Carly as it watched her silently, waiting. And then Carly finally ran out of air and needed to take a breath. Her scream came to a stop and as she took a second to pause, the ghost finally made its move.
    The second she began to inhale the ghost rushed up to her, in a sprint worthy of an athlete, and stood face to face with Carly as it let out an aggressive hissing sound. Unlike the slow hiss of a snake, this was more forceful, almost like a shout.
    Carly’s eyes shot open wide as her body jerked in shock and she tried to scream. Unfortunately for her, she had no air in her lungs with which to scream. That plus the increased spike in her already fast heart rate caused her blood oxygen level to plummet. As it did. her body decided that in order to keep her alive it would need more air. But in order to do that it needed to shut off a few…non-essential things. And wouldn’t you know it, one of the first things that the human body decides to shut down in a situation like this…is the brain.
    Carly’s body shook with fear as she felt the world starting to fade to black. Her vision began to swirl and twist as her peripheral vision began to fade to nothing. Slowly, she started to develop tunnel vision. She struggled to stay upright, but her head was spinning too quickly for her to do that. And as she stared into the blank, transparent outline of a person, illuminated by the green dots shining through it, her eyes slowly rolled up into her head. She had no air with which to sigh, but soon enough her body relaxed, and her lungs opened. The inhale of air seemed to be a sweet relief for the terrified young woman as her higher brain functions, mainly her consciousness, completely shut down. Finally, her body went completely limp as she began to faint.
    But as her body relaxed and started to sag, it almost seemed to hang in mid air. As if it were being held up by the apparition in front of her. Her face was limp and slack as her head tilted forward. There was no sign that she was laying on anything, neither her clothes nor her face appeared to be pressed against the apparition. She simply hung there, helplessly. As the seconds passed the shape in front of Carly began to fade away more and more, while the unconscious young woman still seemed to be supported by nothing, until the shape vanished completely.
    The second it did, her body shook and twitched as her legs and head straightened up. Her vacant eyes opened but weren’t focused on anything as her mouth hung open limply, like a slack-jawed zombie.
    Much like Laura, her body began to move like a puppet being controlled, her limbs jerking one after another as she slowly walked towards the door. The D.O.T.S. projector on the table flickered and shorted out as she passed. And as she stepped into the hallway, the rest of the lights in the room came back on.

    Back in the van Eve noticed the sound sensor reading go from a full level ten down to zero all at once. “Hmmm, whatever it was seems to have stopped?” She mused to herself as she turned back to the computer. As she watched the screens she started to notice that she could once again flip through the cameras without any interference or static.
    “Everybody ok?” Eve asked as the frustration grew in her voice. Between the creepy entryway to the school behind her, and all of the weird things that were being reported over the radio, she had just about had enough of this place and it was starting to manifest less in fear and more in annoyance.
    “Annoyed and terrified, just like before.” Came Rayne’s sarcastic response.
    “I’m fine…” Christine chimed in, sounding surprisingly calmer than the other two.
    “I’m…fine…really…” Panted Jessy.
    “Are you ok?” Eve asked.
    “Yes…stairs…are…a bitch…” Came the response in between huffs.
    “Cardio.” Rayne responded flatly.
    “Fuck… … … … … …”  There was the sound of several long pants over the radio. “ … .. you.” Jessy finally finished.
    “Carly?” Eve asked over the radio, but her only response was a long, drawn out, silent pause. “Caaaaaarrrrrrllllyyyy?” Eve said, dragging out her name. “You there?” She was met with another long silence.
    “Son of a bitch.” She responded in frustration as she turned to look at the sensor board. There were no contacts, currently. She quickly spun back around to the computer and started flipping through the cameras. “Is anyone near the south side, first floor?” She asked into the radio.
    “I’m in the basement on the south side.” Christine replied calmly.
    “Why the hell are you in the basement?!” Came Rayne’s annoyed and shocked reply.
    “If you're looking for ghosts, creepy basements seem like a great place to start.” Christine responded calmly.
    “Could you head upstairs and see if you can find Carly?” Eve asked into the radio. “The last reading I had from her was on the south side first floor. But I don’t know what room she was in front of.”
    “Alright, I’m almost done with my sweep here. I’ll go check it out in a minute.” Christine responded.
    “Thank you!” Eve sighed as she tried to figure out where Carly and Laura had disappeared. “Any sign of Laura yet?” She asked nervously.
    “I’m on the north side second floor now.” Jessy said, finally having caught her breath. “And I’m pretty sure I see her, hang on.”
    Eve started to flip through the cameras again rapidly until she came across an image. She nearly jumped when the clear image of a person moving down the hallway of the second floor appeared onscreen, but then breathed a sigh of relief. It was clearly Laura. Her curly haired pony tail was hard to miss. “I have her.” She said on the radio quietly “She’s moving into a classroom, looks like 212.”
    “I see her!” Jessy responded.
    Eve watched as Laura slowly entered the classroom, only to see Jessy run down the hallway and follow her. “Finally something is going right.” Eve said with a sigh, just as something else appeared on the camera. For a split second, it seemed like a small orb had floated ever so quietly into the room both girls had just entered.

To be continued…
Curious what it might look like to see Carly possessed in a completely different way? A way involving a ghostly mirror? You can find the alternate chapter available here: Phasmophobia - Part 3 - Alt Scene!
Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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Featuring: Rayne, Klaire, Laura, Christine, Jessy, Eve, Carly

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