Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Xander vs Dawn, Part 9: The Hospital

Key: FD, Sleep, MD, Freeze, M/F
The hospital was a strange place to find an Incubus, especially one in the middle of a very competitive competition, but Xander had one small quirk...OK, he has many quirks but one small quirk that is relevant. He is a major Hypochondriac* and on his way out of the book store... someone down the street sneezed. So it's only logical that he went straight to the emergency room.
After being checked in by the nurse at the front counter who clearly recognized him as he caught her shaking her head with a grin as she walked him into an exam room. In the room Xander did what everyone does in an exam room. Randomly wander the room playing with things they are not supposed to touch. That is until the door opened, and a lovely young redheaded nurse walked in. Although the reaction that Xander had to her was not what you might expect.
As she walked in the nurse looked at her clip board and then back at him and sighed. “I see your back... what is it this time, a hang nail? Or did a black cat cross your path?” The tone was a strange mix of sweet, and yet extremely sarcastic. Something about her manner her confidence excited Xander but at the same time she knew exactly how to hit his buttons in all the wrong ways. She moved to him and told him to raise his arm.

As she wrapped the blood pressure cuff around his arm she started to look him over “Your not getting enough sunlight like I told you last time. You need to get more sun so that you'll stop being so pasty.” She continued as she started to inflate the cuff. “Did you ever start that exercise routine I told you about? I know your an incubus but you don't want to get fat, do you?” Still inflating the cuff.
As Xander listened as this weird feeling he only experienced around this girl and maybe one other started to creep into his mind. He was feeling very uncomfortable. Something about the way she would talk that would just sap him of his energy. And for and incubus that is a bad thing.
She continued to stare him in the eyes as the blood pressure cuff got tighter and tighter. “Did you ever stop hanging out at the hypnosis club? What was the name of it again?”
Xander's hand was starting to turn purple as she kept inflating the cuff. “Spirals” he said trying to look confident and strong but seriously wondering if his arm might fall off.
“Yes that's the one...” still inflating the cuff. “You know that place is bad for you, too much exposure to hypnosis is going to ruin your chances of having a normal relationship some day. And the people that are there are not really good for you. Especially not that Angel. You really need to distance yourself from her.”
Finally the pressure on the cuff released. By now Xander didn't even feel it anymore, his confidence was sinking as he imagined how dull and lonely his life would be without Veo... but maybe she was right? Maybe he did need to distance himself from her?
It was at this point that a young female doctor with long brown hair walked to the open door. As soon as she saw Xander her face lit up and she was about to speak until the nurse began talking again.
“80 over 120, it's good but if you don't start to take care of yourself it's not going to stay that way, did you give up junk food like I told you too?” The doctor, still unseen by the nurse rolled her eyes and shifted her weight to her back foot showing clear annoyance.
Xander didn't quite know how to answer he looked at the doctor then back to the nurse but before he could answer she grabbed his jaw and pulled it down to look down his throat. “You really do need to listen to me when I say this, the people at the club are not really good for you. They are too wild, and you are too close to them you should distance yourself. Spend time with other people.”
The doctor behind the nurse looked at Xander and the nurse and shifted her position. She had heard this spiel before from this nurse. Trying to separate the patients from their friends, trying to become more important in their lives so they would feel that they needed her more. And she had had enough of it for one day.
She reached into her pocket and took out several small tubes, they didn't look much bigger then two AAA batteries held end to end. While the nurse continued “You know if you would listen to me you would be in tip top shape... you need to give up junk food and spend more time outside, away from the people at spirals.” She took on a sweet smile “After all you don't want to hurt my feelings. I am only trying to do whats....”
The doctor cut her off “Excuse me nurse I need your assistance with something.”
The nurse was taken completely off guard as she didn't know the doctor had come into the room, or how long ago she had been there listening. She turned to the doctor trying to contain her nervousness as she simply replied in a sweet voice “Of course doctor, what can I do for you?”
The doctor smiled and held up one of the small tubes in her hand and said “I'd like you to check this medication for me.”
The nurse smiled and reached out her hand “of course doct....” before she could finish her sentence the doctor quickly moved the tube and touched it to her hand. There was a slight puffing sound, like air escaping a bottle of soda. The nurse's eyes went wide at the realization that the doctor had just injected her with the medication. She quickly looked down at her hand then back up at the doctor “Hey!” she shouted “be careful with.... wit.... wiiii..” She stopped talking as her eyes slowly fluttered closed and all at once every muscle in her body let go. Her arms sank to her sides her head lulled to the right as the weight of her body sank with it. Her legs buckled at the knees and she fell towards the exam table gently bumping into Xander then continuing her way to floor with a thud.
Xander was too confused to actually catch the young nurse and just looked at her on the ground for a moment before looking at the doctor. The young woman simply smiled at him and said in a soft playful voice “I told you she was a bitch.” She walked closer to the incubus and set down her clip board and softly laid her hands on his legs “so, what can I do for you?” Xander couldn't help but notice the top of a black lace bra visible underneath her shirt which was unbuttoned more then is probably regulation.
Despite all of the confusion he was feeling, the doctors advances were making him feel more like himself as he smiled into her eyes after clearly looking down her shirt. “Well, I was on the street today and...”
The doctor cut him off with a smile and a laugh “let me guess.... someone sneezed on you?”
Xander blushed just a bit as he looked away then back at her a second later “down the street actually, about 400 yards... maybe more.”
The doctor laughed even more and patted him on the cheek “oh you are my favorite hypochondriac, and by far the the best looking” She said blatantly letting her eyes wander over his shoulder muscles, which were visible since he was wearing a tank top. Xander thought he heard a small contented sigh slip through her lips before she looked looked at him a bit more seriously. “We should check you out... Take off your clothes.” She said with a wink as she started to pull the curtain closed for privacy.
Xander gave a sideways grin as he stretched and pulled his shirt up and off of his shoulders, letting it fall on top of the sedated nurse. “What did you give her anyways doc?”
The doctor turned to Xander with a questioning look then noticed the nurse still passed out. “oh her... I had forgotten she was here. Lets see” she said rifling through the pocket of her doctors jacket. “It is... “ she started reading the label “A drug called 'silebit' (literally “quiet you” in latin) A potent sedative from the looks of it, is says she will be out for 24 hours. I don't think we'll need that long.” the doctor said with a wink.
Xander laughed at her openly flirty antics and sat back on the exam table still wearing his jeans “Aren't you afraid that you'll get in trouble for that?”
The doctor waved a hand at him dismissively. “Heavens no, I'm supposed to test out these new medications” she said pulling out another 3 tubes from her pocket “as long as the subject is willing it's perfectly fine. Pants too big boy, chop chop”
Xander raised an eyebrow as he stood up and started to undo his pants “She wasn't exactly, what I would call, willing you know?”
The doctor was blatantly looking at Xander as he dropped jeans, she didn't even seem to hear what he had said and only commented “boxers too, have to give my favorite patient a full physical make sure your completely OK.”
Xander shook his head with a laugh and dropped his boxers aside then sat back down on the table, “you didn't answer my question.” he commented watching the distracted doctor.
The doctor looked up from Xander's lower half and seemed to be taken by surprise “I'm sorry what?” she asked. Xander repeated the question and the doctor got a flirty smile on her face as she started to move closer to him sliding her hands over his chest. “well... I was hoping that a nice, powerful, incubus I know might be willing to do me a favor... or two. And take care of our dear little nurses memory. And maybe some of that attitude as well.” she said with a wink.
Xander smiled and leaned a bit more to the doctor “why my dear doctor, I have a feeling you have an ulterior motive for this examination... how devious of you.”
The doctor smiled as she slid her hands up to his neck more massaging then examining “Please, Stacy, call me Stacy, I do have a bit of an ulterior motive... you see my residency ends next week. I'll be leaving the city to go to my new permanent assignment. And I don't want to leave with... regrets.” she said leaning in closer to him.
Xander smiled and started to slide his hands along the doctors thighs and her butt, up to her sides then back down again. Up and down several times as he looked at her. “Awww, where are you going?” he asked rather sad to see his friend leaving.
Stacy simply smiled and relaxed as his hands massaged up and down her sides and legs “New Chicago, They offered me a position at the main hospital there.” She thought she felt his hand slide over her jacket pocket but then his hand started to massage down her sides and the thought faded into the background.
Xander smiles at her “New Chicago... I always wanted to go there, I might have to come visit.. think you could put me up... for a night or two?” he said wiggling his eyebrows.
The doctor leaned in a bit more rubbing the tip of her nose along his “I'll make sure your nice and warm... all night long” she said with her own wiggling eyebrows.
Xander finally leaned in and kissed his doctor. The kiss seemed to take them both by surprise as they had spent so much time being professional that it was a surprise just how nice the kiss was. Stacy slid her hands along his neck and down his chest coming to rest on his naked thighs, as Xander smiled in the kiss and slowly pulled back gazing into her eyes.
Stacy's eyes remained closed for a moment and then she slowly started to open, a small smile forming on her face. That is, until there was the sound of a puff of air escaping.
Xander continued to watch the young doctor for any reaction. But to his surprise nothing seemed to happen, her face had the same small grin on it. Her eyes remained about 2/3rds of the way open, she wasn't even blinking. “Oooh!” he thought as the realization hit him. He tilted his head to the side out of her line of sight and the young doctors gaze stayed exactly where it had been. Staring into her 'patients' eyes.
He smiled as he leaned in and kissed her frozen lips then pulled the tube out and examined it. “Hmmm,” he mused as he read the label “apparently this is called... um... hell how do you even pronounce this? “Adhuc stabit?” (literally 'stand still' in latin). He smiled at the doctors unseeing eyes. “It says that you'll be a little stationary for the next 24 hours or so. Plenty of time to beat the succubus, drain the girls and prepare for a little... going away party.”
He gently pushed the Frozen doctor back a bit. And Stood up... Reaching down he picked up the unconscious nurse and threw her over his shoulder. Grabbing her butt for support... yeah, that's it, support. Then Grabbing the frozen doctor around the waist and lifting her up supporting her horizontally under his other arm. He took a moment to shake a bit to make sure he had them both properly and then pushed through the drawn curtain and out into the hallway.
A second later he came back in 3 times as quickly as he left muttering “Pants... need pants!”

This particular episode was written with suggestions made by a real life doctor, the person that Dr. Stacy is based on.  

Characters:   Xander, Dr. Stacy,

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