Thursday, November 9, 2017

Xander vs Dawn, Part 10: The Street Fight

Key: Mc, FD, Sleep
Dawn was a bit preoccupied as she walked down the street. It was getting late, the sun was starting to get low on the horizon, which meant that the challenge between her and Xander was just about done. Although she was confident that she had more then Xander she still wanted to hedge her bet a bit more, wanted to grab at least one more person. One more, prey, as it were before the end of the competition.

She was slowly scanning the street as she walked, looking for the perfect victim. She needed someone who would be quick and easy, although she normally liked to take more time, time was at a premium right now.

She happened to spy the perfect victim, young, attractive, long brown hair and black leather dress that looked more appropriate for a night club then walking down the street. She would do perfectly. Since she didn't want to waste time she figured she would rely on an old trick that she hadn't used since the raid at Spirals. The projectile Hypnosis Orb. (Trademark pending).

Dawn moved into an alleyway and began to focus her energy into her hand. As she did a circular swirl of energy began forming, shifting from color to color as it started to grow in her hand. It had been a long day and she had not fed on any of the victims that she had gathered, per the agreement. So forming the orb was taking a little bit more concentration that she would have liked. But after a few moments she had a tennis ball sized orb of glowing hypnotic color in her hand.

As the young brunette walked down the street, her long hair flowing back and forth as she naturally moved in a heel to toe fashion, Dawn extended her arm and aimed between her thumb and index finger. “I have you now...” She said with a smile. A second later the orb flew from her hand in a straight line directly at the girl. It struck the young woman in the side of her head and caused her head to jerk to the right, her eyes instantly widened in shock but the moment they did the swirling colors of the orb could be seen swirling in the whites of her eyes.

She managed to stumble a few more feet, drifting to the right with the excess weight of her head leaning in that direction taking her closer and closer to the side of a building. After a moment her shoulder brushed against the building and she spun a little bit to the right then collapsed onto her back gently. Her facial expression never changed from one of shock and the swirling colors of the orb kept her nice and complacent.

Dawn took a deep breath to gather her strength back, the day was taking it's toll on the succubus but she couldn't have been happier about her aim, bulls-eye, as it were. She started to leave her concealed little corner of the alley way when she suddenly felt an arm grab her and spin her around.

“What the hell do you think you're doing?!” Shouted a rather angry Sarah while still having a hold of the succubus' arm. Her green hair and metallic ear blades made her easy to pick out, not that the police uniform hid her identity at all.

Dawn sighed a bit as she struggled to remove her arm from Sarah's grip. “What does it look like I'm doing? I'm gathering a volunteer for a bet.” She said finally freeing her arm and putting both of her hands on her hips defiantly.

“Volunteer!” Sarah's tone become more then a little sarcastic at this point. “she didn't volunteer for anything! Are you behind all the people going missing today? We have gotten several calls about people going missing from random places. And I can't find Jessica anywhere, and according to the professor Barbara missed a check in with him and Fawn and Jen didn't show up for dinner... so we are back to my original question... What the hell do you think you're doing!?”

Dawn put on her best innocent face as she avoided eye contact with Sarah “Well you remember the incubus that broke into the house last Christmas?”

Sarah was more then familiar with Xander as she had arrested him several times, in fact he was one more screw up away from real serious trouble. Unlike Dawn who had immunity thanks to the Professor's protection, Xander did not have the luxury... But to answer Dawn's question she simply gave a hesitant “...yes....”

“Well... we kind of made a bet.” Dawn was still doing an excellent job of looking anywhere except at Sarah.

“What kind... of bet?” Sarah said folding her arms across her chest and tapping her foot angrily.

“A simple, harmless, innocent bet really, to see who could... umm... gather more subjects in a single day.” She finally looked at Sarah with an innocent almost childlike, and clearly faked smile.

Needless to say, Sarah was not amused. “Let me see if I understand you correctly, You, made a bet with Xander, the incubus who broke into our house, hypnotized just about all of the occupants. Drained you, something I recall you being very angry at, and then tried to create a harem of his own by hypnotizing random girls around the city... Challenged you to a bet, to see who could... how did you put it? Oh yes, gather the most subjects. And you accepted?! What were you thinking?” Dawn again went back to avoiding eye contact with Sarah until Sarah asked a followup question. “And what exactly is the prize for this bet?”

Dawn suddenly turned into a ten year old who had just been caught trying to shave the family cat. “Well, you see, kind of, maybe, you know, whoever gets more, can sorta, maybe, just a little bit... drain all of the victims... I mean volunteers.” Dawns face was beat red at this point.

Oddly enough Sarah's face was pretty red too, but I suspect for a different reason. “What!?” She shouted. (Told you it was for a different reason.) “You can't do that! That's illegal! You know that! 
Are you responsible for all of the missing girls, Fawn, Barbara, Jessica, Jen?”

Dawn looked a bit confused and gave an absent minded answer to the question “I didn't get Jen” she said not realizing she just admitted to getting the other three.

Sarah was furious at this point “Oh so Jen wasn't you but the other three were? Dawn! There are missing people all over town, A nurse and a doctor are missing, two women vanished from a book store, this is madness!”

Dawn's look of guilt faded to a more concerned expression “I didn't get those” she said thinking out loud “Dang that means he has at least 5, that's not good I should...”

She was cut off by Sarah grabbing her arm again “Oh no, this is over with, I am taking you in and then we're going to collect Xander, you may be able to avoid trouble but he sure can't.” Sarah reached to her belt and grabbed her hand cuffs.

Dawn's first thought was that it might be kinky to play with Sarah and her hand handcuffs. But she quickly realized that Sarah was going to try and arrest her. This would be bad for her evening plans. As the police woman reached out to cuff her wrist Dawn quickly spun her wrist out of the officers grasp and then pushed Sarah back to give her some room.

“Hey!” Shouted Sarah even more angrily “Alright that's it your coming in the hard way now.” Sarah rushed Dawn full force. During their time together the two had fought several times, Dawn was definitely the stronger of the two, but Sarah had been practicing. She rushed in and at the last second spun under Dawns wing and grabbed her from behind putting her in a head lock.

Dawn was taken off guard and pushed back as hard as she could, but Sarah lock was too strong. She was starting to fade from the grip and in a last ditch effort extended both of her wings back and managed to break free of the officers hold.

Sarah released the hold and quickly did a fast hard push onto Dawn as she tried to break free. Sending the Succubus into a pile of garbage, but causing Sarah to back up and bump into the fire escape behind her. Dawn hit the ground and was seeing stars, and she was covered in garbage. She looked up at Sarah as her vision struggled to recover from the head lock. She could see a small flower pot on the fire escape, several floors up teetering on the edge.

Sarah stared down at Dawn triumphantly “I told you last time we sparred that I'd beat you, I'm taking you in, I might not be able to keep you there but I can get you off the streets for a few hour.... “ Sarah was cut off by the flower pot breaking on top of her head.

Dawn watched as the flower pot shattered instantly on Sarah's head. The moment it did the young bionic officer's body jerked just a bit but she kept the same basic stance, finger pointed at Dawn leaning down in an almost gloating fashion. Her eyes, although they hadn't closed at all, seemed to be some how, hollow. Dawn looked her over for a second not noticing any real motion, she was kind of teetering on her feet gently swaying from side to side but other then that there was no movement at all.”Sarah?” the succubus asked confused. There was no answer. A moment later Sarah's hand slowly lowered to her stomach, the wobbling became more extreme and her left knee finally buckled. The green haired bionic cop swooned to the alley floor completely unconscious.

Dawn gave a laugh as she stood up, being a succubus meant she had already recovered from the fight but had it not been for that flower pot, she wouldn't have been able to recover in time. She looked down at her sleeping friend, “You wanted to know what happened to the other girls... I'll take you to them” she said with an evil grin.

Eve belongs to SleepnDarlin, while Dawn, Sarah and the world itself belongs to Adv. 

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