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Among Us (N.C.U./Spirals) Alt Ending: Uber Midnight

 Key: FD, F/F, MC

Description: In this alternate scene from Round 3, Midnight is used to drain the other hypnotized girls as a safety measure. I mean, seriously, what could possibly go wrong with loading up a hypnotized succubus with energy?

[Author’s Note: When I first found out that Midnight would be voted off, I started coming up with ideas of how to drain the others. I came up with the following idea in my head which I thought was super sexy! But the more I thought about it the less sense it started to make narratively. Yeah, yeah, I know narrative cohesion in porn is an oxymoron, but I couldn’t find a way to make it work. But the scene was stuck in my head so I figured I’d put it here as a bonus scene. Enjoy!]

Midnight was completely still, slumped in the chair after being deeply hypnotized by Rayne. Even her tail was completely unmoving on the ground next to her, as if it too had been entranced. “So what do we do with Eve and Eluran?” asked Jessy nervously. “If she really did hypnotize and program them, we can’t just leave them in the other room. We would have to do something to them like we did with Katheryn and Stacy…” she trailed off, hoping the others would connect the dots.

“What we did with Katheryn and Stacy…” Rayne started, casting a disappointed look over to Midnight, “was let the succubus drain them.” 

“Can we do that again?” Abigail asked curiously.

The rest of the girls turned to look at Abigail, each with their own confused expression. “How would we do that exactly?” Laura asked. “The succubus in question isn’t exactly in a position to cooperate.” 

"Could we give her suggestions to drain the girls?” Jessy asked hopefully.  

“I’d really rather we didn't.” Rayne said, folding her arms across her chest and turning to look at Midnight. “She may be hypnotized, but I’m not sure what kind of defenses her mind might have, or how deep we’d have to go to get her to do as she is told.” 

“Not to mention if we use the wrong wording we could accidentally make her think she’s supposed to drain us. Then we’d have a hypnotized succubus walking around like a zombie trying to suck us dry, and I don’t know that I’m ready for that kind of horror story experience”. Jessy commented nervously.

“What if we bring the girls to her, or her to the girls, and move her body so she can...do her thing.” Abigail said, glancing at the others. “We all saw how she did it before.” 

“Some of us even filmed it.” Laura said as she shot a sideways glance at Rayne.

“Shut. Up.” Rayne muttered angrily under her breath. 

“My point is,” Abigail continued, “we could do this and it could work. Then we’d have Midnight down and the other two incapacitated, plus we wouldn’t have to worry about hypnotized zombies overrunning us in our sleep!” 

Everyone else glanced at one another and shrugged. “What the hell.” Rayne sighed in defeat. 

The girls all disappeared into the bunk room where they had been storing the others, as if it was some kind of warehouse. A few moments later Rayne emerged with Eluran thrown over her shoulder. “Are you sure you have her?” Abigail asked sarcastically. “Midnight’s asleep, you don’t have to show off anymore.”

Rayne sighed and rolled her eyes. “She’s an elf. She’s only like ninety pounds, if that.” 

Abigail shrugged “Just saying. So how do we do this?” 

Rayne looked between Midnight and Eluran and smiled. “Just like this!” she said, grinning as she moved the limp elf off of her shoulder and turned her around. With some prompting, the others helped position Eluran’s body so it looked as if she was straddling the succubus, before laying them chest to chest. 

In the end it looked like Eluran had been giving Midnight a lapdance when they both passed out. “Wonderful.”  Abigail said, throwing her hands up in frustration. “Now what?”

Rayne ignored the obvious sarcasm and continued to work through the situation in her head. “Hold Midnight’s head up a bit, please” she said as she gently held Eluran’s head. As Laura held Midnight’s head upright, the two slowly moved both of their faces together until their lips met in a limp, helpless kiss.  

“Grab her hand.” Rayne said to Jessy as they continued to simulate a kiss between the two girls. 

“And do what with it?” Jessy asked as she took Midnight’s hand.  

“Rub it on Eluran’s chest, and try to make it as sensual as you can.” Rayne said in a tone that was far more serious than the comical situation should have implied. 

Jessy’s face turned beet red as she picked up Midnight’s right hand and placed it on Eluran's breast. Rayne looked at her expectantly. “What are you waiting for? Move it around like she’s massaging her breast.” she instructed as she tried to gently open Eluran’s mouth.  

Jessy hid her face but slowly began to swirl Midnight’s hand around Eluran’s breast, putting as little effort into the act as possible. “Not like that! Put your hand on hers and move it around like you’re fondling her…haven't you ever fondled a girl before?” Rayne asked, confused and frustrated.

“No!” Jessy said, letting her hair fall over her face. “I’m straight, remember?”

“Oh, right.” Rayne said as if it had never occurred to her. “I’ll work on that later. Abigail…wait, where are you?” she asked as she looked around the room.

“Filming!” Came the reply from behind Rayne as she turned around to find Abigail laughing and recording the entire situation on her phone.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Rayne asked in frustration. “This is hard enough as it and you’re going to...holy shit!” She exclaimed as Eluran’s body began to give off a faint glow that faded into Midnight just as quickly as it appeared. As it did, Eluran’s form sagged and became even more limp. 

“What happened?” Abigail asked, lowering the phone with genuine concern on her face.

“It worked…it actually worked!” Laura said with a pleased smile. 

“Was there ever any doubt?” Rayne said as she lowered the sleeping elf's head onto Midnight’s shoulder. She looked over at Jessy with a smile. “You can stop fondling her now, you know.”

Jessy dropped Midnight’s hand and turned around to hide her blush. “Sorry!” she squeaked out nervously. 

Rayne gave the nervous sophomore a hug from behind “Calm down, I’m just teasing.” she said reassuringly. “Now help me go get Eve.” 

Eve presented another challenge. Since she was frozen, they couldn’t lay her body on top of Midnight as they had done with Eluran. The best they could do was stand her next to the succubus. Her suggestions held firm as they moved her body, leaving her in a position of what appeared to be orgasmic pleasure as her back remained arched with her mouth open, head tilted back, and eyes closed. Of course, given that she had been hypnotically frozen in a shower, she was still mostly naked, save for the towel wrapped around her. 

“So what exactly is your plan here?” Abigail said, still filming.

“First of all we… “ Rayne started before quickly grabbing the phone from her. “Stop recording so there is no evidence of this later!” she said angrily. 

“Hey! You got your video!” Abigail complained.

“My video is going to remain private!” Rayne said in a tone that finally made Abigail back off. “Now, Midnight…” she started as a devious grin formed on her face. “Jessy, do you want to work the hands again or should I?” 

Jessy’s face began to turn bright red again as Rayne patted her on the shoulder. “I’m just teasing you hun, relax.” She moved quietly over to the sleeping succubus and picked up her hand. For a moment she held it, caressing it gently, and then turned it over so her fingers were facing upwards. “Drop…the towel!” she said dramatically. 

To her surprise, none of the girls moved an inch. They all just glared at Rayne with a look that firmly implied “No!” 

“Oh fine...” Rayne said with a playful smile as she moved Midnight’s hand between Eve’s legs and began to manipulate it. It was an awkward attempt to caress Eve’s nether regions, and despite her best efforts, Rayne struggled to keep Midnight’s hand exactly where she wanted it. 

“Not as easy as it looks, is it?” Jessy said, refusing to look anywhere but Rayne’s face and completely avoiding what Rayne was doing to her frozen friend with Midnight’s hand. 

“Well, no, it isn’t easy...but it seems to be working!” She said, expertly sliding Midnight’s middle finger into Eve. Rayne also couldn’t help but notice the small beads of sweat that were forming on Eve’s body, and, despite being hypnotically frozen, that her breathing was increasing.

As hard as she tried to be professional, the others couldn’t help but blush as Rayne, via a deeply hypnotized Midnight, masturbated Eve to orgasm. It was much easier to not be embarrassed when you had something to do, but this...was clearly a one woman job. 

Then, to everyone’s surprise, Eve began to moan as her body shuddered with pleasure. For a brief moment, her skin gave off a faint glow that moved into Midnight’s body via the hand that Rayne was still holding. Of course once that glow faded, Eve’s body instantly went as limp as a ragdoll. Which wouldn’t have been an issue if she hadn’t been standing. Fortunately the others quickly caught the much taller girl before she made a rapid, and abrupt, trip to the floor. 

“Nice catch!” Rayne said as she slowly removed Midnight’s hand from between Eve’s legs, as Eve’s juices dripped from her hand. “Well…” she said as she slowly let the hand hang limply next to Midnight. “I’ll just leave that there for now.” As she stood up, she saw the others had safely lowered the unconscious Eve to the floor. “That worked out well!” she said with a pleased smile. 

[Author’s note: I was going to end this story here, but then my wife (SleepinDarlin) who is the inspiration and owner of Midnight, convinced me to continue. So the following is basically all because of her. Enjoy!]

“What now?” Abigail asked as she looked down at Midnight. “How do we get her into the other room? She’s pretty heavy you know…” Abigail trailed off, trying to hide the embarrassment she was still feeling from unsuccessfully tackling Midnight earlier. 

Laura giggled. “She said she can lift a car, that doesn’t mean she weighs as much as one. I’m pretty sure the four of us can move her.” 

Rayne, who was easily the strongest of the four, moved behind her now sleeping crush and grabbed her under the arms in an attempt to lift her up. “She is kind of heavy, but I think we can do it.” She said confidently. “Laura, Jessy, each of you grab a thigh...” 

“Is she a succubus or a turkey dinner?” Abigail mused playfully as everyone else groaned. 

Rayne rolled her eyes and gave Abigail an exasperated look. “Just grab her around the waist so we can get her up and get this over with!” 

“Fine, fine...” Abigail grumbled, wrapping her arms around Midnight’s waist. 

“Alright, everyone lift on three.” Rayne said, winking at Laura and Jessy as she subtly shook her head. “One…two…three!” She finished, not moving an inch to help. 

All three watched intently as Abigail tried to lift Midnight on her own, only to find out that she was far heavier than the young woman could lift on her own. Even though Abigail was under the impression that she had the help of three other people. “How much does she weigh?!” she grunted, just before her foot slipped out from beneath her and she landed face first into Midnight’s ample cleavage. 

The others were silent for a moment before they all broke out in playful laughter, unable to contain themselves any longer. Abigail, on the other hand, glared up at Rayne with a frustrated expression “This isn’t funny!” she muttered angrily. 

“Oh yes it is.” Rayne said with a smile. “Careful, or Midnight might decide to drain you for fondling her in her sleep” she teased. 

“Drain her…” Midnight whispered softly as her hand slowly started to slide up Abigail’s back. “Yes…” 

Abigail’s eyes widened as she realized what Midnight had said. She tried to get up, only to feel Midnight’s hand land on her back. It was gentle, but firm enough to stop the young woman from being able to escape. “Help!” she shouted quickly. 

“Quick, pull her off!” Jessy shouted as she reached for Midnight's arm while the succubus’s other hand slid up to Abigail’s face and slowly pressed it between her massive breasts. 

Abigail’s cries for help were muffled as Midnight wiggled her chest softly, a seductive “Mmmmmmmm” escaped her lips as she pressed Abigail’s face further into her chest and began to slowly drain the young hypnotist of her energy. 

“Why can’t we move her?” Laura grunted as she used all of her strength to try and wrestle Abigail’s arm from the succubus’ grasp. 

“She can lift a car, remember?” Rayne said in exasperation as she tried to whisper into Midnight’s ear. “You can let her go Midnight. You don’t need to drain her now, understand?”

“Mmmmm, drain her….now…understand...” Midnight murmured sleepily as she arched her back, which pushed Abigail’s face even deeper between her breasts. 

Abigail’s mind was a blur. She was struggling so hard to try and escape, yet for some reason she was starting to feel…aroused. She wasn’t sure if it was the danger of the situation or the position she found herself in, but she couldn’t help but feel a flood of energy move through her body as it tingled with excitement. Little did she know that Midnight was flooding her body with hypnotic energy. And the longer she remained between the demoness’s breasts, writhing and struggling to break free, the more aroused they both would become. 

“Is...is she starting to glow?” Jessy asked, fear and excitement both evident in her voice. She knew that Abigail was well on her way to being drained. 

“We have to hurry!” Laura said, pulling as hard as she could. 

Rayne was too flustered to word her suggestions properly, there was no way Midnight would listen anyway with the rest of the chaos happening around them. She took a deep breath and was about to tell the hypnotized succubus to stop, but as she opened her mouth, Abigail began to moan in orgasmic pleasure. 

“Oooooohhh gawd!” Abigail shouted as her eyes rolled up into her head, mouth hanging open as her body shivered, meanwhile the faint glow moved from her body into Midnight’s. “This feels…sooooo amazing!” she moaned. “You girls…have to…try...thi…this…it’s so ggggggg....” Finally, she let out a sigh and her eyes fluttered closed. The glow of her body faded into Midnight’s and then her body went completely limp while her head remained buried between Midnight’s breasts.  A moment later,  Midnight’s arms fell off of Abigail and hung at her sides. The succubus hadn’t woken from her trance at all during the whole ordeal.  

“Well…” Laura started as she backed up. “That was unfortunate.” 

Rayne sighed. “Damn it, that was my fault. I’m sorry guys.” 

“It’s ok.” Jessy said, staring at the sleeping form of Abigail tucked neatly between Midnight’s breasts. “It…it was an accident.” 

“Was it? Was it really?” Laura accused Rayne sharply. 

"Oh give it a rest!” Rayne shouted angrily. “You seriously think I did this on purpose?” 

“Wait, you think she slipped up on purpose in order for Midnight to drain Abigail?” Jessy asked, trying to catch up. 

“Yes.” Laura said confidently. “I think she was the hypnotist all along! She saw an opportunity and decided to take advantage of it. Another girl down and it’s all just a simple accident.” Laura finished, putting her hands on her hips as she glared at Rayne. 

Rayne sighed in frustration as Jessy spoke up. “Wait, that...could actually be true!” she said, slowly backing away from Rayne. 

“You’re not seriously believing all of this, are you?!” Rayne asked Jessy in shock. 

“It does kind of fit, if you think about it.” Jessy said nervously

“It was you all along!” Laura repeated, folding her arms and giving Rayne a self-satisfied smile. 

Rayne looked between Jessy and Laura in complete disbelief, just before something snapped inside of her. “You know what, you're completely wrong. I didn’t hypnotize anyone! I’m sick of being accused, and I’ve had just about enough for this weekend!” She finished, nearly shouting as she turned to Midnight with an angry scowl on her face. “Midnight, drain all of the girls!” She said sharply.  

“See! See! I told you!” Laura pointed a finger accusingly at Rayne as Jessy’s eyes widened in shock. 

“Yes…Mistress…” Midnight said blankly as her head raised and her eyes opened. She had drained so many girls, absorbed so much energy, that her eyes were already glowing a soft hypnotic blue. 

Jessy yelped and ran directly past Laura towards the door of the cabin...she also nearly knocked Laura over in the process. Luckily, Laura was able to step out of the way as Midnight stood and made her way after Jessy. 

“You did this!” Laura said as she ran at Rayne. In a perfect world, she would have wrestled the girl to the ground and gotten her to stop Midnight. 

That, however, didn’t work out quite as planned. Rayne took the tackle in stride and barely lost her balance, then used her size advantage on Laura to push them both to the floor.  “Fine, we’ll do this the hard way!” she shouted. 

Meanwhile, Jessy had made her way to the door and was just about to open it when Midnight’s hand pressed against the door. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t even budge the door open an inch. The young coed stopped and slowly looked over her shoulder like a girl from a horror film before coming face to face with Midnight. Her wings had extended to prevent Jessy from moving, and sitting in the palm of her hand was a tiny orb of hypnotic energy. 

Jessy tried to scream, tried to move, but she just...couldn’t. Something about the orb was so fascinating, she couldn’t look away from the shifting colors even if she had wanted to. There was no expression on Midnight’s face as Jessy stared down at the palm of her hand. Her mind was still deeply entranced as her body acted on autopilot. 

As Jessy’s gaze was pulled deeper into the orb, the entranced succubus slid her hand under the girl's chin and tilted her head up. Jessy fought to keep her eyes on the enthralling orb but, finally, her gaze traveled up to Midnight as she stared deeply into Midnight’s vacant, empty eyes. The succubus’s own pupils were dilated, but the whites of her eyes were glowing and shifting through the same colors as the orb. 

“Oooooh…” was all Jessy managed to get out before the last of her thoughts slipped away from her. Her mind shut down as her hand slid off of the door knob and fell to her side, her body swaying softly from the motion. She didn’t make another sound. All she could do was stare into the succubus’s eyes, as Midnight moved closer and closer to her. 

Midnight’s body was in full seduction mode. She moved slowly up against Jessy, tilting her head as she began to kiss the young woman. The kiss was slow and tender, not that Jessy was capable of responding to it. But it was alluring, nevertheless. Midnight knew just how to move her lips, how to slide her tongue teasingly along Jessy’s lips, and how to caress Jessy’s tongue inside of her mouth. Slowly, her hand made its way to Jessy’s breast and began to massage it, deeply and slowly. All while flooding the helpless young woman’s body with hypnotic energy. 

The energy moved through Jessy like it belonged there, like it had a purpose. It flooded into every single part of her body that could feel pleasure, and stimulated every nerve ending in her body. Normally this process would take a little time, but Midnight had drained so many girls that she was essentially superpowered. Jessy’s body began to shake and shiver almost instantly as a small moan of pleasure escaped her lips between Midnight’s gentle kisses. Soon, wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her body while it began to glow softly. 

The succubus didn’t so much as flinch as this happened, instead she continued her slow, tender kiss and the deep, sensual massage of Jessy’s breast. In doing so, she kept the young woman’s orgasm going while her body naturally syphoned Jessy’s energy and pulled it into her own body. She still showed no emotion as Jessy’s head fell backwards and away from the kiss, her eyes closed and face completely slack. 

Jessy slowly leaned back and fell against the door, having passed out in the kiss. The succubus folded her wings onto her back and turned away without the slightest hint of an expression. She was completely unaware as Jessy’s knees buckled and she landed on the floor, making her breasts jiggle as her head fell to one side and was then covered by her hair.  

In the center of the room, Rayne and Laura were engaged in what should have been a playful scuffle, but instead had actually turned quite heated. Despite her much stronger build, Rayne was still several inches shorter than Laura and the older girl had managed to pin her to the floor using nothing but skill, luck, and leverage. As Rayne struggled to move her arms, pinned to the floor and still wearing nothing but her green bikini, she looked up Laura angrily. “You...are remarkably good at this.” she said begrudgingly. 

"That’s not all I’m good at.”  Laura started with a devious grin. “Just listen to the sound of my voice, Rayne. Allow your thoughts to simply fade away. You can struggle…struggle against my words, struggle against my hold…but the more you struggle, the weaker you become. Every time you push back…my words slide deeper into your mind. And every time you try to ignore the words, your body becomes more and more relaxed.” 

Rayne shook her head and tried to push Laura off of her anyway. But just like Laura had said, the more she resisted, the weaker she became…in mind…and body. She grunted in frustration as she tried to keep Laura out of her head, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t ignore how relaxed her body was feeling under Laura’s hold. She quickly flexed her muscles to try and push the older blonde off of her, but then her words echoed in the depths of her mind. “Nnnnoooo!” was all she could muster, but as soon as she did she felt her legs go limp. 

Laura couldn’t help but smile down at her soon to be helpless prey. “It’s ok Rayne. Just relax…just let go…just sink back down under my spell. Like so many of the girls tonight, you can simply relax and let go…and join them in my blissful sleep.” Laura said as her grin became a bit more devious. 

“It…it was you….” Rayne said, struggling not to struggle. But struggling against struggling was still struggling, and the redhead began to feel a familiar fog slowly start to slide into her mind. 

“It was me.” Laura confirmed with a proud smile. “And in a minute you’re going to slip away to sleep, and join your friends under my spell. Deeply and completely asleep. Five... “ Laura started to count as Rayen struggled and protested beneath her. “Four…” She could feel the powerful young woman getting weaker and weaker. “Three…” Rayne’s squirming finally came to a gentle stop as a soft whimper escaped her lips while she looked up Laura, pleading with her. “Two…” Laura couldn’t help but smile as she watched Rayne’s pupils slowly dilate, while the expression on her face slowly went slack. “Onnnnnnn… hey!”

Midnight leaned down behind Laura and wrapped her arms around her, sliding a hand along her breasts and massaging both of them deeply. She didn’t say a word, and her face was still completely blank and expressionless, but her body moved along the young woman’s back with ease. Her breasts pressed against Laura’s back as she tenderly began to kiss her neck. 

Laura couldn’t help but moan in pleasure as her body instantly started to glow from the touch. Midnight was so over energized that merely her touch and her kiss were enough to make the young woman’s body literally light up with pleasure. At first she struggled against the succubus. She was so close. Rayne was so close...but as the energy moved through Laura’s body and mind, Rayne was forgotten, as were her thoughts. She didn’t need them, she needed only the pleasure. 

Midnight slowly stood up, using her grip on Laura’s breasts to easily lift the shorter woman to her feet while she sucked deeply on her neck. Meanwhile, the succubus’s tail slowly coiled around Laura’s leg and began to make its way between her legs. 

Rayne slowly started to blink as her mind turned back on, she scooted back on her elbows to give Midnight some room as she watched Laura’s body glowing more brightly with every second. “Wow…” was all she could think, still half dazed. She wasn’t commenting on Laura, however, she was looking at Midnight. She was almost completely enthralled by her beauty and her powerful, yet gentle, touch. She couldn’t help but watch Laura in envy as the older girl’s body started to spasm in climax. She began moaning in pleasure, letting out short, loud gasps at first, followed by a high pitched squeal, and then silence. 

For a moment Rayne wasn’t sure what had happened. Laura seemed to be on pause, like her body had simply stopped mid orgasm. But the instant her body stopped glowing, she fell limp in Midnight’s arms. The only thing keeping her off the ground was the hold that Midnight had on the young woman’s breasts. 

Rayne smiled proudly and sighed with relief, leaning back on the floor before rolling onto her side and starting to stand up. “God…” she said with a smile as she brushed off her knees and legs, “that was probably the hottest thing i’ve seen in…” She was cut off by the sound of Laura’s body hitting the floor with a loud thud. 

“Huh?” Rayne asked as she looked over to see Laura sprawled out, limp and helpless on the floor. As she looked up, she saw Midnight standing before her, wings fully extended as her hands reached out to Rayne, beckoning her closer. But the most captivating thing that Rayne saw…was that Midnight was, from head to toe, giving off a deep, colorful, swirling hypnotic glow. 

“Drain…all of…the…girls…” Midnight said blankly, not even the smallest hint of expression on her face as she slowly moved towards Rayne. If she had been awake enough to comprehend what she was seeing, she would have been greeted with a sight to remember. Before her, the bikini clad form of Rayne was now bathed in the swirling light of her hypnotic glow, a look of confusion and shock, slowly disappearing from her face with every step she took. 

Rayne’s mind was a jumble of thoughts, desires, and fantasies all moving through her head faster than she could register. She wanted to run away from Midnight to escape…and run to Midnight to surrender. She wanted to tell her to stop…and she wanted to tell her to take her. Contradicting thoughts flooded her mind, one overlapping the other until they all became static in the back of her mind. But then she felt Midnight take her hand, and all of the thoughts and static faded, and were replaced by one final thought. “I want this.”

Midnight’s hand gently pulled Rayne closer to her, and the young freshman’s body responded without the slightest hint of resistance. Her face was bathed in the ever changing myriad of colors surrounding Midnight’s body. The succubus’s tail gently started to slide its way up along Rayne’s leg, slowly moving higher and higher, as she stepped directly in front of Midnight. The height difference between the two made Rayne look even more helpless as she stared up into the blank eyes of Midnight.  

The succubus lowered her head down to Rayne’s level and began to kiss her, slowly but with more passion. On some level Midnight knew Rayne had a crush on her, knew that Rayne was the one who had hypnotized her. And whether it was an admiration for that, or a feeling of devotion, the kiss that she gave Rayne had a life all its own. 

Rayne’s body began to glow a deep, bright yellow as Midnight flooded her body with pleasure while the arrowhead tail moved its way slowly underneath Rayne’s panties, and slid into her most… intimate of places. Rayne’s eyes a fraction of an inch before they began to roll up into her head, as Midnight’s tongue slid along her own. 

The succubus held the young woman in her grasp as the tail coiled and moved inside of her. She could feel Rayne’s body shaking with pleasure as an almost unending orgasm started to flood the young woman’s body. Instinctively, she held her close and supported her while flooding her with more and more energy at the same time, using what she had to elongate and drive the orgasm the young woman was feeling to new and unimaginable levels. But Midnight had the energy in her of nine other women. And the pleasure those women had felt as they were drained was being flooded into Rayne, all at once. Her body was shaking inside, but on the outside seemed completely still and unmoving, all while her mind was exploding with pleasure. Every fantasy that any of the girls, including Midnight, had ever had was flooding into her mind. Every encounter, every touch, every desire, it was all running through her mind at once. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t aware of any of it...but her body responded, nonetheless. 

Finally, with one final jerk Rayne’s body twitched as a scream of pleasure escaped her sleeping body, just before she went completely limp in Midnight’s arms. The bright yellow glow of pleasure was slowly drained from her body and back into Midnight, whose body shined bright enough to light up the room.  

A moment later Midnight’s arms fell to her sides and Rayne teetered backwards, falling to the floor with a thud. Her arms and legs sprawled out as her hair covered her face, framing it nicely as she slept. With Rayne unconscious, Midnight’s posture stiffened as she stood up straight and tall while her batlike wings slowly folded up and shrunk into her back, disappearing from view. “I…have obeyed…Mistress…” she whispered, just as her eyes fluttered closed and her knees buckled. She fell to the floor and landed next to Rayne, her tail still coiled around the young woman’s leg, and its arrowhead tip still resting deep inside of her. 

The End

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Featuring: Laura, Jessy, Rayne, Abigail, Eve, Eluran and Midnight

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