Dr. Stacy

Dr Stacy is a medical Doctor who works and New Chicago University Hospital. She is around five feet seven inches tall but her height seems to change based on the height of the heels she wears.  The has long brown hair that goes down to just below her shoulder blades. She almost always wears her hair down which hides the fact she is an elf, although this is not on purpose just a side effect.

Given that she is an elf she has had more then a human lifetime to study and practice various fields of medicine and healing. As such she knows a wide variety of healing arts but tends to be strictly scientific despite her elvish heritage. She also loves music and is a skilled dancer.

While learning her fourth different field of medicine she encountered Xander before he was stricken with the depressor.  She was taken with the danger that came with the incubus, despite that fact that given the doctor patient situation she was the one in authority.  Also given that Doctor - Patient situation she was unable to express her interest in experimenting with the incubus until she was just about to leave. A few moments after that interest was expressed she was frozen with one of the new sedatives she was studying.  When she woke up Xander had already been arrested and she was due to move on.  Ten years later she would find herself in the same location as the incubus once again.


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