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Xander vs Dawn, Part 11: Outside the Warehouse

Key: MD, MC, Sleep, Freeze
 Xander had managed to carry not only the unconscious redheaded nurse on his shoulder all the way from the hospital, but the frozen Dr. Stacey under his arm as well. Needless to say having one girl completely limp and another stiff as concrete made the journey rather difficult. Aside from the obvious issues of walking down crowded streets or taking the bus with two girls like this, he also had the issue of the dear doctor getting stuck in doorways. He really hoped that she couldn't feel anything in this state.

But now, finally, he had arrived at the final staging area for the bet, a large warehouse tucked away in the quieter parts of the business district. The warehouse was the same one he had used when he tried to create a harem not too long ago. Ah, the memories.

He moved over to the door and set Dr. Stacey up on her feet. After making sure the brunette wouldn't fall over, he moved to the warehouse door, unlocked it, threw it open and then ran over to grab the doctor to try and drag her and the unconscious nurse, still on his shoulder, through the door. If you have ever tried this move with grocery bags you know exactly how it ends.

He tried again and again but every time either the doctor would get stuck in the door, or the nurse, or the door would close. Or one time he just tripped and dropped everything. Again, really hoping the girls couldn't feel anything at this point.

Finally he had an idea. He would lay the doctor on her back, lay the nurse on top of her, pick up both girls at once and then run toward the door. It was planned out perfectly. He quickly threw open the door, ran over to grab the helpless young ladies and picked them up, spinning around with them in his arms…only to scream and drop them both.

Standing at the door to the warehouse was a lovely young blonde haired angel, who was happily holding the door open for him. At the sight of him screaming and dropping both girls the young angel giggled and asked sweetly “How about I carry one of them so you can stop dropping them?”

Xander was, needless to say, confused. Most angels wouldn't readily go along with a scheme like this. She must be very...very young. Or just super naive. But she did have one redeeming quality. She was hot as hell...or heaven...or whatever, you get the point. She was attractive! So he smiled at the young angel and nodded. offering her the passed out nurse. “Thank you. That would be lovely, miss?”

The angel smiled and cradled the nurse in her arms. “Lucia. My name is Lucia, and you are, sir?”

Xander couldn't' help but think he had heard that name before. He assumed it was someone that Veo had mentioned over the centuries so he didn't pay it any mind and simply picked up Dr. Stacey, carrying her to the door. “Xander. My name is Xander, and thank you for the help.”

Xander and Lucia carried the two girls into the warehouse's main storage area. It had been divided into two parts, red for Dawn, and blue for Xander, with a curtain separating the two locations so neither could see who the other had captured or how many. Not that either had had the time to really peek. Xander carried the frozen doctor over to an area near the other girls he had collected and set her up on her feet. Her clothes had become quite disheveled during the trip, but she was no worse for wear. He then turned to Lucia to direct her towards a couch where she could deposit the young nurse.

Lucia sat the young redhead down, then looked around the immediate area “You have quite the collection of young women here, is there a reason you’re doing this?” She asked so innocently that Xander wasn't sure if she was really paying attention to what was actually going on or not.

“Well...” he started a bit nervously “I'm kind of in a competition with a succubus that I know.
Whomever gets the most victims wins, and, well, this is my collection so far. I'm hoping I might add one more before the day is done. Won't that burn Dawn's hot little ass.” he said, not realizing he had just given Dawn a compliment.

Lucia completely missed the part about her being the 'one more' that he hoped to add, and gave Xander a curious look “Dawn? The succubus is Dawn? Black leather, skin tight outfit, red hair Dawn?” she asked, excited.

Xander blinked at Lucia, “Yeah, that's the one. You know her?”

Lucia laughed playfully “Of course I know her. She's my housemate! We all live together at the Mato house!”

That sentence finally jarred Xander's memory. And like a scene from a Sci-Fi movie, the memory of not only meeting, but seducing and draining, Lucia came flooding back to mind. That explained why he thought she looked familiar! She was there when he drained all the girls! “Oh crap!” he thought to himself. “She knows.”

He adjusted himself a bit and smiled “Oh, how nice! Has she ever mentioned me, the incubus Xander? We have had a few run-ins lately and I, well, you know every guy loves to have his ego stroked.”

Lucia blushed a bit and giggled, then shook her head “Sorry. I know she talks about this one incubus that she knows that drained her one time, but she usually turns bright red and talks so fast no one can really hear what she's saying.”

Xander breathed a small sigh of relief. For some reason Lucia's memory of him draining her seemed to have been clouded, and although Dawn knew about it she lacked the calm demeanor to get the information out. Perfect. Now much more relaxed, he smiled and looked at Lucia “Would you like to see my collection?”

Lucia nearly bounced up and down, excitedly clapping as she responded. Xander couldn't help but laugh as he moved over to the assortment of young women. First up was the hypnotically frozen Jen, still in the same pose she was in when he had frozen her with that stealth induction. He was about to explain how he got her when Lucia chimed in “Hey, that's Jen! Another one of my housemates! Wow, they must all really get around.”

Xander, could barely believe how clueless Lucia was about what was going on, but decided to continue anyways and pointed to the couch next to Jen. On the couch was the angelically hypnotized succubus Midnight, slumped over onto the angelically drained succubus Dusk, who was slumped over onto the demonically drained Celene. Again, before he could introduce them, Lucia chimed in “Is that Dawn's sister?” she asked, pointing to Dusk.

Xander smiled proudly “Yup. Win or lose, I think I might keep this one as a trophy. Think Dawn would let me?” he asked playfully.

Lucia looked at him a bit confused “I suppose it's possible, she is family, but they don't seem to get along well. She might ask to visit from time to time. Is that the bouncer from Spirals?”

Xander glanced over to Celene “yes, do you know her too?” he asked, more curious if Lucia remembered any of her encounter at Spirals or not.

Lucia shook her head “Never met her, just remembered seeing her when I was there...” Lucia's eyes took on a faraway look as she turned to Xander and said in a relaxed tone “It was a wonderful evening, we all had a great time. No evil hypnotist tried to take over our minds.”

Xander just looked at Lucia with an eyebrow raised, “Ooook, well that was believable... moving
on!” he said, moving to another smaller couch where a curly haired blonde and a busty dark haired girl both sat slumped back to back against one another. The blonde’s head was down against her chest, which caused her curly hair to form a kind of frame around her face. While the darker haired girl’s head was leaning back against the blondes shoulder. With her head in that position, her mouth was left open and her already large bust was pushed outward. “I managed to get both of these young ladies at the book store, a little hypnotic poetry. You don't know them, too, do you Lucia?” he asked, genuinely curious.

Lucia looked them both over and shook her head “no, I'm afraid not...” Then her eyes widened in surprise “Her on the other hand... I definitely know!” She moved past Xander to an angelic figure standing off to the side. The burnt wings of the lovely angel were extended out to their full length, nearly 20 feet from wing tip to wing tip. The jeweled necklace wrapped around her arm and neck, and her elegant dress simply hung off of her eternally fit frame. “how did you manage to capture General Veo?!” Lucia asked in shock.

Xander laughed “General?” he asked knowing the answer “She retired eons ago. And to be honest, capturing Veo was not as hard as you might think, her and I go way back. She trusts me implicitly. And, well, I do have some powers and abilities after all.” he said with a wink.

Lucia tried to hold back her laugh but it slipped out anyways. “no, really how did you capture her?”

Xander was starting to get offended. “I told you... I have powers!”

Lucia was now laughing pretty openly “You’re an incubus!” she paused to laugh some more “and not a very strong one. I know you say you have powers, but they would never be strong enough to get an angelic general!”

Xander grinned “Oh really... would you care to see?” He said stepping closer to Lucia. The young angel giggled a bit and was about to answer when she came face to face with a swirling blue orb. “that's a girl Lucia. Just focus on the orb, and let its powers sink into your mind.”

The young angel’s eyes reflected the orb perfectly, and Xander watched as the muscles in her face slowly sank, followed by her shoulders and her wings. As her arms gently started to slouch her wings, which up until now had been folded behind her, slowly started to open and fold down with gravity. Xander held the orb exactly where it was until her wings were both stretched out on the ground on either side of her, looking more like a long cape then a pair of angelic wings.

“There you go Lucia. So easy for you to just stay here, like this. Seeing the orb in your mind as it flashes over and over again, and helps to take you into a nice deep... sleep.” As he said sleep he waved his hand over Lucia's eyes.

The young angel's body didn't even move. Only her eyes, which were open before Xander moved his hand across her face, had closed when his hand passed by.

He looked at his collection and nodded, then glanced over at Veo “Not bad for a day’s work, wouldn't you say?”

The Angelic general didn't move an inch, save for a single eyelid closing and opening in a wink....

Concluded in Part 12:  Final Count

Characters: Xander, Veo, Dr. Stacy, Midnight, Celene 

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