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Among Us - Alt Ending - Rayne voted off (N.C.U./Spirals)

 Key: MC, FD, FF, Hypno

Description: In this alternate ending, Rayne is eliminated, leaving Laura victorious and free to celebrate however she chooses. 

Note: Since the story was decided by a poll, I didn’t really know how it would end until the poll finished. But five days into the polling Rayne had a commanding lead, so I started to write the last chapter with her being voted off. Only to discover that Laura had won the vote! No sense in letting all that hard work go to waste!

The Bathroom: 

Rayne and Laura stood on opposite sides of the bathroom, and both looked like they were ready for a fight. Between them was the deeply hypnotized Jessy, sprawled out on the floor, completely unconscious and unaware of the scene happening around her. In the doorway stood Abigail, who was staring between the two girls, fully aware that they were waiting for her to make a decision. It was all up to her. And all she could do was sigh as she looked from Rayne to Laura and back again. “Fuck.” 

“That’s not good enough!” Rayne growled in frustration. “You know as well as I do that you have to choose. Do you believe me…or her?” 

“Think about it Abigail.” Laura said softly. “Rayne has been sus this entire time! Every single person that’s been hypnotized, she’s either been seen in the area or didn’t have an alibi! Every. Single. One. It has to be her!” Laura pleaded to the older woman. 

“Not every one...” Rayne said, looking very suspiciously at Laura. “Eluran. She was found hypnotized in the pantry, and you were found outside.” Rayne pointed out. “And then somehow you were spared, and just happened to sleep through the sound of a two pound bag of flour falling on her head. How does that work exactly?”

“Rayne...I choose Rayne.” Abigail interrupted with a defeated sigh.

“What?!” Rayne shouted, genuinely shocked.

“Thank you! Now will you come quietly or do we have to settle this the hard way?” Laura said, staring at Rayne intently. 

Rayne looked at Abigail with a defeated expression. “You really think I did it?” she asked Abigail. 

“I’m sorry…” Abigail said with a remorseful sigh. “But I really do. There’s just too much evidence against you.” 

“But what about Eluran?” Rayne protested.

“Rayne.” Laura said gently, “It’s over. You had a good run, but you lost. Let it go.” she said, trying her best to comfort her. 

Rayne looked between the two girls with the same defeated, sad, expression still on her face and sighed. “Fine, I surrender.” she said as she started to walk towards the bathroom door.

“Wait a second!” Abigail shouted defensively. “Where do you think you’re going?” 

Rayne blinked at Abigail as if she expected her to know the answer. “To the cabin. I’m not letting you two drag me unconscious all that way. If I’m going to end up hypnotized, it’s going to be in a comfy chair and not on a cold bathroom floor. Besides, you have to carry Jessy.” She finished with a devious smile. 

Abigail relaxed as she looked down at Jessy, who was passed out on the floor. “I forgot about her…would you, um, mind helping?” She asked Rayne hopefully.

“Sure…” Rayne said, standing in front of the bathroom door with a devious grin. “I’ll hold the door for you.” 

The Sitting Room: 

Rayne held the door open as Laura and Abigail wheeled in a laundry cart with Jessy sprawled out inside of it. Once they were inside, Rayne opened the door to the bunk room, which was currently housing the rest of the girls. The hum from the binaural track playing inside echoed through the room as the other two girls gave the cart, and Jessy, a gentle push and watched it roll into the room until it came to a stop against the far wall. 

“You’re not sticking me in one of those things.” Rayne said, folding her arms. “I may have lost the vote but I’m not letting you two wheel me in there like a sack of groceries.” 

Laura and Abigail looked at one another and sighed. They had to admit they hadn’t really thought of a plan for Rayne. After some debate they decided to get a roller seat, which was designed to let a mechanic roll under an elevated car, from the garage and wrap that in a blanket from the couch. Ultimately it would create a portable bed for Rayne to be wheeled into the room on. After some convincing, she finally agreed. Although Laura and Abigail agreed to gather the materials once Rayne was incapacitated. 

“Alright…” Laura finally said as she looked at Rayne. “Sit down, we’ll get this over with.” 

Rayne sat down with a smile and looked up at Laura. “You know what…” she started, failing to hide a smirk. “I don’t think I’m comfortable with you being the one to hypnotize me.” she finished flatly, looking at Laura. “Abigail, you do it.” 

Laura rolled her eyes and stepped back as she looked at Abigail. “Me? Really?” Abigail asked with a look of confusion on her face. 

“You are a hypnotist, aren’t you?” Rayne asked without taking her eyes off of Laura.

“Well, yeah, but why me?” Abigail asked, still confused. 

“Because I don’t want her in my head.” Rayne said, glaring at Laura. “This way if you're wrong, and you are, you’ll just have Laura to deal with. And I won’t be hypnotized to follow Laura’s orders.” 

Abigail blinked and glanced at Laura, who simply shrugged in response “Alright, I’ll do it!” she said with a confident grin, standing in front of Rayne and trying not to make eye contact with the younger woman. Despite being seated, Rayne’s confidence still gave her an advantage over Abigail. 

“Well,” Rayne said in a snarky tone. “I’m waiting.” 

Abigail took a deep breath, and reached behind her neck to unclasp the necklace she was wearing. It was a silver locket with an etching of a rose on it that had been given to her by her grandmother. Despite being slightly tarnished  with age, the locket was still in beautiful condition. If anything the tarnish merely made the antique nature of the locket stand out more. She held the locket in her hand for a moment and smiled, then dangled it in front of Rayne’s eyes and began to swing it slowly from side to side. “I’m sure you know what you're supposed to do here, don’t you Rayne?” Abigail said confidently.

“That’s a bit cliche, don’t you think?” Rayne said despite the fact that her eyes were already unconsciously following the antique as it swung back and forth. 

“Cliches exist for a reason.” Abigail said softly. “They exist not only because they work, but because they are easily recognized for what they are. You knew the moment I started to swing this locket in front of you…exactly what was going to happen. Exactly what it was supposed to do. You knew instinctively that you’d end up…looking at the locket now, Rayne…and following it as it slowly and gently swings, from side to side. You knew that your eyes would find themselves gently moving, back and forth, back and forth…you may even know the reason why this works. Do you know, Rayne?” Abigail asked curiously. 

“Yeah…” came Rayne’s surprisingly gentle response. “It’s a convincer.” she continued, “It makes your eyes tired…from going back…and forth. Your eyes…start to get tired…and your sub…subconscious connects it to hypnosis. It thinks that your eyes are getting tired…because you're being hypnotized…and makes you…hypnotized.“ The more Rayne watched the locket as she answered, the slower her responses became. 

“That’s exactly right, Rayne.” Abigail said, noticing that Rayne’s cockiness had disappeared. “Of course, something like this locket has the added bonus of an etching, a tiny insignificant detail, that helps you to track it just a little bit easier. It gives your conscious mind something to try and see, to try and grasp. A point of…curiosity. Something for you to try and see clearly in your mind, as it moves back and forth, never realizing just how relaxed you are getting, just how calm you are feeling. Not paying attention to how limp your arms and legs are feeling. And how oh so heavy your eyes are getting.” Abigail said with a smile.  

Rayne’s arms limp in her lap and her feet had begun to slide. Meanwhile, her head was cocked gently to the side, as her mouth hung open ever so slightly. But her eyes were still going back and forth, tracking the locket’s every movement as it swung gently before her eyes. 

“You know what happens when the subject starts to reach that point…that point where the hypnotist can tell they are about to sink. Don’t you, Rayne?” Abigail asked, trying to hide a laugh. She was genuinely enjoying watching Rayne surrender to her, and seeing her arrogance disappear.  

Rayne swallowed and slowly started to respond. “The…hypnotist would put the person to…to sleep.” She said in a dazed tone, never moving her eyes from the locket. “Usually...with...a...a finger snap…” she finished.  

That’s right Rayne.” Abigail said as a devious grin began to form. “The subject…gets ready to…” She raised her fingers in a snapping position and held them there, waiting to see what Rayne would do.  

Rayne’s eyes tracked the locket, back and forth, slowly and easily as it swayed. There was a moment of silence, until finally the helpless hypnotist whispered “Sleeeep.” 

The moment Rayne responded, Abigail snapped her fingers and watched as Rayne’s eyes slammed shut, as if on cue, while her head fell to her chest. Abigail let the locket continue swaying for a few more moments, smiling gently at Rayne. Finally, she held the locket and kissed it tenderly, locking it safely around her neck again. “Good girl.” She said to Rayne with a smile, turning around to look at Laura. 

“Sleep!” Laura shouted as she quickly pushed Abigail’s head back while wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her close. “Nice and deep…” she continued, “sinking all the way down.” 

Abigail barely had time to gasp before her head was aimed straight up and she felt her body falling forward. She wasn’t sure what had happened, or how, but she didn’t have much time to think about it before her mind shut down. As her body fell against Laura’s, she let out a soft sigh while her eyes crossed and rolled up into her head. A slight grin appeared on her face as the wonderfully familiar sensation of trance moved through her body, just as her eyes closed and her body went completely limp. 

Laura smiled and leaned in, kissing Abigail softly and whispering into her ear. “You should have listened to Rayne.” A devious grin formed on her face. “Speaking of which, I have a few suggestions I’d like you to give her now.” 


Some time later, the girls were all gathered out by the pool. Of course, Midnight had drained several of them and those poor girls would be deeply hypnotized for some time to come. As such, Laura had laid Nadia out on an oversized pool chair. She had been stripped down her bra and panties and placed as carefully as Laura and her hypnotized minions could manage. 

To her right was Katheryn, also stripped down to her bra and panties with her hand resting on Nadia’s chest as their legs intertwined. As sexy as the image was, Katheryn was, like Nadia, completely drained and slightly drooling on her shoulder as a result. 

On Nadia’s left side was the elven Dr. Stacy, again, stripped and positioned very similarly to Katheryn. The good doctor's taller frame allowed her to rest her head more on the chair itself, than on Nadia’s shoulder, giving her a more dignified and peaceful look as she slept. 

Since the others had only been hypnotized, they were being kept unconscious by way of binaural beats and subliminal messages. Once those were turned off they would return to a normal state of hypnosis. One that Laura was able to control and use to her advantage. She had positioned herself at the center of the other oversized pool chair. To her right was Eluran, dressed in a bright blue bikini massaging her right arm and shoulder. To her left was Jessy, in a purple two-piece bathing suit massaging her left arm and shoulder. 

On one side of the chair was Eve, dressed in a one piece green bathing suit with strategically placed holes to show off her stomach. She was busy massaging Laura’s foot and right leg. Abigail had taken the other side and was working on her left leg and foot, wearing a yellow daisy print bikini. 

Kneeling between her legs was Rayne, who had changed back into her bright green bikini, and was holding Laura’s powder blue swimsuit to the side with a single finger. She eagerly slid her tongue along Laura’s nether regions, expertly using all of her knowledge to bring the victor of our little game to the...ultimate prize. 

Standing behind Laura was Midnight, wearing what looked to be a dark purple leather bikini that barely covered anything. The succubus’s eyes were still completely blank as her wings slowly flapped to create a breeze. Both hands were extended over the pile of girls around Laura, a hypnotic orb in each one that bathed the girls in seductive energy, keeping them all aroused and energized while they rubbed their hands, lips, and tongues along the victor of the game. 

"Mmmmmm…victory never felt so good…” Laura moaned as her body started to convulse into her fifth orgasm of the evening. 

The End

Featuring: LauraJessyRayneAbigailEveEluran  Midnight NadiaStacy, and Katheryn

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