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Among Us (N.C.U./Spirals) How Round 3 Really Happened

 Key: FD, F/F, MC

Description: The girls believed that they had managed to subdue the hypnotist, only to find two more girls hypnotized. All fingers pointed to Midnight, but was it really her? Here is what really happened to Jessy. 

Round 3: Jessy

Laura left the sitting area and started to walk down the path. She had come so far already, she didn’t want to just give up. But she knew she would have to be quick and stealthy, while also being careful. She was still outnumbered. 

She followed Rayne down the path, taking the fork towards the sauna and pool area, and watched the younger freshman head into the cafeteria. She didn’t want to run the risk of having someone walk in on her while she went after Rayne, so she hid by the sauna for several minutes. She was finally about to follow her into the cafeteria when she spotted Jessy leaving the seating area. 

“Shit.” Laura thought to herself as she watched the sophomore closely. If she didn’t change her path soon, Laura would have to move or risk being found near the sauna without the proper attire. That would look…suspicious, to say the least, and everyone was already on high alert.  

But then. to her delight, Jessy changed directions and began to move towards the bathroom. “Perfect!” she thought to herself as she snuck out of her hiding place and headed after her. Laura knew that of all the girls, Jessy was the least likely to see a hypnotic induction coming, and she also happened to be the most passive. All she needed was a few minutes alone and she could take care of Jessy, and then it would just be a matter of picking off the others, one by one. 

She followed Jessy as she moved through the locker rooms and down to the bath house, staying far enough behind to not startle her. The last thing she wanted was for Jessy to shout her name in surprise and risk one of the others hearing it. But Jessy seemed to be in her own world and never once looked behind her as she continued on her path. 

Laura looked around quickly one final time before following her inside. “Hey Jessy!” she said with a warm, bubbly smile as she entered. “Whatcha up to?”

Jessy was standing over one of the sinks, splashing cold water onto her face as she looked up at Laura. “Oh hi!” she said, smiling. “Just…trying to calm down a tension headache is all.” She looked at herself in the mirror and rubbed her temples as she finished. 

“Awww, I’m sorry.” Laura offered. “Things have been a bit tense for a relaxing weekend haven't they?” 

“Oh my gawd!” Jessy said, rolling her eyes ”And we aren't even through day one! We still have all of tomorrow, and most of Sunday to get through, not to mention all the chores that were supposed to be divided up amongst ten people that now have to be done by four…” she trailed off and closed her eyes as she rubbed her forehead more vigorously.

“Headache getting worse?” Laura asked, moving up behind her friend. 

Jessy smiled and nodded her head softly. “Yeah, I need to calm down.” 

“Let me help.” Laura said as she ran her hands up her friend’s back and began to massage her shoulders, squeezing them firmly at first but then relaxing her grip to allow Jessy’s tension to drift away. Jessy sighed as her shoulders visibly sagged while her head lolled to the side. It was clear that she was not going to protest the massage. “That's it…” Laura said with a smile. “Just relax. After all, we are in the bathroom. This is about as quiet as things are going to get.” 

Jessy laughed and nodded. “Sanctuary at last!” she said with a smile followed by another sigh. Her head started to roll from side to side as Laura moved her fingers up the back of her neck, massaging the muscles on one side of her neck and then the other. The smile slowly faded from Jessy’s face as she felt her friend’s hands slide up into her hair. She always loved the feeling of fingers running through her hair, the tingling sensation that would move down her spine as she felt the fingers sliding along her scalp, moving her hair out of the way, followed by the slow feeling of nails along her scalp. And Laura was doing it perfectly. 

Laura’s expression, on the other hand, was one of devious amusement. She knew that Jessy was relaxing, that her guard was dropping little by little as she walked right into her trap. After all, why should she be suspicious of one of her oldest friends? Laura’s smile turned a bit more devious as she moved her fingers forward to Jessy’s temples and began to massage in slow, gentle circles. “Feeling alright?” she asked softly. 

“Mmmhmmm...” Jessy replied without so much as a twitch of her facial muscles. Her head was basically limp at this point. There was no tension, no resistance. Laura could move it in any way that she wanted and it didn’t matter. She wasn’t going to put up a fight. Jessy felt as if the room was spinning and realized that it was her head, being moved in a slow, gentle circle by Laura’s fingers. “That feels funny…” she said with a sleepy smile. 

Jessy listened for a response but didn’t seem to hear anything…at least, not at first. A few moments later she heard something soft and faint, almost as if it was whispered. She couldn’t quite make it out but strained to listen again. “What was that?” she asked. 

There was another, slightly louder whisper, as her shoulders seemed to become heavier while her head moved slowly, helplessly around as it was guided by her friend. But again, she still couldn’t understand what she’d heard. It was too distant. Too soft. But she was so relaxed that she almost didn’t care. “What…?” she mumbled sleepily. 

And then finally she heard it, whispered directly into her ear, softly and gently by her old friend. One simple word. “‘Sleep.” Jessy’s whole body suddenly became even heavier than it already was. She felt as if her legs had given out beneath her and she was only standing because her knees hadn’t buckled yet. She felt herself falling backwards…but then felt her friend’s body behind hers. Her head lolled to the side as she let out a soft gasp and all of her thoughts drifted away. Her body went completely limp in Laura’s arms. 

“That’s a girl…” Laura said with a smile as she tried to keep Jessy upright. She had never really looked at Jessy as anything more than a friend, but now was...not exactly a normal time for Laura. With Nadia’s suggestions swirling through her mind she began looking at Jessy in a very different light. 

She leaned back just enough for her friend’s limp, helpless body to be supported easily by her own. She allowed a single hand to slide along Jessy’s leg, and up to her butt. She’d never considered just how shapely her dear friend was, with curves in all the right places. And as her hand slowly caressed her friend's shapely bum, it began to move upwards...sliding up her stomach to what many would consider to be Jessy’s most attractive assets. .

Laura’s hand slowly slid up to Jessy’s natural double D cup breasts, and gently started to explore them. Half curious, half excited. The fact that Jessy was the most...well endowed of all of Laura’s friends wasn’t exactly a surprise. The two girls had been friends for a number of years and had numerous discussions about their breasts in that time, mostly about how hard it was to find a bra that fit right. But now it was as if she was discovering them for the first time. The soft feel of her friend’s breast in her hand as she held her limp form and enjoyed the one feature that she had never truly appreciated until now. 

She held Jessy close and leaned in, gently kissing her neck with a smile. She knew she was taking a risk, if anyone came in they would see the two of them immediately. But she didn’t care. She held Jessy close with one arm while her other hand freely explored the hypnotized woman’s body, caressing every inch of her, little by little. A small moan escaped Jessy’s lips, which made Laura giggle with delight. She moved her hand slowly up to her friend’s face and tilted her head towards her own, and with a slight blush creeping over her face she leaned in to kiss her. Before now the thought had never even entered her mind, but now, thanks to Nadia, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. 

Unfortunately for Laura, Jessy was slowly slipping from her grasp and starting to slide down to the floor. She adjusted her grip on her friend and watched with a smile as Jessy’s head fell to the side once again. Just as she was about to start programming her, the bathroom door opened and in walked Rayne. Laura spun around to look at Rayne as Jessy’s body shifted and began to fall to the floor. 

“It’s been you all along!” Rayne accused angrily. “I can’t believe it’s been you this entire time!” Rayne’s eyes darted around the bathroom looking for anything that would finally end this. They landed on the fire extinguisher first, but she decided that hitting Laura over the head with a twenty pound chunk of metal filled with chemicals should probably not be plan A. Then she noticed the intercom. 

With a quick glance at Laura, Rayne grinned deviously as she sprinted for the intercom. Laura quickly let Jessy drop the rest of the way to the floor in an attempt to stop Rayne, but the young freshman had beat her there before she could safely lower Jessy to the ground. 

Rayne grabbed the intercom and spun around to face Laura, holding her hand out to hopefully intimidate the older blonde into staying put. Lucky for her, it worked. Of course, Laura had also just finished lowering Jessy’s body to the ground. The sleeping brunette was curled up on her left side, with her right arm hanging limply over her stomach while her head laid against her outstretched left arm. Laura had barely managed to stand up before Rayne spun around with the intercom in her hand. 

Rayne was confident that she could hold Laura off for a while and shouted into the intercom as quickly as she could. “Abigail, come to the bathroom…now!” 

Laura realized that if she didn’t say something, she wouldn’t be able to defend herself, and she might lose this entire endeavour in the last round. Before Rayne switched off the intercom she was able to chime in with a panicked sounding “hurry!” 

As soon as she did, Rayne slammed the intercom receiver down. “You’re done! We have you!” she shouted angrily. 

Laura simply smiled and backed up, giving Rayne some confidence to approach as Jessy slept on obliviously. “Oh we’re not through here yet...” she said, in a tone that was far more evil and devious than Rayne had ever heard from her. 

At this point, Laura knew that her only chance was to convince Abigail that Rayne was the hypnotist, and that it had been her all along. She slowly backed away from the fiery young redhead, secretly hoping that Rayne would advance on her with every step she took. Every step put her further away from Jessy, and Rayne one step closer to her.

Laura’s plan worked, and by the time Abigail came through the door she and Rayne were both the same distance from Jessy’s sleeping form. Now it was time for some clever bullshitting... 

Alternate Scene: Midnight hypnotizing and draining Rayne

When I wrote the second round of the story I was pretty sure I’d accidentally backed Rayne into a corner, and that she would be voted out. So when I posted the story I started thinking of how to write the scene of Midnight draining Rayne. I had it mostly written in my head when the results came and I saw that Midnight had been voted out. So I decided to leave that scene here as a little bonus. 

Rayne looked around the room and couldn’t help but notice that everyone was looking in her direction. She was the one they had decided was the hypnotist…she had been voted out…and she was next in line to be hypnotized. “Oh for fucks sake!” she shouted angrily. “I was just trying to stay away from everyone so you could all enjoy your damn weekend and this is how you respond?” 

Everyone that had voted for Rayne seemed to be feeling a range of emotions, from remorse to satisfaction. Some genuinely believed that she was the hypnotist, others simply felt that the math had added up against her. Either way, it was too late now. 

Rayne glared at the rest of the group and stood up, preserving her dignity as she folded her arms across her bikini clad chest. “Fine!” she shouted angrily, “Do what you want, I don’t care!” she huffed and turned her back to the group in disgust and frustration.

Rayne knew she was about to be hypnotized… she just didn’t know by whom. She knew who she wanted to do it, but she was sure that they wouldn’t give her that one simple little indulgence. And then she felt a pair of hands gently touch her shoulders as a soft seductive voice whispered in her ear. 

“Turn around sweetie…” came the seductive voice of Midnight. 

Rayne tried her best to hide her nervousness, but failed miserably. She turned in such a way so she wouldn't have to look at the other girls and then came face to breasts with Midnight. Rayne knew that the much taller succubus would tower over her, but the sight of Midnight’s chest directly in front of her still caught her by surprise.

She felt the succubus’s hands slide softly along her shoulders as a finger slid up along her neck and under her chin, tilting her head up to look into Midnight’s eyes. “It’s ok, sweetie.” Midnight said soothingly.. “I won’t hurt you, I know how you feel about me. I’ve seen you look at me…seen the way you blush as your eyes slide along my skin. I've heard your heart race when we touch. It’s alright, sweetie…I know how you feel.” Her voice was tender and seductive as she moved her hand along the younger woman’s face, staring into her eyes. 

Rayne’s heart was racing as she looked up into the eyes of the succubus. There was something about her words, something about her eyes that just seemed to make everything else fade away. The rest of the room just seemed to disappear, and it was just the two of them. It was…exactly what she had wanted for some time now. “I didn’t do it…” she whispered softly, a slight hint of relaxation in her voice. Almost as if she was struggling to form words. 

“I know sweetie.” Midnight said softly. “Just let that all fade away now…it’s just me… and you. You’ve been dreaming about that all day. Fantasizing what it might be like to be alone with me. Haven't you now?” 

“Yy...yes…” Rayne said softly, sounding almost relieved to admit that. She didn’t even notice that her arms had uncrossed and fell softly to her sides, knocking down the towel that she had kept wrapped around her waist. Leaving her standing there in nothing but her green bikini as she stared into the eyes of the succubus. 

Although Rayne was unaware of what was happening, the other girls in the room could see a swirling glow of lights playing across the young redhead’s face. Midnight’s eyes were swirling with hypnotic energy that was aimed directly at Rayne. Energy that was clearly having an effect on the smitten young woman, even though she hardly noticed it at all. 

Midnight leaned down and let her nose slide softly along Rayne’s, the young woman’s head was tilted almost straight up in order to meet her gaze. “I wanted to give you something Rayne…something I think we’ve both wanted since we first met. Something we knew was destined to happen. We only needed to wait for the right time. Can I give you this…gift…my dear Rayne?”

Rayne’s expression had faded to almost nothing. Only a slight curl in the side of her lips that hinted at a smile remained. The rest of her expression was completely blank as she stared up into the eyes of the succubus that had already entranced her, without her ever realizing it. “...Yes…” came her soft whisper, a response she didn’t even realize she had given. 

Midnight smiled and tilted her head to the side and leaned in to kiss Rayne. There was a soft passion behind it, but it was soothing and romantic. The kind of kiss you only see in old fashioned movies, and the kind of gentle kiss that wakes the beautiful young woman from a spell. Only this kiss wasn’t waking the princess…it was putting her to sleep. 

Rayne’s eyes rolled up into her head as her mouth opened while her tongue lazily met Midnight’s. The succubus softly wrapped her tail around the scantily clad young woman and held her gently. As she did, a soft glow formed around Rayne and shifted from her to Midnight, just before fading into the succubus. 

Rayne’s body instantly went as limp as a ragdoll. Her knees gave out and her head fell away from the kiss and dropped to her chest. But Midnight knew exactly what she was doing by supporting her with her tail and strong arms. “Sweet dreams, sweetie. You won’t remember this when you wake up, but you will remember the dreams…forever.” She whispered softly into the now helpless young woman’s ear before stealing one more kiss. Once she was satisfied, she lifted Rayne’s limp form into her arms and carried Rayne to her bunk without casting another glance at the others. She was going to have a hell of a dream, after all, and she needed to be as comfortable as possible. 

Featuring: Laura, Jessy, Rayne. Midnight

Thanks to :Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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